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Posted: August 30, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

Originally posted on WEAKLEAKS! ::::::::::::::::::):):) Rioting By Writing Via A Series Of Serious 'Politics In Poetics', By Jon Pen de Ngong, A Literal Fighter, A Literary Rioter, A Freelance Writer, A Free-land Blogger, A Freehand 'Poetician'; Who Picks His Mild 'Wine' And Speaks His Wild Mind Out Loud: While Hot!--Why Not?:

Just as Agel Machar is not Agel Machar Teny, the type of ‘Alier’ I am addressing the ‘Youth of the South’ through here is not Alier Teny, he is Alier Ateny. He is not Alier Ateny Wek; and not Alier Makuei Lueth, either. He is Alier Ateny Lueth. Still, he is not Alier Ateny Lueth per se, for Uncle Ateny Lueth does not own anybody above 18 of age, legally speaking. Well, Chief Ateny-dit owns in Alier that scarlet liquid running in his vein, and the name, of course. If Alier eloped with someone’s daughter today (God forbade this long ago by uniting him with the sufficient daughter of Martin Majier Gai), Ateny Lueth would be involved by Dinka customs. However, unless Sultan Ateny were a generalized member of Jieng Council of Elders ideologically, the old man would not care what political party his boy subscribes to.

Alier Ateny and Jon Pen in during the SPLM's Tripartite Conference in Arusha, Tanzania, October 21, 2014. Alier Ateny and…

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By David Mayen Ayarbior, Juba, South Sudan

President Kiir signs the IGAD peace deal in Juba, South Sudan, on 26 August 2015

President Kiir signs the IGAD peace deal in Juba, South Sudan, on 26 August 2015

August 29, 2015 (SSB) — Soon after presenting reservations on certain aspects of the IGAD-Plus Compromise Peace Agreement, the United Nations gave the government of South Sudan up to 1st September to withdraw them. Few, if any, may have a recollection of any case of international law where the UN decided to force a government to withdraw its reservations over an agreement it has actually signed. Indeed, the current case of South Sudan could be an awkward precedent that may, ironically, most likely be later overridden by the International Court of Justice as a bad precedent and an illegal one.

If the CPA’s hitherto unresolved just cases of Abyei, Blue Nile, and the Nuba Mountains could serve as the most recent involving IGAD-Plus, UN Security Council and South Sudan, then these organizations should learn not to go around reservations as a means of stamping agreements they broker as sealed. Usually, when conflict popped up again, the west has been no way to be seen at best, or hurling condemnations on the aggrieved parties. Ida refugee camps and accusing South Sudan of interfering in “internal affairs” of a sovereign state stand as testaments.


By Peter Costa Marial Manyiel, Tasmania, Australia

in the company of Dr. John Garang: once upon a time, we were united.

August 29, 2015 (SSB) — Why the Southern Sudanese elite always wants to be known as an obstacle creator? Rather than obstacles removal?

There is this illusion of fake heroism bravery that those elite had been lured to believe they too could be like that if they listen blindly to neighbours countries of the north and south of South Sudan.

Similar fake bravery is in the message of SPLA/M in opposition propaganda on online medium about their victories after they signed the Peace Agreement document on Eastern Equatoria State, county of Magwi and other areas in the past few days.

Instead it should prepare itself to sell the modified negotiated peace deal to its defected generals in Khartoum as the new deals has bigger cake in other seven states not previously included in the power sharing.


Riek Machar Declares Permanent Ceasefire too

Posted: August 29, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël in Press Release

Permanent Ceasefire Declares by Dr. Riek (PDF)


By Ayuel Madut Chan, Nairobi, Kenya

hate speechAugust 29, 2015 (SSB)  —  In as far as naïve and careless editors inCHEAP of the Nyamilepedia, Sudan tribune and Radiotamazuj do not take responsibility to evaluate and analyze what they feed public with on their public domains; peace is a runaway cloud of July weather in the Republic of South Sudan.

First, let me ask them simple questions, are they really trained journalists? Is nationalism and patriotism part and parcel in them in as far as the Republic of South Sudan is concerned or in simple term do they love South Sudan as a nation/country? Is preaching tribal hatred what make a nation? Do they need spiritual cleansing? Are they insane…?

Many people in South Sudan may agree with me that the above mentioned cronies and news blow-aviators have brought down South Sudan to its knees with their unnecessary severe damaging news based on tribal utterances full of fabricated lies that end up building house of empty make-ups. They are never entertaining news and if they do, then Lucifer is in the making in them. Please make a mature U-turn to correct the damage you cause to individuals and our country as a whole.


24 Years Later: The 1991 Nasir Coup

Posted: August 28, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

Originally posted on PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers.:

PaanLuel Wël, Kampala, Uganda

in the company of Dr. John Garang: once upon a time, we were united. in the company of Dr. John Garang: once upon a time, we were united.

On the 30th of August, 1991, the BBC World Service and the BBC Focus on Africa Program both announced the purported ousting of the SPLM/SPLA leader, Dr. John Garang, in a military coup.

The 1991 Nasir coup was engineered by Lam Akol, led by Riek Machar and backed by Gordon Koang Chol.

The coup had been initiated two days earlier, on August 28th, but many people, both within and outside the movement/country, were not aware of it until the BBC announcement on the 30th of August.

Today mark the 13th year of that fateful announcement.

As South Sudanese are once more mired down in another self-defeating fratricidal war, it would be prudent to revisit the reasons for and against the 1991 Nasir coup.

History being the best teacher, the lessons of the…

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Presidential Decree No 35 – 2015 for permanent cessation of hostilities