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By Mamer D. Jur, Australia

I would like to inform my community that I am really worry about the future education of all our born South Sudanese – Australia; if we cannot do something about it, as parents and the community to help our children to takes advantage of the profound education in this country Australia. They need a courageous helps fromthe parents to support them in theirs studies. I know that many parents are not educated in English way. But traditionally they are intelligent; and they know the norms and the values of where they come from.

Such norms and values can be passing to the young children who have no idea about traditionally norms and values.Knowing your culture as a person, is more than anything in a human life. Cultures,norms and the values makes people who they are; yesterday and today in the diversify world. However, parents can still do their bit to encourage theirs children to study to be educated people; so that they could be better people in the future.

Telling those stories of struggling, suffering, hungry and thirsty, will makes them grow up knowing that, life is sometimes unfair to some humans’ beings in the universe; children needs to learn history of who they are from their parents. I am really appealing to many parents, especially parents who are graduates, and undergraduates to help their own children through into the journey of knowledge and education. As say goes ‘charity begins at home’.

I cannot really blame parents who has never walk to the classroom door.If theirs children are doing poorly in numerous schools in the States and the Territories. Because they do not know anything to add to their children learning, regarding school matters. Moreover, parents of know – how should do more to helps their own children.I think more could be done to solve this puzzle of poor performances of our children in schools.

Education is the only thing which will bail us out of many things which are facing us as refugees in21st century. And who will bail us out of these crises? Our born Australian citizens can change that pattern of poverty in us; laziness, talkativeness, and outside beauty and blank in the head. These young children are very intelligent; but we need to do more to help them to be even more intelligent.

These young children are in the competition with the other children of theirs ages for the future jobs prospect in this country Australia; ‘if some of us do not know that’. As a community at large, we need to be an organise community which has their own medical Doctors, Nurses, Midwifery, Lawyers, Engineers, Police Officers, Judges, and Parliamentarian and Business Personnel and other areas of profession of which are of the benefit to the community.

Why is it important to give extra hands to educate our/your children in their early childhood?

• Respect their parents, siblings and other people in the community.
• Know God as create of universe; living things and non – living things.
• Learn basic things at home. For example, cleaning, making their bed once they are awake, and all other hygiene duties. This how they learn to be responsible people.
• Knowing the differences between ‘wrong and right’ ‘good and bad’.
• Just and unjust. Fairness/unfairness.
• Equality
• So that they could grow up as better people in the future;
• Knowing why the humans are important above all the other creatures of universe.
• Be smart in their classrooms.

It is very important for the parents to educate their children at home once they have learnt how to walk and talk. And importantly when they have started attending kindergarten, parents should start teaching them how to:

• Scribble – that how they learns how to write.
• Read – do some readings for them if necessary.
• Take them to the library to read independently under the supervision of one of the parents ’or borrow

children books from the library especially when people are busy not to go the library, and of course people are very busy.

Such routines will helps them learn how to writes and read effectively. It will help them with theirs grammar, pronunciations, and analytical skills of solving problems. It is the parents’ duty to inspect their children exercise books in order to read comments from the teachers. And to make sure that they do their homework. To make sure that they do their prescribe readings from the school. It is also very important for the parents to know what their children are learning in the school.

With advance in technologies, parents need to be vigilant to discourage ‘too much Access’ of technologies by their children. Such technologies destroy children learning capacity in other areas of studying which requires other competence apart from the computer literacy. Parents should reserve adequate time for children to be allowed/ not allow using these technologies.

These tech devices which many children are addicted to them are:

• Video games.
• Facebook.
• Smart Phones.
• Mobile Phones.
• Tablets, iPad, and iPhone.
• Television.

What we needs as a community to avoid/prevent today and in the near future is that;

• To make sure our children/youth do not end up behind bars (prison). Currently numbers of our youth are serving their prison terms in juvenile centres and also in the adults’ prisons in all the States and the Territories. It seems that we South Sudanese have a higher rate of incarcerations compares to other refugees’ numbers.
• Encourage children to go to school in their early ages will helps them to understand the important of education and why it is very important to be an educated person.
• Encouraging young girls to think about school rather than thinking of getting marriage while they are not ready to confront the world.

For the last 10 years I had learnt that our children and teenagers were not; and are not doing very well in their studies whether in primary schools, secondary and the university. I did not really carryout any research to back up what I am trying to explain.

But I had been in this State of South Australia for nearly 13 years since my arrival from Africa in 2002. Many of our youth are really doing very well; they speak very good English somehow, some speaks slangs English because of the mixed culture and the influence of mother tongue.

And what I had notice was that, African – American slangs were dominate every time I speak with some of the youth. Many of them act as if they know English very well, when they are having a conversation with people; face to face chat. But I assume that they could not write clearly as they speak.

Certainly, I do believe that some of them could not even read or write properly, it is a nightmare and a shocking saga. But for the record, they are wasting their valuable time believing that they know the language.

Furthermore, I had also learnt that 8 in 10 of South Sudanese youth fail their final year, which is year 12. Then once they had failed year 12, they choose to do bridging course at the universities.This is a brilliant idea, to correct some stupid mistakes which have led them to fail.

But for some reasons many of them never finish such course. Many of them rock up at the university.To disturb the peace of well truly discipline students who has goals to achieve. Not a Facebook material and addict, and perhaps beauty thinking tank that has no future in this ever changing world.

Apparently, some of them are brave and chosen to undertake a TAFE course which is a good thing to do. They can do certificate IV or diploma for a period of 1 or 2 years and it will give them a credit to transfer to any University. Then they can do a bachelor degree at University of their choice in Australia.

But I do have sympathy for all South Sudanese youth who were born during the war and in the refugees’ camp. They had never had any convenient or quiet place to study normally, likechildren who were born in free war countries. In addition to that,their parents do not have a formal education to advise them about the important of education.

The fact is that, majority of South Sudanese youth were born oversea and they had been through many things which children of their ages should have not been through. And I could not blame their parents for their down falls; for poor performance in schools, disobeying of the laws, and disrespecting of law enforcing personnel.

Another fact is that, 98.5% of their parents are illiterate. They do not know how to write or read. So it is very difficult for these parents to help them do their homework, reading, and even computing skills.For that reasons, many youth became frustrated, stressed and depressed when things get tougher at school.

Then they chose indirectly to drop-out from the school; by walking with theirs friends who do not go to school because of the same conditions. Then they start drinking, taking drugs, smoking and stealing. And all these kind of behaviour are unlawfully under the law. So if they are caught stealing they are punishes as criminals and put away for sometimes – in prison.

In conclusion, I hope that all South Sudanese who holds certificates, diplomas, degree of sort, would not make a mistake to neglect to educate their children. I believe it will be horrific for someone who is working in the factory very hard to feed his/her family.

To let his/her child ended up in the factory like him/her. It will be a challenge for many people if this happens, because his/her child was born in this country Australia like any other child. So all the opportunities which were closed to him/her for some reasons will be available and open to his/her child to explore them.

NB: it is important if we can watch news and current affairs sometimes during weekdays and weekends. Rather than watching DVD videos all the times.

Declare state of emergency in Lakes State

Posted: August 27, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

By Mapuor Malual Manguen

South Sudan in chaos

Lakes State in chaos

On August 25, 2013, the National Legislative Assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution requesting the President of South Sudan to remove Caretaker Governor of Lakes state, Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol.

This followed reports and recommendations of both Lakes state parliamentary caucus in the National Assembly and security Ministers who were summoned to Parliament to explain deteriorating security situation in Lakes state. All are said to have recommended removal of the Governor so that reconciliation processes are started under new leadership in the state.

The anarchy that has ruled Lakes state for over a decade has claimed thousands of lives as magnitude of conflicts has continuously kept worsening with new conflicts arising and old ones moving to more complex and complicated levels. This anarchy has been manifested in ruthless sectional vendetta killings, cattle rustlings, land disputes, robberies, and complete breakdown of law and order.

With all these crimes, the authorities whether state or national government has not tried most of these cases in courts of law nor did it make significant arrest of culprits (with a few arrested individuals detained without trial or escaped from detention centers).

Thus, the relatives of deceased would resort to taking law into their own hands by using channel of revenge killings. And anarchy and lawlessness began to reign in the state. The result of condition is that youth armed themselves to teeth to extent of overlooking and overwhelming state authorities.

The central government has tried to address this “cancer” as some people may call it, by changing state leadership intermittently. But this largely became a window dressing as new administrations failed to rein in killings and all sorts of crimes.

Since inception of the Government of Southern Sudan in 2005 through to independent South Sudan, Lakes state has been governed by six governors (two of whom were under caretaker base including incumbent one). The intervals to which these Governors were appointed or relieved are short and very close because each of them could not address the major task – the restoration of law and order – in the state.

So, will recommendations of Legislature and security Ministers not suffer the same setbacks? Will it not be another window dressing? Is change of governors an appropriate solution to cancer of Lakes state? Are/were Governor(s) or politicians part of Lakes state vendetta? Has the President of South Sudan been appointing incompetent Governors? Is it the system of governance (decentralized system) that failed Lakes state? Why can’t citizens of Lakes state able to cooperate with any single Governor including the one they democratically elected? And above, are people of Lakes state anarchic and ungovernable?

The Legislatures and Security Ministers should answer these questions under which they should make concrete recommendations to President on the way forward. Moreover, the President should this time review his sacking and appointing spree of Governors of Lakes state. He should no longer bow to demands of egotistic politicians of Lakes state who always want to feed on anarchy of our state. They have never been honest in addressing this cancer head on but rather use the situation as bait for political appointment.

For example, majority of Lakes state Politicians in Rumbek and Juba are united in their call to remove Maj. Gen. Matur Chut from helm of power but, divided on who shall replace him. This is because each group is fronting their own candidate on the pretext of going to arrest the situation. Unfortunately, they are the same politicians who made previous demand for removing former Governors. This is pure window dressing and can no longer solve this cancer but aggravate it.

Since several approaches have been exhausted – including sacking and appointing spree – there is no need to follow the same approach that failed before. Two issues must be option in my own view.
First, maintaining the current Caretaker Governor but under certain conditions. He should be armed with all necessary resources that will enable him handle that wild situation.

There should be more deployment of police and SPLA in the state to undertake comprehensive disarmament of all civilians and arrest all suspects currently at large. The central government must shift complete attention to arrest the situation by establishing special body to investigate all accumulated criminal cases and start legal procedures immediately.

Secondly, state of emergency must be an option should the President agree with recommendations of the National Legislative Assembly and Security Ministers. The Military should be sent to Lakes state and handle that situation until no single gun is in the hands of civilians.

The author is journalist, blogger, social and political commentator based in Juba. He can be reached at

It has come to the attention of the SPLM/SPLA that an UNMISS aircraft went down under mysterious circumstances near the Airport in Rubkona, Unity State. The SPLA Commanders in the field reported to the SPLM General Headquarters that troops heard a loud explosion, and upon investigation found that
an aircraft had crashed.
The propaganda machine of the Government of South Sudan has reported this unfortunate incident as
having been carried out by SPLM/SPLA troops under the total command of Gen. Peter Gadet. The
SPLM/SPLA would like to take this opportunity to refute these malicious allegations leveled by the
propaganda machine of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan (GRSS).
The area in which the plane was reportedly shot down is government held territory, if indeed the
aircraft was shot down. It is unfortunate that the GRSS propaganda machine is trying to capitalize on
this unfortunate event to score political points.The SPLM/SPLA empathizes with the families of those
that perished as a result of this unfortunate event.

By Mabior Garang de Mabior
I used to think that gurtong could be trusted (see what I did there?)…but it seems that gurtong “trust” is part of the propaganda machine of the government..
I wonder what their interests is in misleading the people of South Sudan…I am writing this statement because of public demand for me to clear the air…the incident is a fabrication by government sympathizers…
I would like to assure the People of South Sudan and the world that the members of the SPLM/SPLA do not want Salva Kiir dead…we want him alive so that he may answer to the crimes that he has committed…for more information…credible journalists should contact the Ethiopian Authorities for clarification…
I am surprised that people take Mr. Gordon Buay seriously…seriously!!!
Photo: I used to think that gurtong could be trusted (see what I did there?)...but it seems that gurtong "trust" is part of the propaganda machine of the government..I wonder what their interests is in misleading the people of South Sudan...I am writing this statement because of public demand for me to clear the air...the incident is a fabrication by government sympathizers...I would like to assure the People of South Sudan and the world that the members of the SPLM/SPLA do not want Salva Kiir dead...we want him alive so that he may answer to the crimes that he has committed...for more information...credible journalists should contact the Ethiopian Authorities for clarification...I am surprised that people take Mr. Gordon Buay seriously...seriously!!!

The art of my forefathers

Posted: August 26, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

By Amer Mayen Dhieu

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I peruse, I construe, I examine and I discover inordinated things about life, about death too, about good, about bad things. I inhale the knowledge I have learnt and feel good about the transformation of mind, of body, of soul, of spirit. At all times, I feel accomplished. I have sizeable knowledge of what comes and what goes. But mind you, I am not the most formidable person. The knowledge I have was invented by people who existed before me. They did spacious stuffs. Things that have become my platform.

But literally somehow, I often don’t want to talk about them. I only talk about my proficiencies of yesterday. What I read today and what I will research tomorrow. But there is one thing! One thing that certainly don’t leave my introspection. It loop as my brain think. In my century, a century of intellectuals, a century of thinkers, of scientists, of social experts, of political expert too, there seem to be something challenging. Of all the research, the analysis and findings, of science, of math, of psychology and physic, of sociology and behavioural science, there are massive discoveries divulged. Human made boundless achievements. They travel to the moon. The made immense success in human vs animal, in zoo were humans look after wild animals. Literally over all those great achievements, there is no profession that has discovered how humans can live together with no conflict.

But how, what and why? rewind your memories back a little and compare our century with the century of our forefathers. It is not that science or sociology can’t tell us why humans never coexist peacefully together or find a solution to put their differences behind. It is that we have lost sense of community. We have replaced it with individual views, thoughts and feelings and by doing this we are doing less to unite humans. My forefathers were great. Sometimes I cannot connect my thoughts with how they make it. Some of them came from entirely different places. Totally different people with different accents and different ways of life. Effortlessly they find one geographical area, cleaved it into small sections and lived by clans. Eight of them had each piece of plot. They had landmarks and different towns yet they called themselves one people. They fought like enemies and lived like friends. They argued like strangers and smiled like brothers.

In fact, not only did they find coexistence but they find me too. Sadly I Iost the connection in between the two centuries. The century that find me and the century I made myself to be. Funny thing is, no matter how hard I try to let go the old century that find me, it appears and reappears in my accent, in my reaction and in my public appearances. I try to let the old century accent go but it abruptly interrupt my speech when I am speaking. Eventually it just happen. I try to react using my new century way but the old century in me enforce the calmness, the reserve personalty, the quietness that my forefathers invest in me. It seem that what my forefathers have invented is a tradition that I cannot erase. It lives with me and guides me almost in everything I say and do. The art of my forefathers.

Amer Mayen Dhieu

The South Sudanese patriots and legitimate persons.

Posted: August 26, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

By Nyanyoun Bany, Melbourn, Australia

I saw very sad pictures of your civilians, sorry, maybe you know them better as rebel wives and children, stuck knee deep in flood waters at the Unity UNIMISS compound, they are gut –wrenching pictures, the kind of stuff that nightmares are made of.

Most of you, including your President are saying that these people are living in UN compounds because there are rebel sympathisers. Kiir was able to say this with a straight face even when the interviewer informed him that he was not talking about a rebel sympathiser but a woman who was too afraid to leave the compound because her husband was shot dead in front of her and her children. Mr President didn’t even blink at such a calamitous reality, he only wish to excuse himself, “I am not to blame’ a mantra now embodied in the hashtag blame Kiir. Its puzzling that you can find moments to laugh and joke in the face of what appears to be a disasters ;it is said that South Sudan could face the worse famine than was witnessed in Ethiopia in the 1980s. In this “joke”, beside the trivialization of a serious problem, it is evident that most are exercising ‘the luxury of opinion without the duty of thought.’

In light of your president comments, it is not surprising that you have a very narrow concept of what being a patriot or a citizen means or that you have misconceived the primary duties of a government. If there is any humanity left, look at these photos and argue that it is merely because of a political agenda that a person would subject himself, his children and his wife to these inhuman conditions: it is said the situation is so bad that some are sleeping standing in knee deep waters with children in their arms, tens of children are buried each day from preventable diseases, yet our “patriot of South Sudan” are dismissing the real fear of these people in order to support their own political stand, in order to save face.

Some of you have argue persistently, and in very condescending way, that theses people should come out because other in Lake State are not being attack, a very naïve argument and one which appears to make a mockery of those caught up in this war. First Lake State has not exchange hands over 4 times. Second, it is not the first time that a people have hosted others, millions of South Sudan were able to stay in the North whilst the war was going on, and why did the Northerner not kill them? Although the Lake State people are to be commended, I am sure they are not doing what they are doing so that you can have another arsenal or insult to deep people faces into, your comments are trivializing their genuine efforts by reducing them to political score cards.

“Patriots” you have gone as far as denying these civilians their rights to citizenship and their humanity. In a dehumanizing manners you have resorted to calling them wives and children of rebels, and by association therefore, you are arguing that these people are not entitled to their rights, or, to be treated as human or citizens. The sad part is that one does not have to sink so low morally to support Kiir, one can support Kiir without demining or diminishing another person suffering, and that does not take much creativity or originality, it is a matter of being able to maintain simple distinctions whist holding or arguing for a view point. More significantly an argument to hold Kiir responsible for his failures does not equate to an endorsement of Riek or that Riek should take his place. In fact, it does not even amount to an argument that Riek is not to be blame or as not committed crime of his own. The reports are clear, both the rebel and the government have committed CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, this means that the nature and conduct of the crimes are so abhorrent that there are not presumed to be only against the South Sudanese people, but against the world at large, against humanity itself. So “patriots” your kettle is as black as those you seek to paint.

A true patriot is not one who cling to his comfort zone of tribe or President, but he would raises above the very people he oppose, because he or she knows that greater than him and the supposed enemy, is the country and those who will inherit it. So to those claiming to be patriotic than others, it is you who should lead by example, you that should be reconciliatory, you that should be the last to condemn, you that should be more restraint, you that should be responsible, not because you do not know right from wrong or who is right or wrong, but because you want to be a place that provide one of the sources for healing and re-emergence. But instead, what have you become? Another mouth piece, cheering on the soaking of the flag by a flood of blood (Nyadeng quote) and drawing imaginary red lines has half of your populations lay waste and 50,000 of your children are at risk of starvation. Instead you have celebrated the use of 1.7 billon in weapons, whilst it would have taken around 700 million of that to save your starving population. Instead you have provided the intellectual support for the massacre of innocent, even lowering the standard of proof here and there, so that some unfavourable truth are conveniently left out of the narrative. Your intellectuals and intellectual organisations have become political alters were collective history is twisted to fit particular narratives and were the practice of exclusive politics is perfected for the consumption of a world beyond our towns.

You have called us the ‘rebels’, and as such you have actually relinquished us of any responsibilities, because a rebel is in effect not legitimate or responsible. You are the responsible one for that is what being elected means. You the patriot and legitimate persons cannot only claims the privileges that the come with citizenship and the office of the President, and relegate the duty and responsibility that cannot be divorced from it to others. So to claim don’t blame Kiir and at the same time say Kiir is the President is thoroughly conflicting “patriots”. Because a lack of blame can only be associated with a lack of control or responsibility. So to argue that Kiir is not to be blame is to argue that Kiir is not responsible or in control of the fundamental issues that are central to governing a state. And if the man you elected to be in control of the country is not in control, then “patriots” we might have a bigger problem because I think, some unelected person hijacked that office of the President or your man is so incompetant as to be dangerous because he doesn’t know what is going on.

But do not let this divergence take away from the central theme of this piece and that is, if you claim to be a patriot, the time has come to show some statesmanship. Raise above and beyond the corridors of powers and try to pursue a government for the interest of all citizens- even those who you don’t like. Mourn for all that died, even those you think are not worthy of your tears. You must be the first to look at your arguments for taint of tribal pride, tribal prejudice and self- serving interests. If your country is at war, it is because there are serious grievousness, listen to both sides. Remember to claim to be a patriot is to also place a duty on yourself, it means that you will not make decision because they favour you, but because they have the possibility of saving the future. To be a patriot means more than anyone else, you must sacrifice and lead by example. So if we are wrong, we that you have judged, then try and be rights and let that manifest in your actions and your thinking, otherwise, you are just a robber of the people you claim to serve, and are using the “patriot shield, as the wolf uses the sheep skin. In other words, you too are a rebel, a well fed rebel stealing from the collective basket.

Nyanyuon Bany

By, Wunchir Atong.

As custodian of this great and esteem people of GREATER BOR (Bor Twi and Duken), I have always thought washing our dirty linen in public is the least thing we can do. Unfortunately, and to my utmost mortification, my TWI people aren’t thinking or mindful about this great trepidation. The recent intolerable nincompoop and slurred articles written by the above mentioned duos and previous convoluted and unabated avalanche of attacks by the so-called ‘TWI EAST COMMUNITY’ in the United State against Bor county finally broke camel’s back. There seem to be no constructive condemnation coming out from Twi East community; therefore, it is likely the unapprised writers are presenting the stand of Twi East community. Given Bor county integrity and dignity was, and still being attacked relentlessly it is time to expose Twi East what it truly is. In this paper, TWI EAST is renamed as ‘TWIKENUER’ as that the trajectory the community inclines to. TWIKENUER needs to be demystified to their last smidgeon and I will do this! Plug on your seatbelt TWI-KE-MAA, it is going to be some long, rough and nasty ride.

First thing first, Bor county had no other problem (s) with Riek Machar and his unruly Nuer people apart from what Riek did to Dr John, and South Sudanese Movement in 91. When Riek rebelled and waged war on the SPLM/A for 11 years, a war he was mandated by NCP, Khartoum base organisation to kill Dr John. Riek wanted to kill Nyandeng famously known as ‘NYANDHOM’ in early sixties (60), he wanted to kill Mabior, Chol, Atong and Gak. He wanted to kill South Sudanese aspiration. As people of Bor county we stood with Dr John through thick and thin. With rest of other Jieng Communities, we fought Riek’s insurgent with all our might until Dr John survived being run over and possibly beheaded by Riek’s tribal militiamen. Comrade Salva, Peter Wal Athiu, Lazarus Kuol Manyang, Malong Awan, Garang Mabil and many other Jieng generals didn’t allow Riek to take leadership by force. Instead, Riek was defeated and had to surrender back to Dr John in 2002 in absolute shame! Bor county did not hate TWIKENUER, it should not have fought this war. Dr John escaped in Bor 1983.

Past forward, at the time Dr John made coup to Jaffer Muhammed Numeri, he was first sheltered in Bor county. The county welcomed him by slaughtering a white bul for him and those of 104 and 105 soldiers at Makuac Payam. Had there hatred sung by TWIKENUER, this reception should not have happened. As Dr John was munching on (RIING MABIOR-ACHOT) ‘white bul’s meat’, Bor county’s sons in the person of Alier Mangardit from Kolnyang Payam, Garang Ngang Abui from Kolnyang Payam, Manyang Agook Aliet from Makuac Payam and Aguek Aguto from Makuac Payam were busy fighting enemy at the outskirt of Bortown from catching up with Dr John. At last, the defending soldiers were defeated. Jallaba was all over Bor county Payams looking for Dr John and his escapees. No one including children said anything about their whereabouts. This showed an enormous love the county had towards Garang Mabior Atem de Aruei. He was housed convivially and facilitated by us (this author included) to the border of Ethiopia and massive mobilisation kicked in. The recruit resulted in Koriom battalion which was almost composed of Bor county people. This battalion gave Garang upper hand for destroying 10,000 troop of Jallaba at the battle of Panwel Abiryai, adjacent Kolonyang Payam under selfless and fearless commander Makoor Lual from Jale Payam. The destruction of this troop shook Jaffer Numeri and the INF regime in Khartoum. The showdown depicted really well that Dr John wasn’t a factor to be ignored. Bor county was never against TWIKENUER or Dr John in particular. In fact, first rebellion towards Dr John was waged by Twi member. First rebellion against Dr John was done by his TWIKENUER!

As Dr John consolidated and nursed his wound after mysterious absconding from Bortown, first rebellion against him was struck by none other than the TWIKENUER where Garang hails. The man who went against Dr John’s leadership was Akuot Atem Mayen from Twi. Akuot in collaborative Nyagatism with Nuer incapacitated the premise that Dr John become leader of the forthcoming guerrilla Movement. Akuot protested and those of Abdhala Chuol amongst many others joined his rebellion and eventually took arms against Dr John and those supporting Dr John. Akuot’s rebellion waylaid and killed many potential SPLM/A recruits in Nuerland on the way to Bonga or Bilpam. Akuot who initiated this mischievous act was never from Bor county but a TWI against other TWI. Fortunately, a fight over leadership followed and disgraceful stories ensued in Akuot’s camp. Akuot was eventually killed. He passed on a shameful death, mind you. He was tethered at a tree like a he-goat and those of Abdhala Chuol, Gatwech Wiyual, Ghai Tut, Koang Biel and many other NUER gathered around him. Before they slaughtered Akuot, his names were ritually spelt until he peed at himself, and finally poo-ed or defecated for that matter. Is this what TWIKENUER wants? Is this what NUER is better than Jieng for? Before you all know, Akuot’s episode is what will happen to Mabior Garang very soon. For those online, you must have heard/read what Koang Lul Ruai, the SPLM-IO spokesperson said about Mabior couple of weeks ago or so. That, and I paraphrase, ‘days are gone when dictator (Dr John) and his two boys (Mabior and Chol) were killing and running peoples’ movement like theirs, he went on to say, Garang and his sons behaviour couldn’t be tolerated in Riek’s rebellion’. This is a true revelation of what awaits that Cartoon-like-boy. What was done to his uncle Akuot Atem until he defecated will be done at him anytime Riek wants.TWIKENUER rebelled too in the church. Though it will be a discussion for another day it worth going briefly over it. TWIKENUER rebellion was even taken to the church when Rev. Peter Bol Arok, Rev Garang Thil and many TWIKENUER young men/women who were groomed and brought up by the most revered and charismatic leader HIS Lordship Bishop Nathaniel Garang Anyieth all rebelled against Him. One would never comprehend how Twi thinks!

Bor county and her ultimate service to the SPLM/A from the inception to this day is ineffable. We, the Bor county had been linchpin of Garang’s regime even at the time our fathers, uncles and brothers were falsely targeted and killed for fear of unknown. Late Martin Majer Gai, a son of paramount chief in Anyidi Payam, was killed for being analytical and objective. Martin was brought up in a house and family where things are orderly done. His brotherly suggestion that Koriom battalion waited Muor-Muor and other recruits for a better mix and representative took his dear life. As this generation is good at fabricating lies, it is of significant important that records are set straight. Justice Martin would have been a last man to rebel against Dr John, and Dr John being an absolute TWI, he was thinking just like other TWI. Garang felt inferior despite, ultimate support he enjoyed. Martin’s differed opinion was viewed a threat regardless of his oversight intelligent and impartiality.

Like I mentioned, Martin grew up in a hut where laws that governed Juor-Piol and Anyidi Payam at large were enacted. He was never thirst of the leadership but because Dr John never tested leading people, he thought his new found leadership was being eyed. This is a fact, because if we go to Awulian of TWIKENUER section where Dr John hails Biar Abit’s family are Awulian rulers. This means if the SPLM/A leadership were to be determined by such social order, where on earth will Mabior Atem’s son take leadership in presence of Abit’s family? Dr John’s family was incongruent with Martin’s family and as such, son of a chief was shamelessly slain in cold blood and Bor county army officers were falsely identified as rebels when they weren’t. Bor county officers were all collected in their respective stations and jailed. While in detention, they were mercilessly beaten each morning and evening for about eight months until two officers passed on. The dead were Akuak Kudum from Baidit payam and Majok Nyieth from jalle payam. As torturing persistently went on, a lot of them sustained internal and external injuries for example, officer Agaany Aguto’s knee-cup broke at the time he fell down in the neck-breaking chase and lots of other officers are now disables or dying because of the injuries inflicted in them. When this happened, Bor county people nearly took law into their own hand but, our elders cautioned that, if this had to happen, Southerners will never achieve their aspiration and Riek will win over Dr John. Altruistically, uncles who sustained injuries were the very people against a plan to retaliate the dead and their injuries. As Bor county is excellent at analysing and digesting things, the youth eventually listened to elders and resorted to bringing Dr John to book after South and North war. Fortunately, he is nowhere to be found. God solves the problem!!

As lies are being manufactured by TWIKENUER in the person of Amer and Daidit Maa that Bor county rebelled in the past, it is simple untrue. Too, officer Akem Aluong Kaang did not join Riek’s rebellion in 1991. The same is true to Justice Dengtiel Ayuen. Like Telar Riing Deng, they got trapped in Nuerland. Akem Aluong aws missioned to Riek’s zone by Dr John and therefore got caught up by infamous split in Nuerland. They didn’t rebel and calling them rebels is about being naïve and unfamiliar about 91 rebellion history. Familiarise yourself with books, consult with SPLM/A veteran before you write. It is despicable wasting time writing for things you are oblivious about and more often than not, such writer/s become a loony imprudent. It is worth noting, Dengtiel Ayuen Kur was targeted by those who killed Justice Martin Majer. As this became clear, he chose to keep low profile and away from the killers as he was in the top list of ‘wanted individuals from Bor county’. If in doubt ask Slava Kiir, Dengtiel and those mentioned above weren’t rebels. For sake of records, let me underscore Akem’s case. Officer Akem was a commander of a contingent of Adiit battalion which was based in Eastern Uppernile. With the rebellion taking toll on non-NUER soldiers, Akem planned to outwit Riek and saved his about 1000 to 1200 soldiers. He did not want a confrontation with Riek’s forces as he was in the Nuer heartland. He planned a safe exit towards Ethiopia and then Murle land without a fight. The plan didn’t succeed.

Akem made the plan known to his solders, regrettably, a junior soldier (Name withheld) from Ngok section who was part of Akem’s soldiers was reported to have leaked the whole plan to Riek group. Suspicions were running high and Akem was summoned by Riek the following day. Having planned no confrontation, he went with only 4 bodyguards to look harmless. On arriving to Dr Riek’s base, he was brutally attacked by Nuer officers and hacked to death in the presence of Dr. Riek, Dr Lam, Dr Adwok and all seniors’ members in the base. This was an act of sheer savagery on a respected SPLA commander. If still in doubt consult with Dr Adwok, or read his books about Riek acrimonious crime. Akem and Justice Dengtiel were never rebels like Majak, Nyandhom and her cartoon-like boy (Mabior) who together staged a posthumously coup against the dead Dr John.

Besides, calling general Malual Ayom Dor as good-for-nothing is off-putting and factually misplaced. This is a general who sacrificed himself to go defend Greater Bor (Bor Twi and Duken) when civilians were displaced and killed in Bortown. In the meeting chaired by Kiir, gen. Hoth and gen. Kuol Manyang with all Greater Bor generals, Malual Ayom, late Abraham Joongroor, Kuol Malith and Mabior Lual Machar volunteered to go and fight Riek and Nyandhom insurgent. General Malual now is in charge of operation in Jonglei and this was out of his will. He was never assigned there. ‘Good-for-nothing’ is when those of general Bior Ajang and many other TWIKENUER generals cowardly masqueraded ranks they can’t deliver in.

Bor county supports RSS constitution if this is synonymous to Kiir’s government so be it!! Like Bor county stood with Dr John’s movement, the county stood again with Kiir’s government. Bor county thinks it is inconceivable to forcefully dethrone general Kiir unconstitutionally. This county thinks if Kiir becomes of no use, he should then be voted out in the next elections (2015). It doesn’t need arm taking or setting ablaze our infrastructures and dropping off our civilians from their villages. If this is what it takes to call my county ‘BORKAZAL’ for standing with a constitutional government and not calling it ‘BORTWI’ at the time of Dr John, then this qualifies the idiocy and foolery widely claim to have possessed TWIKENUER. If anything, then TWIKENUER owes Jieng communities an apology for conspiring with Jieng’s enemy in the expense of Jieng. In Nyandhom’s rebellion, all Jieng communities were targeted with exception of TWIKENUER communities where Nyandhom hails. Isn’t this shameful for a community that think it is a Jieng by ethnicity? TWIKENUER villages were left untouched by marauding White Army. This in itself is telling. TWIKENUER who were killed were those in the army and in Bortown. But it should be made clear to general audience that TWIKENUER were circulating an information stating their residents leaved Bortown to their villages in Twi as soon as possible, so those killed were disobeyers and ignorant. This top-secret was leaked in Bortown three days before war erupted in Juba. This could be another lead in piecing together whether there was a coup or not. So what do TWIKENUER really wants? Yesterday TWIKENUER forged unclear relationship with TWI-KE-MIYARDIT and now is TWIKENUER. What happens to the re-union that was to happen between TWIEAST and TWIWEST?

Daidit maa and Amer need be told there is nothing to be jealous about TWIKENUER. There is nothing with Majak to be jealous about. He was Kiir’s houseboy yesterday, and he remains a houseboy to this day. Shouldn’t it be mistaken that PhD changes people. NO, it doesn’t. Once a houseboy is always a houseboy, and once a demon worshipper remains a demon worshipper. There totally nothing to be jealous about TWIKENUER. In fact, it was goodwill of Bor county members that Majak made it out safely without being “hung by the neck until he dies” and these TWIKENUER aren’t giving credit where it due.
Bor county saved the traitors. I will take you through how Majak and his other three traitors survived. The conspirators would have perished if Bor county wants!!

First, Kuol Manyang as defense minister and an influential post-military general in Kiir’s government would have done unthinkable if Bor county had the virulent hatred TWIKENUER littered the World Net with. Second, Justice Makuei Lueth talks the talk and he had never walked the TALK. Had he walked his talk, this Majak TWIKENUER talked earth and heaven would have been a decomposer by now. Third, General Mach Paul Kuol was able to let go his post to save Majak and his other comrades from being beheaded by the RSS government. Had he had this ‘TIEL’ (hatred) TWIKENUER accused Bor county with, this Majak-house boy would have been a history. Bear in mind general Mac Paul Kuol is an immediate cousin to Late Justice Martin Majer. Had he had hatred that TWIKENUER are making online community to believe that Bor county hates and despises Twi, he would have lied in the court and Majak, Pagan, Oyai and Lol would have been slaughtered like chickens and Twi or TWIKENUER would have done nothing. And, I mean nothing!! If TWIKENUER community loves Majak really, you would have glorified, espoused and worshipped these three men (Kuol, Makuei and Mac). TWIKENUER would have known Bor county is never an enemy. When are you TWIKENUER backing off from this sheer ungratefulness? Sit back and think of these three gentlemen and how they are holding sword-of-death and that of life. Thank God they haven’t resorted to this cheap talk of TWI and BOR. Thank God they have shown rare leadership that is never found in TWIKENUER!!

Without slight of compunction TWIKENUER go around dragging Duk county into their shameful political prostitution while great people of Duk could be commended for not trading off their JIENGSIM to Nuer. The county stood tall in all odds. While this is the case, it is in Bor county interest, that Duk distances itself from this TWIKENUER lunacy. This means Duk county needs to begin speaking for herself. Duk can’t allow be misrepresented, or is Malok Aleng’s orotundity coming true? That Duk county is yet to bear a leader who will represent her! Until Duk county can’t allow clueless TWIKENUER speak on her behalf, otherwise Bor county and other Jieng communities will validate Malokdit’s words, “NO LEADER BORN YET IN DUK COUNTY AND SO ANYBODY FROM TWI OR BOR WILL REPRESENT THEM”.

Back to Amer, I learnt she got disowned by a Bor county’s groom after series of exhaustion and therefore she is a furious tigress. Well, Amer should have known ‘a runaway groom’ isn’t Bor county. Farting an “obnoxious fart” if had to borrow your wording into your own relationship and attacking the county of a fellow victim is reckless thing. With such behaviour, it is likely predictable that you will continue to pimp until you will lose counting of passing-by men. Apologise and you will save your plunging girl-child in you. Those cheering you up are doing you too much of unrepairable damage. You already a patient suffering from psychotic and neurotic disorders, and you have yourself to blame. The thing is, accept the reality that groom has taken of at a long stride and move forward, you could be poignant as you are but he is gone. Go shopping for next victim!!
Unlike weakling Daidit Maa, Amer deserves appreciation for not concealing herself. This is what an accountability is. Daidit Maa is a coward who attacks under a ghost name; this is a typical character of MUONY-TWIKENUER. They are faint-heartedness.

In recap, Bor county is still Bor county. It can and will never be called Borkazal. It is a defamatory for a county Dr John could count on during his unpredictable years. Dr John kept close to himself those of general Peter Wal Athiu, Kuol Manyang, Jok Riak, Jok Reng, Majok Mac and many other fearless generals for reason, and this is, they will never rebel. Who in TWIKENUER would Dr John trust apart from Chol Lual, Jok Riak, Kuol Manyang, Wal Athiu and Majok Mac (RIP) to defend him both from Riek Machar and NCP? Tell me who would have protected Dr John from TWIKENUER apart from the aforementioned generals? Bor county saved Dr John in 91 and will continue to protect general Kiir until his constitutional term is over.

Wunchir Atong is on RSS government mission to United Kingdom, he can be reached at