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By David Aoloch Bion

Women were circling dancing
Husband of one woman
Came to watch circle dance
His wife put song in snide

‘’ the lion metamorphoses
The cannibal of our forest
Will eat me
I give him calabash full
And the gluttony needs more
The cannibal will eat me
My dear friends’’

The husband understand the innuendo
And he jumped in to dance
He put song
‘’ silliness of this woman
Is displayed in her red gum
Is it beauty of her gum
Or is it to be thanked for
Red gum’’


Posted: July 26, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan


By David Aoloch Bion

Racism is self deception
of illusionist mind
Deception says because of
my color
I am the best race

Illusion says because of my
I am superior race

And all races are as simple as
Elephant eating single termite
at three o clock at noon who
laughs at movement
of his chewing mouth shade

And am as complex as angel flying
between heaven and earth

Black race
White race
Brown race
Are triplets of insect none of them bath in
Running holy water
But all bath in stagnant water
at cobra and fox pond

Second Creation

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Second Creation

By David Aoloch Bion

No strongest and biggest animal in this universe
No weakest and smallest animal in this universe
Only brave animal in this universe
Only coward animal in this universe
Hands, leg, teeth, fangs, stings and poison were
First creation for fighting and self- defense

This widened a gap between the strong big animals
and the weak small animals.
The strength of the weak was in blood and heart
Bullet, blades, tip, shell, clubs, and stick were
Second creation to bridge the gap between them

No more strength no more weakness
Only cowardice and courage now
This second creation changed the laws of universe
From respect or fear the king of men or jungle and beasts
To a new doctrine of:

‘’Through an eye of creator see yourself as a lion
Through an eye of humiliation see lion as a worm’’
Never answer provocation, threat, conquest, occupation,
or aggression by girl friendly/ smile or cowardly joke

Although l am neither amongst the biggest nor strongest
Animals in this jungle, I can assure all of you
From man to leopard, elephant to lion that
If Mount Everest provoke me,
And I think upon it, and I decide upon it
And I pass a resolution upon it
At 12 o’clock midday
It rubble can’t be seen
At 6 o’clock in the evening.

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NB: This post was from my “Old Flame” published on December 6, 2013 in reaction to Mandela’s death… (

Salva Kiir running his office in the bush in the 1980s.

Salva Kiir running his office in the bush in the 1980s.

History is a good god of its own. It has the ability to bestow and also withdraw. It has two faces, and can alternate them in two phases accordingly. The faces of the historical coin are faith and fate. One face is human in nature; the other is God’s. If a man shows one, history changes the other. This means if a person is faithful to history, history will in turn be not fateful to that one. This is seen in Mandela’s biography: human in the beginning, god in the ending—humanity in phase I, spirituality in phase II. However, for Salva Kiir Mayardit, I am afraid! Having seen how far and fast in his sleeping he is slipping into the…

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Main Prison in Juba, South Sudan

It’s death row in a prison in South Sudan. Most of these people will die because of famine and illnesses. The rest will be executed.

































Death is the last Organism of life

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Death is the Last Orgasm of Life

By David Aoloch Bion

Killing is the labour of life
Death is ultimate orgasm of life
The best sorrowful way to mourn
For your beloved one is to laugh
Melodically for one minute and
Compose epitaph. Death is not the
End of life but one phase of thousand
Phases of life webs. In death no
Moaning but pleasant screaming.

Killing an opponent / criminal either
On the street / on the scaffold is not a
Sound punishment and is not good
Fence. Thousands die today,
thousands make offences tomorrow.
Killing as a punishment make you no queen,
King, winner or conquerer
. Your adversary has no painful memories
Of his death at your hands and
Doesn’t know your honour and popularity
You obtain after killing.

No pain after a second after lethal
Injection / drink, bullet / first / stroke touch
His /her soul. death should not be prize for
Crimes and rivals.
Good punishment should be humiliation,
Beat a criminal / enemy half way
So he kneels before you
Respect you profoundly
Talk about your greatness and your might.

1. Akobo
2. Bor
3. Raga
4. Wau
5. Gogrial
6. Yei
7. Maridi
8. Torit
9. Kapoeta
10. Pibor
11. Fangak
12. Tonj
13. Yambio
14. Juba
15. Yirol
16. Rumbek
17. Unity state
18. Fashoda
19. Soba
20. Northern Upper Nile
21. Northern Bahr el Ghazal state


South Sudan’s Machar unveils plan to create more states (ST)

South Sudan’s former vice-president, Riek Machar, who for the past seven months has been leading an armed opposition faction of the ruling SPLM party has unveiled his group’s plan to create more states in implementing a resolution on a federal system of governance in the country.

The proposal calls for restructuring South Sudan into more administrative units, transforming the former 21 British colonial districts into new states.

Currently South Sudan has 10 states which Khartoum created in 1994 when the two countries were still one.

In a press release issued on Wednesday by the rebel leader’s spokesperson James Gatdet Dak outlining the proposal, the new states boundaries shall remain as they stood in 1956 when Sudan, from which South Sudan broke away in 2011, became independent.

Dak said the proposal is a public document meant for a wider consultation with the stakeholders in the country and abroad.

“Stakeholders and the general public are welcome to discuss or comment on the proposal,” he said.

The opposition leader’s spokesman explained that a resolution was passed by the rebel group in April in Nasir adopting a federal system of governance for the country.

He said creation of more states will also promote development as it will take towns to the people.


In the new states proposal, former Kodok district becomes Fashoda state with its capital in Malakal town while Renk district, combined with Akoka county shall be known as Northern Upper Nile state with capital in Paloich town.

Nasir district and Baliet county become Sobat state with capital in Nasir town and Fangak district as Fangak state with capital in Fangak town, meanwhile Akobo district becomes Akobo state with capital in Waat.

Pibor district becomes Pibor state with its capital in Pibor town and the old Bor district shall become Bor state with Bor as its capital, while Bentiu district remains Unity state with its present capital in Bentiu.

Aweil district is already Northern Bahr el Ghazal state with capital in Aweil town, but Wau district shall be elevated to state with Wau town as its capital.

Former Raga district as Raga state with capital in Raga town and Gogrial district becoming Gogrial state with capital in Gogrial town. Tonj district as Tonj state with capital in Tonj and Rumbek district as Rumbek state with its capital in Rumbek.

Yirol district becomes Yirol state with capital in Yirol town while Yambio district as Yambio state with its capital in Yambio. Maridi district becomes Maridi state with capital in Maridi town.

Yei district elevated to Yei state with its capital in Yei and Juba district, which is currently the seat of the national government, becomes Juba state with Juba as its capital.

Torit district shall be elevated to Torit state with its capital in Torit town while Kapoeta district shall detach and form Kapoeta state with capital in Kapoeta town.

Dak further said the proposal by the leadership of the SPLM [in opposition] also recommended relocation of the national capital from Juba to Ramciel in the centre of the country.

The opposition faction also expressed the desire to restructure and reform all sectors of governance on the basis of a democratic federal constitution.

While South Sudan’s Defence Minister General Kuol Manyang Juuk said the order was placed “well before” he assumed his post in July, the timing of the shipment shows which side China is backing.

My views about the undeniable shortcomings and errors of the current government in Juba, South Sudan, have been seriously misrepresented in a post on The East African by Kevin Kelley (July 12, 2014).  Although I was interviewed by Mr. Kelley, there were critical omissions in his questions to me, and it was an error on my part not to demand greater specificity about the “lobbyists” that he suggested have been hired to help President Salva Kiir and the Juba government.

Juba faulted for paying lobbyists in Washington

In Summary
  • President Salva Kiir’s government agreed earlier this year to pay $480,000 to the Podesta Group, an influential representative in Washington.
  • $240,000 was paid to KRL International, a consulting firm helping Juba communicate more effectively with US policy makers.
  • Independent Diplomat Inc, a Washington lobbying group, is receiving $100,000 this year for its services to South Sudan.
Activists who helped persuade the US government to back Independence for South Sudan are now criticising the country’s rulers, in part for spending nearly $1 million to retain three lobbying firms in Washington.
The beleaguered government of President Salva Kiir agreed earlier this year to pay $480,000 to the Podesta Group, an influential representative in Washington for a variety of countries.
South Sudan is also paying $240,000 to KRL International, a consulting firm that is helping the authorities in Juba communicate more effectively with US policy makers.
Independent Diplomat Inc, a Washington lobbying group that has worked for several developing countries, is receiving $100,000 this year for its services to South Sudan. The firm has also been paid at least $100,000 for its advocacy on behalf of President Kiir’s administration in previous years.
“It’s a good argument to say the government should be spending its money on its people and reconciliation and peace-building,” said Akshaya Kumar, a South Sudan specialist at the Washington-based Enough Project.
Although they had long urged US officials to support South Sudan’s quest for independence, leaders of Ms Kumar’s group have now shifted in rhetorical tone and political alignment.
In a 2012 commentary, Alan Boswell, a Nairobi-based correspondent for a US newspaper group, said that in supporting the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement’s military campaign for independence from the Sudan government in Khartoum, “the activists made a critical mistake.” He added: “They seemed to think that the SPLM rebels represented a virtuous mirror image of Khartoum’s evils.”
Eric Reeves, a university professor and leading US critic of the South Sudan government, said that Juba’s spending on Washington lobbyists is “very difficult to justify.”
South Sudan has enough expertise in-country and within its diaspora to advocate effectively for its interests in the US, Prof Reeves said. In addition, paying lobbyists nearly $1 million “looks terrible in the midst of a bloodbath,” he added.
Meanwhile, as South Sudan officials write cheques for expensive lobbyists in Washington, United Nations humanitarian agencies are scrambling to raise funds in a desperate effort to avert a calamitous famine in the country.

My wedding Vows

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By Amer Mayen Dhieu, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Dear Fiancee and the soon to be Husband

Today is our wedding day! congratulations for your biggest achievements. I am not talking of your recent degree or your recent million dollar wages but for being a man enough. You have maned up and want to marry a woman. I believed you know, you are marrying a woman. Just to remind you on how far you have come, how well you have performed and for making a right choice to marry a woman, I would like to ride you through to some precious stories and major changes that women have brought to our world. Please pardon me to commit a sin on our wedding day. I mean allow me to be racist by limiting the stories of success only to our African women, because you know what our position as Africans is in the global arena. We are poor almost, in everything but I am talking of knowledge here, yet our women have perform really well in their respective countries of origin.

See how African countries are politically embarrasses in global politic. In 2003, the watchdog group Transparency International ranked one of African oil rich country Nigeria as number one country that practice corruption at its best. Because Nigeria has a woman, “Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala left her job as a vice president at the World Bank to become the country’s finance minister, and by 2005 Transparency International was hailing Nigeria as one of 21 most improved states” Before I promise to bring the improvement of this kind to your world just like woman Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in Nigeria, let me also give you another success story brought upon by another African bear, African owned woman. You know that today, all I want is to make you realises how great the decision you have just made, I mean wanting to marry a woman. I don’t want to fail you by not giving you the true meaning of women on our wedding day. After that awesome performance from Ngozi, she also added improvement to “banking, insurance, the foreign exchange market, pensions, and income taxation”. See! signing this marriage certificate today is not just coming with single package but a full one. A woman. Similar story happen in Liberia when they decided to have a woman. President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. She “prioritise the eradication of corruption” and she won that goal. Isn’t that a good performance from a woman. The one you are getting married to today.

But before that honey, I have to admitted that seeing this mass of population watching over us, including your mother, my mother, your uncles, mine too, your brothers and sisters as well as mine and this group of relatives, cousins, friends, workmates, your Exes and my Exes and country-mates, inside me there is uncertainty thoughts about why they are all here today. Some especially your extended family and my one, maybe some of our friends too are here to wish us a happy moment in our wedding. Some are here to have fun with us and share your joy of marrying a woman BUT baby, those of Exes and Enemies within are wishing us a good luck. Trust me! these people are the right one. They know exactly what will happen after tonight. I mean after this fairytale wedding, and for this reason I feel like Schapelle Corby. Incase you have no clue of who Schapelle Corby is; she is Australian woman who left her home country with friends and few family members for a holiday of lifetime in Bali; the Indonesian’s Island famously known worldwide for its tourist attraction. Unluckily a bunch of cannabis’ bag was found in her luggage bag before she exited Indonesian main Airport and was handcuffed and send to Indonesian jail. The lady managed to fall in love while in jail and bear her owned child. The good luck message our Exes and Enemies within are wishing us tonight is a full message and should not be ignored or taken for granted. To make sure we have a good luck, there are some deals we have to reach before the priest glued us in the perceives eternity of love

Baby, no matter how much women tried to convince their fellow men counterpart that we are equal and should be allow to try the best we can to made important strides together, “ the trend line has not been straight” and for this reason I am not enjoying the early union like these Exes and Enemies within. “In recent interviews with hundreds of female leaders in over 30 countries, I have discovered that where women have taken leadership roles, it has been as social reformers and entrepreneurs, not as politicians or government officials” I do not know what this discovery mean to you and I feel the need of knowing it before we sign the marriage paper. Having an idea of what you think about this positive side of women will bring about a “more cooperative and less conflict-prone “ marriage life between us and it is significance we discuss this earlier because at the back of my mind I feel that this promise is yet to be fulfilled.

“Granting that only few women are breaking through traditional barriers and becoming presidents, prime ministers, cabinet members, and legislators” it is also important you are aware that “more women too are postponing marriages, others are living unmarried with partners” so they can exit anytime they feel humiliated while other women are “outliving their husbands” This social changes comes with the increases of women abuse that goes unreported. Bear in mind I am not talking of that small domestic violence but the underrepresentation of women in higher positions resulting from lack of support, starting from the husband title you want to make yourself today to the general public. Because women are not protected by the laws, community and by their partners, community’s outliners or queue-jumpers are brutality taking it to different level by posting threat of physical harm to few women who have decided to break the traditional chain. According to Phoebe Asiyo, “a prominent Kenyan member of parliament, the greatest expense for women running for parliament in Kenya is around-the-clock security, which is necessary because of the danger of rape, a common intimidation tactic” One example of this tactical intimidation forces upon women who want to see changes in society is Mary Okumu, a Stanford-educated Kenyan public health expert, who was brutally beaten up when she decided to stood for election in 2002. “Okumu says that she and other candidates routinely carried concealed knives and wore two sets of tights under their dresses in order to buy more time to scream during an attempted rape” Not only this but she also reported that “ for women political aspirants the violence also includes foul verbal abuse, beatings, abduction, and death threats”.

See! with greater sense of independence and “more flexible lifestyles” that me and my fellow women want to live, there are uncertainty about the goodness of our post-wedding life because we never discuss this issues when we were just boyfriend and girlfriend. Oh wait a minute! I think we chat about it only a few times but I feel you were sugar-talking me in order to find entry to come and exploit my world just like your fellow men. I know that is a bit too harsh to mentioned it here while we are almost to finish our walk down the aisle, but honey, that is our African way of encouraging a real man. It is a way to encourage you to be a real gentleman that can possibly manage to deal with women’s harsh and crazy side.

Baby “women are still severely underrepresented in governments worldwide. A recent World Economic Forum report covering 115 countries notes that women have closed over 90 percent of the gender gap in education and in health but only 15 percent of it when it comes to political empowerment at the highest levels” and for this reason I can’t just sign our marriage certificate. You must first make me feel like one day regardless of my African poor background I can still be like those of Maya Angelou, “usually have attributes more similar to those of Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, and Golda Meir”. Naming these women might make you think as if only our mother Africa is where women contributions are not recognised. Do not let Barack Obama or John Kerry comes and make you feel as if they have done their country’s women a favour. The pattern of under-representing women in government and other higher positions is also holds for the United States of America, where only “16 of 100 members of the Senate and 71 of 435 members of the House of Representatives are women”. Do not also let president Ahmed Khazai of Afghanistan or King of Saudi Arabia comes and preach the same message to you because their women who aim to be politicians are facing the same critical situation too. Same thing is happening in United Kingdom where the monarchy is headed by a woman. Their “percentage of women in parliaments have declined from approximately 33 percent to 17.5 percent in 1997 and 10.6 percent in 2004”

Now you have heard of all that women are facing, the underrepresentation of women around the world. I am not asking you to make me feel like Mitchell Obama who is now widely known because she is Barack’s wife instead of her famous law degree or make me feel like Madam Ayen Mayaardit who is well respected and protected by men because she is the first lady and the wife of the president of the Republic of South Sudan. I don’t want to be the only protectable woman while my fellow ladies are being gang-raped on the street because they opts to be heard and represented. I don’t want to be the first of my African women and of the world too, I want to be given a ground created by you to have initiative that called upon more women to join politic and other higher professions like the one of Liberian women that cry out to her fellow women, that she is lonely upstairs (upstairs mean parliament) and she want her fellow women to join her.

Sweetheart remember Rebeca Grynspan, the former vice president of Costa Rica? she voices the same men domination stating that “society doesn’t provide conditions under which women can do their jobs with tranquility and leave their children home with peace of mind, even if the can count on stable, supportive partners” like yourself. The changes for women to be recognised as active participants in national affairs will not only comes with you changing only me but with you allowing me to go outside and scream to the bystanders on the street and the neighbourhood that women need to be freed without you feeling ashamed for my act that breached our societal norms, that is assume by the society as an act of shame. It will start with you being the first notifying the police when you see an act of women abuse. It will start with you writing to the general public and the head offices that women need to be represented in higher positions, that more women are needed in the parliament. It will start with you teaching gender equality in schools, universities and colleges. Over all it will start with you being the first responder of every act that downplayed women roles in homes, communities and national affairs and with you being women advocate

Baby, in contemporary world the pressures for women to win public vote is improving but, what happen to the few women who have made it to the parliament is still very disappointing. You see that video clip of President Salva Kiir addressing parliament regarding the formation of interim government. Women were not made speakers but singers. I mean parliament entertainers. Even though the current media policy are very much strict in South Sudan, Honourable, the minister of information really need to look for that video and banned it from viewing on Youtube. I know it contained a lot of significant informations concerning our current national conflict but with those women clapping and singing, it only portray how our cultural norms have enslaved the brains of our brave women. Honey these women didn’t want to stand there clapping without questioning the president or other male cabinet members but it is the only way the can survived being branded as prostitutes or stay unfired in the parliament. Remember what happened to the widow of our founding father of our nation Dr John Garang. When his wife was interview by the Western media, she innocently state the real fact of what was happening in Juba capital in the night of December 15. Her Honesty and position as politician of all tribe in South Sudan landed her in a seat that every single youth of his children age called her a prostitute when she’s not but a faithful widow. This happened always to women of her kind. Every woman that stood in front of thousand of audiences to speak her mind and her views is the bitch and a prostitute of our society. Forgetting how much she have suffered during struggle before she found herself a home in Nairobi, A youth made up of under thirties were the first to disgraced her.

This is the actual fact we women are facing and for me not to feel like Schapelle Corby, my dreams, goals and objective must first feel safe before we sign our marriage certificate. This is because you have made a very right decision to be with a woman and for you to know how great your choice is, I have to remind you about what you can do to make your woman a great of all. This is by making her make her other fellow women the greatest of all. Now that all you are doing is smiling and nodding after reading my long vows, I am convinced that you are agreeing with what I have just mentioned. my confidence to marry you is growing second by second by second, and I am feeling like robbing the priest with that unsigned marriage certificate and sign it without his direction. Baby the man is wasting our time. The time to go out and remind society about the “fundamentalist interpretation of Islam threatening women’s nascent political hopes in countries such as Kuwait, where women gained the right to vote and run for office elections but do not win any parliamentary seats”. Similarly to the “Afghanistan and Iraq, where new constitutions reserve a quarter of parliamentary seats for women, but in danger of backsliding into a collision with resurgent extremism” and in Africa where”African women, who traditionally do the hard work of cultivation and all of the family rearing, are facing the similar epidemical men’s power domination.

Now that you are picking up your pen to sign our marriage certificate, let me assure you that you are also signing the responsibility to preach to the world that women’s participation is needed in political sphere. As “the Sierra Leonean activist and former presidential candidate Zainab Bangura points out, The real power isn’t in civil society; it’s in policymaking.” Women’s contributions in our national affairs and of the world too will bring a very important change to our world. Our nation do not need to undermine women potentials. Promoting our intellectual women to higher positions can strengthen and broader our national economy. A global research union poll conducted in the year 2000, “found that 80 percent of the respondents believed that increased representation of women renews public trust in government, which in turn helps economic welfare” I want our post-wedding life not to include the Dinka strict social norms and traditional ethical standards that subjected women to remain silence and house product. Now that baby you have heard of all the good virtue of marrying a woman you can now ask the priest to pronounce us as Husband and wife but let him excluded God and love eternity because the moment you start forgetting all of that I just mentioned to you, I will start the campaign in our house, with you and that shows we might have up and downs that might force us to renew our vows in oder to make sure you are understanding and stay updated with the conditions surrounding our marriage.

Congratulation for not being A gay. Congratulation for making a right decision to be with a woman; the precious creature, the peace-loving being and the compassionate humankind of all times.

Note: All the credit goes to the Author of “Let Women Rule”, Swanee Hunt the Director of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and Chair of the Initiative for Inclusive Security. She is one of the authors in Foreign Affairs Magazine. Most of her article have inspired me and have become the foundation of my interest in international women affairs. All the quoted words comes from her famous article “Let Women Rule”

For inconvenience, you can reach the author of “my wedding vows” on her Facebook page; Amer Mayen Dhieu.

The “Know Your Type” theory with “Not My Type” strategy and “You Are Not Just My Type” approach among intellectual women: Let women choose who they want to date instead of being chosen by who they don’t.

By Amer Mayen Dhieu, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Turn the table the other way. Let women choose who to be in relationship with, instead of being chosen by the last men they want to date. With the emerging of intellectuality among South Sudanese young women, South Sudanese men are pushing themselves too hard to be in relationship with women of their choices. Apparently, things are going different on women side. Most young women especially the intellectual ones have developed a sense of “know your type” however the divine policy is not doing them any favour. As clever as any men can be, any type of men can apply to these women. No matter how hard intellectual women convince them without telling them their real approach (you are not just my type) some men try effortlessly to win approval. For goodness sake! Only if men knows how painful this can be.

There are times intellectual women struggle to reject the “not my type” men in a more respectful and mature way by using constructive approach to convince them. Some women will construct million of reasons to let these men leave them alone and at peace but most men brings on more powerful and tougher reasons to why they think these girls are the wanted one. Some women will give them a chance with hope that they will go away when they realised girls’ lack of interest on their way. Apparently the tougher the “not my type” men can be when they finally got the entry and the dumber the “intellectual cinderella” can be when that beautiful spring of love words fall over her. Mistakably on this level, most women can be trapped on love-net and the “know your type” policy will fragilely die slowly.

On the other hand, there are some strong headed/hearted intellectual women who obviously stand their ground. Occasionally, these women goes under the same hard won procedures from the “not my type” men to the point they nearly or sometimes added the almighty “F word” to “you are not just my type” approach in order to make the die hard men go on their way. You may wonder how “F word” can fit in love sentence; well here is what I used when I was nineteen years of age: “seriously you should fucking leave me alone coz you’re not just the fucking type of man I can dated”. Well as everyone else can remember what it was like to be a teenager having a mature man you are not interested, pushing you so hard to be in relationship. Your teenage mind will sensed it as the hardest hell you have ever been in.

Indifferent, for the intellectual and more mature women, the atmosphere is way identical, here you got your educational side telling you to be logical, on other side you got your cultural instinct reminding you about what is culturally appropriate and what is not. The heavy load of maturity sit just over your neck and the sense of dignity on your shoulder. The truth will hurt to the point you will just be sitting idly not knowing what else you can say to the “not my type” men because you know “he is not your type” but you don’t want to used the “you are not just my type approach”, the “F Words” or you are trying not to offend them.

What men need to know is that most girls especially the intellectual ones say no to them for their own safety. I mean men safety. Intellectual girls have their own taste of what they are looking for in a man unlike their ordinary fellow women. Some men get panic and confused when some of these women tells them that they are not interested in love. The face that the “not my type men” make when they tell them that they don’t believe in love or they are not interested in love is strange and somewhat weird. Well the truth is that these women are telling their other side of story. Not just that they don’t believe in love but that love is not the only bread you can attract them.

Knowing that you can get love from any masculine type even with that of a dull or mentally disordered person, there are some few tips you can used to assess yourself before you took a step to ask them in favour of any for of relationship. First tip is:

To get to know yourself and your capacity.

Knowing yourself can created a bond that will forever help hold your relationship tight and long last. Remember intellectual women don’t just want to date anyone but someone “with whom they can perhaps hypothesise an alternate world that differs from theirs in one key aspect and then pose questions to each other, Someone who always makes them feel alive, keeps them on their toes, and intellectually stimulates them”. For instant, these men are well alive on the other side of the world but hardly show up at their door. The “know your type” policy keep ringing and always keep intellectual women inform about the present of these men but with dilemma to whether they will show up or not. You wont be surprise to learnt that the “not my type” men are the one that always want to know their number, their address, name and their hobbies but truthfully, they have no clue of what these women really are and what challenges they pose to those who date them when they are not their type. It is very important to know what character you are and what character you are falling in love with.

She will not and forever be a yes women

“An intelligent woman will always have her own opinions and beliefs. She will not nod and agree with everything you say. If she dislikes something, she will say it to your face. She is someone with high levels of intelligence and confidence, and hence, extremely hard to please”

You wouldn’t imagine waking up every morning with the story of what happen with president Kiir, how well he is doing and how badly you want him to be the president of the Republic of South Sudan without being ask to why you think so and what make him a good leader in your perspectives? Intellectual women always have opinion on almost everything you say and you must always be willing to listen to her side of view and contend with some thoughts of maturity and intelligence. Always remember you are debating with inform women. For not my type men, self-check is important. Are you truly their type? will you give an answer or your opinion when you are ask without prejudice?

Always remind yourself not to be cocky or indecisive

“Intelligent women do not like indecisive men”
In most occasion you will notify some men acting like real actors of Hollywood. Some took showy personalities as easy way to capture women attention. Most intellectual women don’t buy this attitudes rather a man that can “display confidence, sound intelligent, be assertive and seem like a man who is calm and composed” None other than this way will intellectual women know how good you are to her and real you are to your ones self.

Willingness to change.

Notably in modern society, the word “busy” as become a song on everyone lips. Well, not bad at all, this is a sign that our society is moving forward and that everybody is becoming a breadwinner of their own. This is one thing intellectual women have in common. “Intelligent women are extremely driven and ambitious, they are mostly workaholics, with their own work schedule, deadlines etc, and hence, if you want to date her, you would have to work around her schedule” Most men find it difficult to keep in touch with intellectual women, most of all in community places, meeting or other social gathering. You might find some of these girls complaining of how long community meetings do take and how she lack interest in them. Well, this cannot be taken as positive excuse because we are they community and without us there is no community. Intellectual women are more of themselves and their environment or surroundings. If you are dating them you must be willing to encourage them to attend community gathering but at least with a clear and rational reason to why you think she should go when she doesn’t want to. As you are willing to change, they are also willing. Another thing you might find hard are unplanned outings. Most men these days sees loves in women’s eyes when they are always attentive to their needs such as going out on weekend. Most intellectual women do have a lot of plans such as writing articles or book readings or assignments should they be still at school. If you just ring demanding to take her out, she might think of how disorganised you are rather how romantic you are.

Do not force your sense of humour.

Most men, when they first met a girl, they will try to shined as much light as they can possibly. Some can try to be talkative and funny. Of course no man want to be quite beside a women but for intellectual women, only fool people talk because they want to talk. “If you want to impress an intelligent woman, stay away from scatological humour: your sense of humour must be refined and classy. If you think you cannot pull it off, maybe you should stay away from cracking any jokes” Your intention to impress her might landed you on “not impress seat” unknowingly.

Do not show too much empty pride

Who really want to fail his girlfriend by saying sorry love, I have no idea of what federalism is when for sure you have no clue of what the hell that is. Most men do but it takes a real man to accept defeat then pretend to know everything with zero a percent of knowledge. Aways Remember intellectual women are not just called intellectuals. They are well-informed almost of everything they know and don’t know. Even still, if you talk of anything they have no clue, they will still identify your fake ideas and that will again landed you on stereotypical seat. For intellectual women you just “don’t say, ‘Yes, of course I know all about experimental physics,’ and then sit there like an imbecile when she talks about the Schrödinger’s thought experiment involving a cat. Be honest about what you do and do not know”.

Note: “Remember, intelligent women are not aliens. They aren’t going to gobble you up if you fail to match up to their expectations. So don’t be scared or intimidated by them. Don’t get overawed by their intelligence and suddenly become tongue-tied. Be yourself. As long as you’re someone with common sense and an ability to think and function as a human being, you’ll be fine. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again. And if you find yourself failing miserably, you can always return to the mind-numbing, yet comforting world of smoulderingly hot but incredibly ordinary women” By Kailash Srinivasan


Posted: July 10, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

By Cde. Aguil de’Chut Deng, Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Today is an incomplete Celebration of the Independence Day of the Republic of South Sudan , a day of wonder, a day of mix feeling, a day of self confession, a day of travelling, a day of allegations after allegation , a day of finger pointing, names calling and balm shifting, a day of judgment, a day of searching, a day of embarrassment as people, a day of shame as a nation, a day of personal reconciliation, a day of forgiveness and healing , a day of recommitment to the nation, a day of scarifies for the people , a day of remembering the joy of our unity, the strength of mutual respect, the power of our love to nation and the people, the marvel of National Identity, the courage of peace, reconciliation and forgiveness, the temptation of the evil, and the victory of the rights and truth of our people, this day is an incomplete celebration day the 9th /July 2014.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear comrade, there is something in the world that is so beautiful so precious and priceless but so painful to get, so painful but your heart haunt you and you want it so badly, but there is no any other way to get it , something that no one around you is against it, something that everyone who love you want you to have it, but only, only accept through long pain, a painful experience that last for long, but because you want it, and you are supported, you are prepared to go for it.

Something that is very expensive but it worth it, something that will last for long, while your no longer there to enjoy it but you will be remembered by the many for what you have brought to been, as we all know too well nothing is too good with out too much pain, to win or to gain, in sport, business or college to mention but a few, that something.

ladies and gentlemen DEAR COMRADES that something is compare to the experience of women who know best what it means to endure the pain, so you can have a new live or lose the new live when you don’t bear the pain so soon, after the lost you regret your action, not too long after the experience. But most women could bear a child for nine moth and go through labor for days screaming, searching her sold, scratching her body and asking all the whys of so much pain in her heart in her mouth, in silence or screaming loud

All that pain will be forgotten immediately when that something come, that thing is the NEW BABY, when the baby is born the joy will begin and the whole family will start celebrate with tear in their eyes. Let all today reenact the experience of pain of the mother and joy of the family of the new arrival baby, Lets accept our mistakes, lets welcome one another to our hearts and minds, lets forgive our enemies, lets unite our people, lets us safe our nation and lets celebrate our independence together as South Sudanese people who together as one people of one nation brought the precious gifs of all time to our people the delivery of Republic of South Sudan as a New Nation in the world.



Cde. Aguil de’Chut Deng

Peace Activist & Women Advocate

Secretary General

South Sudanese Women Advocacy for Peace (SSWAP)

By Gabriel Pageer Ajang


As a state, the South Sudan seeks to find what sorts of system that would better serve its citizens. The transitional constitution consolidates powers at hands of the president. It also does not mention word federalism in the text. However, the South Sudan political history and current system in the state and national governments was derived from a federal system. The transitional constitution of South Sudan declares centralization and decentralization of powers between state and central governments as a form of governance, and this alone defines South Sudan as a federal state. Therefore, politicians who want use federalism to advance their regionalism or tribalism can find different avenues for divisive politics to fuel their war. The Equatoria, and Bhar el Ghazel regions have been relatively calm, and anyone who want to initiate fighting because of federalism is ill informed about this subject. Politicians must understand that system of governance will not be fought in the battle fields; people sit down, dialogue and write their constitution. This is not 1990s where some politicians use self-determination, an idea they plagiarized from 1972 Addis Ababa agreement to derail the SPLM/A. Our country yearns for honest debate about form of governance, i.e. federalism. Federalism isn’t tribalism, and it is not even regionalism or other form of divisive agendas that are floating around. This paper proposes constitutional federalism or a form of governance that would ensure sharing of powers between state and national government, equitable distribution of national resources, and effective institutions, and development.

South Sudan was founded as a federal republic state and it will remain as a Federal Republic of South Sudan. Even if federalism debate is employed by rebels’ leaders and opportunists to advance their agendas, I suggest that this debate can be championed by the government of South Sudan. The drafted transitional constitution is premised on a federal system, and the current government of South Sudan has paramount interests to sell federalism to its citizens. Federalism is the most effectiveness ways of governing that can rescue the government of South Sudan from it brinks because it does give accurate representation of citizens in various states and could possibly avert growing discontent. Citizens in various states feel that they fought against the North (Sudan) for principles of preserving in federalism because it enhances effectiveness of individuals and small businesses in the private and public sectors. Federalism is not federation. Federation means separation or secession of state from a country, for instance, Jonglei state seceded to be part of Ethiopia. However, federalism is form of governance that distributes powers between state and national governments.

South Sudan government is based on the principle of federalism, in which powers are shared between the national and state governments. Framed in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and transitional constitution was the very essence that that certain powers would be delegated to states, and some powers would be reapportioned to the central government. The idea of federalism is neither derived from 19970s Korkorya policy of Equatorian that was spearheaded by their leaders nor orchestrated by rebels’ leaders. The federal system has been guiding principles of the SPLM/A Leadership during the liberation struggles. Nevertheless, confusion comes from the adopted transitional constitution that blurs the powers given to state and central governments. At this point, it would be better if the President of South Sudan along with the legislature, and supreme to specify powers given to the national and state governments to improve their relation with citizens, curve concern in East, Central and Western Equatoria, and many other stakeholders. What is the right time to do the right thing in South Sudan? How long is long enough to wait and do the right thing? Doing nothing caused anarchy. And the reality is there is no designated time for doing right thing. Governments across the global prioritize a policy and execute it or act on a program. And indeed, government works in crisis and intense competing political parties. Hence, South Sudanese want a viable state, and the priority is writing permanent constitution. United States framers wrote their constitution before declaring war against England (simple example of Americana). Hence, the debate about federalism is intrinsically ties with framing new constitution. The drafters of the South Sudan framed constitutional federalism without deep understanding that they have actually framed a federal system.

If the debate of federalism is not carefully managed, it could feed tribal mentality or hatred, and engineer another conflict. Constitutional federalism can be designed to help both levels of governments to function more effectively. This debate is at the crust of dividing governmental roles and responsibilities. If the constitution is written based on federal system, it could pave ways for developmental programs in the areas of infrastructures of roads, school, hospitals, and it could attract investors and enhance private and public sectors projects. For instance, the programs of primary and secondary schools and universities education lie within responsibilities of both national and state government. And if the states are not given powers of developmental programs, power to generate revenues, powers to pay their employees, and powers to secure their developmental projects, South Sudan will not see development that its desperately needs.

The federal system is anchored on the principle of national and states’ aiming at generating more revenues and that comes with responsibility and accountability at each level of government. Injecting regionalism, and tribalism in this debate is ill inform and irresponsibility in part of government officials, opportunists, and rebels leaders. However, I encourage the president, and his senior officials to welcome healthy, legitimate and well informed debate on federalism. The country needs a permanent constitution and that warrants healthy and legitimate debates. This is a right time for constitutional debate because the country is at the transitional periods. The current system is straining resources, blurring and so elusive, and increasingly inadequate to the extent that all the 10 states do not know their roles in the arena of development. Both national and state governments are challenged by lack of developed structures of governance. If federal system is implemented in South Sudan, each state can develop or create capacity to develop its own infrastructures, and potentially increase their revenues so that South Sudanese can develop better sense of independent in a globalizing economy. The federal system will simply cure structural deficits and deficiencies. It can reduce corruptions and wasteful spending. The mounting corruption in states water down state revenues and it is at the same exacerbated by lack of institutions of governance.

Besides, the government of South Sudan is under significant mounting pressures. This disproportionate pressure comes as a result of series of miss opportunities. The level of distrust in the government, perception of federal overreaching, and polarization are at all times higher. The only system that would rescue, recover, and relief the government from all the mounting challenges start with government articulating a well-grounded constitutional federalism with clear time-lines of adopting and implementing it. The government and rebels must cease gridlocked over serious issues, and working out pragmatic solutions to current conflict.

However, federal system is complex interrelationship between the central government and the states, but it is never static. If federalism is implemented in South Sudan, it could pave ways for health economic and political development. The facts that South Sudanese are frustrating with fiscal pressures and dysfunctional politics may lead to rethinking and creation of distinction of powers between national and state governments programs, how they should be financed, and how the levels of government should relate to each other.
Definitely, I will not dwell on what types of federalism is needed to be incorporated into South Sudan permanent constitution. Federalism is an effective and efficient form of governance that ensures delivery of services to people. This ideal is never based on tribalization and regionalization of natural resources. All the national resources for instance oil, belongs to the national government. Hence, let not entrain cheap bogus divisive politics, and look at the federalism in it real context and features. The following features give exact meaning of federalism:

Enumerated powers: are specifically granted to the federal government for example, land, and all the national resources, i.e. oil, raising army, federal tax collection, signing treaties, trade agreements, building public schools.
Reserved powers: are specifically granted to the states, (for instance, governorship elections, collection of state taxes, agricultural developments, encouragement of entrepreneurship, building schools )
Concurrent powers: are shared jointly by federal and state governments (for instance Tax Collections, police, subsidiary funds for business)
Prohibited powers: are denied to either or both levels of government. These powers belong to citizens (For instance civil liberties or Bill of Rights, freedom of press, speech, religions, legitimate criticism) Note that the Bill of Rights under the constitution ensures protection of citizens from their government, (Ajang lectures, 2014) American government.

As an expert in this field, I concur that the state and national governments should be accorded their responsibilities and makes it clearer that which level of government is in charged of delivering which specific services in each state. The roles of the states and the central government must be enunciated in the areas of development for instance, building world class education system, creating flourishing economy, and development tend to overlap and intertwined to the point that it made it difficult for citizens to know which level government is responsible for what services and whom to hold accountable. The overabundance of national government, and mandates at the state and local level inhibited efficiency and transparency. Citizen engagement and advocacy for improved services can be undermined and also confused over which level of government is in charged. Hence, writing constitutional federalism for the government of South Sudan would ensure effective governance that could potentially deescalate current war, restore public confidence, and could improve functions of governments at all levels. It can also help the central government takes responsibility for functions that are best performed at the national level and granted reserved powers to the states.

The current system of government in South Sudan is corrosive and nonexistence structures of state and national governments inhibited adequate, equitable financing of public services at both levels. Each State government is eagerness ready to attract businesses and affluent residents to conduct business in their states but constitution does not give them an ability to do what they want. Hence many wealthy South Sudanese left to rent, buy houses and schooled their children in East African countries or abroad. Moreover, the federal government relied too heavily on oils, which might inhibit investment and job creation because may encourage laziness and governmental projects that promotes culture of getting everything free of charged and discouraged dignity of work for one own country.

National and state taxes are cornerstone for development. Hence, structuring national and state tax structures and sorting out the division of responsibilities could be better venue for starting development debates. Both state and central government that can be strengthened by identifying taxes that could be most effectively collected at the national and state level and shared based on equitable distribution formula basis. While this debate of federalism elicited considerable discussion in since the signature of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement 2005, among national and state government officials, it did not gain political traction. It is now nine years later that the confusion over state and central government roles has increased, while trust in government, especially the central government, has eroded dramatically; and complex, overlapping state and national revenue systems are increasingly inadequate to finance services at either level. Hence, it is time for government to reexamine the state of fiscal federalism and write a new constitution that seeks to restructure the state and national fiscal relationship to project its developmental programs.

The December 15th war had a devastating impact on the national budget. Revenues plummeted as wage and investments in the country dropped. Spending rose as unemployment and poverty increased, the looming humanitarian catastrophe, and famine post amounting threat to South Sudan viability. Political gridlock and lack of cooperation among the SPLM political leaders has made it difficult to end hostilities and bringing back normalcy. These problems continuously intensify the funding problems of states and their local governments. Creating federal system that would broaden national and state projects can eliminate potential problems and increase both level of governments’ revenues.
State finances are extremely important to economic conditions, and their increasing reliance on oil and tax to create flourishing economy and development. Moreover, the more serious worry comes because the national and states face long-run structural deficits will remain while the country is at war. There is serious risk, both at the national and state levels on the humanitarian fronts, famines internal and external displacement of citizens. The prospects of supporting displaced population are huge and their situations are dismal one. Avoiding that dismal outcome will take more efficient government at all levels and a more effective division of responsibilities between central government and the states.

The Transitional Constitution lacks clarity and usage of better terms because it uses “dissolutions of powers or decentralization of powers” instead of using distribution of powers or separation of powers, the drafters chose to use poor words in the text. These words in the text lack practicality and hence go elusive. Recently, citizens have been locked in vague and often erroneous ideas of what the national government actually does and what it means. Many people are confused and not sure whether they can benefit from a federal system. Confusion is heightened among ministers, president, and rebels’ leaders. They are using federalism to advance their agendas and getting edge in debate. However, federalism is not a cheap subject that anyone could use in politics to advance their narrow interests. It is a subject of significant national important programs because federalism can set a brighter future for next generation of South Sudan.

It is fundamentally vital that our national government cedes some major powers to the states and concentrates on carrying out its remaining national responsibilities more effectively. The case for dividing the governmental powers rests partly on efficiency in the lower the administrative loads and responsibilities are overlapping and interacting and this impede progress and development. It also rests on the perception that the South Sudan is an extremely diverse country and that many governmental services should be tailored to local conditions. Whether the service is education or transportation and other programs responsibility of state governments need to be much clearer. The local and state governments are closer to citizens and they are able to assess the needs of citizens and design programs to meet them. It is easier for citizens at the state and local level to be actively involved in what their own government does and hold their own officials to accountable for their performances or wrongdoings.

I affirm that federal distribution of powers to the states could provide solution to imminent problems. For instance, primarily education is a state and local function, and national funding is a modest fraction of the total, especially if I excluded University education. However, perceived national crises have prompted the creation of federal programs designed to help the states improve education systems. South Sudan never had a system of education; therefore the government needs to set measurable educational standards and measure progress toward students, using standardized curriculum as indicators of educational performances and achievements, and these students can be rewarded by sending them to places like United States for more studies.

In conclusion, the private and public sectors, and foreign aides programs can simultaneously score successes in improving the quality of life of South Sudanese if better system is put in place. We, as people of this country need to understand that we are faced by overwhelming challenges, and only the federal system can clarify the complexity, confusion over responsibilities, and erase dilution to better meet the needs of our diverse communities. Federalism can pave ways for economic development and future prosperity that is now at risk. The federalism or constitution gives certain powers to state relate to problems that concern voters most, even though the federal government may not have the best tools for addressing them. The introduction of federalism could make enough positive contribution to offset the confusion over state and federal roles and the possible loss of state and local commitments to lay out ways for their own developmental programs. Federalism is essentially important on the economic development fronts, local transportation, local law enforcement, and other areas where states and localities might perform better if they had clear responsibilities to enhance their performances, and free of national autocracy. The division of powers in governmental jobs ought to be seriously considered as one element in a strategy to use the collective national resources of state, and local government to produce the most appropriate and most effective services in an era when resources are scarce at all levels of governments. Citizens cannot or will never see the development they desire if powers are concentrated at the hands of the national government.

Gabrial Pager Ajang
The author is a Political Science and History Instructor at Wright Career College, Former State of Nebraska Legislative Assistance
He can be reached at

By: Morris Mabior Awikjokdit- Kuajok

Today our people are broadly celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of the Victory gained in the last twenty one over the marginalization and oppression from Khartoum led, July 9th 2011 – the Remembrance and Honors Day in history our liberation struggle.

These days all our compatriots by fulfilling their humane duties bow low and pay tribute to the sacred memory of those who gave their lives for the freedom of our Homeland and clear skies.

I consider it to be a profound honor to me to congratulate president Salva Kiir Mayardit and the rest of his colleagues war veterans from the bottom of my heart the distinguished participants of the war on this great occasion who still remain with us and show a spiritual example to us.

At the same time, I wish a sound health and long life to all our compatriots and veterans who labored hard in the home front and in very tough conditions made enormous contribution to the victory.

Today as we celebrate this great holiday, we remember how the Victory gained in the history of our liberation struggle was costly to our people as to many other nations, how many lives were given and losses were suffered by them in this terrible bloodshed, as well as the lamentations of numerous orphans and unprecedented pains and sufferings of our nation. And we can say that if we recall those troublesome times that decided the fate and future of the entire humanity, then we come to believe time and again that this bloody war shall never be erased from the memory of our people and shall remain in their minds forever.

The years, and perhaps, the centuries will pass but this cruel and merciless war shall remain forever in historical memory of our nation, because there is not a single family in our country that was sidelined by this appalling bloodshed. Especially, in these days no matter what person residing in our country you will speak to, irrespective of his nationality, language and religion, and no matter that 50 years have passed since then, they surely will recall with big pain and suffering about this war, its endless irrecoverable wounds, and particularly, the fact that it served for difficult losses to his family, parents and forefathers or relatives.

At the moment, the elderly who stay with their children at each and every household in our country, do celebrate this date, first of all, being grateful for reaching these radiant days and living with pure dreams and aspirations so that the evil of war never comes back again. Certainly, to dream and intend is yet one thing, but at the same time one must struggle not to allow for such tragic events to happen again, and if it needs, one must channel all his strength and capacities along the path of achieving this goal. This is an acute requirement of life and the modern times.

Each and every sober-minded person learns a lesson from history, thoroughly comprehends the worth of peace and thinks about devastating consequences of war, as well as strives to seek some ways to neutralize various threats and dangers emerging today and imbibe such a mood into our children who didn’t witness and see such sufferings.

I am convinced that especially our distinguished veterans and people who suffered the pains and hardships of war and the years after war think in such a way.

As we fairly assess the claims and allegations such as «It was us who carried the toughest burden of war» voiced now in some states, it would be true to say that the burden and hardship of this war were equally shared by all tribes which comprised the previous civil war and the outbreak of the current political conflict, their people and thousands of ordinary persons.

Speaking about this, I deem it worthwhile to give some figures.

Prior to war 5 million people lived in South Sudan, of which 1.5 million directly participated in the war battles, about 2.5 million of our compatriots passed away in this war and yet numerous of them went missing and returned home wounded and crippled, – and if we take those figures into account it won’t be difficult to imagine the scope of contribution made by our nation to the struggle against the evil of fascism.

I wish that no one should ever forget about these figures.

The life itself time and again confirms the following truth. That is to say, any person and any nation, who doesn’t know history, forgot it and doesn’t draw a conclusion from it, may go astray from its path and repeat the once made mistakes again.

The history teaches and warns. At the same time, the history advises us in choosing the right path. Who teaches us about what events took place in old times, what conclusions should be drawn from them, what mistakes shouldn’t be repeated and which path should be chosen to progress ahead? Certainly, it is history. Is there any other solid and influential power in the world? I don’t think so.

No matter how much time and no matter what periods shall pass, one must thoroughly comprehend the history and draw conclusions from it. Especially, I personally wish very much that today – on July 9th we shouldn’t ever forget this truth.

These very days when we recall time and again the difficult trials suffered by our people during the last civil war, certainly the bygone events make us think and call upon us to draw the necessary conclusions.

It is not difficult to observe and comprehend what restless and rapidly changing times we live in today with growing confrontation and raising threats and dangers around us.

It is not a secret to anyone that the war which has been going on in South Sudan for more than 50 years is the biggest threat to peace and stability today in our territory – the regional conflict of political interests.

For over the past period the new generation, who doesn’t know what peaceful life is all about, has grown up in this much-suffered land. The children who were born when the war has begun now turned 30-35 years old especially myself the author who was born in 1983 in the rural village of Malith Ajang Kon 20 miles away from Thiet. Yet another new generation following the footsteps of this generation is growing up. What can they witness during their lifetime? They can witness nothing but war, killing people and bloodshed. Are the lives of this youth getting confined to it? Think for yourself, can we call it a life?

Let no one ever suffer such a tragedy befallen on the shoulders of the Southern people who have seen much in their lifetime. One must be vigilant of this and draw a certain conclusion.

Today many international politicians assess the current situation in South Sudan to be destitute, very difficult and fragile state after former vice president Riak Machar attempted coup turned into a rebellion.

Simply speaking, the confronting parties are becoming ever convinced and many people are acknowledging the very fact that this bloody war ongoing for many months cannot be resolved by a military force.

If we pay attention, the entire international community the African Union (AU) and IGAD are calling upon to put stop to this senseless war as soon as possible and bring peace to the land of great abundance South Sudan. The situation went to such an extent that some parties who were viciously against tackling this crisis by political means are changing their minds about the ongoing peace process in Addis Ababa- Ethiopia .

Speaking otherwise, the only way to address this crisis is a political way, and no matter how it is difficult, the fact that the confronting forces should be brought to consensus through negotiations is getting ever confirmed. In this context, many people underscore that an opportunity emerges to establish an interim government, hold the elections and turn to tackling the acute problems faced by South Sudan political figures.

The President of the Republic of South Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit took floor in the 20 Anniversary of Rwanda genocide in capital Kidgali and spoke clearly about the ongoing peace process in Addis Ababa of our country in this issue to the representatives of powerful states in the world and particularly his counterparts president Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, H.E. President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and H.E. Paul Kegame of Rwanda. This is the best president presentation president Kiir has ever presented and should thank him for that.

As we see, the practical and constructive proposals enunciated by President Kiir at that Summit are still actual and urgent today. On the contrary, they acquire yet more acute significance.

From of old we lived side by side as neighbors with the people of Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda, used to give our daughters away to them in marriage and took their daughters in marriage. Residing on both banks of the Nile River we have always visited with one another. From this point of view, the individual Nuer people, who take the South tragedy closer than any other nation, absolutely differently let through their mind and heart the events unfolding in this land.

Those who stay far from this area of bloody standoff, unfortunately, comprehend and take them completely differently. For example, if there is a talk about the war against Nuerawi, Dinkawi, Equatoriawi and vis versa. What kind of the country we fought for the last 50 years before we achieved our independence led by the Southern 62 tribes in 80s of the last century, the people in some faraway countries can recall those events by saying that South Sudan is in other part of the world particularly in Africa continent and the events in this land have nothing to do with them. However, our fate with regard to the problem of fighting against ourselves is that we don’t have any right to think in such a way and to have such an approach, because the history will return to its course again and send trouble upon a person who doesn’t draw a conclusion. If we are going to think about the fate of our children and grandchildren, today we must seriously elaborate about this problem.

They say, the history tends to repeat itself. Calling upon the representatives of international community in the AU IGAD, on behalf of President Kiir it was clearly said to them to take into account that it was impossible to tackle the South Sudan conflict by military means. It was resolutely said that if they tend to think about how to stop the war ongoing for over 8 months it could be tackled not by military, but only the political means.

Since then six years interim period have passed. At that time the representatives of big states, European Union and other countries didn’t take into consideration the practical proposals and conclusions enunciated by the Leader of South Sudan as if by saying what he was talking about.

So, what is happening today? Those very politicians have to accept these proposals to be the most correct ones, i.e. all of them are concluding that indeed there isn’t a military way to tackle the South Sudan conflict. They are becoming convinced by themselves that this war cannot be stopped by means of struggle, bloodshed and killing one another. Indeed, how one can endure this appalling massacre anymore?

I repeat once again – this crisis can be addressed only by a political dialogue. Unfortunately, at the moment some forces loyal to former vice president Riek Machar outside South Sudan in pursuit of their interests are opposing the cessation of hostilities agreement of the crisis by political means.

I wonder how many more early lives can take such a dead-end situation, how many more children can it turn into orphans, the women into widows, or innocent people into wounded and crippled? However, as we see, there isn’t any practical action being taken in terms of tackling this issue. We speak about arrival of an entire new generation, but they are also turning into victims of this war. What this is all about? In this regard, we are speaking about the fate of an entire nation and one entire country.

Before, those who have arrogantly alleged that the war could be overcome only with war and the South problem could be tackled only by force now went low-profile and gave up such arrogance. Now they have to speak that the war cannot be overcome by such a way. Almost a majority comes to believe that bombing the villages and towns, as well as setting fire aggravates the confrontation, and one cannot tackle anything by this way.

Anyone who preserved a bit of such qualities as conscience, wisdom and wit, kindness and humaneness is admitting this truth.

Unfortunately, it won’t be wrong at all to say that in South Sudanese and around it, as well as in places far away from this country, there are those who are interested in war and those who are at the helmet of it. They put their evil interests before the lives of thousands of people. And sadly enough, there are many those who try to achieve their sinister aims for the purpose of raking in enormous riches, large profits and billions of dollars.

One can speak a lot about it. However, it is obvious that those who make riches and possessions by such hideous ways won’t truly enjoy them.

I would like to underline once again that today various politicians and observers concertedly state that there is no way of establishing peace in South Sudan other than achieving mutual accord and starting a mutual dialogue between confronting forces. Indeed, I am confident that if such forces are assembled in one venue irrespective of that how difficult it might be for them, as well as mutual anguish and animosity, and if they are told that the solution to the issue is in their hands and that there is no other way of stopping the war and if the world community, firstly, the major powers strictly hold on to this political position, then the solution to the problem will certainly be found.

But, unfortunately, the major powers are busy with pondering over how to divide the world among them, where and which region to exert their influence to and whom to control. Since, in my opinion, the stronger each and every big state becomes and the more potential it accumulates the more it thinks about itself, pursues its own interests. Such «games» used to be in the past, exist today and will be in the future. Our nation has experienced them a lot in its history.

Quite unfortunately, this development will increase the danger of escalation of struggle between confronting forces, rise of terrorism, arms and drug trafficking, intensification of religious and inter-ethnic standoff, as well as recurrence of civil war.

I speak about it with great concern and yet disappointment. It is a reality of life and one cannot escape from it. Our people must know about it.

Responding to the question of what our approach and our policy should be with regard to this issue, I would say that in this perilous situation taking all necessary measures to sustain the national development and growth rates of the country, and most importantly, ensure peaceful and tranquil life of our people remains to be among priority tasks before us.

Living in peace and tranquility with neighbors; and protecting peace and interests of the country.
All of the aforementioned is a demand of lessons of our recent history and extremely difficult time in which we are living now.
concerning this problem. For instance, being far away beyond oceans one group of politicians made many promises by saying they were ready to establish peace in this land. Yet another group kept to a blunt talk and claims. And there are many of them. We can see in many examples that instead of extending a practical support and offering useful suggestions they were busy with various subversive acts and chattering. Thus, they have impeded the recovery of the situation. To be short, it is becoming more obvious that politicians of some countries launched a big «game» around the South Sudan problem like Norway, Sudan, USA and the rest of other states.

At first, it may seem that everybody wishes peace. However, if they are asked what they are doing in fact then they will have a hard time to come up with a clear answer. Various conferences, summits, numerous meetings and dialogues take place on this topic. Briefly speaking, anyone who considers himself to be a politician wants to gain authority by discoursing on this topic. God bless you, if you don’t have a concrete suggestion or practical program why you are distracting both yourself and others?

Drawing a conclusion from all of this, what do we need? We need peace! I repeat that we need peace and accord with neighboring countries. Based on such a conclusion, we have legally defined the comprehensively well-founded principles of our foreign policy.

If we have interests and if the people of South Sudan have interests, we will establish only the bilateral relations and support such relations.

Our nation, which has a great life experience, well knows how to cherish good neighborly relations. Since, we have always maintained our national identity, kindness and mercy in relations with our neighbors. The appeal that we need peace must become a single and sole appeal of our entire nation. South Sudanese needs peace and tranquil life. We don’t need any obstacle to our progress. We don’t ever want to get in trouble by joining a «game» orchestrated by Riek Machar led rebellion and some other countries supporting him.

I underscore it once again that we will not join any military block. Whatever their naming is, if we look at their true essence, they turn out to be a military structure. We will not participate in such blocks as president Kiir is a peace loving leader.

I want to emphasize it time and again that we announced to the entire world that we have chosen the right path for us, i.e. conducting our policy based on learning a lesson and drawing a conclusion from history. There is not a single country in the world which has opposed our decision since we took up against the Khartoum government.

Certainly, there are those who don’t like such a policy. However, our policy fully complies with the United Nations Charter and resolutions, as well as the principles of humanism. Therefore, these forces cannot express their dislike openly.

President Kiir’s policy is to maintain peace and stability conduct the policy with the nation’s future in mind and unite our society around these objectives.

What criteria and factors should we lean upon in implementing this policy?

The first and foremost factor that we should firmly lean upon in our endeavors is peace and tranquility.

We all know that whenever and wherever our people make supplications they, firstly, ask for peace and tranquility. They invoke it from the God Almighty. These two words lie in the blood, deep in the heart and bones of our people and turned into the meaning of their lives – a priceless value.

Our people accept the bright sun shining over their heads and this blue sky as a great happiness, take as a sign of peace, tranquility and prosperity. The people living under such a clear sky with feelings of gratefulness want to share this happiness and joy with others, enjoy the life with their families and friends. A human being is actually created for happiness. A human being is born to live a life deserved by a human being.

As we know, soon we will solemnly celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Independence of our Homeland. Summing up the traversed path for over the past period, we can say that we have been achieving enormous growth rates in the development of South Sudan, securing results and goals which raise sympathy and draw attention of others. No one can deny it. Peace and tranquility, interethnic and inter-national accord, mutual kindness, courtesy and unity stand as major factors of all our accomplishments.

Indeed, the progress shall be there where peace reigns. The development and prosperity can never be consolidated in a group or a country torn by a mutual envy, incitement and discord. We must imbibe this truth deep into our consciousness and never forget its value.

The second issue is that peace will not come out of nowhere. Since, peace and tranquility stand as basis of our independent development and prosperous life, they must be fought for, and if necessary, the selflessness must be displayed along this path. The times of such unacceptable views as lazily waiting for something to be done for us by someone have long gone. Our today’s youth will never accept these narrow-minded views. Our sons and daughters, who realize who they are and whose descendants they are, master the modern science and professions, think totally different now as the so-called Bahr el Ghazal youth Union in Uganda and Kenya back calls the democratic elected government led by president to step down without indicating professional and standard reasons of why they demanded the legitimate elected government to step down? For those who read this Article in Sudan tribune website wants to disgrace the integrity our brothers and sisters in East Africa for their own common interests. There is no legal youth Union called Bahr el Ghazal youth in Kenya and Uganda rather than Bahr el Ghazal students’ youth Union. The so-called Daniel Garang Yel and Bol Mourwel are not called BG youth in any term possible or having any mandate to represent BG youth in any forum through mass media and social media in any case possible. BG youth and elders have one voice, one objective and one goal supporting their democratically elected son president Salva Kiir Mayadit. I understood the two boys are starving in East Africa and if they want to support Gen. Dau Aterjong, they should support him in any means applicable to them. I personally condemned their misbehavior and who are they to allege back calls for president to step down? Stepping down of president Kiir is a complete genocide for those who are praying for it.

The most important condition of peaceful and tranquil life, as well as stability is not to allow for negligence and carelessness, be always vigilant, alert and cautious and live drawing conclusions from both history and life. I wish such views and sentiments turn into a life goal of our each and every compatriot living in this dear Homeland of South Sudan.

It is easier for a vigilant man to foresee and prevent the danger emanating from elsewhere. If troubles are not taken care of in due time and if they are neglected it will be extremely difficult to overcome them. This truth was proven for many times during our several thousand years-long histories.

If the danger is foreseen, then it can be dealt with, if not – there will be neither time nor means to fight against it.

In this regard, I want to draw your attention to yet another idea. If people living in our beautiful and unique land, above all, our youth – my children – will live and declare that «This Homeland is mine. Who will struggle to protect and defend it from dangers and troubles, if not me?», if this approach turns into the biggest appeal and life motto to our growing children, secures a deep place in their souls and minds, then tell me, can such a nation be turned off its path and can it ever be defeated?!

If each and every one of us will live in this difficult time with such a noble goal, first, we shall be inferior to no one, and second, the future and bright frontiers will certainly be ours.

The main conclusion from this ceremony and this holiday is that if we consider all the hardships, numerous sacrifices, losses and sufferings of our people and country, I am confident that our nation has never failed in front of such ordeals, upheavals and storms. Our nation has always commendably overcome all troubles, displayed bravery and steadfastness, as well as has never submitted to anyone, and I am convinced, it will never do so, and certainly will achieve its goals and objectives.

My wish is let God Almighty protect our country and people from evil eyes and envy! Let each family, each human being and our each and every compatriot be happy! Let peace and tranquility always accompany them!
The author is a freelance opinion writer and a professional experience teacher based in Warrap state- Kuajok. He can be reached by email:, or contact: 0954243501, 0912646306

Am angry and I know it.

Posted: July 8, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

By Nyanyoun Bany, Melbourne, Australia

The militarilization of South Sudan: More money has been spent on this war project than on any other project in this nation history: not health, not education, not even roads – nothing, nothing in our post-independence history has drawn the collective attention and the collective energy of our politicians to one cause than this war- unless of course you are talking about the relentless, disgraceful, unadulterated and shameless self-service that have seen some politician having larger banks account than the central bank of South Sudan. On both sides, we have seen a large and consistent campaign to prepare young men for war, a war against themselves. Despite the façade of peace, more efforts have gone to the war than to the need to find a solution for lasting peace. The worst part is that you cannot demilitarised militarized minds after this war. It’s even harder to demilitarise minds that were purposefully militarized against the other: any enemy they continue to live with next door. So chances are, with the current mass recruitment and mass training of young man for war, we have laid the ground for the militarization of the state for the long future, a state in which the man with the gun eats first and eats last.

But you may say war call for a different set of priorities, yes it does, it prioritize death, killing, maiming and raping. Education, health and infrastructure on the other hand, well those things merely improve the lives of the ordinary citizen, and since when has that ever been an important matter unless there is an elections; where you can momentarily pretend to care. they will gather for you and rally for you as you arrive with your V8, and they will sing and sit in the sun as you sit comfortably in a well organised shed, waiting for your 30 minute speech, whilst they have been preparing for you for months, and certainly since the break of dawn. when you leave only your dust will be left.

Happy Independence Day then, if you house isn’t burned down, you brother isn’t dead, you sister isn’t raped, you mother isn’t displaced, and you uncle isn’t in some refugee camp or some UN compound…happy Independence Day to those who still own the country.

Let be honestly dishonest or dishonestly honest for a moment: with effectively one tribe or a majority of it in open rebellion and others simmering in silence, the rationalization are running thin by day. And by simmering silence I means in the context of the recent interview where governor Clement mentioned that Equatorian being disarmed and the government recently dispatching top army officials to maridi to reportedly “assure the Equatorian residents of the area that the government is not trying to stifle debate on federalism, after reports that of the shooting dead two people and injuring another two on Thursday nigh” (reports from a Radio Tamazuj – not propaganda!). And if that is not enough, there is an order to shot dead those who break the curfew, this effectively mean the poor, the unprotected civilians, for who is going to shot dead “Nas Kubareen” in their V8s

You may think I like to exaggerated or this is “catastrophizing” of the situation – but isn’t this how exactly this war erupted! but dare I say, we accused of rebel heart and accidental birth into being the unfortunate beast – a Nuer.

So I wish you well on your independence, today mine is in the bin. I may pick up hope tomorrow, and with it give it a good rub, and maybe by next Independence Day it will be shining as it once did whilst I voted at the John Garang mausoleum during the referendum. Maybe one day, it will even shine brighter than my pride just like the day when a million other across the world and I watch this country flag raise with tears and jubilations and as those who lost their limps match with unmatched pride… may be, just may be but not today.

But am not asking for your mercy, nor your consideration, nor your solidarity – it a bit too late to give a sh*t now. beside you pretence to care as been worse than a drag queens make-up. Beside if you must keep the country like this, it is one that you are very entitled to, because it is certainty not the country of the John Garangs, the Keribino Kuanying, the Arok Thon Arok, the Samuel Gai Tut, the Nyachigak Nyachuluk and the many, many young men like you are I, who died, and die freely for this country. They may have differ, but they fought for one things, to live in dignity and equal worth, if you can’t offer than in my own country, I am no different living as a refugee. So keep it.

Enjoy your independence, if we are not equal in life, we will be equal in death, for we both shall be laid in a similar ground, underneath this earth for worms to feed on, you, me and that great uncle of yours who just build a new hotel overlooking the very scene were thousand were killed.

Good day then. don’t waste another precious time, go and celebrate, have a drink, a glass of wine, why not-it only a few dead – just a bit of over a 10,000, it also just a halve of a population that is at risk of starvation, it is only a 80% of those children in three affected states that are risk of malnutrition and death and it is only 50,000 children that could die…. cheer to that ah!

The Rebels of South Sudan: Violated a Peace Agreement

Posted: July 7, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

By Manyok Mabiei

South Sudan is a newest nation on earth breakout from old Sudan in 2011 and back to war in short period of time. It is one of the nations in the world considered as rich in term of the resources on the ground, and there is possibility the nation can grow like other western countries, but the country is missing what is calling the intellectual power.

What are the objectives and missions the rebel groups were fought for? The rebels of South Sudan were accusing the ruling government by ruling the nation without “term limit” are seemingly rainout of the ideas what to say within 60 days of preparation of peace agreement in Addis Ababa.
Dr. Riek Machar Teny known as a Prophet of Doom and rebel leader end up between Nairobi and Addis Ababa enjoying the beauties of the cities without turning back to the table of negotiation.
Machar is hiding in comfortable zone without review his mission he fought for against the ruling government.

The members of government were waiting’s the rebel team leaders to come back to reach an agreement before 60 days of peace, that was designed, as the days of peace between pro-government and rebel group in South Sudan.
As according to the Members of ruling Government of South Sudan including Nhial Deng Nhial, Michael Makuei Lueth, Peter Bashir Ghedhi, James Kok, Lam Akol and more were describing the rebels are not committed to peace agreement of 60days in Addis Ababa.

Now, the members of ruling government back to Juba, South Sudan, because the rebels took the weeks off to prepare themselves before they reach agreement within 60days. Is that not seems like a buying time.
The Members of government were claiming that the rebels are buying times talking about the (corruption, no term limit, and Kiir must go) and they told to the rebel groups these are not the points we are here in this meeting, as we needed your objectives, and these things you were mentioned here will be proceeded during transition government and interim government of South Sudan.
The government teams said our objective and mission we need from rebels to bring the members of transition government and interim government without including those who were involved in crime war.
The rebels were said give us two weeks and the Members of government not even take a week or a month, because they know where they are heading to in peace process.

The government teams are blaming the rebel teams are always taking days off, while they never asked any single day, since the beginning of peace talks in Addis Ababa. They said they are ready to negotiate to anyone either rebel side or anyone in this world who like to negotiate without precondition.
Michael Makuei was mentioned that we came to negotiation table, and waits the rebels, while they are relaxing without committed to peace. They said that this peace supposed to finish on May, 9 2014, but rebels were violated the agreement by captured the Upper Nile state and Benitu.
Same way Peter Bashir from government side stated, “We are committed to peace in Addis Ababa, but the rebel side not committed to peace.” This mean this peace will not even take five days between the government and rebel side.

The rebels are claiming unacceptable in peace
The rebels need the government to pull out their military in the Upper region and they need President Kiir Mayardit to step-down. They don’t even say these things openly and they know the government will not acceptable them as they known for themselves. It is hard to hear it by the South Sudanese.
This is seemingly the rebels are copying the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) idealism, while they forgotten there is much different between the South Sudan and North Sudan the way the CPA was fitted with them.
The rebels are confused what their main agenda why they went to war with government, while they don’t know what their agendas are.
Besides that the rebels are presuming that the Great Upper Nile region is for them. In the state of Jonglei they are minority and even in the Upper Nile State they are minority.
If they presuming that to take over three states of oil rich, then they need to know that the oil stations are not in their areas, while the oilfields are in other areas. There are more than three stations of the oilfields in some of the places like Panrieng, Ngok-Laul-Yak and other places like Borland and Ngok Dinka.

It is seemingly the rebels are demand unacceptable to government of South Sudan, if they are assuming and copying the CPA process will not help them.
A long the lines, the transition government that will be form will not including both Kiir and Riek in case to avoid another mistake like happened in South Sudan. To make another mistake by accept these two leaders will encourage another fighting in South Sudan.
The vast majorities of people in South Sudan are seeking for peace and no war.

By Manyok Mabiei who is currently in Chicago, IL. He is concerns citizen in term of humanity and independently analysis. He can be

Wake Up Equatorian Man

Posted: July 7, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

By Emmanuel K. Emmanuel

It is absolutely inexcusable that Equatoria did not take a harder political and military stance against the central government right from the start of the events that are currently transpiring in South Sudan. They said they were going to finish with the Nuer and we were next. We heard it loud and clear. We did nothing. Our procrastination is proving a fatal mistake judging by the moves the central government is making against Equatoria at the moment. We are at a complete disadvantage to the government.

Troops are taking positions right now in Terekeka. And apparently the leaders there are saying, “That is the government army, and we have no problem with the government”. Our Equatorian brothers got killed in cold blood in Maridi for speaking openly about their political wishes. And what do our leaders do? That’s right, our governor shows up to calm things down instead of being furious about what happened. And they are forming “a task force” to investigate. Look around you Equatoria. Does it look like the time for calming down and creating investigative committees? Our officers, soldiers, and populations are getting disarmed. And who is getting armed and gets to keep their weapons? Look around you Equatoria. Does it look like the time to not have a problem with the government? Really look around you. This has happened before. Do we still think we have or ever really had a central government that is working for us or a country that catered to us? Are we free or safe in South Sudan? These are dire times for us and for Equatoria. If we are to get caught sleeping it is only us to blame.

Equatoria is still not taking these harder positions even up to now nor are its people acting as a cohesive and coordinated unit in the interest of Equatoria. There is no mobilization or a spirit of action by the youth. At the same time, most of the elders who should be leading us in these ominous times are still inexplicably standing by the central government when it is clear that this central government has declared war on Equatoria. As for the youth, I don’t know if it has to do with the distraction of the World Cup or any of the other distracting consumerist spectacles, trappings, and gadgets that have taken over the life of man twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and fifty-two weeks a year in the modern age. I don’t know if it has to do with the good living, the flow of beer and liquor in South Sudan. For the elders, it could be the flow of easy money in South Sudan and the “every man for himself” attitude it has engendered.

Maybe it has to do with responsibilities. Putting the next meal on the table. Looking for school fees for the next term. Finding the budget for that family house under construction. Scrambling for that dowry the in-laws are reminding you of all the time. Perhaps there are more pressing issues at hand. It could also be our now legendary reputation for “peacefulness and reasonableness”. An attitude and a reputation that continue to lull us into deep sleep and get us closer and closer to slaughter by this regime.
Or it has to do with this idea of a global community that is presently being fed to the youth throughout the world, an idea that is as far removed from the true nature of man as there ever was, an idea that has made young men find fluffy comfort and identity in a global citizenry at the expense of their concrete local realities. It has made man lose his strong nationalistic sentiments. It has become a copout for inaction and daring. It is an idea that has turned young men into evangelists of such lofty ideals such as peace, liberty, harmony, freedom, justice, and tolerance while at the same time stripping them of the fortitude and stomach for the difficult course of action that has to be undertaken to achieve those ideals. Instead they have morphed into creatures of passive-aggression, hash-tags, NGO and NPO engineered slogans, and faux outrage. It is an idea that has turned young men into proponents of “a global village”, while making them lose context and affinity for their local own. They have defaulted to the “big picture”, while becoming apathetic to the small one. They are the practitioners of political correctness, at the expense of being honest and pragmatic in their immediate vicinity and making the hard choices needed to achieve a more meaningful and fulfilling life locally.

It could be that the Equatorian identity that is the bedrock of my argument on here is as mythical and nonexistent as the purported South Sudanese identity and nationalism. The lack of serious collaboration and collusion in the Equatorias right now could be a sign that Equatoria as an identity is a figment of my imagination. This lack of collective intent, of acting as a unit could be the reason Equatoria has always been exploited politically and economically, treated as makeweight, easily played and nullified because it already exists in pieces. It could be that this lack of a united and fighting front this very hour, this delaying to act or react as signs of horrible things are showing up all around us is what has, to its detriment, rendered the region toothless.

But the lack of an existing Equatorian identity and solidarity does not add up to the storied history of coordinated Equatorian action in the past of both Sudans, a record of exploits and audacious leadership that existed in Equatoria before this lethargic and fragmented phase defined by political opportunism and individualism befell the region. It does not add up to the strong brotherly and sisterly love that exists amongst Equatorians. Why this very real and strong Equatorian identity has not translated into a unified leadership in present times defeats me. It could be all the reasons I listed. I don’t know for sure.
But something is definitely amiss in the Equatorian man of today. Something has made him indifferent. He is indecisive. He lacks the instinct of a man who is in possession of his wits. The Equatorian man, like the global man of today, seems to be divorced from himself. Slights against his dignity do not seem to affect him anymore. Invasions on his persons do not seem to rile him up. He is more interested in the injury report of his favorite professional team than he is of the butchering and circumventions being done to his constitution. He has more passion invested in the fortunes and misfortunes of teams in the World Cup than he does in the fact that his media houses have just been told to not publish anything about federalism, the hottest issue in his country right now, an issue that should be consuming every fiber of his being and any maneuvers by the government to stifle it should be a declaration of war. He is not worked up by the fact that his central government has denied this allegation of press intimidation but then the very next day this same government showed up at one of his daily newspapers and confiscated the paper in whose pages federalism was discussed. . Instead, he posts about it on the internet and feigns outrage and then follows that post with a funny meme and then it is all forgotten.
The man of the today hears that hundreds of his girls have been abducted by some lunatics. Instead of showing up in the thousands to sign up and go fight them and bring back his girls, he instead retweets a hashtag. An exercise that peaks on that same day and flattens off right after. The man of today seems unable to really get mad anymore. Instead he watches a movie clip on YouTube about a scene where a man is really really mad and is rallying up a whole nation. Then he tweets it. The man of the moment gashes at Charlie Chaplin railing against the evils of the world in “The Great Dictator” but he himself can’t seem to rise to such heights of emotions and sentiment. The man of today seems all intellectualism and nothing more. He is all consumption. He is not a man of action.

You would not be mistaken to think that the enslavement of the future, which in fact is already the enslavement of the present by the look of things, will not be man in chains. Rather, it will be a man so thoroughly programmed into consumption and compliance that he has no interest anymore in the great matters of the heart that have always stirred men. He becomes tolerant of tyranny and oppression because he has lost the ability to actually recognize them and lash against them. He will not care. Instead, these grave things become even more fodder for polite chatter and intellectual posturing. The man of today does not seem to feel things deeply anymore. And I wonder if the Equatorian man is also suffering from this disease that is affecting the man of today.

The Equatorian man seems more interested in the fact that team so and so in Latin America or in Europe has black players so and so instead of the fact that four South Sudanese where just stopped from boarding a plane for a UNMISS training abroad because of being from tribe so and so. He is more interested in the exploits of the “black” president of the United States than of the fact that his own Equatorian leaders are being intimidated and harassed with impunity right under his nose. Things are not about life and death anymore to the man of today. I wonder if it is the same case for the Equatorian man.

I wonder because life-threatening things are happening all around the Equatorian man but there is no reaction. Egregious things that should have made him fight back by now. Things that tell him that his government is working against him. He does not seem to have his pulse on what is happening. He lacks the awareness of all the pieces moving around him. At the center of this absentmindedness are our so-called Equatorian leaders. I frankly do not know if there is any strategy to what our Equatorian leaders are doing at the moment. I do not know if they have options for Equatoria and whether they are preparing Equatoria for these options. I do not know if they have contingency plans for our region, whether they have different ways to maneuver Equatoria in and out of what is going on in South Sudan and even the world right now. I wonder if they have the acumen to capitalize on the present climate in South Sudan and do so for the interests of Equatoria.

Take Iraq for example. Watch how the numerous pieces are acting in the recent developments in that country. More specifically, focus on the Kurds. The Kurdish region is not just sitting around being the “peaceful ones” and not reacting to the moving pieces. They are working on declaring their independence. They are selling their oil on their own. They are taking advantage of the new realities in their environment. Are our leaders in possession of such situational political thinking? Are they in complete grasp of what is happening to our beloved Equatoria? Talking and talking and talking some more does not deliver results in times of tyranny. You cannot reason with tyranny. You end up only giving it more time to consolidate its grip and to annihilate you.

The more I survey the landscape of Equatorian leadership, the more I cry for our region. What we seem to have for leaders are good people. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as they were in the clergy or something. They are good in the sense that they always default to peace, non-violence, unity, not pushing the issue, and definitely not shaking things up. Having these as the only weapons in one’s political arsenal is signing one’s death certificate and that of his people. Being completely good in politics is a death sentence. Our Equatorian leaders are not political animals. You do not see calculations in their eyes. You do not see instinct. You do not see political animals acting in the interest of Equatoria. But turn around and look in the eyes of the leaders from the other regions of South Sudan. You see people who are acting firmly in the interest of their people and of their regions. Our Equatorian leaders on the other hand can always be counted on to be the peaceful ones. They can always be counted on to not be a threat. They can always be counted on to be for South Sudan first and Equatoria last. They are a liability to Equatoria. They are sacrificing us in broad daylight for the sake of South Sudan.

Our leaders are slowly but surely leading us to the slaughter house. The desperate tones they have been striking in the past few days betray a group of men caught between two minds. I wish I could make them realize that they are up against something completely evil and capable of anything. I wish I could tell them we are hosting a murderous and dangerous central government in Equatoria. Yes, it is us keeping the government of South Sudan alive. Yes, it is us giving them sanctuary, not even their own people. But why exactly are we doing that? Why are we propping up a country and a regime that is completely against us? Why are we hosting a country and a regime on our land that is completely working to destroy us?

There is one idea that is the cause of all Equatorian social politeness, political anonymity, military inaction, economic inactivity, tyrannical tolerance, and cultural insignificance in the world. It is an idea that I wish I could go into the minds of every single Equatorian and cut out. This is the idea of South Sudan. It is this idea of South Sudan unity at any cost, even to the disadvantage of Equatoria, which is the root of all our problems. Out of all the people in South Sudan, we the Equatorians seem to be the ones who have wholeheartedly bought into this idea of South Sudan. And it is absolutely destroying us. It is killing us. It is burying us. It is taking us for a ride. It is abusing us. It is mixing us in situations we should not even be involved in. It is an idea that we have given our region to as the sacrificial lamb. Yes, the other regions also profess their love for this idea of a united South Sudan. But they do it in words only but act in their tribal and regional interests and use South Sudan to the advantage of their people. Only we Equatorians seem to express it both in words and deeds. It is an idea that as long as we still carry and nurture in us, as long as we still adhere to and tolerate, it will continue enslaving and subjugating us. We will be worse off for continuing to hold onto to South Sudan.

Our leaders believe in South Sudan too much, at the expense of Equatoria. And for some odd reason they still believe in this central government. I wonder if it is due to fear at this point because their steadfast and fanatical declarations of allegiance to this government, this country, and its despotic leaders are worrying. It betrays anxiety. The fact that they feel the need to come clean about everything to this government and the fact that they feel the need to qualify themselves all the time does not bode well. The government is not doing the same for Equatoria. It is not giving us signs that its allegiance is with Equatoria. This is a government that has shown that it is willing to contain Equatoria by any means necessary. It is not showing that it wants to work with Equatoria. This is a government that says we should not talk about federalism. Why our Equatorian leadership still thinks it can articulate things with this government or work with it towards something beneficial to Equatoria is baffling. This is a government that has blatantly resorted to using any trick in the tyrannical toolbox to repress this debate on federalism.

The level of doublespeak, glaring lies, and moves against Equatoria by this government should tell us that we are in the middle of a deadly dance with this central government. It might be getting to the time that Equatoria cannot play it both ways. It will risk getting caught unawares. Either Equatoria makes a decisive move and creates a third block in this conflict and goes for what it wants or it resigns to colonialism and continue being an accessory to this tyrannical regime.

If you study closely the identity and region of the people who are opposed to federalism, you will find that they are also the ones who constitute the elitist class in South Sudan at the moment. They are the ones writing and retweeting articles such as “South Sudan is not ready for federalism” and “Federalism will bring disunity”. As if there is already an existing unity in South Sudan. And there counter argument to that is that we should build a national unity first before we embark on federalism. The point they always purposely avoid to make when they make these circular arguments in the federalism debate is that the very obstacle to a South Sudan unity is them. Their policies, behavior, and handling of South Sudan made it impossible for a strong and united country to be built. Hence the call for federalism by the people they have marginalized. They demonize and ridicule the opposition or anyone that challenges the government while ignoring or explaining away the deeds of the government. They preach for peace and South Sudan unity while their people in the government commit atrocities against the other people of South Sudan. They are the disciples of the lies, doublespeak and containment strategies of the central government. They want the status quo and present set up of South Sudan to continue because it benefits them. They are not preaching a South Sudan brotherhood and unity because they actually believe in it as a tool for equality of all peoples. It is because they are the ones running the show.

I am proposing we get out of the South Sudan arrangement. Forget federalism. Things have deteriorated so much that any clear thinking Equatorian knows even federalism will do nothing for Equatoria. As long as we are still entangled in South Sudan, in any shape or form, we will continue being the battleground for the other two regions. It is time to get out of South Sudan. We got out of Sudan for much less. What is happening to us in South Sudan is stuff Bashir could only dream of. It is time for a daring philosophy in Equatoria. We have become so caught up in this business of being “the peaceful ones” that we seem to have forgotten the ability to think for ourselves. It is as if the motto of the Equatorian in South Sudan is “Keep Calm and Love South Sudan”. Even though he is at the bottom of that South Sudan, it does not matter, as long as he does not get to lose his “peacefulness” tag. It is as if that is the only thing the Equatorian can draw pride from in South Sudan because he has been stripped of everything else. He has nothing in South Sudan but at least he is the peaceful one. It is utterly mindboggling. The Equatorian does not know that his continued peacefulness keeps him from fighting for and getting all the other things he has been stripped of.
It is time for a daring philosophy in Equatoria like I said. It is time for the Equatorian man to wake up. Pieces are moving all around you young man. When will you move? Or are you waiting to get caught asleep and defenseless? It is time we got out of South Sudan. The current actions and threats by the government over our call for federalism should be enough to show us that as long as Equatoria is still a part of South Sudan this is how we will be treated. We will always be delayed, intimidated, postponed, and thrown the scraps. We will always be the region to be contained, not the region to play a big role. We will be the region to be played with. We really need to get out. I cannot stress this enough. These are the kinds of political options that our leaders need to have. These are the contingency plans that I am talking about. But everywhere you look in Equatorian leadership, there is nothing. Only talk talk talk. I don’t know if they are aware that they are talking to a tyrannical government that does not think much of Equatoria or its people.

Our Equatorian leaders should not even be talking too much at this point. These are treacherous times. The government is working in overdrive as it tries to keep its tyrannical grip. It is working in overdrive to repress Equatoria. Our leaders also need to be working in overdrive in the interest of Equatoria. Equatorians need to be on the battlefield fighting for Equatoria and not for the opposition, the government or for South Sudan. Instead of rushing to join the opposition we should be creating a third block that is entirely in the interest of Equatoria. We need to create an Equatoria which is detached from everyone and acts only for Equatoria. Pieces are moving around in South Sudan like I said. We need to be reacting to them and doing so decisively. We should not be members of anyone’s camp but our own. We should only be acting for ourselves. But alas, our leaders seem completely clueless to such things. “We are the peaceful ones we are the peaceful ones blah blah we are for unity we will continue talking we don’t like fighting blah blah”. Sure, continue talking and see if it will produce anything substantial for Equatoria.

There has never been a more tyrannical gesture in the annals of history than the disarmament of a particular group of people in the security and defensive organs of the state. It is the clearest sign that the state is in the process of rendering that particular group completely defenseless and put it entirely at its mercy. It has always spelled a declaration of war on the people being disarmed and has always resulted in an immediate rebellion and a fight for independence by the disarmed people. But again, Equatoria is not reacting. The next stage will be the targeted killing of our people that the central government deems a threat. Then, if we let them get away with that, indiscriminate mass killings will follow. These are things that have happened before. And it is happening in slow motion right before our eyes but for some reason we seem to be oblivious to it all. We are not reacting to all that has happened nor are we anticipating what will happen. We keep continuing to profess our allegiance to South Sudan as it quietly goes about the business of eliminating us.

Rumors or no rumors, it does not need to take the internet for us to start thinking seriously for ourselves. It does not need to take the internet for us to start defending ourselves. It does not need to take the internet for us to pick up arms. We should have already been working on all those options. Why we are still the ones completely for South Sudanese unity and neutrality is ridiculous. South Sudan does not care about us. South Sudan exists to make Equatoria irrelevant. People are spending all their energies trying to distance themselves from internet rumors that say that this government is plotting against Equatoria. Well, isn’t the government doing exactly that? Forget what seems to be over the top rumors on the internet. Isn’t what you are able to see for yourself and what has been confirmed as fact enough to raise the alarm and make you realize Equatoria is a target of this government? Are confiscated newspapers internet rumors? Are repressions of the federal debate internet rumors? Are disarmaments of your people in the army internet rumors? Are the killings of your people for exercising their constitutional right to political opinion internet rumors? Are conspicuous government deployments in your communities also internet rumors?

In fact, Equatoria should be preparing for an armed defense before it gets put in a position where it cannot fight anymore because it has been disarmed and surrounded. It is now becoming clear to everyone that this “peacefulness” and neutrality was a mistake. The actions of the central government against Equatoria are getting more blatant and more daring by the day. I think all Equatorians are now realizing that they are fools for thinking peacefulness and the toleration of mistreatment by others are great strategies for survival.
At this point, a military confrontation between Equatoria and this central government is inevitable. The soonest we start planning for it the better. This is a government that is capable of anything. I know December 15th seems like centuries ago in our twenty four hour news cycle and refreshing timelines but this is a bloodthirsty regime and we should not kid ourselves thinking we are exempt from its savagery. Whenever this confrontation happens, of which I am confident we will make quick work of this government because all that is sustaining it is really just fear and intimidation and not military might, we should come out of it as the independent Republic of Equatoria. At the end of this military confrontation we should quit South Sudan and get on with creating a meaningful life for ourselves in Equatoria. There is absolutely no reason to sacrifice Equatoria for the sake of a united South Sudan. What good is unity if it means you a slave in it? What is the benefit of being bigger as a country if it means Equatoria is lost in it? Any continued arrangement with the other two regions will always keep us marginalized and get us mixed up in other people’s instabilities.

But we cannot keep waiting for our political leaders to bring Equatoria to fruition. They are taking too long to come around to us. This is the time for the youth of Equatoria to take on the responsibility of Equatoria. We cannot let Equatoria be destroyed for the sake of South Sudan. The central government and South Sudan has declared war on you Equatoria. You are at war. Start acting like it. Start defending and liberating yourself. Distractions have always existed throughout history. More pressing issues have always occupied man. But when it comes to his liberties and the protection of his people from tyranny and oppression, man has always put everything aside and risen to the call of action.
All the signs are showing us that our liberties and our people in Equatoria are in danger. All the signs are showing us that our very livelihood and that of Equatoria are in danger.
Ignore them at your own peril.

Memo to our living bloods

Posted: July 7, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

By Sabbath De Yecouba

July 6, 2014 at 4:52pm

To: our living bloods
From: your slain bloods in the liberation and senseless rebellions
Date: 7th July, 2014
Subject: we left you for a positive purpose

Internal memo

We were mobilized to war for we wanted to coexist as brothers
Brothers who were divided by foreign investors who ignored our brotherhood
Those who thought that they knew more than us and would enslave us
The ones who turned us against each other for wealth and leadership
The problem which has remained in our minds up to date to forget again our rebelling vision in Anyanya wars and SPLM/A wars
In spite of having been born as one all at once
We lived in one womb, fed using one placenta and were born all at once

Our vision in the bush was self reliance not to rebel against each other later on
So that we would lead our own mother’s land to curb misleading, misunderstanding and domination
To discover ourselves as brothers to coexist and live peacefully without aiding the enemy
We left our delicate kids and wives for the then war for their bright future
We left our parents and siblings while unmarried to set up the foundation stones for the unitary system of governance among ourselves
We don’t have children or rather parents now for our first independence showed us the badness of unity with Arabs so we fought for freedom
Because we knew we were brothers and would mind of a generation to come

The purpose you were left for was left in our deceased chronicles
The documents of peace and continuity of peaceful coexistence as brothers in South Sudan left with you after all by Dr. John Garang de Mabior to observe
Remember Atlabara where our men were taken out of their houses and killed
Remember rujaal mafi where our men were taken away for their wives to be raped or killed
Remember Lubas mafi where our wives were undressed and left ready for a rape
Remember our chiefs across the country who were slaughtered and dropped in the Nile
Remember all the massacres and genocides committed across the country which has not been so long too

We were advocating for self reliance from this domination from the Anglo-Egyptian condominium
The British condominium and the Arabs domination after the independence where we got assassinations in return
Remember Anyanya wars, the Torit revolution and the independence of 1956
The sixteenth May of the second civil war of 1983 under SPLM/A and the Independence Day, the 9th July
Count how far we have gone since our independence on July 9th, 2011 up to date
Remember your brother or relative who died and the one with a missing body part
As a result of liberation struggles

We all have hands as the ethnic groups of South Sudan in the Independence Day
From Southern Kordofan to Blue Nile and Abyei we need referendum for our land and peace for our good
Stretching to the entire land of South Sudan, we don’t need rebellions but peace
War is not the solution to our own problems as brothers who can sit down and eat in the same dish
What will you tell me about a child, an expectant mother and the aged who have died before their times?
All for hunger, thirst or bullets fired at them which they all had escaped
Let the Independence Day be the sign of our unity from the third anniversary onwards

The Birth of Truly African State

Posted: July 7, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

By David Aoloch Bion

Great nations are always founded
In the aftermath
Of blood recession,
Corpses dry up,
Bones decompose
And equivocal equation solves justly and fairly

On this second
Of this day
Of this month
Of this year
A powerful political tsunami trembles the Sudan
To historians, it’s the independent of the South.
To South Sudanese, it isn’t the Independent of the South,
Just South Induction- Induction to
The North’s unsmiling face,
Shaggy lion mouth,
Prickly hairy hand
And stop eating in one plate with the North.

… Of this month of this year

A vigorous political volcano erupted in the Sudan
South Sudan, a land of hundred languages,
Hundred Cultures, spearmen, rainmakers
Three animistic gods per family,
Catholicism and Protestantism
Stretches it knee, arms and yawn after breaking heavy chain

…..of this month
Of this year,
The Republic of South Sudan is born
Today ,the truly African nation becomes a Kibbutz
Where once called ‘’ puppies of slave bitches’’
Take their position alongside the free men and women
Of the free world