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New details have emerged about the infighting among the Government soldiers in South Sudan town of Malakal.

Updates in Malakal: 4:02pm in Malakal and 11:02pm in Melbourne. Upper Nile State Acting Minister of Information Gatluak Liphoth Diu said, “Fighting is continuing and Olony’s forces are loosing the ground to the SPLA which as we speak belong to South Sudan government. Also we can not comfirm or tell you Olony is still a loyal General to the Government or he has decided to leave. This is something Juba will have to confirm.” Few hours ago according to the report Olony forces were control Malakal and that is seem to be changing according to Gatluak.

who is eating who?

who is eating who?

April 23, 2015 (SSB) —-  According to a source we spoke to an hour ago in Malakal, Johnson Olony forces are in control of Malakal town since last night. The triggers of the conflict are yet to be confirmed but this what the source said. The conflict happened at the absence of Governor Kun Puoch who was in Juba at the time of the conflict and couldn’t travel there after the incident.

We also spoke with the Deputy Governor Guin who confirms to us that ‘he is currently in Melut County’. He will release a statement tomorrow about the incident on SBS Dinka.

In another related talk, the resident of Malakal narrated this story which was confirmed by the SPLA spokesperson as the genesis of the crisis.

“On April 21 two bodyguards and a driver of Governor of Upper Nile State in South Sudan were taking their sick colleague to the hospital. On their way; they were met by the soldiers from Johnson Olony forces and these soldiers were conducting unannounced curfew.

They stopped the bodyguards and asked them,”where are you going?” These three officers then responded by saying that. “We are taking this sick colleague to the hospital.” They were then told to go back and soon after that they were shot at by the Olony’s forces. Two people were killed on spot and that created fear in town. When the other group heard what happened they then picked up their guns and rushed to the scene where they fought each other.

On Wednesday 22, 6:04am, fighting resumed between the forces loyal to Olony and that of Governor Kun Puoch and continued until 11 when the Olony’s forces were dislodged. On 22/04/2015 Wednesday at 8:26 pm; Johnson Olony forces regrouped and reinforced their forces with heavy artillery using boat to bomb the Malakal town from river. They entered through the airport which they now control.

Forces loyal to Simon Kun Puoch were told to withdraw in order to avoid escalating the situation. Olony’s forces are now controlling Malakal town. “

We asked Philip Aguer Panyang if he could confirm the incident and he said:

“Until now Olony is still loyal to the Government of South Sudan but his forces are in control of Malakal after the other SPLA forces withdraw to a distance in order to allow Juba to resolve the situation peacefully. Olony is now in contact with the senior SPLA officials in Juba and we will only confirm his intention this evening (23/04/2015). I can confirm that SPLA soldiers fought each other on those two lines but the motive and the intention are yet to be established.”

We also spoke with Mr Gosh who is part of the Upper Nile administration and he confirmed that, “Governor Simon Kun Puoch was not in Malakal when the fighting occurred. Deputy Guin who is now in Melut was the acting Governor when the crisis started.”

Stay tune and we will try to bring you any news from there.

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Sanctions loom for Juba if deal is not signed


The Troika has come up with a new arrangement giving the government 40 per cent, the rebels 40 per cent, former detainees 10 per cent and other political parties 10 per cent. But Mr Duku says that Juba will not accept anything below 60 per cent because that is rewarding rebellion.

By David Aoloch Bion

The seven false beliefs .

1, He believes that anyone who is appointed by presidential decree with super scale salaries, allowances is the only supporter of government. This is false. Millions support the government without those privileges.

  1. He believes anyone whose name is in Government pay sheet is the only supporter of the government, this is false, Millions support the government when their names are not in pay sheet.
  2. He believes that he is only best friend of President Kiir in Bor community. This is false. There are thousand friends of President Kiir in Bor though; they don’t meet with him on daily basis.
  3. He believes that anyone who say ‘’No to Rebels without justification or valid argument is the only supporter of the government , this is false.   Makuei   presents  the  truth of the  government  in naked  judgment while  others dressed up the truth of the government  in sound judgment . He is good in leading argument where he says no or yes to any question or statement , but other are philosophers; they go beyond yes or no answers with valid explanation.
  4. He believes that everyone must speak like government spokesperson, this is false, there must be a different between views presented by the official spokesperson and common government supporters . There are some views that can’t be expressed by the spokesperson but can be expressed by the pro –government newspapers or writers. This is why you hear in some countries, government pay secretly independent journalists to spin –doctoring the government image. All of us are supporter of the government but we can’t blindly support the government without pointing out its failures.
  5. He believes that, he is philosopher lawyer. This is false , because he has no conceptual understanding of the issues, he muddles issues, he contradicted himself four times, when I talked to  him in his office.  At first , he questioned  me  why should I write about leaked  AU Report , later , he contradicted this by  saying  , ‘’time will come  when the government  will ask those who are quoted  in the AU report’’ .
  6. He believes that anyone who is in the middle, who balances issues in the conflict, is rebel. This is false; the solution to this conflict lie in the middle,  not with extremists  at right or at the left of the conflict .  .Makuei  mind is just preoccupied and obsessed by word ’’ rebel’’ like the song of deaf man, which he sings everyday because he can’t forget it nor he  learn a new song.

The solution of any conflict always lie in the middle unless otherwise , there is absolute  winner  because the two conflicting  parties are always   far apart , one is in the far right , the other is in far left , and to agree or  compromise , they must come into the middle , where there must be concession on both side .

This is why I say the solution of the conflict lie in the middle. If the solution did not lie  in middle, then , military solution would  have been the  option but it has been repeated several times  that the conflict will not be resolved through a military mean by  both Kiir and Riek .

For example, in December 2013 , President Kiir was asked by a BBC journalist ‘’ are you going to share power with Riek Machar ?  Mr . Kiir answered ‘’ No ,  which power ? I can’t reward Riek with power ‘’ but now Mr Kiir is offering Riek the position of the 2 Vice president in power sharing . .Mr . Kiir did change his original stand  because of middle ground principles.

Also Riek in December 2013 ,  Riek told the same BBC that Kiir has lost legitimacy therefore , he had to step down , Now , Riek  did change  his original stand of  Kiir must step down because of middleness am talking about.

To cut the long story short, On April 8, 2015, I ran to Makuei Lueth   for help. Because my writing has been condemned by all Dinka Bor.   I introduced myself  like  this  ‘’  Uncle , am David Aoloch Bion , am student  at  KIU , We ,the youth are divided , some are supporting the government , some are supporting the rebellion . Some are in the middle , so am one of those in middle who fairly  balances the issues in the conflicts at  both sides  in writing  and   my writing has been condemned  by all Dinka Bor now   . I want your judgment based   on my writing too ‘’

Makuei replied ‘’ According to what you have just said  now that you are ‘’in middle’’, you are rebel or with former detainees, so you can’t complain to me  . Secondly, I have not read any single articles you wrote, so I don’t know your writing ‘’

Oh, my God. Am I rebel?

From disinterested point of view, Makuei response to me is nothing but snobbishness and snubbing at their peaks.

How can I write 57 articles defending the government and putting the government in very good position in the conflict and Makuei snubbed me and insulted me as a rebel?

How   can I write 57 articles condemning the rebellion of SPLM/A IO  in the worst terms possible  and  Makuei snubbed me and insulted me as rebel?.

I noticed Makuei is so arrogant to people because he is a friend to President Kiir and he is inside the shadow of President Kiir  but Makuei does  not know that  Kiir can fire him with or without notice any time  .

Makuei  is selfish and jealous of other people who sounds, , if Makuei was judicious ,  he would have appreciated me   and thank me for  my contribution.

Rebel youth are explaining, how the rebels are fighting a  just war in social  media like facebook , on the other hand ,I am also  explaining  , how rebels are killing innocent  people for sake of power only .

Rebel youth are explaining  , how the government has failed South Sudan , I am also explaining, how the rebels have  been contributing to failure  of South Sudan too, how rebels have been the part and parcel of the failure

Rebel youth have coined term ‘’ luethizing ‘’on facebook  to demonize Makuei, but I serious dismiss this and rubbished it. And now Makuei is calling me a rebel. ? , hahahaha

Indeed, am in the middle because I say ‘’ Government has failed but failure of the government do not justify the war of  Riek or SPLM/A IO.  Government has failed but SPLM/A  IO  and SPLM G-10 are the part of the failure of the government’’

Because of the seven reasons above , I conclude that , Makuei has a phantom head or he has the head but a blank head .


Am a supporter of the Government, who wants presidential term limits in the constitution.

Am a diehard of President Kiir , who wants  peaceful transfer of power from one  President  to another.

Al Jazeera America’s “FAULT LINES” Presents
Airing Monday, April 13th at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT
“They start killing people just randomly. On the side of the street, you [saw] bodies of the people just thrown like that. Nobody to bury, nobody even to take [the dead] because everybody ran for his own life.” – Rachel Mayik, former schoolteacher, now in a UN Protection of Civilians Site, Malakal
“The two [civil] wars [with Khartoum] were wars of liberation…people were fighting for their rights, against repression and oppression. This one is a war over power, and has no justification whatsoever.” – Lam Akol, SPLM-Democratic Change
“The leadership of South Sudan got accustomed to being indulged, to being treated with kid gloves and even to getting away with murder.” – Alex de Waal, World Peace Foundation, Tufts University

“Remember that South Sudan never existed as a government, as a country, that transforming a guerilla movement into a government is one of the most difficult things that can possibly be demanded of a people. That’s what was demanded of the people of South Sudan.” Eric Reeves, Professor and Sudan Expert, Smith College
Find Al Jazeera America near you:
This Monday, April 13th at 10pm ET/7p PT, Al Jazeera’s Emmy Award-winning “Fault Lines” presents “South Sudan: Country of Dreams,” an hour-long special exploring how South Sudan – the worlds newest country  – spiraled into civil war.
The film will air again at 12am and 4am, and Saturday April 18th at 7pm ET/4pm PT and 10pm ET/7pm PT.  

‘South Sudan: Country of Dreams’


South Sudan: Country of Dreams

Fault Lines travels to Washington, D.C., and South Sudan to investigate how the U.S. helped create the world’s newest nation, then watched it spiral into civil war.

SPLA amphibious tank

Anna Cavell for Al Jazeera America

South Sudan is less than four years old, but the world’s newest nation now tops the ranks of failed states worldwide.

Thousands of people have been killed and almost two million displaced in a civil conflict that erupted in late 2013.

Fault Lines investigates how a select group of U.S. politicians and advocates shepherded the nation into existence—and asks what responsibility they now bear for the political and humanitarian disaster unfolding there.

Children die in car lake plunge at Wyndham Vale

These are the children killed in the lake plunge tragedy. One-year-old called Bol, four-y
These are the children killed in the lake plunge tragedy. One-year-old called Bol, four-year-old Madit and his twin sister Anger.
  • One-year-old called Bol, four-year-old Madit and his twin sister Anger died
  • Another girl aged five remains in a critical condition
  • Their 35-year-old mother Akon Guode, who was driving the car, has been released from police guard in hospital
  • Ms Guode had a total of seven children

Police are investigating what led to the horror plunge that claimed the lives of one-year-old Bol and four-year-old Madit and his twin sister Anger.

Their five-year-old sister Awel is fighting for life in the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Their Sudanese mother, Akon Guode, who was behind the wheel when the car ploughed into Lake Gladman on Manor Lakes Boulevard in Wyndham Vale at 3.40pm yesterday, has been released from police guard in hospital.

The car plunged into Lake Gladman in Wyndham Vale.

Ms Guode, from Wyndham Vale, is well known among the close-knit migrant community in Melbourne’s west.

She has not been interviewed over the tragic incident but she is assisting homicide squad and Major Collision Investigation Unit detectives with their investigation.

Ms Guode had a total of seven children.

A relative described the young victims as angels.

“We will never forget you little angels,” Tety Chol Malual said.

Police have urged members of the Sudanese community to come forward and provide information about the family.

“We need to understand what led to this, we need to understand what was happening in their lives,” Superintendent Stuart Bateson said.

“Hopefully this will lead to a greater understanding of what led to this incident. We appeal especially to the Sudanese community who might know what was happening in this family’s life, what their movements were before this tragedy.”

There remained limited information about the crash including whether the vehicle was speeding nor any direct evidence at this point.

Assessing the car’s speed was a focus today.

It was “way too” early to say if the mother could face charges and the homicide squad was currently interviewing her.

“In a situation like this the seriousness of what’s harness her today we always start off with getting the best investigators involved.”

Today a large group of people who had earlier been at the family home laid flowers and soft toys at the scene, weeping uncontrollably.

One woman needed help to walk.

Authorities at the scene. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

Police at the scene. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

Tributes for the dead children. Picture: Hamish Blair

Tributes for the dead children. Picture: Hamish Blair

A relative who spent the night at the hospital said the family was “devastated.”

Thomas Kok, the cousin of the children’s father, Joseph Tito Manaang, said the family had moved from South Sudan in 2008.

Missy Wiw, a sister-in-law of the children, said the incident was “just devastating”.

“They’re (the children) in a better place now,” she said.

She spoke at the family home as at least a dozen relatives came to grieve together this morning.

Wailing could be heard from inside the home as the family tried to cope with the tragedy.

Ms Wiw said the family wanted to know how and why Ms Guode’s car ended up in the lake.

“We’re trying to find out how she lost control of the car and what really happened,” she said.

Madol Padem, a Sudanese religious leader, said: “We did not expect that to happen.”

Family friend and community member Maciek Nek said: “It’s a big loss to us. It’s a big loss to that whole community of Australia.”

“She came down here to have a better life,” Mr Nek said of the mother.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Belle Nolan said police have spoken to several onlookers but were appealing for any other witnesses to come forward.

“It’s believed the grey 2005 Toyota Kluger 4WD was travelling south towards Pedder St and Minindee Rd when the incident occurred,” Ms Nolan said.

“Police particularly wish to speak to anyone who saw the car between 3.30pm and 3.45pm.”

The 4WD remains partially submerged in the lake, which has been blocked off by police.

Martha Mayola, whose children walk to school at Manor Lakes College with some of those from the family involved, said: “I say thank you for Australia and the people here in Wyndham Vale.

“They really support us. Today we see a lot of flowers here. Thank you for your support.

“We are really sad because we lost our children. These children, they walk to school with my children. We don’t know why the car go through the water. But when you find out what has happened we need big support in our community. So this will not happen again.”

She implored the community to rally behind the kids left behind.

“There are some children left. I say to the community look after those children well. We need a very strong community. If there is something — we need to see what is the problem and we need to solve the problem if there is a problem.”

In frantic scenes yesterday, witnesses desperately smashed the windows of the car after it plunged into the water 25m from the shore.

Supt Bateson said “we don’t know why, we don’t know how” the car entered lake, about 38km west of Melbourne’s CBD.

“What we do know is that when the car left (the road) passers by and police members got some of the children out and did CPR.

“Unfortunately two of the children passed away (at the scene).”

The third child died after being flown to hospital.

Supt Bateson said police were unsure whether the car was driving erratically before entering the lake.

“What we do know is that we have a very tragic set of circumstances here and it is going to be a very harrowing investigation,” he said.

He said “everyone”, including police, had been affected by the tragic scene.

Mark England, 42, came down to the lake last night after hearing sirens blaring.

“I thought it might have been a hoon driver, so it was a bit shocking to realise it was a family,” Mr England said.

He said at least four firefighters leapt into the water after realising the children were trapped.

“The fireys were starting to resuscitate some people, and I could tell they were children,” he said.

“Then they must have realised somehow that there was another missing person and they started looking and opening the doors of the car.”

His neighbour, who is also a firefighter, found another child in the water.

“They’d been in the water the whole time I was there, so it was quite a while,” Mr England said.

The Wyndham Vale resident, a father of two, said the area was full of young families.

“We’re a small, growing community with lots of families. Everyone is affected because most people have kids around here,” Mr England said.

Caitlin Gough, who was visiting a friend just streets over, was among the first to reach the lake.

“We heard fire sirens and people screaming,” she said.

“We came out to see what was happening and it was chaos.

“There wasn’t many people here so I walked around (the lake) because I thought maybe I could do something.

“They had three kids out by that time.

“People were standing around and getting down on the banks so we knew something was really wrong.

“The fire brigade opened the boot and then they found this other little kid.

“I don’t know how old he was but he was limp.

“I just don’t understand how the car got there — it’s in the middle (of the lake).”

Kiera Sieh laid flowers at a makeshift shrine with her two sons, aged 4 and 6.

“It’s not nice something like this happening especially in your own backyard when you’ve got kids,” Ms Sieh said.

“I was pretty grateful putting them to bed last night.”

Fighting back tears, Ms Sieh said she wanted to pay her respects to the three children who died in the incident.

Some residents vowed to leave their porch lights on tonight in a tribute to the children.

The gesture appears to have been started by local Georgie Low who posted on Facebook about the idea yesterday.

“Hey guys, I’m leaving my porch light on tonight to remember those poor children that passed away in our community today.

“Let’s shine a light together now that they are shining down on us. RIP angels x.”

The idea quickly drew support, with almost 400 people commenting they’ll do the same, sharing the idea and liking the post.

Ms Low added: “Just something small we can do to say we’re all together in our sorrow for these innocent children x.”

Ms Low’s husband, Steve, a CFA volunteer at Wyndham Vale Fire Station, broadened the idea to include emergency services workers.

“So very tragic. Regardless of the circumstances, this is very sad day for all involved.

“Shine a light for not only the little souls but also for my mates and fellow Firefighters from Wyndham Vale who attended today.

“Many of these guys have young children of their own and will no doubt be terribly saddened by today’s events.”

Premier Daniel Andrews paid tribute to the onlookers who tried to rescue the children from the car.

“I’m really proud that local residents put themselves at risk and jumped in to try and save those kids,” he said.

“That’s something we should all be really really proud of, just that instinctive doing the right thing when it’s called for.’’

He said it was “a horrible, horrible tragedy”.

“Our thoughts and our prayers and our best wishes and hearts go out to the family involved — to all of those who loved those three little kids,” he said.

Mr Andrews said Victorians should also spare a thought for police and paramedics who attended the scene.

Warrap state Universities and colleges ‘s association in Uganda celebrates the victory ceremony chaired by Chief Guest Ayii Duang Ayii

By Mangong Mawien Madut, Kampala Uganda
April 7, 2015 (SSB)  —-  The victory ceremony was conducted on 5th April 2015  by the leadership of above association as an honorary of South Sudanese students president in Uganda  Mr. Makuei Aguer who comes from Warrap state. Mr. Makuei won elections  in 2014 after toughest students politics,  which made him to be a students leader in  Uganda.
However, the chairperson of Warrap state and colleges in Uganda Emmanuel  Majok Akuecbeny Majok with his executives decided to call South Sudanese ‘s country tycoon and chairperson of South Sudan business Union Mr. Ayii Duang Ayii as a Chief Guest of honor of the function.

The ceremony was attended by a hundreds of South Sudanese students in Uganda as to celebrate the honoring of their leader which was conducted by Warrap state students leadership in Uganda.  chairperson of Warrap students opened the ceremony, welcomed the hundreds  of  students, various dignitaries, women and girls. He appreciates Ayiidit the chief guest of honor for accepting an invitation to come to Kampala to chair the function and give pieces of advices to South Sudanese students in Uganda.

The chief guest Ayii Duang Ayii, appreciates the students in Uganda for organizing such functions. He told the students to join the business sector after their  studies. In various universities in Uganda,  many South Sudanese students are pursuing in business courses.  Ayiidit told the students that Africa ‘s newest state South Sudan needs the people who have studied business.

Director  general of migration and passport major general Maduot Parek  who was also invited to in the ceremony encouraged the students of South Sudan in Uganda to be productive after the studies, as an intellectual you need to be creative he added.  The migration director urged  the number of people who attended the ceremony  especially the students to work for peace in the country.

Maduot said to students to try hard to fight for tribalism. The states were divided just for location of resources to  reach people not to divide the South Sudan ‘s population Maduot told the gathering members. He reminded the students that migration ‘s department had employed over one thousands fresh graduates, some have degrees and others with diplomas.

Emmanuel Majok Akuecbeny, the chairperson of association who organized  the celebration  once again told Ayii Duang Ayii that the South Sudanese students in Uganda are educated and they are enable to make changes  in the country in all the sectors. The chairman reassured all students that his leadership will ensure the students’ relationship is paramount across universities and colleges in Uganda. He added that states Governors are not updating  the students in foreign countries about the developmental programmes and political crises facing the country.

The South Sudanese students  union president in Uganda, Makuei Aguer  congratulates all the students in Uganda who were in the ceremony, before continuing talking Makuei told the people of Warrap state that I came to leadership with the help of all South Sudanese not only Warrap people.The president told the people about solidarity ad unity shown by South Sudanese in Uganda. He gives thanks to all his  supporters who struggled to make sure he gets  the union leadership.

As the current president of students in Uganda, I will make a union as an eye of South Sudanese students irrespective of tribal  and region background. cooperation and unity among South Sudanese communities should be prioritized.
The leadership capacity will work hard to mitigate the challenges students are facing in Uganda as we had witnessed the dropping out of students in various universities due to increase rate of hard currency in South Sudan. Take education seriously and be a discipline students Makuei told the students. He also appreciates Ayiidit for contributing to business sector, saying you Ayiidit had inspired us in business Makuei concluded

Conclusion, despite the division among the communities in country,  the South Sudanese students in higher education in Uganda have strongly maintained their relationship since the crises till this movement. These students are globally appreciated for neglecting tribal affiliations which caused hatred. we  see each other as brothers and sisters regardless of what happened in our country said one of the student.

By Mangong Mawien Madut , Warrap state students association correspondent. He is also blogger, Essayist,  columnist and writer

For Immediate Release


I am obliged to issue this statement to the media so that the international community and the people of South Sudan will know the facts surrounding the clashes between the Shilluk (Chollo) and Dinka youth near Akoka County, Upper Nile State.

It came to my attention that the anti-peace elements of Riek Machar are distorting the clashes between the youth in the state and politicized it as if the Constitutional army of the Republic of South Sudan is fighting itself.

I have to make some clarifications because the media, particularly the Sudan Tribune, reported distorted facts in regard to the Chollo (Shilluk) youth and made an impression that the Shilluk youth are armed group commanded by me. The first clarification is to make it abundantly clear the difference between the Shilluk youth who clashed with the Dinka youth and the SPLA forces I am commanding.

The forces under my command are SPLA forces, not a separate militia group of Shilluk tribe as Sudan Tribune alleged. I, Maj. Gen. Johnson Olony, am duly the officer of the Constitutional army of South Sudan, who was integrated into the SPLA army by a Presidential Decree of November, 25th, 2013.

The second clarification is the death of Maj. Gen. James Bwogo who was killed in crossfire at Lul Bridge, which is between the state Capital, Malakal and Akoka County. Gen. Bwogo, after hearing the clashes between the Shilluk and Dinka youth on April, 1st, took it upon himself to visit the site of the clash with an honest intention of stopping the clashes.

Unfortunately, he felt into the ambush of the Dinka youth who mistook him with the leader of the Shilluk youth. The Dinka youth didn’t know that the one they attacked was the SPLA Maj. General. They thought he was part of the Shilluk youth who fought them earlier.

Today I met the Investigation Team under Major General Patrick Rapael sent by the Chief-of-General-staff of the Constitutional Army of South Sudan to investigate the causes of the clashes between the Shilluk and Dinka youth. I gave my statement to the Investigation Team as to how the problem started and how Gen. James Bwogo died accidentally.

The Investigation Team will meet the leaders of the Shilluk youth on Tuesday, April, 7th, 2015. After taking the statements of the Shilluk youth, they will meet the leaders of Dinka youth to complete their investigation.

Since the last clashes on April, 5th, 2015, no more clashes took place between the two groups of youth. The road linking Malakal and Akoka County has been reopened and the traders and people have started using Lul Bridge.

The SPLA army under my command has already been deployed to maintain security. The two groups of youth have so far observed peace and tranquility.

I would like to warn the anti-peace elements of Riek Machar that I am not a tribalist who would abdicate my national duties of protecting the Constitution to join a tribal rebellion of the vicar of Ngundeng. I was shot in February, 2014 in defending Malakal town from the marauding White Army of Riek Machar. I have been defending the Upper Nile State from the rebels as an officer of the SPLA army, not as a Shilluk.

I am calling upon the rebels of Riek Machar to respond to President Kiir’s Amnesty and accept peace. The people of South Sudan fought for fifty years to become independent from the North and their hard-won struggle cannot be spoiled by Riek Machar who has no national objective in killing women and children of South Sudan.

I remember correctly my family members killed by Riek Machar’s terrorists in Malakal in February, 2014. The number of Shilluk intellectuals massacred by Riek Machar’s rebels in Malakal is more than the Shilluk intellectuals killed by the successive Khartoum regimes.

For those journalists who want to talk to me to know my position as an officer of the SPLA army, and the defender of the Constitution, please feel free to call me. My contacts are below.

For Contact:
Maj. Gen. Johnson Olony
Upper Nile State
South Sudan
Telephone: +211924185588