Security Arrests for money Counterfeit Criminals

Posted: October 5, 2011 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Staff Writer ǀ 05.10.2011


Security Organs have arrested 14 people who have been involved in money printing. “Many nationalities from West Africa, Uganda, Congo and South Sudanese have been involved in forging both the local and hard currencies. Investigations are still ongoing and soon they will appear in the court,” said the economic director. The officer said the economy is the backbone of the country if not contained, the state will collapse.

According to the officer, the criminal act has become rampant when the new South Sudanese pounds have been released following the independence on the 9th July. He called on the government to feel concern and work together, saying the citizens should report any strange money to the higher authorities. Another officer who requested his name not to be disclosed said releasing suspects is a threat to their lives. “We are not happy with the judiciary. You find that a culprit today’s walks in the street tomorrow,”

He pointed out that the criminals come to South Sudan as investors, but later involve themselves in counterfeiting and other dubious activities. A group headed by a Ugandan, Farouq Moses circulated part of the money in Wau and Juba and 725 SSP. His distributor in Bahr el Ghazal is Youl Kulang and machines were recovered from them. The second group specializes in black currencies operating in Gudele is headed by John Kong, the public relations officer of Upper Nile office in Juba. His is assisted by Jokino Foso, a former driver with Ivory Bank and his son Pascal Sebit. Denis Rani, dealing in black dollars and caught in Gudele is a Congolese national and his friend Salih Ibrahim is from Central African Republic, CAR.

This group was caught with amount worth10, 000 SSP and 10,000 US dollars.While Johannes Marinus, a Dutch national, 56 years faces charges of counterfeiting, possession of South Sudan police headquarters, stamps belong to local councils in Uganda.According to the economic director for crimes, he has been arrested and detained for eight years in Mauritius, charged of drug trafficking and in Kaabong, Uganda for smuggling reptiles and cobra.His co. dealer, Mohone Fredrick, 37 years from Uganda possesses 22 different sim cards, 9 passports bearing different names and 61 various passport size photos.Deng Garang, 23 years old South Sudanese, an associate of the group will be charged with robbery, extortion, fraud, having illegal stamps and counterfeiting.

Other two people assisting the Dutch man, Deng Malual Dut and Jacob Yot were netted with 719494 SSP, 930,000 Uganda Shillings and 131725 SSP, a combination of fake and genuine money.59,600 fake dollars were impounded from Jeapien Bebo, a Congolese and his friend, Youndo Giendor, a Cameroonian.Those who formerly robbed VIVA Cell office, Vaniture forex bureau, Agricultural Bank in Juba, Revenue office of Central Equatoria and Mama Bank in Wau, Kyanjo Ashraf, 22 years and Badru Sajjabi, 46 years are all Ugandans.

The economic crimes director of the security operatives in South Sudan said they were arrested in Uganda and confessed of what they did, but later freed.“After being released, they were again arrested at the border when trying to enter South Sudan,” the director of economic crimes explained.The security organs say two years back; two Ugandans and a Sudanese were convicted foe seven years in Yambio, Western Equatoria.Meanwhile two in Kajo-Keji, one sentenced for five and the other for seven years all escaped due to the condition of the prison facilityAsked on what will be done to the money, the officer said, “The money will be kept by the security and will be availed as evidence in the court,”

The suspected culprits are John Kong, Jokino Foso, Pascal Sebit, Garang Deng Alias Akech, Deng Malual, Jacob Yot, all South Sudanese and Denis Rani and Jeapien Bebo, Congolese, Youndo Giendor, a Cameroonian, Johannes Marinus, a Dutch, Mohone, Kyanjo Ashraf, Badru Sajjab, all Ugandans and Salih Ibrahim from Central African Republic.


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