Press Statement from SPLM-DC Secretariat: Open Letter to Hon. Joy Kwaje

Posted: June 1, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Press Release
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Open Letter to Hon. Joy Kwaje, Chairperson of Information and Culture Committee in the National Legislative Assembly of South Sudan

This letter is a response to what was broadcast by South Sudan TV as well as by Bakhita FM Radio in Juba on Thursday, May 23, 2012 where Hon. Joy Kwaje – who is currently the Chairperson of Information and Culture Committee in the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of South Sudan- accused the Chairman of the second largest political party in South Sudan SPLM-DC of having links with rebels who have decided to carry arms against the government of South Sudan.

Such utterances are irresponsible and seriously regrettable, to say the least. The SPLM- DC has reiterated again and again in many occasions that it has no link with any rebel or armed group. The people of South Sudan know the role that has been played by the SPLM-DC in the struggle and sacrifices paid to ensure the citizens’ inviolable rights, especially via members of the National Legislative Assembly. Why then all these accusations against SPLM-DC and its savvy Chairman and freedom fighter, Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin?

We demand from Hon. Joy Kwaje to be responsible and courageous enough to support her unsubstantiated accusation with credible and documented real evidences and show them to the people of South Sudan through the media or courts.

The people of South Sudan know very well who is Dr. Lam Akol and his great role in building the SPLM/A politically, militarily, diplomatically as well as reviving the right to self-determination and committing the government of the Republic of the Sudan constitutionally to grant it to the people of Southern Sudan who overwhelmingly voted for secession on the basis of which their independence was declared on July 9, 2011.

Now, why is Hon. Joy Kwaje and her other cronies selectively asking for the whereabouts of Dr. Lam Akol? Don’t they know that he is a South Sudan citizen who has freedom to stay where he wants to and at any time? Why are they not inquiring about other leaders of South Sudan who are still currently living in Khartoum or with well kept and guarded properties over there? Does staying in Khartoum mean nothing else but supporting militias?

It couldn’t go without saying that Hon. Joy Kwaje and whoever twisted around with her from the Members of National Parliament in the SSTV screen on that gloomy day, were trying their very best to divert the attention of the people from the deteriorating living conditions that have resulted from bad policies of the SPLM ruling party. Instead of doing their duty of overseeing and checking the executive as well as defending the poor and hungry citizens, these shameless SPLM Members of Parliaments chose to fish in dirty waters by asking wrong questions about personalities and petty issues like “where is such and such person?” Their ulterior intentions shall end in doom!

We regret and detest the missing role of Hon. Joy Kwaje and her cronies in addressing the real issues of everyday life, like hunger that is threatening dear lives of many South Sudanese in Juba and other parts of South Sudan nowadays where prices of food items have skyrocketed. For example, a kilogramme of meat shot up from 12 to 35 SSP and a bag of cement from 45 to 95 SSP, let alone lack of medicines, potable water, fuel and many other basic commodities. These are the most important urgent concerns and worries of the citizens right now more than any politicking of witch-hunting and wrong-fishing. The SPLM-DC has offered proposals to the SPLM ruling government for resolving these challenges and many more since October last year but all felt on deaf ears. Alas!

Notwithstanding, we would like to state this loud and clear to Hon. Joy Kwaje and whoever is pushing her within her vicious circle that we don’t seek nor beg for our nationalism from anybody. She was in Khartoum in most of her life when those she is trying to character-assassinate were busy fighting for liberation without sitting outside the fence. Her other vocal chum was a refugee in Canada up until 2005. What gives them the right to challenge the nationalism of others?

In conclusion, we would like to assure our dear people of South Sudan that the SPLM-DC stands for building a strong nation of South Sudan founded on unshaken foundation of democracy, justice, equality and participation of all political and civil forces in the administration of the country’s public affairs. There shall be no let-up on the conspirators!

Long Live the People of South Sudan.
Long Live Dr. Lam Akol, the Chairman of SPLM-DC.
Long Live the Republic of South Sudan, Free and Democratic.

Information Desk
SPLM-DC General-Secretariat
Juba, May 28, 2012.

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