Islamist Morsi wins Egypt presidential vote

Posted: June 24, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Africa, Commentary

CAIRO (AP) — Mohammed Morsi was declared Egypt’s first Islamist president on Sunday after the freest elections in the country’s history, narrowly defeating Hosni Mubarak’s last Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq in a race that raised political tensions in Egypt to a fever pitch. The country’s last four presidents over the past six decades have all came from the ranks of the military. This is the first time modern Egypt will be headed by an Islamist and by a freely elected civilian

Congrats to Dr. Morsi of the Freedom and Justice Party–the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood–for his victory. Dr. Morsi has a PhD from an American University–University of Southern California, and his two children are American citizens. Still, he is as radical as a radical can be: his views on women and the Jews are particularly shocking for an American-educated, former professor.

Recently, on one of his campaign stop, he was introduced with the battle cry of “kill all the Jews” in reference to the “HOLY” Quran verse.  There is also (unfounded) fear that the Muslim Brotherhood may turn Egypt into Saudi Arabia where women don’t drive and don’t go outside their homes without male relative escort and permission. My guess is that they would be modeling themselves after the Turkey’s AKP party–which is an Islamic-based party.

While that might be the case–his radical ideas based on narrow interpretation of the Quran (Quran has many verses that talk fondly of the non-Muslims) that should have no place in a globalized modern society–he is still entitled to his democratic win and the presidency.

He will have to contend with the resurgent Military and the all-powerful Judiciary and the police, besides the usual five prayers a day!

By PaanLuel Wel.

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