The 9th Commemoration of Martyr’s Day in South Sudan

Posted: July 31, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary

The 9th commemoration of Martyrs’ Day
By Bol Garang
The Martyrs

The Martyrs

The day 30th of July every year is the day we people of South Sudan commemorated the death of our founder, the father, the vice President of Sudan and the president of Republic of south Sudan Dr. John Garang with his Comrades who lost their lives for our lives.

They compatriots who fought for 21 years in the bush have not died in futile. Their sacrifices have given us the independent of our beloved country the Republic of South Sudan, which we’re all proud. The people of South Sudan need to have senses to identify themselves from struggled years and current periods of pounds.

Today’s the day we all South Sudanese notwithstanding of religion, identity, age and pagan have come to memorized our heroes or heroines who have sacrificed their lives to give as this freedom we enjoy. Although, the recently incident took more lives again we’re still proud to celebrate this wonderful day. It is cherished day in the history of Black people in Sudan and South Sudan.

Our brothers from the Darfur, Kordufan, Nuba Mountain, Blue Nile and Eastern of Port Sudan. They have contributed during our struggled eras of war. We can’t forget them because we got our independent; we need to stand strong enough with them to let them also get the freedom they want like what we have accomplished in our country today.

The day is very significant to people of South Sudan especially wounded people, Orphans, Widows and widowers because all the above mentioned were having a mission and vision, hopefully their mission is achieved. Although, children of the deceased or wounded, orphans, widows and widowers are anguish everyday people need t put hope because God will still give them his encouragement to raise them to accomplish their goal because that situation was caused by the war.

The day is very vital to people of South Sudan because of John Garang. Dr. John Garang de Mabior has used his mind to unite the SPLA/SPLM in the bush without payment and that was a critical time to manage the movement although situation was horrendous he managed until today. Moreover, SPLA was the only moment that I have seen unity and understanding in it that let to great achievements during liberation time.

However, I don’t know why Salva Kiir failed to unite the army while he has money to pay the army? We need to unite ourselves to develop our country.

By Bol Garang “Man far away from Corruption” and “Knowledge is Power”

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