South Sudanese: Let’s Give Credit Where it is Due

Posted: December 27, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Makeer Kuol Koriom, Melbourne, Australia

kiir and riek pic

Born-to-Rule Mentality: President Kiir and his former Vice President, Riek Machar, in their reigning days

December 27, 2015 (SSB)  —  Despite Dr Riek’s IO, 2013-2014 war on South Sudan, President Kiir Mayardit government has, over the past two years, embarked on significant infrastructural developments.

Undoubtedly, Dr Riek’s war has strained government’s coffers. But President Kiir’s government has unexpectedly given the country some developments. This is something which surprised many South Sudanese.

Such developments have given us a hope that developmental wonders will swarm the Nation should stability, which is promised by the peace agreement, reigns. However, for South Sudan to achieve political stability, SPLA-IO together with former Political detainees should honestly work with the President for the interests of South Sudan.

In my view, the issue of power struggle within SPLM must be shelved away one and for all. It is such struggle which killed South Sudanese. After all, SPLM’s internal Democracy which was propagate by Riek Machar both in 1991 and 2013 have been proven a scam employed to hijack and destroy people aspirations.

Foreign proponents of this scam are interested in destruction of SPLM’s liberation theology. The dreams for prosperous, stable South Sudan was ingrained in SPLM movement under tutelage of comrade John Garang and Kiir Mayardit.

Since 2005 President Kiir Mayardit has been focusing on South stability and development. His ambition for a prosperous Nation has however been sabotaged by few individuals in the government. His humble stance was severely exploited and utterly abused by some comrades.

Some of the young cadres in the SPLM, who devoted their energies for South Sudan liberation, turned out to be wolves, who loots without conscience. The last few years of SPLM led government in South Sudan has shown us who was/is who! We have known the nationalists from the looters.

To develop a nation, leaders needs to have visions, planning, and sacrifices. Resources that are control and directed by leaders of no visions are squandered. Leaders of poor planning, who are also selfish, tend to put themselves above nation. Such leaders cannot develop nations.

For South Sudan case, too many resources have been wasted from 2005 to middle of 2013. Such was a case because of too much selfishness harboured by some Political leaders.

Over a very short time span from 2013-2015, South Sudan government has shown different lights for development. Today, South Sudan’s military is stronger than in the 8 years of 2005 – 2013. This ‘miracle’ happened because of new personalities in authority in that particular Ministry.

I believe, SPLA’s Chief of General staff, Paul Malong and Defense Minister Hon. Kuol Manyang have strongly played an outstanding roles in Defense Ministry. I do not very much care whether you agree with me or not. Already I have drawn a conclusion that these two figures have visions for South Sudan.

Kuol and Malong have shown us their level of patriotisms. The duo has exhibited excellent management and planning within their respective roles. Leaders who placed Nations above their own interests deserve praises. I therefore take my hat off for these leaders.

Note here that I am comparing the duo with previous Defense Ministers and General Chief of Staff for SPLA. Hon. Kuol Manyang and COGS, Paul Malong Awan has done an outstanding work in protecting our hard-won independence and National integrity. They have done much needed services to South Sudan Nation at large and to President Kiir Mayardit.

Without them (Kuol and Malong) Riek Machar’s war could have engulfed the entire nation. Too many civilians could have perished.

The other Minister whose performances have impressed me is Hon. Dr Riek Gai Kok, South Sudan minister of Health. Dr Riek Gai has taken medical infrastructures to most rural areas of the Country.

Never, in the past, had villages such as Magos of Currently established Narmurnyang state, Pibor, Boma and Pochalla of Boma state access modern hospitals. But the last two years of war had usher in medical facilities to these remote villages. This impressive work happened because of Health Minister, Dr Riek Gai Kok.

Do you, my reader, recall December 6, 2013? If you don’t recalled that day, then let me inform you that it was on that day when the faction of SPLM, which later rebelled and formed SPLM/A-IO & G10, sat down in SPLM’s house, to condemn President Kiir Mayardit for giving vital Ministries to South Sudanese who were not members of SPLM.

The disgruntled SPLM members (as they were known then) accused President Kiir for giving the likes of Dr Riek Gai a driving seat of the government. They despised the President for having installed Dr Riek Gai and others, in the ministerial seats! It is such discontents which later transpired to a coup, which eventually culminated into rebellion.

Today however Dr Riek Gai has done to South Sudanese a good job more than any of the disgruntles or former ministers. From Woman & Children Hospital in Rumbek to Children clinic in Wau, to National hospital in Juba, to few rural dispensaries across the Country; Dr Riek Gai has punched above his ability. One has to imagine, what if the country was not in war! Dr Riek Gai deserves praises.

And there is this Dr Gai Yoh of Higher and General Education. Dr Gai Yoh has shown us his capabilities in this vital ministry. He also deserves congratulatory message from Public. This minister has tried to lift South Sudan’s education system to modern system. Students of higher institutions could just access education services online. Isn’t this hilarious!

In his tenure, thousands of Students are blessed with higher education scholarships. Sisterly Countries of Ethiopia, Egypt, Uganda, Zimbabwe etc have sponsored South Sudanese Students. We ought to give thanks and credit to South Sudan’s government through its Ministry of Education under ablest Minister, Dr Gai Yoh.

This is something which was impossible when the so-called SPLM founders where in government! Dr Adwok Nyaba who is often phony and critical on South Sudan’s government was once a minister in Education Ministry. I am still wondering as to what virtually impressive work did Dr Nyaba left behind?

Finally, I gave the entire current South Sudan cabinet absolute highest grade of success. Without Dr Riek Machar’s war, this cabinet could have develop the Nation to the level of our expectations.

Unfortunately the wolves in sheep clothings dragged the entire government into war. A war whose ultimate goal was nothing other than to bring back the wolves into driving seats. Anything shorter than that would make them wreck or sale out the Country.

Now that the government of National Unity is to be formed as per the agreement, we will wait to see what South Sudan will gain in term of developments. The next government will absolutely bring back the cadres who were in governing since 2005 – 2013. I pray that the wolves will change so that the Country will develop and remain stable.

Makeer Kuol Koriom, lives in Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. He can be reached at:

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