Do not hoots misguidedly about fraternities

Posted: November 21, 2018 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Majok Arol Dhieu, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Majok Arol Dhieu, Juba, South Sudan


Wednesday, November 21, 2018 (PW) — Much of this animosity can be attributed to the reputation fraternities have for engaging in unwise, irresponsible, demeaning, and more other amoral. During the previous war, it’s this addicted misunderstanding that made South Sudanese broken up and scattered to the four winds. Only the small, nonconformist fraternity was left to fight the war to its last days.

What is wrong with acïbïklëuic and abuklëuic? To me, all are very shining advertising slogans unless the two groups are politicizing it or each group is very keen to become arrogant and domineering.

In Dinka areas, someone who don’t have plans or who do not want to work must meet some provocations from his relatives, especially his father and his age-mates in order for him to work very hard for his own future. I’m using “him/his” because no “her” in those days was a breadwinner. In case “her” may complains, please make sure that I’m not writing my opinions about this modern world where a teenybopper become an end consumer of her private part in restaurants without permission from her toiled mother.

To come back from that genuine sideswiping, the person who received provocations could start to work and in few years, you would see him in a different situation. acïbïklëuic if people have a spirit of competition, shouldn’t be used as a ground for hatred instead of grasping it as a challenging word that need everybody to work hard to go beyond the level of acïbïklëuic’s pioneers.

On the other hand, eager beavers who came up with ideation of counterattacking this slogan by trimming off some letters from the same term and formed “abuklëuic” have made a very good decision because it is the right answer to this challenging slogan since there’s nobody who is born to die poor. God, don’t want each and every one of us to be poor or die young, the only issues those that make people to stay in poverty or die young are the environmental forces that dragged their luckiness afar.

Don’t let anything slight divide us. We have to use these two slogans professionally and in a good manner. We have a long way to go and we have various fields of work. Maker Aguek was only provoking members of his group—-the artist, but if we have borrowed the term, then don’t let a person who is doing engineering for example, stresses some engineering terms into the ear of someone who is doing accounting for him to convinced the accountant about his highest level which he assumed to have not been reached by an accountant. It’s meaningless. Let’s use the two terms appropriately and accordingly, I mean based on our fields.

Those who feel it in their bones that they are challenged must work hard to fight fire with fire and those who feel relax for the fact that they have made it to the highest peak must increase their work and we collectively, call it a development at the end of the day.

This same case is like the loony ideas from birdbrained dudes of our region about Europe’s football. When a football team from Europe scored a goal, their supporters from South Sudan would bang roofing’s poles to the extent that their opponents would draw a feeling of being embarrassed. Instead, for the losers to wait till their team made it successfully, they would go home and bring their guns with the intention of sending away their opponents once and for all.

This habit has been done repeatedly in South Sudan and I hope you as a reader, can help me unless it happened that you have triggered one of the similar incidents. I request you to delete it because it will irritate your feeling. Accept my apologies please!

Do not do those two slogans the way, the football’s fans did it. We have a local proverb in Ciec area—-the far east of Bahr el Ghazal region that “two cocks never crows in the same house on the same day”. This means that, a younger will have his time to reach a level of his elders and even beyond if his personal god guides him through.

I know some of us have adopted foreign cultures and I’m still begging your mercies, not to throw our culture overboard. Competition is the very best tool for success in all Dinka lands before the outside culture was taken.

Today, even if a person is speaking in local language, words from foreign language are thrown in; this would attract attention from another group who may interpret those words wrongly.

It’s because of foreign language that makes us failed to distinguish between acïbïklëuic and acïbaklëuic. Acïbaklëuic generalize all but acïbïklëuic mean, there is a small group of people targeted.

To conclude, I’m a member of acïbïklëuic’s group though I feel it as too big for my britches, and acïbïklëuic’s is a very broader term for your information.

For instance, business people would say acïbïklëuic, humble and rich people would say acïbïklëuic, a drunkard who sip 24 bottles of beer a day would also say acïbïklëuic; a harlot who sleeps with over four men a day would also say acïbïklëuic, a wrestler who stood his ground without being throw down for nearly two years would say acïbïklëuic, a gossiper who go from one richer to another would say acïbïklëuic, a canvasser who make his campaign from house to house would say acïbïklëuic, an intelligent student who scored math with 99%, would say acïbïklëuic, a crook who ill-gotten his money would say acïbïklëuic, a luckiest man whom his sisters are married to profiteers would say acïbïklëuic, a criminal who kills people on highway would say acïbïklëuic, a lost boy who invested his money wisely would say acïbïklëuic, a man who eloped with somebody’s bride would say acïbïklëuic, and vice versa.

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  1. kailoor says:

    And so it is everybody else word in negative term, why don’t we adapt something that suggest our togetherness instead of looking ourselves as opponent.


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