South Sudan: The Rentable, leasable, Lip that works to destroy buys fame nowadays

Posted: January 21, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Madit Them Arop, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Madit Them Arop, Juba, South Sudan


Monday, January 21, 2019 (PW) — The rentable lip with twisted edge that works to destroy buys fame nowadays. But ideas involved can take us high or drag us low while the interest attached adjusts the wheels toward the intended direction. Such leasable lips have owners: the agents of fame. These widespread agents are known to degrade or water down the opponents to achieve the hidden odds.

Such agents are armed with information circulated about others. They are labeled as “professional conspirators”whose source of strength is interwoven with information meant to obliterate. They are known smart and crafted with trait of professionalism.

Politicians, civilian, and society fear them because everything is believed to be at their fingertips. Avoiding them is not advisable; teaming up with them is not so healthy either, though it’s sometimes commendable during circumstantial needs.So everybody tries to be nice with them, failure to fulfill what they want or demand is said to be problem saved to backfire in un-foretold era.

As fear grows, system is diminished; political post holders for example turn out to be betrayed, vulnerable and only opted to comply with their interest. The groups are reported as constantly campaigning day in and night out using all reachable means to help achieve the target.Threats, manipulations, and making up of all odds are examples of ingredients on their table.

These leasable agents are rough and ready to provide help in a sense, and seasonal to let off the hook in another. They go after their interest, whether for good or bad course is not an issue, meeting the target is glorifiable and precious.

They are also said to be unreliable and never stick around for long. Once misunderstanding arises over anything that touches them or their ring circle, drum of removal or watering down is started. Politicians parasitically endured them. Importance of their work depends on sizeable time spent together after the mission, the rest is probable.

When going gets tough, population begins to wonder over system itself. System becomes like a dream that lacks protection mechanism, it holds no one accountable for misdeeds and so renting out lip service folks is hale and hearty option to stick with. Instead system controls, interest overweighed it.

What’s more is that wondering over the dire nature of these folks is alarming. Eminent questions starts to flow in the brain as their actions do more harm than good. What went wrong is unfavorable question to ask. What is to be done is another unfit anxiety, but how to side with these groups is so popular.

The group is not in isolation; it’s walking in concert within the community. Others may think of these groups as silence scandalous of ideas whose interest is to manipulate for continued existence. And such may even lead to what is called “the simple fame.”

Networking is another crucial point to heavily note. Take an example that one person among them could be in Dubai, the other in Nairobi, and bunch more in different corners of the world, organizing separately but doing one thing together. Their target is on identified source. To add weight on the projected source, to make it sound forceful and urgent, they plans to convey collective information with accurate timing to the public such that contradiction doesn’t occur.

An official responsible like the President would receives threatening messages about an individual, stressing on direness. An agent just arrived from Dubai, for instance, would walk into the public office and express a burning concern to deliver, follows by another who may be arriving from Nairobi or Khartoum hammering on the same nail.

When information receipts are reconciled, they matched, and therefore, the information is considered true and treatable with greater care of urgency. Without further ado, decision is made to oust the targeted person. Mission accomplished, celebration takes off, and they move on…

Such rentable lips’ attitudes are also taken into the Social Media where propaganda makes sense. This relates to why the accused netters/journalists of writing “smelly”pieces about particulars in government or in the community exist in plenty. Mouths always preach that “experts” are hired to pull wagon of hate across the thin air. The lips’ rented do brain service meant to destroy anything stored in the memory ram.  In their views, it’s enjoyable as long their actions meet the wished-formission.

Also, feeling had it that the group has special common background nobody wanted to disclose. The coreless atmosphere surrounded the society has created incomprehensible loopholes: The poverty trap.

Trap in poverty leads to poverty ideas, creativity and misbehavior, expert suggests. This relates to the famous phrase from JFK that “what is mine is mine and what is yours is negotiable.”

And that is not all. With no change in way things are done across the country, new practices will continue to emerge and get adopted. The platform is that poverty, illiteracy, lack of opportunities discriminates out no one.

To fulfill the best interest of citizens and the nation to prosper and stick together, there is a need to strengthen the system such that laws are put to function and remains valuing everyone in the country. This will discourage practices being practiced as poverty trap educates the society wrongly.

Above in all, the edge is sharper for rentable lips for the reason that they have brain and such sharpness can be made blunt through policies and rule of law while standing vigilant to increase civil population package of services.

So here, is the rentable lip, the edge that destroys for ego and fame gain. Don’t avoid them but watch out for them, they are not harmful always yet they are mindful of themselves. With rentable lip ideology, interest matters!

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