Scaling the gains of our struggle for freedom

Posted: April 5, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Noah Issa Philip, Juba, South Sudan

Friday, April 5, 2019 (PW) — We had fought hard for a good number of years, we lost millions in the struggle, and millions of our people displaced, many of our own man were wounded, displaced and tortured, yet, the gains of the struggle, many of us don’t know till today.

The nation of South Sudan was born in 2011, after a “well thought” decision by its people to secede from the north. The decision was fuelled mainly by the irregular development across the former Sudan nation as a whole, the skewed dwarfing on sharing the national cake and the utmost political skewedness in terms of representation at the national politics.

And so, the decision was made, some referred it as brilliant idea to secede, others as timely and most of us termed it as well thought. The sweet feeling, the ecstasy and the self-pride birthed by self-governance shone bright in our faces.  

But notwithstanding the great international display and honest expectations from our neighbours, the show did not last for long, 3 years later, we were again boiled into a bottomless pit of power struggle.

Absolute power rocked our belief and left us yearning for each other’s blood. An ugly face of our people hit the headlines in many dailies and news headlines across the world.  A young nation at war with itself, we were reported.

We have known peace for just a little, we have not worked for progress and development, not even sat down and drafted the dream of our land 50 years and counting.

The urgent call for a framework into the future of our nation is now. The amiable gesture of our leaders in embracing peace, cohesion and reconciliation is most plausible.

The recent peace tours engineered by our president and the intention to form a transition government of national unity is a foundation to right direction. This is the time to dream big and get our great nation off its wasteful knees of poverty, disease and instability.

This is the time to empower our people with roads, electricity, schools, medical facilities and create jobs for our youths.

This is the time to harness partnerships with economic blocks and foreign states to make best the opportunities in our land. This is the opportune time to start again.

We have started and failed in the past, but we have the faith and hope to get it right this time round. Our women need not fail in their stores for lack of food, amidst agriculture and cattle rearing, our men ought not to weaken in the battlefields but should find pleasure in working in the farm side and providing for their families.

No more should our brothers be laid to rest for losing lives in the struggle and our uncles lay en masse in their tombs, for the reason for which we fought is here with us today, Freedom To Think, Freedom To Decide, Freedom To Shape Our Future.

Let us all bury the hatchet and counterfeit ahead in brotherhood. For in reality, looking behind of the gains we made out of the battle, the decision embrace hate will be self-defeating and wasteful.

Let us all never forget that greatness of a nation lies to its fidelity to its constitution and its adherence to the rule of law and above all to the fear of God. (Maranga David).

There is hope for our great country, there is nothing false about hope.

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