The Effects of Debasing Phenomenon of Derogatory Facebook Live-Videos on the Social Fabric of our Society

Posted: July 21, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

The Debasing Phenomenon of Derogatory Facebook Live-Videos and Its Adverse Effects on the Social Fabric of our Society

By Deu Lueth Ader, Juba, South Sudan

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Sunday, July 21, 19 (PW) — Practically social media has created an enormous paradigm shift in what types of stories are considered such as some meaningful home videos that are conducted by individuals to disseminate the messages of events around the globe at a very less cost in terms of time and other resources provided that one accesses internet wherever he/she is. Therefore; in this concept a Facebook and other social media could be seen as platforms that foster social cohesion and interaction.

However; a paradoxical comprehension of its core and deviating the trajectory it was invented or meant for is profoundly regrettable and alarming. I and many more thought that the Facebook live videos were meant to be forums that foster issues pertinent to social cohesion but yet another instrument that instigates hatred and engenders further divisions among the communities!

Seemingly, a capricious use of live videos as the order of the day that serves no purpose is not only shocking but also monotonous thereby making it a curse in disguise rather than a blessing expected from the technological advancement. The live videos’ chauvinists must know that addressing the community issues in a manner, which hurts or creates uproar among the people, is detrimental and counter-productive in the long run.

The hate speech against the communities coupled with the character assassination of certain personalities seemed to be deeply entrenched among the South Sudanese communities abroad. It has been realized with deep concern that some of those who are seen to be so instrumental in making unity among the people have now been frustrated and demoralised by the Facebook-live-videos hawks.  

It’s hypothetically deemed that being in the West earns you some degrees of respect unlike those who are bearing the brunt of civil unrest back at home because those who have gone to western countries are expected to have acquired and emulated western life that doesn’t engage or dwell on the petty politics of sectarianism which has been embedded in us but the assumption is proven erroneous though through the confided behaviours of certain groups among them.

Being equally civilized and educated do not coalesce with embroiling in just communities’ futile gimmicks, conversely devising an approach that helps the communities to thrive in socio-economic development is desperately needed and welcomed and desist from concocting the situation that impedes the peoples’ progress in achieving unity among themselves.   

The diaspora group should have been the quintessential role model in educating their respective constituencies on how best and harmoniously they could live but the opposite has completely eclipsed what is expected of them, pathetic! The Facebook live video is a technological blessing to the entire world because it’s through which an informed programs could be initiated and circulated to engulf everyone concerned as quick as needed.

Hence, the cultural awareness which is the most intricate factor to those abroad remains a nagging issue to address and that some trivial live videos which focus primarily on individuals should have better been geared towards finding an optimal avenue to empower the young generation and inform them about their culture and originality.

This goes without saying that some of the caring volunteers who are now engaging in cultural awareness must be thanked for their unstinting staunchness, they are making the wonderful and successful headway by educating young kids on how to learn their cultural practices such as dancing and singing songs, these are the informative programs that we all cherish. The credit at the end goes to those who have dedicated their valuable times coaching the children about their culture.     

It’s also imperative to bring to your attention that observing social norms is inevitably indispensable; self-respect and maintenance of social values in a respectful society are not enforced by the legal sanctions but are guided by the morality ingrained in the blood. It should be noted that South Sudan is already mired in a circle of communal violence and the hate speech embedded in some peoples’ daily live videos exacerbates the already soured situation.

And on the same token, the leaders of diaspora groups must bear in mind that the complicity comes always when the leader circumvents or goes mute from addressing the problems engendered or arising from the very group he/she claims to lead. There has been a complete mayhem on live videos that target communities and personalities, and yet the leaders’ position has always been equivocal, the leadership style could be proven splendid when the leader takes a bold decision to reprimand those who use the community position to tarnish other communities or group without being authorized.

It’s only the leader of certain community or group by virtue of his legitimate position that is allowed by the internal rules and regulations to speak for the community whether for bad or good and face the consequence of his/her utterances ultimately.

However, if these unscrupulous individuals are allowed to wreak havoc among south Sudanese communities then the south Sudanese leaders will be seen as the one who have actually given them a green light to do so. So my appeal is for the leaders to act such that they extricate themselves from being accused of complicity.

Deu Lueth Ader is a Master’s degree holder in Educational Management at Northeast Normal University – China. The views expressed in this article are squarely an author’s opinion and can be reach via or

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