God takes back the wealth that has been obtained in dishonest or illegal ways

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By Majok Arol Dhieu—–The carted horse, South Sudan

Sabina Dario Lokolong, deputy minister for humanitarian affairs and disaster management, Nov 2011

Friday, August 16, 2019 (PW) — intelligent with your money isn’t only about investing and budgeting, but it’s also about getting to know your attitudes, beliefs and values around your money. The man who is careful with money can be called as” well disciplined”. 

Money itself, or it morally pursuit is not evil; neither is wealth, it’s a ruthless in pursuit of money that can lead anyone down a destructive path.  The story below might interest an avid reader and be informed that the understanding of this story falls between two stools – it’s too difficult for layperson but not detailed enough for an advanced academician.

We go: David was a government employee in the capacity of a tax inspector at the ministry of finance. As we all know that tax inspectors are tasked with ensuring that all government and organization staff and commercial companies pay correct amounts of taxes due within the prescribed deadlines. A tax inspector scrutinizes tax returns, carries out investigations on any naughty business, follows the said naughty business up with a visit to the offending taxpayer’s premises, and takes it all the way to court where necessary.

However, this wasn’t the case with David. Instead, he was a stone-faced employee who’d faked an account with a bank in the name of national government’s revenues and made all taxpayers to deposit taxes into it. He did this in collaboration with bank officials and used his powers to threaten all commercial enterprises to do as directed. David became rich as fast as an unmanned spacecraft. He earned thousands of dollars in a day, an amount he could have walked away with, in the minimum period of ten years.

David untidiness in controlling himself when he pocketed a lot of money drives him crazy within five years of his employment in the ministry of finance. He has been bull-headed by having enough money to buys plots of land without first follow up the legal procedures.

More unpleasantly, David jumps into conflicts those that are too far away from his path by providing one party to the conflict that he favoured with enough cash to squeeze and grind the other party.  He went as far to pay the whole bride-price, if a person he had been holding in contempt or his opponents in business compete with another competitor over a girl.

His main agenda was to cause downfall to others and was noticed all over the towns and in the villages that he had many other half-witted activities he participated in, mostly, range of crimes from blackmailing-to-falsehoods-to-racketeering-to-mongering-to-bribes-and-even-to-hires a gang of armed robbers against others.

After a couple of years, his being a bad lot went up and his condition worsened by his stored up troubles. His wife Mary, who gave birth to triplets, contracted pulmonary fibrosis and was hospitalized. This needs cash.

One of his triplets has died, transported home for burial and two others were tested with genetic gestational diabetes at the age of seven years. This needs a lot of cash.

All his four allotment forms for residential areas which were identified by the land registrar in the database system to have carried the same names were countermanded and he was summoned to appear before court for having many plots in the same town. His enemies who were seeking to revenge phoned the land registrar not to compromise him and to come out clearly that having two plots of land is annulled.

He’d paid a lot of money to land registrar in order for his name to be changed and replaced with the names of his sons, but all his attempts were not a feather in his cap. In the process of all these, heaps of problems flooded him day by day to the extent that David felt as if he’d been punched in the gut.

One of his fateful days, his friend Steve who was with him in the counterfeiting and money laundering business got into hot water by being caught with fake unused bank notes and a money-making-machine. When the matter was investigated, Steve was found to have been in the business with many people and all were collected in, including David.

David, Steve and many others faced charges of grand theft by embezzlement and forgery and were sentenced to life imprisonment leaving behind many deteriorating conditions unsolved in their families.

Moral of the story:

Proverbs states that “dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow” (13:11, NIV).


First of all, some aspects of this story are potentially disturbing, so if you are sensitive, read it at your own discretion. Sorry if this story has targeted a good population all over our country, but I’ve the best organizational skills in writing to confined in a room where thieves have invaded. The “names” aren’t exact, but the characters are real. So, be informed that if you are call Steve, or David, or Mary, there is nothing intended for you, but if you have such characters without being called by such names, then, the stone has fallen on you.

You can reach the author via his email: Majok Arol Dhieu majongaroldit@gmail.com

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