What is in the Name: Gasaba is a given name to Tuongthi and Tuongdit at Adar, Northern Upper Nile State

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An Open Letter to Hon. Elia Ullan Jongo, Member of TNLA in Juba, South Sudan

By Michael Chol Tor, Juba, South Sudan

South Sudan in Turmoil, courtesy of the Gov’t, IO, G-10, other opposition groups and UNMISS

Thursday, August 29, 2019 (PW) — It is an unproven fact! One of your most professional work in life is the misleading desires and cuckolded power to influence weaken hearts with wrong evidences. Hon. Awow Daniel Chuang was absolutely truthful on his words about the newly explored wells as he stated it in August 20th 2019. It marks a big fibber when you circulate admixed reports by assumption and hypothesis.

Gasaba is a given name to Tuongthi and Tuongdit and Jemeza is a given term to Lojak, Kalja and Akuot villages by Petrodar Operating Company (PDOC). It is located between Adar, Gumry OBC (s) and Athieng. It also located at Adar OBC-West, Athieng-South and Gumry OBC Southeast. These truths are milestone that marked the truly directionality of the Area since British’s days.

Adar (Wunamom) is a located in Melut-East, which lies on the Nile and the West of Ethiopia. The River Yaal, which drains the Machar Marshes, flows through the region in Northwest direction to the Nile formerly to Melut. The Khor Machar’s swamps lay a triangle North Sobat-River and East-Nile.

It flooded during the Wet Season a year that extend 6500 Square Kilometers. The swamps fed by heavy rainfall and torrents from Ethiopia foothills, which extend 200 Kilometers (120mi) along Eastern border and spill water channels from Sobat.

They were the most inhabited areas by then by four (4) Nyiel clans 1884. They mainly cultivated crops and raise cattle in Riverine pastures, or graze-land along the East bank of Yaal (River) up-to River-Nile, although they usually find unconventional pasturage along Yaal on the edge of marshlands.

The four natives shared common goals and live together. To my surprise, you have publicized unstudied and unwell-founded letter of clarification to Hon. Minister of Petroleum in The Dawn Newspaper, Wednesday August 28th 2019.

Finally, you would have verified your inefficiency letter of clarification first to evade discreditable. To put it clearly, you are representing (3) constituency centers Maban, Melut and Jelhak in TNLA as MP and you don’t know your constituencies border? What make you tribalize is to deceived public with baseless and inaccurate information, though you know it very well that you are extremely deceitful and faithless.

The result, may go against your way of thinking to admit the truths that you have learnt from this article compare to your baseless, unsupported and unjustifiable letter of clarification.

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