Instability in Africa: The imperative for Africa intellectuals to collaborate in uniting Africa

Posted: September 5, 2019 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Deng Madut Akech, Juba, South Sudan

The true size of Africa

Wednesday, September 5, 2019 (PW) — It’s imperative for Africa intellectuals to collaborate in uniting Africa and deal with the rebel’s group in the continent. Africans always scapegoat themselves for failing to end wars and conflict, but you don’t see the wars instigators/ringleaders within and outside our nations. Sometimes I see us blaming the colonial agencies that’s operating in Africa or colonialism for destabilising Africa, we must prove it right. What can we do right to know that European countries and America are destroying Africa?

To answer the above question, you must deeply understand the roots cause of the conflicts throughout the continent. Africans fought the European to get their nations back, which they did to have freedom and equality among themselves, especially in Congo, when Patrice Lumumba was assassinated on 17 January, in 1961. It was vicious and heinous crime plots made by Belgium and USA against Congolese when they natives needed him for the betterment of Congo and Africa at large.

I think Lumumba was a nationalist himself, but the West saw him as a major threat to them as the Congo was rich with minerals. Congo haven’t test democracy and social progress, because far nations still benefiting in Congolese resources daily. In my view, Patrice’s assassination was well coordinated and well planned by Belgium and allies to weaken Congo economically.

In April 1884, the US recognised the claimed made by King Leopold ll of the Belgians to the Territories of Congo Basin. With the support by the world super power, Belgium took the Congo over. The US had benefited enormously using uranium from Congolese mine– and they manufactured atomic bomb which destroyed Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  It was now pulsating that African were prevented to have control over the raw materials as it ensued in Congo.

Congo still in darkness today as the US and Belgium are still using the resources from Congolese land to enrich themselves and mostly benefited from Congo. In 1958, African leaders saw Patrice Lumumba when he attended African People Conference in Accra Ghana as he was inspired by Pan Africanism goals hoping for freedom and African unity. Currently, Congo remained one of the most treacherous country on Earth, because army groups are still active in eastern Congo. 

The Coltan Congo mining had funded Democratic Republic of Congo to continuously see a systematic looting of resources by foreign masters. Coltan reached its peak which began 10 years ago when the technologies industries have highest demand of coltan for mobile phones and other electronic devices. Sadly, the role of the International Community failed to bring in peace while they still buying coltan from the rebels’ groups as rebellious and exploitation continued.

Outstandingly, greediness of coltan, corruption, mismanagement, minerals conflict and mishandling of resources in Congo cannot allow Congolese people to cease minerals conflict. If they Congolese people have control over their resources, Congo would be another food basket of Africa as many prophesied it. Many resources including copper, diamond, petroleum, gold, zinc, cobalt and sliver are also part of the conflict happening in Congo.  So, the imperialism/expansionism of Belgium in Congo destroyed the progress of that very rich nation in Africa, while Congolese themselves continue to fight minerals conflict.

We need Africa nationalism back, unification of hearts, end borders, one currency to compete with the wider world to help creating Africans economic growth. To conclude, African leaders must end conflict and halt rebels who are fighting bloodiest brutal wars within our regions.  Those who take weaponries to fight chosen leaders don’t have clear vision, goals or ideology, but mowing down innocent civilians who have nothing to do with the government.

Africans pandemonium cannot be blamed on Europeans, but leaders who have no vision must take the blames for not taking the lead in uniting our people and develop the continent.

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  1. Unkonwnmouthmen says:

    Just a right problem diagnose and the medicines is African leaders to change their selfish acts and adhere to the ideals in which millions of African nationals died for.

    That Europeans Satanic practices of dividing us and steal our resources is largely seen in our political quagmire today, but as you rightly put it, no up right man in his full sense can raised up and kill his biological brother and start throwing blame to the sender, why first concerns to that deplorable act?
    Still there is always a hope that a generation like our founding fathers who advocate for Pan Africanism will once against make a positive reverse of content best ideals. They Kill our liberators leaving only traitors and West clone at the helm of African affairs. Dr. John vs Dr Riak/KIIR vs Patrice vs Mobutu sese seko.




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