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Respond to Cartoonist Mr. Kangi Achom: You Seem Not to be Aware of the Revolutionary Struggle and the SPLA/M Red Army Veterans

By Abraham Majak Makur, Juba, South Sudan

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September 26, 2016 (SSB) — Yesterday, I came across a cartoon sarcastically drawn by Kangi Achom and published by The Dawn Newspaper on 16th September, 2016, Vol. 1, issue No. 170. On the satirical cartoon in question, Mr. Kangi Achom, depicted the Red Army as an old man insulting a young man saying: “stay away from me you lost boy.” Don’t speak to me, I’m from Red Army.” The young man on his part responded by saying “Mmm! How comes an old man like you be a Red Army?” Of the bet, Lost Boys and Girls are a constituency with the Red Army, meaning they are also Red Army – as majority of them participated in Red Army Service during the liberation struggle.

Mr. Kangi’s depiction of the Red Army on his cartoon is not only misplaced but an utter mockery of the true historical context and meaning of the SPLM/A Red Army. Neither the old man nor the young man depicted on the cartoon said anything close to what the Red Army is. On the outset, I would inform Mr. Kangi Achom and the general public that the Red Army were young veterans of the revolutionary struggle, currently organized under the Red Army Foundation and many of whom are serving in armed forces.

The purpose of this piece is to try and educate both Mr. Kangi Achom and reading public of the historical background of the SPLM/A Red Army. The Red Army is not an entity that mysteriously appeared after the signature of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005. In many occasions, I have heard people asking what the Red Army is and what it stands for.


Do you know CDR Gabriel Jok Riak was SPLA Commander who fought as foot soldier in liberation war (1983 -2005)

By David Aoloch Bion, Bor, Jonglei state

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September 26, 2016 (SSB) —- CDR Gabriel Jok Riak had planned, commanded, executed and participated as foot soldier in 23 battles of SPLM/SPLA against Sudan government in the liberation war from 1983 to 2005. He was critically wounded three times and slightly wounded four times.

CDR Jok was trained at Bilpam in Jumus Battalion, attended Shield one cadet and went Cuba for military course. He was given fire baptism at the Battles of Jokou and Nasir in 1984 at the rank of CPL and 2nd Lt.

 In 1989, as Captain, he commanded a coy in the battle of Nasir where he was wounded at the leg. In 1991, he commanded a coy in the battle of Payom at Panyagor in Twic East when the SPLA Torit was fighting the SPLA Nasir, at Payom he was wounded at the leg.


By Dr. Ayii Ayii Madut, Juba, South Sudan


The late Akook Ngor, one of the medical students at the Kajo-Keji Health Training Institute who were killed after they were identified to be MTN=Dinka

September 25 (SSB) —- Why a medical student trainees would be killed just because of his ethnicity? A case of Kajo-Keji Health Training Institute, I never wrote and worried when I heard MTN a code for a Dinka being used to kill on the major roads that lead in and out of Equatoria region, because if MTN is going everywhere than there is a need to reduce the distant it should go so it was up to those who choose a MTN line which goes everywhere when there are other lines like Vivacell, Zain etc.

I never wrote and worried when I heard some Dinka men were caught and given option to be sodomized or be killed on the road to Bahr el Ghazal, yes might be others want to proof that they are more men than them. I never wrote and worried when I heard some Kraal of cattle had been shot at and later exchanges of gun fire took lives of both human and animals because in the first place why would a cattle keeper travel all the way from Upper Nile or Bahr el Ghazal just to grazed his animals on some one’s farm in Equatoria region, leaving the grass in his/her home state.


By John Deng Ateny, Perth, Western Australia


Your need food, seriously?

September 25, 2016 (SSB) — South Sudan national economy mainly depend on the nation’s extraordinary mineral wealth, especially on petroleum. Maintaining resources reliance economy requires new discoveries. Effective national exploration, data acquisition and minerals distribution is required to provide ongoing economic prosperity. South Sudan has only limited geological work and this work is either unrecorded or locked away in former masters’ archives.

More geological survey needs to be done to continue resource and reserve upgrade. Unfortunately, there is non-existence financial investment, lack of related legislations, political instability and other threats, in including the presence of active landmines. South Sudan is still categorised Greenfield. Majority of land remain virgin despite oil discovery and ongoing active work in other areas.







By Amer Mayen Dhieu, Brisbane, Australia

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September 24, 2016 (SSB) —- Sexism- the very so offensive notion that emotionally, logically and practically explain the way states and non-nation states see and perceive women. Jonglei state, the previous largest state in the Upper Nile region which has recently been subdivided into four mini-states, one of which has been allocated to the four sub- sections of the Dinka community—the Bor Dinka, the Twic Dinka, the Nyarweng Dinka and the Hol Dinka.

These sub-sections of Dinka are well known for decency, open-mindedness and the respect toward their women and children. Many old and young men of these sections have suffered and died in many wars in the name of protecting their women, children and elderly. These and many others portray their determination to see their women live in absolute freedom, free of rape, killings and many other insecurities. However, this does not mean that they have done enough to promote the welfare and dignity of women in Jonglei state.


By David Matiop Gai, Juba, South Sudan

John Garang

John Garang’s prophecy

September 24, 2016 (SSB) — The republic of south Sudan doesn’t want to treat mental disabilities that had happened to the public for many years. May be the word mental health services seem to this nation (people) as a minor case. If it is so, who is a man or a woman in South Sudan without brain/mind and problems associated with? And if the word mental health is a term confusing our little knowledge with/of biological and social science studies, just call it psycho-social.

The word psycho: mean crazy, insane, slang, or a combining form representing psyche (psychological) and psychological (psychoanalysis) in compound words. The Greek origin “psyche” means breath, spirit, soul, akin, mind, mental activities of a person. The word social: mean relating to society, relating to interaction of people, relating to living in a community. Social refers to characteristics of living organism of human society, interaction, applied to population, and human behaviors.


By Amb. Joseph Ayok Anei, Juba, South Sudan

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September 24, 2016 (SSB) — The government of the Republic of South Sudan, in principle, welcomes the deployment of United Nations Protection Force in to the Country, so long as all the outstanding logistical and administrative concerns are cleared, i.e. the parameters of ‘where and how’ the force will be engaged. In any case, with reference to the engagement of UN peace keeping forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda before the Genocide of 1992, and Somalia, increase of the force will not change the political situation on the ground.

It has been advised in the past, and it won’t harm to remind again the World that the South African Model of bringing a nation together after long and bitter internal divide is ‘Rainbow’ Coalition Government Model, concurrent with having Truth and Reconciliation in process, that is encouraged and supported by the International Community. UNMISS and the international peace lovers are urged to support these indigenous efforts and models in that the young country, South Sudan is trying to embrace.


By John Deng Ateny, Perth, Western Australia

Map of Jonglei state

Map of Jonglei state

September 24, 2016 (SSB) — According to United States Geological Survey USGS, water is one of the nation most valuable natural resources. It is involved in all aspects of human life. Water has many societal benefits, it is the source of drinking water, home to a number flora and fauna and it support national economy.

However, for the resource that is so widely used, so important to human health and very vital to national economy, it is one of the resources that is poorly understood and misconceived in South Sudan. So misconceived is it, that its occurrence and the related projects; Jonglei Canal Project (JCP) are still shrouded with conspiracies and misinformation today.

National water supply is a combination of surface and ground water, but in case of South Sudan, the main source of water is River Nile. While there are number of ground water reservoirs, lack of knowledge, negligence, lack of initiatives and nonexistence underground water survey and robust hydrological models has contributed to over reliance on rivers.


South Sudanese ousted vice president, Dr Riek Machar, is increasingly becoming a pariah in the region with Ethiopia now declining to give him asylum, while Sudan is restricting his political activities. Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, in a media interview on the sideline of the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York this week, said that Addis Ababa “does not need someone who is leading an armed struggle on its soil.”

By FRED OLUOCH, September 23   2016

South Sudanese ousted vice president, Dr Riek Machar, is increasingly becoming a pariah in the region with Ethiopia now declining to give him asylum, while Sudan is restricting his political activities.


By Ajang Barach-Magar – Nairobi, Kenya


George Clooney with President Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar and VP James Wani Igga

September 23, 2016 (SSB) —- Some reputable Historians posit that when the people of South Sudan went to vote in the historic referendum in 2011, a staggering 2.2 million South Sudanese had died and millions of others displaced as a result of the conflict between the North and the South. This is an eternal reminder that our independence was an incredibly costly affair.

Now we have a country. But what are we doing with it? How, for one, will the slain heroes who helped in laying its foundations judge us if they were to rise from their graves tomorrow? Is what we currently have close to what we and our ancestors envisioned?

In the 2014 Corruption report, South Sudan ranked 171 out of 175 countries. A highly placed insider of South Sudanese political affairs observed that a cabal of elite emerged as soon as the prospects of implementation of the CPA increasingly became a reality. This elite then built monstrous cartels whose heads reside in Juba but with tentacles spread to East Africa, Europe, The United States and Australia. Consequently, resources that would have gone to construction of roads, health facilities, schools, modernization of agriculture and exploitation of hydrocarbons – are continually plundered and stashed into individual accounts. Even foreign aid is not spared.


By Wol Deng Atak, Nairobi, Kenya


lost boys with Commander Salva Kiir, near Magoth, between Kapoeta and Narus, 1991

September 23, 2016 (SSB) —- The debate whether Kiir and his co-competitor, Dr. Riek Machar, in violence for wealth gains and power could set the nation engulfed by power free. Would it in anyway serve the best interest of the nation if both men leave active politics? I think their exit is a remedy to South Sudan political crisis because their actions continue to generate recipes to crisis. Firstly, in pursuit of complete dictatorship, President Kiir turned state security into regime protection or his personal protection force to the misery of the citizens.

He has completely squeezed media space forcing it to only parrot government’s propaganda or remain muted to avoid forced closure. On the other hand, professional associations like lawyers association is controlled, debates prohibited even within academic premises. The above situation is enforced that even parliamentary deliberations are reduced to a mere rubber stamp to avoid Kiir dismissing decree. Riek is no better either. He ran the IO like his private company giving no space for difference voices. He would be another Kiir if not worst than him if Riek ascends to presidency.


By Clement Angui Deng, Juba, South Sudan


Demo-cracy or Demo-crazy?

September 23, 2016 (SSB) —- The enemies of peace in South Sudan are exploiting the unfounded fear of majority tyranny. When Alex de Tocqueville, talked about democracy and majority tyranny in his book entitle “Democracy in America”, he was not talking about the misguided tribal majority that cannot control and owned anything tangible over other tribes. However, He was talking about white majority settlers who took over entire continent of United Stated of America and owned the land in exclusion of indigenous the Red Indian and black minorities. Political involvement for minorities in America at the time when the writer wrote his book was next to impossible.

Do South Sudan majority tribes meet this kind of description? I doubt, South Sudan post-referendum did not have space to write the law that make it resemble the above description of majority tyranny. They only claim where Dinka and Nuer tribes dominated is the SPLA and this happened through individual volunteering and brutal commandeering by the SPLA during the liberation war, which did not happened to many areas of some small tribes. Now the army is no longer a volunteer movement. Therefore, South Sudanese communities could discuss the joining of the army if a political will is allow to replace war. The new national army that reflect a percentage of our communities as the current chief of general staff Paul Malong, suggested in one of his speeches recently.


14 County commissioners sworn into office, Governor warns of amalgamation of failed counties

By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei State

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September 23, 2016 (SSB) — The 14 most celebrated County Commissioners of Jonglei State, three deputy Mayors, chairperson of newly created economic development commission have been sworn into office Friday following their appointment last week as governor warns of amalgamation of non active Counties if services are not delivered to the common people.

Aguer administration has all the legitimacy to implement document from the council of states signed by the president of the republic of South Sudan Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit recommended by the South Sudan council of states endorsed by local government board rather than the community base initiative.

The government of Jonglei had every-reason to have delayed the establishment of counties and appointment of their commissioners since the beginning of the year because the council of states surprise Jonglei state with 14 counties instead of 11 initially proposed counties and that had to be studied critically.


By Thiik Mou Giir, Melbourne, Australia


The swearing in ceremony of Gen. Taban Deng Ghai as the First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, photo by Maal Maker Thiong on July 26th, 2016, J-1, Juba

September 22, 2016 (SSB) — In my last article, I mentioned that the community leaders met in my house in June 18/16, in Melbourne, Australia, and agreed to open a new page and to work in collaboration to serve all community members well, but then violence broke out in July in Juba, South Sudan.  From each point of violence in South Sudan, there arouse a mighty wave of hatred and spread swiftly across the world and it came to Melbourne and washed away what the leaders had agreed upon and had planned to carry out.

It is an amazing coincidence the very same day in which shooting erupted in J1 in Juba was also the day when my family and friends celebrated our wedding anniversary and my daughter’s birthday.  It is true that our daughter’s birthday falls on the same day of our wedding day.  Every year we celebrate a dual joyous event.  This year in Melbourne we celebrated at the backdrop of tragic events in South Sudan.


By Yach Atiop Yach, Juba, South Sudan


Sabina Dario Lokolong, deputy minister for humanitarian affairs and disaster management, Nov 2011

September 22, 2016 (SSB) — If titles were used as mean of prestige, many in South Sudan won’t have shortage at all cost but some are trying and they are getting rich because of their titles. However people in this country have used this opportunity to dream at any night or day and dared to achieve these dreams to rise to any position he/she deemed at the shortest time possible.

One of the mean of achieving this title is by opposing the government. One waited for some time and decided to join rebellion, waited for negotiated peace or president’s amnesty and come back with major rank of his/her choice when none was close to that rank before opting to rebel against the state. In the end, this rank does so little to him/her rather than being referred to only for some, while others who have played their cards benefits more.


By Mijok Dongwei Akier, Juba, South Sudan

kiir vs Garang

Salva Kiir in the shoe of Dr. John Garang

September 22, 2016 (SSB) — “Riek Machar is technically under our custody. Sudan government promised us they will surrender him to us when we expel Sudanese rebels,” says Amb. Gordon Buay. I do not means to attacks anyone nor vilified anybody. I just wanted to clarify somethings to likes of Amb. Gordon Buay.

My position is clear from the starts to end; that am the big supporter of Constitution of South Sudan and believer of democratic transition of leadership in South Sudan. And Supporter of the Government of South Sudan. But, that doesn’t hold me as a beholden to not point out the facts and redirected you to right direction from disorientation.


A rebutal to an article published by Juba Monitor on 20 Sept 2016 by Ambassador Peter Modison Yugu

By Malith Alier, Juba, South Sudan


September 22, 2016 (SSB) — I take this chance to respond to an article published by Juba Monitor on Tuesday 20, 2016 by one ambassador, H.E. Peter Modison Yugu under the above title.

Ambassadors should be people of character and integrity. That is why they’re referred to as “excellencies” in the first place. They’re next to the president since they are personal representatives of the person of the president and the country at large to foreign nations around the globe. This is generally to say that they should be the least to mislead the public.

I’m not here to argue about whether the president is lowly or highly paid and I’m not also arguing about various reports either by African Union like the one by Obasanjo, the UN and or the Sentry reports just out on the 12 this month of September. What I’m going to rebut is the comparisons which seemed to be out of proportions.


It is inconceivable that Riek Machar can be successfully sidelined and then completely confined into political oblivion outside the country.

By PaanLuel Wël, Juba, South Sudan


September 21, 2016 (SSB) — Salva Kiir wants Riek Machar dead and gone, but has no clue how to achieve that; Riek Machar wants Salva Kiir dead and gone, but has no clue how to achieve that; the international community wants both leaders gone but has no clue how to do exactly that without turning South Sudan into Libya-II, Iraq-II, Afghanistan-II, Somalia-II etc. We all want South Sudan to be peaceful, stable and prosperous, but we have no clue how to do just that.

But first, is the SPLM-IO meeting in Khartoum over or still underway? Of the big heavyweights that graced the leadership of the SPLM-IO in early 2013 up to mid-2014, how many attended? When the SPLM-Nasir was formed, the internal contradictions and leadership wrangling of the mother SPLM followed and killed it. Essentially, the same fate might befall the SPLM-IO, for the very internal contradictions and leadership wrangling within the ruling party in Juba has followed, cornered, and is now strangling the SPLM-IO into premature, painful death.