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Ajang Barach-Magar, Juba, South Sudan

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September 8, 2017 (SSB) — You look at South Sudanese’s penchant for polygamy and siring of numerous offsprings and this question becomes more relevant than ever before. In his remarkably impressive book “The Future of Life”, Edward O. Wilson formulated a related version of this question. He then attempted to address it by postulating that humans’ unquenchable urge to reproduce would ultimately lead us to overpopulate the planet, eat up all its resources and die in a mass famine.  So, when are South Sudan’s food reserves running out? When will this country become too small to host her estimated 15 million inhabitants?

Well, at this point in time, we ought to be producing more than we can consume. Besides, there is more than sufficient space for everyone. Yes as a society, our economy is precariously teetering on the brink of collapse while our major towns are grappling with choking overcrowding. But it must be remembered that every last one of these woes is self-inflicted. They are not a reflection of the country’s inadequate capacity to feed or support all of us.



By Ajang Barach-Magar, Nairobi, Kenya

300 child soldiers released in South Sudan

War children of South Sudan

April 9, 2017 (SSB) — Over the past few years, I ‘ve watched Twic East Girls Scholarship Program (TEGSP) with utter exasperation as it sprouted and gained ground. For anyone who may not be conversant with it, TEGSP is a girls-only scholarship program where preference is given exclusively to girls of Twi ethnic origin. Boys and other non-preferred groups are never considered as potential recipients.

To be lucidly clear from the outset, what I am challenging is the overt discrimination of male children and their subsequent exclusion. TEGSP is so deeply misguided. On their occasionally dysfunctional website, they do not provide any passionately and thoroughly reasoned grounds for their absurd decision to enlist the education of girls as their only priority. Perhaps, it is inevitable that anyone would encounter ridiculous difficulties trying to justify such an archetypal act of misandry.

Nevertheless, some of those who support it ~ chiefly Twi Community in the Australian state of Queensland, ‘ve attempted to rationalize their discriminatory gender criterion. It is unrelievedly surprising that hundreds of adult males and females – a mini society in its own right, but one at its absolute mediocrity, can be so derisively passive, irrationally insensitive or both.


By Ajang Barach-Magar, Dar es Salaam – Tanzania


January 29, 2017 (SSB) — There is no law that prohibits publishing of false or bogus information. In a civilized society, however, doing this should attract dire retributions for those who indulge in it. The nature of punishment can range from constant questioning of the integrity of the culprit’s research to premature termination of their careers.

As they say, my desire is not to track the fall of every sparrow. I have seen a few remarks made in the past and it looks like time is nigh to set the record straight regarding a few factors surrounding the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV/AIDS). The origin of HIV/AIDS is a controversial one. One account holds that it originally plagued monkeys.

The simian immunodeficiency virus or SIV which is the Chimpanzee equivalent of HIV is believed to have mutated into the virus we know it today. Humans might have come into contact with the infected blood of the hunted chimpanzees mainly via accidental cuts. Not much was known about it until 1981 when it was first reported among gay couples in the United States.


By Ajang Barach-Magar, Nairobi, Kenya


Those who read “A Treatise on Feminism” and were rattled by views expressed therein might interpret this latest one as somewhat of a deliberate redoubling of an offense.

November 13, 2016 (SSB) — As the Latin says, “non sum dignus” (I’m not worth it), every time I stumble up on a curious cohort of fellow men trying to unravel an economic, social, philosophical or scientific puzzle, I wonder whether I truly deserve a pop at existence during this extraordinary era when humanity regularly makes ambivalent strides in a quest to immortalize our civilization.

Dear reader, I wish to categorically state that this article seeks to reopen debate about gender relations. Those who read “A Treatise on Feminism” and were rattled by views expressed therein might interpret this latest one as somewhat of a deliberate redoubling of an offense. But you can rest assured that the writer is not your average Uncle Tom or Jerry who takes delight at trivializing an important public column where only provocative thoughts should be shared.

Others who either concur with my arguments or flap around in the middle certainly have divergent perspective. Wherever you are, all I request from you is to accord me a space to clearly state my case ~ i.e carefully evaluate the veracity of the matters raised, discard what you deem frivolous and retain whatever survives your criticism. At that juncture, the ball will firmly be in your court. You can decide to agree or disagree with me at any scale that befits your logic. That is up to you.