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Community policing or policing the community: The challenges and prospects of community policing in South Sudan

By Akuot Aquila Apiu, Juba, South Sudan

Jonglei state Director of traffic police Col Solomon Mabior Ruar on fouth independence day picture by Mach Samuel

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 (PW) — Community oriented policing is a proactive philosophy that promotes solving problems that are either criminal, affect the quality of life, or increase citizens fear of crime. It involves identifying, analyzing and addressing community problems at their source. Strategies involve in community policing include community partnership, problem solving and change management. However, in South Sudan, we are saddled with major challenges of policing.

These are manpower shortage; inadequate funding, corruption, inadequate logistic support and infrastructure, lack of serviceable information and technological equipment to cover all the areas of the State are responsible for the current state of the police. Therefore, it is recommended that there should be serious retraining towards attitudinal change and professional efficiency and proficiency among both the rank and file and other officer cadre of the police.

Community policing is anchored on a systematic relationship between the police and the entire citizenry. Police roles and functions are not simply law enforcement but also include tackling a huge range of community problems. The transition from traditional policing to community policing is a global phenomenon and the South Sudan police cannot be an exception. Indeed, community policing as a philosophy and practice is a veritable vehicle for police reforms.


A thin line between a gift and a bribe: My few years experiences with South Sudan police service

By 1st Lt Akuot Aquila Apiu Garang, Juba, South Sudan

Traffic police in Bor, Solomon Mabior Ruar

Jonglei state Director of traffic police Col Solomon Mabior Ruar on fouth independence day picture by Mach Samuel

April 7, 2018 (SSB) — Police officers in any country are a reflection of the society, in other words, if you would want to know a given society, look at its police force. Someone once said “people get the kind of government they deserve” I would want to add that people will always get the kind of police force they deserve.

A poorly trained, lowly paid, ill-equipped, always criticized but never appreciated police force will more often than not be riddled with corruption, brutality and all forms of abuse of human rights.

The police department is a service-oriented organization. We provide service to the people to defend their persons and their property and to enable them to live in peace and pursue their lawful activities without hindrance, People pay taxes to the government expecting it to provide them with peace (security) and liberty (freedom), in order to pursue happiness as grantee in the national constitution.


By Akuot Aquila Apiu Garang , Juba, South Sudan  


February 26, 2017 (SSB) — NOTE: This piece is not a child of fiction or a gift from the land of imagination. It is a true life story that happened to a dear friend @ University of Juba Atlabara campus some years back. I derive so much interest in it that I sought his permission to write about it and tell it to friends. He granted that permission today with two conditions: that nobody should laugh about it and that his identity should not be revealed. Enjoy.

It was one of those lovely nights at the love lane in the University of Juba, Atlabara campus; the milieu was blessed by a mishmash of cool gentle wind and the creaking of insects. It was a romance with nature for the single gentlemen and ladies to sit quietly and savour the indescribable beauty of the ever-green lawn, jumbled with the sound of their favorite tracks that would leave one with an expression that the much talked about paradise could not be better than the moment.

As for those at the lane with their potential partners, night was obviously better than day as no amount of eye dilation could tell who was holding who so tight. Also, the third category comprised of the searchers. The actor in this story went for a search on that lovely night; I went with him all in the spirit of comradeship.