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By Duom Peter, Changsha, China


February 15, 2017 (SSB) — All International Days we used to celebrate were invented. The Yoga’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day, Teachers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Japan’s Annual Penis Festival Day, and many other International Days were all invented.

What is Kaman?

The word Kaman in Dinka means Visitor. Therefore, Kaman’s Day or Visitor’s Day is the day of recognizing the importance of Kaman or visitor(s) in our society. It’s a day of inviting visitor (s) whether a child, neighbour, in-law, boyfriend, girlfriend, and friend for special dinner or party. Kamaan or Visitors are part of our lives.

They give us joy when we’re sad, they help use when we’re in trouble, and they provide information we need. Our ancestors had precious love for Kamaan (visitors). Kaman (visitor) would get the best services such as accommodation, delicious food (a bull or goat can be slaughtered), clean water and had to be entertained before s/he goes to the bed.



By Duom Peter, Changsha, China


January 23, 2017 (SSB) — The State Government and in particular the Ministry of Health in Jonglei State should build a Statue of naked man fitted with a Condom, and next to the Statue should be ABC LETTERS (Abstain, Be Faithful, Use Condom). This Statue should be placed inside the entrance of Jonglei Main Hospital. I know it’s a crazy idea and many of you will start calling me mad dog, stupid, idiot, womaniser, bastard etc. It doesn’t matter whatever you call me, but allow me to explain this crazy idea.

We should create something to remind ourselves or talk about all the time since human brain thinks in pictures and not in words. Imagine there is a Statue of naked man fitted with a condom at Jonglei Bor Hospital and you happened to visit the Hospital. What message will you take home after visited the hospital? Of course a Statue of naked man fitted with a condom which is one of the ways of preventing HIV/AIDS. It will be very easy for you to explain other Letters “ABC” beside the Statue. ABC letters should be built as well and placed next to the Statue.

A ~ Abstain

B ~ Be faithful

C ~ Use a Condom