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Governor Maker Thing Maal of Jonglei State has announced his new government with 53% of the portfolios from Bor County, 26% from Twic East County and 21% from Duk County. In comparison, the previous government of Governor Philip Aguer Panyang was composed of 53% for Bor County, 27% for Twic East County and 20% for Duk County.

By PaanLuel Wel, Nairobi, Kenya

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 (PW) – Here (below) is the tribocratic analysis of the new government of Jonglei state, announced by Governor Maker Thiong Maal.

(a) Summary of Governor Maker Thiong Maal’s New Government of Jonglei state
County Position per County Percentage share per County Jur/Locality Position per Jur Percentage share per Jur
Bor 10 52.6% Juor-Gok 6 31.5%
Juor-Athooch 4 21.1%
Twic East 5 26.3% Juor-Lith 4 21.1%
Juor-Roor 1 5.3%
Duk 4 21.1% Hol Dinka 3 15.7%
Nyarweng Dinka 1 5.3%
Total 19 100% 19 100%
(b) Summary of Governor Philip Aguer Panyang’s Previous Government of Jonglei state
County Position per County Percentage share per County Jur/Locality Position per Jur Percentage share per Jur
Bor 8 53.3% Juor-Gok 6 40.0%
Juor-Athooch 2 13.3%
Twic East 4 26.7% Juor-Lith 3 20.0%
Juor-Roor 1 6.7%
Duk 3 20.0% Hol Dinka 2 13.3%
Nyarweng Dinka 1 6.7%
Total 15 100% 15 100%

Below is the tribocratic analysis of the new government of Jonglei state, announced by Governor Maker Thiong Maal.

(c) Governor Maker Thiong Maal’s New Government for Jonglei State
County Jur S/No. Name Position Payam Community
Bor (52.7%) Juor-Gok (31.6%) 1 Hon. Maker Thing Maal Governor Anyidi Palek
2 Hon. Agot Alier Leek Special Affair Advisor Anyidi Palek
3 Dr. Mach Majier Ghai Mayor of Bortown Anyidi Palek
4 Hon. John Dut Kuch Minister for Agriculture Makuach Ater
5 Hon. Rachael Amuor Pach Minister for Gender and Social Welfare Makuach Koch
6 Hon. Ayom Mach Jok Minister for Physical Infrastructure Kolnyang Abii
Juor-Athooch (21.1%) 7 Hon. kwai Deng Kwai Minister for Health Baidit Angakuei
8 Hon. Ajok Jacob Kuot Minister for Finance Baidit Pathuyith
9 Hon. Isaac Mamer Ruuk Peace Advisor Jalle Alian
10 Hon. Lith Aluong Kang Social Welfare Advisor Jalle Aboudit
Twic East (26.4%) Juor-Lith (21.1%) 1 Hon. Diing Akol Diing (Diing-Malak) Deputy Governor Kongor Kongor
2 Hon. Deng Ajang Duot Political Affairs Advisor Kongor Kongor
3 Hon. Abel Manyok Ajak Minister for Education Lith (Wernyol) Adhiok
4 Hon. Dut Achuek Lual Minister for Labor & Public Service Nyuak Dachuek
Juor-Roor (5.3%) 5 Hon. Deng Alier Mading Minister for Youth & Sport Pakeer (Maar) Pakeer
None None Ajuong (Paliau) Ajuong
Duk (21.1%) Hol Dinka (15.8%) 1 Amb. Manyang Awuol Padiet Speaker of the state Assembly Duk Padiet Hol
2 Hon. Atong Kuol Manyang Minister for Information Duk Padiet Hol
3 Hon. Jacob Akech Dengdit Youth Affairs Advisor Duk Padiet Hol
Nyarweng Dinka (5.3%) 4 Hon. Elijah Maduk Yuang Minister for Local Government Duk Payuel Nyarweng

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An open letter to the state, local and county governments of Jonglei state: Should the poor unemployed citizen pays taxes?

By Abit kuir Abit, Kabarak University, Kenya

Dau Akoi an Rebecca nyandeng

Rebecca Nyandeng and Twic East County Commisioner, Dau Akoi, arriving at the celebration site at Panyagoor, 9 July 2012

Friday, March 01, 2019 (PW) — Dear, Hon Philip Aguer, Hon Dut Achueek lual Deng and Hon Dau Akoi Jurkuch, first and foremost, I would like to pay my gratitude and thanks for your kind heart leadership style you have shown us in our state (Jonglei). It will remain as a nice role model for us the current and some generations to come.

Your Excellencies Honorable leaders of my state, I hope this letter finds you well. While submitting this appeal to you and your esteemed administrations, I am not in any way claiming superior abilities and wisdom than you (all) might have acquired. But want to state that the entire state depends on you for a right decision(s) against promoters of the graft.

Continual inaction is worsening already awful situation your fellow citizens face and may only end in more pains, regrets, and wishes, which cannot help remedy consequential evil that marring our history or losses likely to result. (more…)


By Jacob Jokmagai Dengadiit, Juba, South Sudan

 old map of jonglei counties


Wednesday, August 22, 2018 (PW) — I recently wrote an article entitled, ‘WHERE IS THIS OLD MAN CALLED BOR?’ I was addressing the name that has been taken as our daily topic of discussion while in real sense, we have issues of concern like poverty, insecurity, lack of infrastructure, poor healthcare, and lack of jobs topping the list of our daily utopian needs.

I was marveled later by some of the comments I received under my article. I saw that this problem is more of an ethnic identity crisis. I remembered the disagreements between #Team_Magot and #Team_Gongic_Lualmawut back in Juba during the wrestling tournament in the middle of this year. I also recalled the ditching songs between Bor and Twi especially. I still see them going live on the same matter. I see a push and a pull between the name ‘Bor’ and ‘Jonglei.’

Because of the above reasons, I recoiled back into my world of thoughts and I was like, “Ureka! History will settle this matter once and for all.” I went into research only to discover the one and only thing that many of my friends have been always bothering me about. “Jokmagai, please write a book.” That is one of the constant words I hear when I talk to some of my relatives and friends. To my friends I discovered that I can really write a book.

My research was on the names; ‘Dinka Bor, Bor Asili and The Dinka of Jonglei.’ I had promised to write an article and published it here as a point of debate and discussion. The title of my research was: “JONGLEI MERRY-GO-ROUND OF POLITICAL GAMBLES THROUGH ETHNIC ASSIMILATION SUPERIORITY SYNDROME: FROM NYARWENGIZATION THROUGH KONGORIZATION TO BORIZATION.” As I was doing that research, I addressed the issue at hand and when I later finished, I discovered that I had already written 44 pages. The ideas were still jumping in from the creative side of the brain and I was like, “Let me write a book on this then.” Look! Already 44 pages in about a week!


By Hon. Jacob Akech Dengdit, Bor, Jonglei state


Hon Akech Deng Kanyin, former Jonglei state information minister

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 (PW) —- This marks my first ever endeavor into  cyber space as the great resource to both international and local partners in term of long-term planning, and as well as on the social ground in evaluating developmental achievements of a community. I have herein this document presented the general logic behind the establishment of gubernatorial administrative order which confirmed the establishment of Duk Padiet as a Municipal location that only follows Bortown Municipality.

It’s all attached to SPLM vision of taking town to the people of which Jonglei state governor H.E. Philip Aguer Panyang extended to people of Duk inform of municipal area. I think on my personal point of view, we, the people of Duk should stand and embrace such an incredible agenda brought to us in silver plate. Yes, it might sound to someone who is not exactly informed about the merits of Municipal area differently but honestly take your time and understand what I distinctly analyze in this piece of writing.

Duk Padiet is currently the headquarter of Duk Padiet County which is part of the former Duk County and is located about 172km (103miles) from Bor, the headquarter of Jonglei State. The current demographic population of Duk Padiet can be broken down into 4 groups including Dinka host community (from Padiet), Dinkas displaced from other areas of Greater Duk (from Duk Payual County, Duk Panyang County and Duk Pagak County), Lou and Gawaar Nuers displaced from Former Ayod and Uror counties. (more…)

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

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Thursday, July 05, 2018 (PW) —The evolution and vanishing of flashy attacking animal locally named Nyan ne juan in Bor land during the 1980s still remained a mystery.

As the saying goes there is time for everything; in the middle of 1980s after the Bor mutiny and few years before the children were sent to Ethiopia for their grooming into the Liberation movement came a mysterious dwarfed and swift attacking creature nick named Nyan ne juan by the locals.

Nyan ne juan in its simplest form to English mean a girl wearing an underwear, the dwarf creature was known for its flashy attacking style mostly on young children, it targeted bodily parts such as the eyes, ears and mouths. (more…)

Hon. Jacob Akech Dengdit resigns as Duk Padiet Commissioner and Governor Philip Aguer Appoints Gen Martin Matien Gumwel Mabior Chiengkudak as the New Commissioner of Duk Padiet County

Jacob Akech Dengdit

Jacob Akech Dengdit, Jonglei state new minister for Information, Culture, youth and sport Mr. Jacob Akech Deng Kuany [photo] Jongkuch Jo Jongkuch

To: H.E Col. Philip Aguer Panyang

Governor of Jonglei State


I wish to extend my deepest respect and appreciation to H.E Governor Philip Aguer, and the entire leadership of Jonglei State Government for their unwavering trust and believe they have in me for the recent appointment as Duk Padiet County commissioner.

My resignation as the commissioner of Duk Padiet County is with the reference to Hol Community meeting held for ten days in Bor town and was attended by the intellectuals, chiefs and elders in which the core resolution was maintaining peace and harmony within Hol community and Jonglei state as whole.