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An Open Letter to the President, H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit: Personal Appeal to Recall Back Hon. Brig. Gen. Deng Mamer Yuol, Governor of Western Lakes State (WLS), Rumbek

By Marial Mangar Akol, Rumbek, South Sudan

Western Lakes State governor John Deng Mamer Yuol addressing a rally in Rumbek

Sunday, May 5, 2019 (PW) — Your Excellency, my name is Marial Mangar Akol; I am a budding citizen and a youth concern that is not so skeptical on the state of affairs in my country. As a concern citizen, an active youth member in the country, and more particularly in the State of Western Lakes, I would like to take this utmost prospect and golden opportunity to congratulate you on your strong desire to implement the recently extended R-RCSS in Ethiopian capital, “Addis Ababa”.

This note too carries my sincere fortuitous to stucco my extreme appreciation on the contract you have signed with Chinese Engineering company, to construct tarmac road from Juba all the ways to Aweil. Congratulations Mr. President! Forgive me your Excellency for picking on this platform, with your long way to meet you of course I can’t reach you Just know, I may get there by two to three months or not even to meet you in those nice sparkling settings given the procedures.


By Marial Mangar Akol, Juba, South Sudan

Saturday, March 2 2019 (PW) —
Ever since the inception of our independence, the Republic of South Sudan, the education system had been looming before our watchful eyes. The pitiable newly born nation has at the early stage stranded, moribund and barefaced at the hand of most insignia and fealty leaders.

They may say it’s because of country political turmoil but the reality is that those running the ministry of Higher Education are galaxies of unlettered, undescribed subset not qualified to delineate or typify the most productive national ministry. I referred to Ministry as an institution run by undescribed personals for reasons that, there is no proper line of approach between the ministry and five public Universities.

They made an overestimated admission that at the end fall victim. In these universities, 50% of students supposedly are government sponsored while the same percentage enrolled themselves directly to boost university administration financially. They failed in so doing and lastly failed to question university why they ask this huge amount from students as they are responsibly in paying all their due costs.


I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are lacking good English because your uncles looted our national resources to sponsor you abroad.  We are not good in speaking English as you claimed but practically applying our acquired knowledge into good use while our money looted by your uncles ended up in bars and in the hands of computer wizard giving you fake certification abroad

By Marial Mangar Akol, Juba, South Sudan

Corruption genesis

Thursday, 17 January 2019 (PW) — Dear readers, I am completely vexed here, because any education is better than none from my perspective. However I do believe that there is a certain standard for university that people should at least hold as a guideline and goal: Unique experience that provides comradery, gives opportunity to create long-lasting relationship with people, provides access to wealth of knowledge and opportunities to learn from.

Well, we can look at this from so many angles but that will still not suffice your preordained grudge notion. Nevertheless, to ask what the qualities of a good school are is also to say how do I know this particular school is a good one? Here’s the thing, don’t trust every broken English you have heard spoken by claimed people about the Juba University from your tea places or somewhere.

Rather here’s the perfect approach you can use to know:

  1. Get someone currently enrolled at the university to tell you how true the stories you have on your lobbying mind by asking what average percentage he/she got during high school. Of course, it’s a good university, one of its qualities is that it admit those who scored highly compare to another universities.
  2. For every system to be efficient, we look at the outcome, its products and what it can generate. Surely, one quality you can look at is the history of quality students they have been producing, what these alumni are doing currently and how they are impacting the country over the years. By making your own research, all advocates, clinics that being handled well are at the hands of university of Juba’s graduates.