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By Sally Nyalony Gatwang, Kampala, Uganda

Peace for South Sudan


Saturday, January 26, 2019 (PW) — I am in for peace, I really don’t know about you. I am ready to undertake anything in exchange for peace in my home. I want to cattle graze again, farm food, collect fire wood, and play hide and seek once more.

I know I may not recover all the lost souls but I know for sure once home is back they will be with me in spirit. At the moment, my soul can’t find refuge because it’s still rumbling for peace.

Take a look at Isaac Newton and Pascal, few of the world’s greatest scientist. And to add on Nyalony, Alith plus Pal, one of the rare world’s unknown scientist. They made a choice of building their home with the little they knew and now here we are studying what they discovered. (more…)