“The real prison is the wall of silence erected around you by your colleagues, which prevents you from seeing or hearing the truth, until I have arrived to this place (Paris), I didn’t know I have been overthrown in Khartoum,” says Sudanese President late Jafaar Mohammed Nimeri in 1985.

By Kharubino Kiir Garang, Juba, South Sudan

President Kiir's speeches after independence

Salva Kiir Mayaardit: The Joshua of South Sudan. Grab your copy at Amazon.com

July 21, 2017 (SSB) — One of the revulsions of history is that it often repeats itself. After dethronement of Mayen Wol Jong and Yel Luol Koor from J-1 on financial scandals, there was hope that J-1 is liberated from all sorts of corrupt cartels. Unfortunately, here arose other bastards in J-1 in persons of Ateny Wek Ateny and Mayiik Deng Ayii.

These dudes are not only administratively corrupt but intellectually bankrupt to serve in the highest office of the land. They erected the wall of lies to block the truth from reaching the president.

They control President’s ears, they determine what to give to the President to hear and what to ignore. They deprive him from hearing the truths from grassroots. Not only that, but they are also depriving him of meeting good people carrying gospel messages. They are destroying him!

Honestly, his office is filled with people attributively incompetent. His office is packed of people that are either unschooled or functionally illiterate. Others are gifted bloviates, introversive, and loquacious people. They are a disgrace to the Presidency in disguise. They are unproductive and unappreciative.

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By Eligo Dak Buoth, Nairobi, Kenya

PaanLuel Wel website, along with Sudan Tribune, Radio Tamazuj and Nyamilepedia, has been blocked in South Sudan by the national security

PaanLuel Wel website, along with Sudan Tribune, Radio Tamazuj and Nyamilepedia, has been blocked in South Sudan by the national security

July 21, 2017 (SSB) — We would like to vent our ire on the recent autocratic executive order to block the online news websites for the mother Sudan tribune.com, Nyamilepedia.com PaanluelWel.com and Radio Tamazuj.com

On 18th July, 2017, President Salva Kiir’s regime via her mouthpiece Mr. Michael Makuei issued a draconian decree barring the aforementioned revolutionary online websites saying without any slightest feeling of shame that they are becoming hostile to them, which in our view is untrue.

This is another major blow on public informants and an act of disservice to our people. We felt very unhappy, and we condemned the decision makers and their decision altogether with contempt it deserves. If they have functional ears for hearing they should reverse this intolerable decision.

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SPLM reunification

SPLM Reunification: President Museveni meets President Kiir and G-10 leaders in Kampala

July 21, 2017 (SSB) — President Yoweri Museveni has this afternoon received his South Sudan counterpart, H.E Salva Kiir and his delegation at State House, Entebbe.

Mr. Museveni and his guests, who included Mrs. Rebecca Garang, widow of the fallen South Sudanese leader, late John Garang, discussed pertinent political issues affecting South Sudan with a view to re-uniting the South Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) so that Africa’s newest independent country could realize peace and stability.

In attendance were, among others, South Sudan Ministers of Presidency, Hon. Mayiik Ayii Deng, of Defence, Hon. Kuol Manyang Juk and of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Deng Alor Kuol.

Uganda’s Minister for Presidency, Hon. Esther Mbayo and State Minister for International Affairs, Hon. Henry Okello Oryem.

SPLM reunification3

SPLM Reunification: President Museveni meets President Kiir and G-10 leaders in Kampala

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Abel ALier and Philip Aguer picture by Mach Samuel

July 20, 2017 (SSB) — The members of the Troika (Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and the European Union condemn the continuing violence in South Sudan, especially the Government of South Sudan’s current offensive against SPLM-In Opposition (SPLM-IO) forces near Pagak.

The Pagak offensive is a clear violation of the unilateral ceasefire declared by President Salva Kiir on May 22, and calls into question the government’s commitment to reach peace through the National Dialogue, notwithstanding the sincere efforts undertaken by the leaders of the Steering Committee.

The Troika and EU repeat and endorse the June 12 call by the leaders of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) for President Kiir to ensure that his forces respect the unilateral ceasefire, for the armed opposition groups to reciprocate the ceasefire, and for all groups to allow the unfettered delivery of humanitarian assistance to all those in need.

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AFP News July 20, 2017

The United States warned Thursday that a new regional plan to shore up South Sudan’s failing peace agreement was the last chance for Juba’s leaders to end the war, now in its fourth year.

US Deputy Ambassador Michele Sison told the UN Security Council that Washington will reconsider its support for the deal signed two years ago by President Salva Kiir and rival Riek Machar, if the latest effort fails.

The remarks highlighted growing impatience by the US administration with leaders in South Sudan, which won independence from Sudan just six years ago with strong backing from the United States.

“It is high time for action,” Sison told the council.

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Posted: July 19, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan, Peter Okello, Socio-Cultural

By Peter Okello, Juba, South Sudan

ladies can say I love you too


July 19, 2017 (SSB) — Did you ever fall in love? Have you ever seen this gorgeous-handsome guy, and his marvelous face glued to your mind! When you saw a guy and immediately your heart start beating so warmly, lady … you are invited by a beautiful friend called love!

Love can take place anywhere and everywhere. You can fall in love with anyone, anytime. You saw him at the movie theatre right, along the street perhaps, in the award winning concerts, or in a class lectures session, at the weekend party galore … wait a minute, you might have seen him in the public transport and that got you thinking!!!

You look at him, then you start imagining. Wow! This guy! This handsome-gorgeous guy. You can’t afford to turn your eyes off him, can you? All your mind wanted to know is to look at him, keep starring at him, just a little longer.

Love is not an act … it is a feeling. Where is it written in the Bible or Quran that it is a duty of a man to say I love you? I guess not. If I am wrong, then proof me wrong!

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By Mathiang Jalap, Juba, South Sudan

Gogrial state

July 19, 2017 (SSB) — For the last one month or so, I have been so vocal on the political oriented conflict and disputed agenda that had largely and squarely engulfed the entire Gogrial State fraternity. I have written not less than 10 opinion articles about Gogrial and its Government. Any of those articles that I had written is purely in the interest of the public (Gogrial citizens) either living in the capital or back in the State. Honest speaking, I do not have problem with the normal citizens of Gogrial.

My ginormous problem is with politicians and businessmen of Gogrial. They are the one fueling and causing huge havoc to the citizens at large. At the back of my mind I have no doubt that there are people who love peace and would wish to live in unity in Gogrial State but I must also admit that there are those who are busy gossiping during the day and night time with the intention of seeing the reining of Governor Gregory Deng collapse. Not to waste time, let’s set the ball rolling…

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By Mabil Manyok Nhial, Gweru City, Zimbabwe

The 6th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan

July 18, 2017 (SSB) — The greatest day in the history of South Sudan was lately celebrated by some students from different universities in Zimbabwe on 17/7/2017. “The day is worth remembering how late it might be to celebrate it,” said one of the vibrant students. The celebration was organised by some of the potential students who wanted to show the spirit of patriotism and togetherness among the South Sudanese Students in Zimbabwe.

The celebration was held at Midlands State University (MSU), City of Gweru, Zimbabwe. Many students came from different universities such as National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and a few from Great Zimbabwe University (GZU). Some students did not make it to Gweru City where the celebration took place because of some inconveniences.

Some of the students were interested to attend but they were incapacitated beyond their capacity whereas others did not attend due to many other reasons. “I cannot attend since my people were killed back home. I cannot celebrate while having tears in my eyes,” said one of the students, who wanted to remain in anonymity.

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The US Government should not just abandoned the baby they supported midwifing

By Thon Atem Ayiei, Juba, South Sudan


President Bush with President Salva Kiir at the Oval Office, White House

July 18, 2017 (SSB) — A midwife is also a mother of the new born baby. Her significance helps give the new born baby an opportunity to survive the difficulties of delivery. So, her efforts is worth more to the mother who carried her/him for nine months of pregnancy, to infancy age, and plus unpredictable number of years of dedicated to his/her future.Therefore, the baby will grow knowing two mothers in some communities where the midwife is also considered as another important person to the family of the baby (God mother).

It also a responsibility of the midwife to continue to monitor the activities of the baby she had helped to survived delivery process. This is to conform a better relationship between the baby and her helper. In the other hand, this is to encourage her fundamental right to continue to her charity work.  However, if the baby failed to live up to his or her future endeavor, all the people involved could take the blame for his or her failure.

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By Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala, Uganda

Political cartoon by Ajith Isaiah Majok

Political cartoon by Ajith Isaiah Majok

July 18, 2017 (SSB) — I have been refraining myself from writing strongly against the presidency of South Sudan for a while since the campaign for peace has taken much of my time. However, I am now forced to strongly comment on the action of the president of dismissing justices and judges of South Sudan. The dismissal of judges and justices has revealed the fact that the President in J1 has learned nothing and forgotten nothing about the conflict in South Sudan. The president appears not to know what he is doing.

In fact, his action shows that he is an anti-peace and it is therefore meaningless to campaign for peace while someone in the heart of the government is out therefore to completely destroy basic structures capable of maintaining peace in the country.

What the president ought to have done is to carry out the reforms that are badly needed in order to restore the confidence the citizens in the system, which is the only way of bringing lasting peace in South Sudan. This involves the reformation of judiciary so that it becomes a strong avenue of addressing the violation of the rights of citizens.

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By Majak Kuany Alier, Kampala, Uganda

Major Abraham Chol Kuany

Major Abraham Chol Kuany


July 18, 2017 (SSB) — As it turn exactly a year since death robbed you from us last year Uncle Major Abraham Chol Kuany. We were flabbergasted, shocked and grief-stricken. Your untimely departure from our sights has really made us to disdain this world for being unfair to our family.

Dear beloved uncle, as I imitate your living memories you instilled in me, it constantly sob my heart out! Once I reminisce your humility, generosity and charismatic leadership you used to adore to everybody that came at your disposer either at community level or at work can just made me loath the country’s leadership of Sudan People’s Liberation Moment (SPLM) for ending your precious life simply because of bloody quest for power and wealth.

Uncle, you have died a hero and patriotic loyal soldier though it is sad that South Sudan greed for power has claimed your life after you fiercely fought for the liberation struggle and survived the Khartoum ruthless, dictatorial regimes as a teenager.

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By Longar Mathiec Wol, Nairobi, Kenya

Gogrial state

July 17, 2017 (SSB) —- When the social fabric becomes weak cohesion suffers, that is the day when we accept misuse diversity becomes weakness. That is the day when your brother see you as an enemy, the day when all aspect of togetherness is broken. That is when we believe our sense of brotherhood is shattered. South Sudan the country where people hope had been distorted by the communal and tribal war brought about by the lack of the rule of law, lack of direction brought panic in highly illiterate population.

When it comes to tribal and communal violence people think someone in charge should be blame. In a belligerent society like that of South Sudan, it is hard to understand who to take a blame. Many think the head of state and the governor/governors should be blame of high insecurity level in the country. But how did the base their argument? Many people think since the president is the head of the state and the commander in chief of all organize forces should take responsibility because he control the men in charge of security.

He is also has all the powers to appoint and relieve that means whenever there is incompetency he should be in a position to relieve that person and appoint the capable person to rescue the situation.

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By Mabil Manyok Nhial, Gweru City, Zimbabwe

Mayen Yong Jok, killed in Jalle

R.I.P Mayen Yong Jok

July 17, 2017 (SSB) — “Silence means consent,” goes the saying. One can be so baffled and indeed remain in a tight wave of confusions as to why the government remains so dumb and numb when people are being killed along the Bor-Juba highway and in villages of Bor.

A witty and indeed a reasonable person may ask themselves a plethora of questions when it comes to great issues of the day. Does the so called government of South Sudan know its prime obligation of protecting its citizens? Why are the likes of Akol Khor, Tor Deng Mayuen, Salva Kiir, Taban Deng Gai silent in these daily killings of Bor citizens and they were making a lot of unnecessary noise when the Bor youths pursued their abducted children, and over five thousand heads of cattle raided by the Murle youths in April?

Being respectful to elders and not only the President, the youths from Bor promptly accepted the call by the government and came back as the two governors from the antagonistic states signed peace deal which remains in nothing but futility. Two days after the peace agreement was signed, one person was killed and two wounded in Makol Cuei Payam.

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By Michael Chol Tor, Juba, South Sudan

opinion matters

July 17, 2017 (SSB) — Rambo village is the given name to the Pa’naanyLueel village in Adar Wuna’mom. The Rambo (Pa’naanyLueel) is between Adar (Wuna’mom) the newly created County in Northern Upper Nile State and Guelgwuk. Rambo (Pa’nanyLueel) village was established and named by two Generals of SPLA, Gen. Nhial Batwang of Division (6) and Lt Gen. Gony Biliu, the former commander of SPLA sector two to greater Upper Nile province and his the current or present Governor of Akobo State.

Rambo was named and proven intentionally or calculatedly by dragon and its angels, In European tradition the dragon is typically fire-breathing and tends to symbolize chaos or evil, whereas in East Asia it is usually a beneficent symbol of fertility, associated with water and the heavens. On the other hand the village itself converted or turn into rebel’s rally point, which is hazard to oil worksites block 3 and 7.

Rambo (Pa’naanyLueel) residences are notorious, disreputable and tarnished group of people who resided to deteriorate the stability of the Oil field workers, it’s unsafe to oilfield’s workers and newly created County people as stated.

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By Mayak Deng Aruei, California, USA

unity of nuer and dinka

July 17, 2017 (SSB) — Much of all that make nations great elsewhere appear gloomy in South Sudan. The very people who supposedly occupied the prestigious place in the history of the Republic of South Sudan have lost it all. The battle of what some writers afar called “contested legacy” of the independent South Sudan have been buried alongside those hurried away by conditions of arms struggle.

The foot soldiers who sacrificed their lives and treasures will remain as the Icons of the sovereign South Sudan for dignity and the pride of the people who saw no future in living as “second class” in their ancestral land. The celebration for the 6th anniversary was partially marred by the deteriorating security situation in the country as well as humanitarian crisis from the continuing power struggle within the ranks and files of the SPLM-in-Opposition.

As the country of South Sudan tear itself apart with the political double edged sword, the masses are left with only memories of the martyrs and old messages of the liberation struggle. It’s on this special note that South Sudan still live in citizens’ hearts and minds.

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By Thiik Mou Giir, Melbourne, Australia        

July 15, 2017 (SSB) — The saying of a Chinese philosopher goes like this: “A journey of a thousand miles…” Just minutes before a community forum, attended by Mr. Ateny Wek Ateny, the Press Secretary of South Sudanese government, in Melbourne, yesterday, I told members of Jieng Union that members of South Sudanese community, as a whole, are not ready, without a well-defined program, to come together and dialogue among themselves.

The incident that had occurred, minutes later, during the forum proceeding, confirmed my point.  After Mr Ateny ended his talk that had focussed on the political situation in South Sudan, Mr. Aleir Ateny Lueth, representing SPLM-IO, was among the few who were given a chance to ask a question or two.

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PaanLuel Wel website, along with Sudan Tribune, Radio Tamazuj and Nyamilepedia, has been blocked in South Sudan by the national security

PaanLuel Wel website, along with Sudan Tribune, Radio Tamazuj and Nyamilepedia, has been blocked in South Sudan by the national security

PaanLuel Wel website, Sudan Tribune, Radio Tamazuj and Nyamilepedia, have been blocked in South Sudan by the national security

July 17, 2017 (SSB) — Done with Riek and Malong, and ravaged by debilitating economic crisis, the gov’t has found a fresher enemy in the media as four websites–Sudan Tribune, PaanLuel Wel, Tamazuj and Nyamilepedia–got blocked in South Sudan. Congratulations Comrade Salva Kiir Mayaardit. December 2013 should have been better, however, if the intention is to stop anti-gov’t websites and media group.

The following four websites below are blocked in South Sudan under the instruction of the national government in Juba, apparently for being anti-government; further discussions underway between Vivacell, Zain and MTN on one hand, and the government, on the other, for the blocking of Facebook on phone internet.

www.sudantribune.com    Both English and Arabic version

https://paanluelwel.com   English Version

https://radiotamajuz.org    Both English and Arabic version

https://nyamile.com            English version

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By Gai Stephen Mayen, Bor, Jonglei state


OLD PICTURE: Five people have been brutally murdered and three others injured in fresh cattle raid in Jalle Payam of Bor County. Over 3,000 herds of cattle were looted when 900 armed youth from Murle attacked Jalle Payam. 2,000 cattle have been recovered meanwhile 1,000 more have been lost to the raiders. The survivors who sustained critical injuries being healed at Bor state hospital include Mr. Akech Ajak with 4 gun shoots wounds, 93 year old woman-Awel Deng Anyuon, and Kok Ajith Manyiel.

July 16, 2017 (SSB) — Jalle is one of the five payams within the Mighty Bor County of the current Jonglei state. It is such a fertile land that has given birth to a variety of children from all walks of life to whom some of them are serving as generals and politicians in the current government stretching from the state to the National level.

It is really so pathetic for such a great land to attain this status quo where gushing of blood and mourning is the daily bread. It is what fills the sunrise and marks the sunset. It is a land being devoided of the infants and the elderly since they are the age groups that always succumb to such a deadly attack.

Seriously, which land has really ever been owned without such creatures? We need wisdom which is attached to such a greyed hair and the neonate that shall develop such a fascinating space. Its topographical appearance has been altered since the oozing blood and dropping tears are overflowing the longest river in Africa and everywhere is being stained with blood.

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By Wol Deng Atak, Nairobi, Kenya

Molana Wol Deng Atak

Molana Wol Deng Atak

July 15, 2017 (SSB) —- I applaud the courage of Justices and Judges threatened by Kiir’s Administration with punitive measures for calling for justice. Their collective resolve to stay the strike despite the threats against them is remarkable; and this sends a crystal clear message to Kiir’s Administration in Juba that it is not enough to suppress genuine demand by decrees.

The calls for justice, improved working conditions, and resignation of Chief Justice need every one of us to support. We ought to give it up to the Justices and Judges in support of their clarion stance. Leaving it to them to battle it alone would not only defeat the common good of every citizen, but would also make it impossible to bring desired solution for common good of every citizen in the near future.

The reality on working conditions at the Judiciary dawns on me when I visited high court to only learn that the court’s proceedings had been adjourned because of lack of papers for Judges to record the details of the court proceedings. There was ‘no money to buy the papers’.

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By David Mayen Ayarbior, Juba, South Sudan

Ustaz Donato Deng Mayen Amet Ayalbior

Ustaz Donato Deng Mayen Amet Ayalbior

July 15, 2017 (SSB) — It has been three short months since our father, Ustaz Donato Deng Mayen Amet Ayalbior, passed on to the next world to join a community of those that have gone before him. The gap he left in our family as a father and moral authority is still huge. And even though we have all accepted the fact that it was his time to rest, given his long struggle with a host of stroke-induced ailments, we still wish it did not happen. I guess that is the same feeling of those who have lost loved ones.

On Saturday 8th July 2017, a belated final funeral prayers (the customary 40th Day Prayers) was conducted at the family home in Denver, Colorado (United States), where it was attended by relatives, in-laws and friends. Like during the prayers in Kuajok, his spirit was felt in Denver too.

After much hesitation, I decided to write this tribute to him, at least for those who did not get to know him. Not that they need it, but just for them to know about a South Sudanese teacher and one among the first generation of the country’s political pioneers who devoted their lives to country and profession. They were a different breed of politicians and intelligentsia, some of whom are still active today, may the Lord extend their lives for this country.

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