HIV/AIDS (Jɔŋ lei): Jonglei State Ministry of Health should build a Statue of naked man fitted with a Condom

Posted: January 23, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Duom Peter, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Duom Peter, Changsha, China


January 23, 2017 (SSB) — The State Government and in particular the Ministry of Health in Jonglei State should build a Statue of naked man fitted with a Condom, and next to the Statue should be ABC LETTERS (Abstain, Be Faithful, Use Condom). This Statue should be placed inside the entrance of Jonglei Main Hospital. I know it’s a crazy idea and many of you will start calling me mad dog, stupid, idiot, womaniser, bastard etc. It doesn’t matter whatever you call me, but allow me to explain this crazy idea.

We should create something to remind ourselves or talk about all the time since human brain thinks in pictures and not in words. Imagine there is a Statue of naked man fitted with a condom at Jonglei Bor Hospital and you happened to visit the Hospital. What message will you take home after visited the hospital? Of course a Statue of naked man fitted with a condom which is one of the ways of preventing HIV/AIDS. It will be very easy for you to explain other Letters “ABC” beside the Statue. ABC letters should be built as well and placed next to the Statue.

A ~ Abstain

B ~ Be faithful

C ~ Use a Condom

The story about the Statue of naked man fitted with a condom at the entrance of the Hospital will spread out like wildfire to Town youths, Rural Youths, cattle keepers, young women, and elderly people from Chueikeer to Chueithon. The Statue itself will act as a part of campaign to promote HIV AIDS Awareness. Meanwhile, the condom on the Statue should be changed every year by Youths who are matching or celebrating the World AIDS Day. This will send the message every time to the people.  Today, we still have stories of people like Makuach Ajak in our minds, a man who is well known of his uniqueness of providing free foods, water, and shelter to the needy.  Similarly, making a Sculpture or Statue will always remind us of this deadliest pandemic disease.

I know the idea sounds fornicating, but remember we are no longer living in 19th Century when there were no lodges/hotels, mobile phones, pornography, internet, and commercial sex workers. Whether you are literate or illiterate, you use any of the above devices.  So, why should we feel shy talking about things related to sex since this advancement in Technology has turned our society upside down? We’re always making noise on phones like fornicating frogs at night, building more lodges, hiring sex workers from East Africa etc.

Some places such as Changchun’s landmark Cultural Plaza in China, Sydney’s Hyde Park in Australia, Makerere in Uganda have Statue fitted with a Condom as a part of campaign to promote HIV/AIDS awareness.

In conclusion, I encourage all the Stakeholders including the State Ministry of Health, Religious leaders, Boma Chiefs, Cattle Herders, Schools, and NGOs to carry out awareness on HIV/AIDS.

#Nhialic kony kɔc ku !!

God Bless South Sudan

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  1. Deng says:

    Tender approved: Duom is to build the statue.


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