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From: Thiik Community Date 7th March, 2017.

To: H.E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit, Republic of South Sudan.

CC: Governor Akech Tong Aleu, Tonj State

CC: Deputy Governor Manhiem Bol Malek,

CC: Hon. Awut Deng Acuil, Tonj East

CC: Hon. Wek Mamer Kuol, Tonj East

Your Excellency!

RE: Complaints from Thiik Community Association (TCA)


March 9, 2017 (SSB) — Your Excellency, we the representatives of Thiik community would like to take this opportunity to strongly protest against the continuous unjust and unfair treatment of our community by the Governor Akech Tong Aleu of Tonj State. Your Excellency, we wish to highlight to you our grievances with a concise background of Thiik Community in Ananatak area; information we believe to be at your disposal.

Thiik community is one of the seven sections of greater Ananatak of former Tonj East County. It is bordered by six neighboring communities with defined boundaries, they include: Luanchjang to the East, Lou Paher to the North, Jur Bol/Awan Parek to the West, Akok to South West, Kongor to the South and Ador to the South East.


By Robert Majok Kuol, South Sudan Civil Society Alliance Activist


February 5, 2017 (SSB) — Your Excellency, President J. Trump, we, as South Sudan Civil Society Alliance, in our noble quest for strong much-needed mutual relations between Republic of South Sudan and United States of America (USA), invite you to pay a state visit to Juba, the Republic of South Sudan.

We suffered immensely under the leadership of the former president, Barack Hussein Obama, and have been looking forward to better relationship between the great people of the United State of America and our beloved people of South Sudan.

Therefore, we are hereby inviting your Excellency leadership to scheduled first visits to Africa continent start with Republic of South Sudan, a youngest nation in the continent and world at large, which immediately rally huge support during your presidential initial campaign trial.


An open letter to H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, The President of the Republic of South Sudan-Juba: We the Southern Padang Community of Central Upper Nile State reject the annexation of Panyikang County of Pashoda State (Collo Kingdom) to any part of Central Upper Nile State Malakal.

Your Excellency,

February 3, 2017 (SSB) — With due respect and honor, we undersigned elders, politicians, Chiefs, women, Youth and intellectuals of Akoka, Baliet and Pigi Counties of the newly established Central Upper Nile State met on Monday January 16th 2017 to analyze in details the Presidential decree issued on 14th Jan. 2017.

The Presidential decree among others established Central Upper Nile State comprising Akoka, Baliet, Pigi, and Panyikang Counties with Malakal being its capital as per 1/1/1956 colonial boundaries, in the light of the above we Southern Padang Jieng community reject your decision of annexation of Panyikang county to Central Upper Nile State which doesn’t complied with colonial boundaries of 1/1/1956.

Mr. President; we have faced serious reactions from our community of Southern Padang about the recent presidential decree that ignored our several letters of rejecting the annexation of Panyikang County to Central Upper State. Our concern is fact based on boundaries of 01/01/1956 that clearly indicates Panyikang was a small village in Tonga of Kodok District in the present Shilluk Kingdom.



By Tito Awen Bol, Nairobi, Kenya

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January 15, 2017 (SSB) — Dear Governor, I am much perturbed, baffled, mind boggled and seriously ached by the issue of the so call Municipality of Majok-Yinh-Thiou which you have inadvertently or intentionally named thus forcing me to beseech through this open letter. But before I familiarize the readers with the term or the name Majok-Yinh-Thiou or just Majok as it is commonly known. Let me give the following assurances to the governor and the entire readership (I don’t meant leadership): First, I will remain firm, respectful to avoid the usual berserk & oblivion from many writers and cordially I will stick to the issues matching the above subject.

Secondly, I am not a rebel or anybody’s sympathizer or stooge but a patriotic South Sudanese, a concerned native of Aweil East state and a beloved son of Malual Baai County. These days in our Country if one complains; he/she is connected to these nasty dark forces of rebellion so that the ‘interest group’ could create antagonism and level their ground hoping to gain after tagging such individual with the bad tag as English proverb says, “give a dog a bad name and hang it.” Thirdly on the same, I am not writing as students’ leader but an individual. So, if I err anywhere or you don’t like what I wrote then consider it as my own with no connection to students in Kenya.


Tonj Youth Union, Kenyan-Chapter, Wish all Tonj Citizens Merry X-Mass and a Happy, Prosperous New Year

By Dut Agostino, Nairobi, Kenya

Tonj Youth Union, Kenyan-Chapter

Chairperson with Tonj Youth Members, kenya; Tonj Youth Union, Kenyan-Chapter

December 22, 2016 (SSB) — I want to start by giving thanks to God for the gift of merciful year 2016.Though it was challenging; I must say it was a good year. The year when Tonj was made as a state of its own followed by many other events that made that all of us to appreciate the year 2016. Just like how it was in the former Warrap State, the newly created Tonj State demonstrate us better agendas of being stronger together and this therefore lead us into a different celebration across many of our branches in the world. Tonj state people in Canada, United States, Australia and in east African nations of Kenya, Uganda, and in Juba, South Sudan have a statements for Tonj to be a State, that should be our major success as people of Tonjdit, put in by one of us in our 9th January celebration here in Nairobi Kenya.

This sends a clear message to all of us that, our various state branches in the world where Tonj citizens’ lives have a role to plays in regards to our ongoing home town called Tonj State. One of them is peace and reconciliations amongst our people both in the state capital and in the Country in general. Since all of us have been to different places in the world it should be our highest called that each and every persons from Tonj town have a role to play in reconciling any situations in our home town. I appeal to all us that we should make it as a duty to be agents of peace within Tonj and with neighboring states.


Press release: We the Aguok-Chiek Youth and intellectuals in Juba strongly condemn the action of Commissioner Mr. Kuanyin Kuanyin

To: Hon. Abraham Gum, Governor of Gogrial State

Subject: Condemnation Letter

October 31, 2016 (SSB) —- The Aguok-Chiek Youth and intellectuals in Juba on 18/10/ 2016 had strongly condemn the letter of Aguok South/Gogrial County Commissioner Mr. Kuanyin Kuanyin who order the youths to reserves their formation upgrading of their youth leadership from former Payam level to County level.

Saying, it is illegal and unconstitutional for newly created Counties to formed youth leadership because, the whole Republic of South Sudan is under period of constitution, commissioner said.


Captain John Garang’s February 1972 letter to Ambassador Dominic Akech Mohammed

Southern Sudan, 5 February, 1972 

Dear Dominic:

Thank you for the correspondence you dispatched to this end on January 25th, instantly. Very lucky, I go them today from Kampala through the lorry. It is lucky because I am leaving tomorrow morning for the interior, about 500 miles footwork from where we last met and I will not be back for over 7 months, maybe more.

Find here enclosed a copy of a letter I wrote to General Lagu and the negotiations committee. I have handwritten it (it is 2:00 a.m) since I have packed my typewriter for tomorrow’s long journey. You may type it and if necessary you have my permission to use it BUT AFTER the negotiations ONLY so as not to prejudice the same. As you can see I am not in favor of these so-called negotiations nor do I have any illusions that much will come out of them. What is more, a settlement with the enemy at the present time is not in the best interests of the Southern Sudanese people, the Sudanese people and the African people for some of the reasons given in the attached seven page letter.


Governor Bakasoro: South Sudanese in Tears

Posted: October 13, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Commentary, Letters, Press Release

October 13, 2016 (SSB) — Fellow South Sudanese, let us all condemned the atrocities that is taking place in our country in the presence of the Government of the day. On behave of the voiceless and the families who lost their dear ones in the constant targeting of civilians by Government and other armed groups, I strongly condemned the killings of innocent civilians along Juba Nimule roads, Juba Yei roads and other locations in the country. I am appealing to the Government and the warring parties to spare and respect civilians.

No killing of civilian is justified under any type of and International law. They are not combatants and such indiscriminate killings should at any cost be stopped. In a civilized world no civilian should be targeted by organized or unorganized forces. I strongly believe that our struggle to liberation was not based on hateful tribal sentiment. No single tribe or tribes should be targeted by any armed forces. That is inhuman and should not be condoned by any light minded persons or groups. God bless and rest their souls in internal peace.

Condolences and Condemnation of Ethnic Killings in South Sudan by H.E. the Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan Lt. Gen. James Wani Igga, 11 October 2016

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October 11, 2016 (SSB) —- Let me begin first by conveying my profound condolences to the aggrieved families, relatives, and friends of our people who became victims of treacherous targeting recently. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

In the last few weeks and months the people of South Sudan have been undeservedly trapped in an unfortunate security predicament, which includes killing of innocent civilians along highways and elsewhere in the country. These criminal terrorist acts must be condemned in the strongest terms possible as this manifests no stain, whatsoever, of any noble political cause. Those who want government and power usually respect lives of innocent unarmed people. Otherwise, whom are they intending to rule and govern?

I hereby add my strongest condemnation of the terrorist killings which occurred along the roads linking Juba to Nimule, Yei, Bor, Kajo Keji, Meridi, Terkeka, and Torit and parts of Bahar El-Gazal and Upper Nile. Of course, these deplorable killings have all been ethnically based as they are being directed toward members of certain ethnic groups. Vulnerable civilians, including women, old people and children, have been singled out and slaughtered.



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October 11, 2016 (SSB) —- We the SPLM Leaders (Former Political Detainees) greatly disturbed by the recent increase of war and violent conflict all over again; its ever deepening intensity and level of brutality; an apparently all-pervasive and creeping sense of resentment and hate developing amongst and between members of various communities of South Sudan, we feel obliged and indeed duty bound to issue this statement, our participation in the transitional government of National Unity (TGoNU) not-withstanding.

Over the recent past, and much more so in the last week or two, very disturbing developments that include destruction and burning down of villages, homesteads and houses of civilians; the deliberate destruction of crops, food stores and means of livelihoods of the rural people; killing of civilians in towns, in villages, on the roads/ highways, especially on the Juba/Nimule, Juba/Yei and Juba/Torit roads; arbitrary arrests of people, have increased exponentially. If the trajectory of these disturbing developments is not altered, we fear that South Sudan could, within a short span of time, descend into genocidal carnage, total chaos and eventual disintegration.


Dear Mr. President

By YihHon Alewei, Juba, South Sudan

Salva kiir pic

September 27, 2016 (SSB) —- Our country has been experiencing turbulent since, from George Athor and David Yau Yau rebellions to Riek Machar madness of 2013. Our country has never been stable. The expectations of our people have been buried before their eyes and the introduction of suffering re-surfaced again.

Mr. President as our leader, you have to start listening to us… You need to introduce radical policies that will help our country to get back on its feet. You need to show to the people that you are the man they depend upon. As a president,

  1. You have to start visiting the areas that have been affected by war, by doing that Mr. President, it will give our people back their confident in you as their leader.
  2. Take out all our people in UNMISS care and relocate them to their respective areas and provide security for them. After that, ask the UNMISS to respect our sovereignty or else leave our country since their extended mandate expired on the 12th of August, 2016. Stands your ground and keeps saying no to their additional troops. If you have taken out all the IDPs in their camps across the country, there will be no point of having more troops in the country.


Dear Dr. Rita Abrahamsen: “We will prevail over the flaws of our leaders with the same will and resilience with which we fought and defeated colonialism.”

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September 19, 2016 (SSB) — We wish to respond to your letter to George Clooney of 15 September 2016, published on the website of the Centre for International Policy Studies.[1] We write not to defend Mr. Clooney but to correct some assumptions used to critique his work on behalf of South Sudan.

We were particularly troubled by your suggestion that South Sudan’s independence resulted solely, or mainly from the work of international actors; or some kind of ‘dumb stunt’ by a Holywood celebrity which has gone awry. We don’t deny that countless individuals, institutions and countries supported our tortuous route to liberty. We deeply appreciate the material and moral support we received.

Helping a people in need should never been seen as a mistake, cravings for fame, or self-exoneration –and certainly not in the case of South Sudan. As the tragic events in South Sudan have not shot Mr Clooney to stardom in the humanitarian field; it is unlikely that these can take shine off his stardom. No any other outsider to be blamed for creating the mess we find ourselves in today. As South Sudanese, we take responsibility for our successes and failures.


Regretful letter to his Excellency, the president of the republic of south Sudan, Kiir Mayardit

By Monychol Kulong, Juba, South Sudan


The swearing in ceremony of Gen. Taban Deng Ghai as the First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, photo by Maal Maker Thiong on July 26th, 2016, J-1, Juba

August 8, 2016 (SSB) — I wonder how I can differentiate ‘YES or NO’ in South Sudan! A human being should stand in his/her YES for yes and No for no. My President, I wish I had a God miracle today, (6th/Aug/2016) then I would have appeared in your palace and condensed you into child side and I start beating seriously.

Even when I was watching news, if you were to be nearby I would have lost self-control and slap you extremely to show my disappointment over the return of the team which you dispatched to attend African summit in Addis Ababa for the negotiation of foreign intervention to South Sudan.

Even if you didn’t go to Addis Abba, they were working under your directives. HOW MANY TIMES WILL YOU DO THIS TO SOUTH SUDANESE?


By Sirik Lang, USA

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Dear Mr. President,

August 7, 2016 (SBB) — According to the South Sudan Transitional Constitution Preamble, we, the People of South Sudan are:

Grateful to the Almighty God for giving the people of South Sudan the wisdom and courage to determine their destiny and future through a free, transparent, and peaceful referendum in accordance with the provisions of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, 2005;

Recalling our long and heroic struggle for justice, freedom, equality and dignity in South Sudan;

Remembering and inspired by the selfless sacrifices of our martyrs, heroes and heroines;

Dedicated to a genuine national healing process and the building of trust and confidence in our society through dialogue;

Determined to lay the foundation for a united, peaceful and prosperous society based on justice, equality, respect for human rights and the rule of law;

Committed to establishing a decentralized democratic multiparty system of governance in which power shall be peacefully transferred and to upholding values of human dignity and equal rights and duties of men and women;

Conscious of the need to manage our natural resources sustainably and efficiently for the benefit of the present and future generations and to eradicate poverty and attain the Millennium Development Goals.


By David Matiop Gai, Juba, South Sudan

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July 31, 2016 (SSB) — Your Excellency, first able I want to congratulate you for your new assignment in the top leadership of our great nation and appreciated and bless your willingness, and full commitment to solve the chronic political hatred which is always fuel by outsiders to the extent of uncontrolled in the nation.

Dear Excellency, you may have an immediate advisor, or direct and indirect advisors, but due to your positive concern for the future of our beloved great nation at your heart, I would like to add my piece of advice following the rest of South Sudanese citizens who did to you dozens of congratulations before me since you was sworn in as a historical first vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, and a real cause of my writing is an extremely awareness on your legacy from present generations to another incoming generations of this great nation.


The Republic of South Sudan, Jonglei State Civil Societies

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July 19, 2016

TO: Secretary General of the United Nations,

President of United Nations General Assembly,


TOIKA countries,

Chairperson JMEC,

AU representative


Mr. Secretary General,

When the United Nations was established 71 years ago after the Second World War in 1945, the formation was meant to aim at improving the economic and social conditions of its member states and to solve political problems in the world in a peaceful and harmonious way. Unfortunately those noble objectives and dreams which president Franklin Roosevelt prophesized for the wellbeing of humanity are being turned by others into despotic and lethal weapons of oppression and suppression of the weak and the vulnerable.


juba fighting1


Why doing nothing is not an option: An open letter to David Deng Athorbei, Minister for Finance and Economic Planning

By Agok Takpiny, Melbourne, Australia

deng athorbei

Newly re-appointed minister of finance and economic planning, David Deng Athorbei

June 22, 2016 (SSB) — The financial crisis is getting deeper by the day. The judiciary and Universities lecturers are on strike because they have not received their salaries for months. The army, the police and other government employees are doing it tough. Food prices in the market are almost out of reach of everyone; this is because the country’s currency (SOUTH Sudan pound or SSP) has lost nearly sixty percent (61%) of its value against the US dollar.

Currently, one dollar ($1) is equal to 51 SSP. As South Sudan is 100% dependent on imported goods, traders need dollars to go overseas to buy goods. Typically, merchants purchase good at one price and then sells the good for a higher price. Markup pricing is a cost of goods plus desire profit. By having the markup on products, a trader can earn profits. If the importer sells the goods for what they cost, then he or she will not make a profit, the selling price would just match expenses, thereby not earning any profit.


Open letter requesting the President of the Republic of South Sudan to relieve Mr. Ateny Awek Ateny from his position as Presidential Spokesperson

ateny wek

Ateny Wek, Presidential press secretary

Your Excellency,

June 22, 2016 (SSB) —- Two recent incidents threaten the reputation and integrity of your Office. On 7 June, your Spokesperson Ateny Awek Ateny caused to be published in the New York Times an Op-Ed purportedly signed by you and 1st Vice President Riek Machar.

The Op-Ed called for the scrapping of the planned Hybrid Court to try those suspected of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the recently concluded civil war.  Instead, blanket amnesty, irrespective of remorse, would be offered to those who testify before a planned truth commission.


Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan–CASS

May 12, 2016

pray for peace in south sudan

May 19, 2016 (SSB) — We congratulate and thank you for the steps you are taking to form the Transitional Government of National Unity and we urge you to operate with an attitude of honesty, sincerity of intention and inclusiveness towards each other for the success of your Administration and for the good of the country.

We recognize that the tasks before you, that of recovering from war and building a new country, are enormous challenges; however nothing is more important, at this time, than addressing the humanitarian crisis that is threatening most of the country.  With the extent of suffering and with the rainy season fast approaching, your immediate attention and quick response are necessary now.