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By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia

Family history

Monday, 1 October 2018 (PW) — Nhial lual had four wives namely; Amac Gai, Nyakor Adol, Aluong Akec and Nyariak Agou.

Lual Nhial a single son on his mother, Amac Gai was married to Areu Guut Kuol and Achok Khang Yuot from Pale and Koc respectively.

Areu, before her demise has the following children: Gai, Malaak, Ateny (my mother) and Athou. Athou, as the name suggests was a result of mother’s death. “Athou” means death.

Had she (Areu) been alive beyond the fourth birth, many offsprings would have followed.

Achok Khang, the second wife has only three sons; Majier, Ayuen and Mabior. It’s Mabior’s family who organises this memorial service today in Perth.

Malaak among the four siblings was the only educated one. He graduated from Khartoum University business school in 1976. He later married Anai Johnson Kuol Kur from Ater section of Makuach Payam. They have three children, one son and two daughters. (more…)

By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia

CEPO Fact Sheet on the Signed Khartoum Peace Agreement on the Revitalization of the 2015 ARCSS

Monday, 3 September, 2018 (PW) —  Last time, the parties to the violated 2015 Compromise Peace Agreement (CPA) were forced by the international community to append their signatures and implement the agreement in time to save the suffering people of South Sudan.

It’s a painful thing to be forced twice by external forces to do something you know one must do. Death, infrustructure destruction and human destitution, the three “Ds” brought about by war are nobody’s friends. War always without doubt brings human missery to the fore and halts progress for generations. That’s why it is wise to steer clear of it under any circumstances.

In our case, the quest for political power was central to the war that had caused tens of thousand lives and forced millions of people to seek refuge outside the country. Now that the external forces have once again forged the Revitalised peace agreement signed by the belligerents, the focus now turns on its implementation. (more…)

By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia

President Kiir's speeches after independence

Salva Kiir Mayaardit: The Joshua of South Sudan. Grab your copy at

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 (PW) – This piece is neither a biography, critique or praise of Salva Kiir and his regime. We’re aware that there are attempts by certain individuals to author a biography of President Kiir unilaterally. This piece is a common man’s view that only narrates the path Kiir negotiated to the top of the SPLM/SPLA and therefore to that of the country called South Sudan.

The man, fondly referred to as Joshua by his ardent followers takes us to the Biblical times when Moses, the leader who led Israelites out of Egypt went over the mountain not to return to taste the fruits of the promised land. Moses and Joshua story is found in the old testament of the Holy Bible and is used by Christians to illustrate stories similar in nature such as the one of Southern Sudanese.

History tells us that when the dissident southern soldiers rebelled in 1983, Salva Kiir was a mere captain in the Sudanese army. Stationed in Malakal, Upper Nile, he was an intelligence officer who tasked to report to the military headquarters subversive activity in the South. (more…)

By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia


Wednesday, August 22, 2018 (PW) — With the likely advent of peace in the coming months, all the attention now turns to implementation of the agreement and the elections to crown it all. In the meantime, the parties preemptively vowed to implement the agreement in letter and spirit. Possibly they are aware of the lost opportunities by not implementing the previous agreement.

Had all gone well, by now, the country would have been a different place and no one would be in this mirage any more. This country has gone through difficult periods, characterised by famine, disease such as cholera and other preventable disasters since resuming atrocities 5 years ago.

One of the advantages of having peace is the potential to innovate and grow albeit gradually with time. The advanced nations we see and look up to today in the world ceased wars and conflict many decades ago. In the absence of war a nation is able to develop and channel its human capital solely for development. It also uses its resources exclusively for this purpose. (more…)

By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia

jmec chairman festus mogae


Tuesday, August 21, 2018 (PW) — President Mogae could not be thanked enough. He had endured the unforgiving high expectations of the South Sudanese people for the dishonoured 2015 peace agreement reluctantly entered into by the SPLM opposing sides.
Had the 2015 peace agreement held as agreed, Festus Mogae, the former president of Botswana would have to leave in 2018 or soon thereafter.

It was Chairman Mogae after 2016 debacle who, claimed that the peace agreement was wounded but not dead. He was trying to salvage the images of the peace guarantors and that of his organisation, The Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC).

The Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission was created to monitor the ill-fated peace agreement between SPLM IO and Government of the Republic of South Sudan from 2015 through to 2018 after which agreed reforms would have been made and elections conducted under a new constitution. (more…)

HLRF: A Peace Quest Like No Other

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By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia

CEPO Fact sheet on the final proposal on outstanding issues on governance

CEPO Fact sheet on the final proposal on outstanding issues on governance

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 (PW) — The tortuous revitalisation of the 2015 peace has seen the belligerents moved from one capital city to another in the span of the war. The three prong approach involving reunification of the SPLM, revitalisation of 2015 peace agreement and the so-called home grown initiative of national dialogue took the tortoise pace while people of South Sudan continue to perish in greater numbers.

Much of the talk under the mediation of Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the regional organisation that attempted to bring the warmongers to the table at the initial stages came to the same fate, no peace. (more…)

By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia


Thursday, June 14, 2018 (PW) — Five years of war and counting, in terms of human suffering and lack of development is a period like half a century of drawback to stone. While in standard five in Kakuma Refugee Camp (KRC), one of my greatest teachers (now deceased) whispered to us that war and conflict take humanity by centuries back to the stone age.

True. My generation and I have first hand experience of what war actually brings on humanity. We have had heard about the World Wars I & II in the distant past. The Vietnam war in the seventies. The Iraq war and the Afghanistan Taliban war with the Americans during the George and Tony Blair era.

The war wary world was dragged into Iraq by the Bush’s coalition of the willing. The US Marines entry into Iraq through Kuwait and began raining bombs down from the air and ground is etched into our psyche till the forever. (more…)

By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia


Friday, May 25, 2018 (PW) — What to say about the High Level Revitalisation Forum (HLRF) of the dead 2015 South Sudan peace agreement defies the tongue if you are the grass being trampled by the elephants. you can’t dare to remember the dates, when it started and ended. Lots of things have been going on since 8 July 2016.

Taban faction lingered behind and got absorbed in the cauldron. SPLM mini reunification took place in 2018. And finally came the second HLRF consultation. The so-called National Dialogue consultations may be out soon. National dialogue is considered to be one of the homegrown fronts. The attempt to give another “home grown” solution a chance failed before religious leaders prior to IGAD takeover of the HLRF.

The complexity of the negotiation trajectory is beyond comprehension both nationally and beyond the borders. on many ocassions, the South Sudanese elites insist on the untested home grown solutions to the country’s political and security predicaments. It happened that some traditional leaders in the past resolved inter communal feuds facilitated by UN and NGOs with partial involvement of the SPLA commanders long ago. (more…)

By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia

Riek Machar with Dak Kueth and Pende Ngong

Human Rights Activist, Jon Pende Ngong (on Black T-shirt) and Prophet Dak Kueth, (Dreadlocked) posed for group photo With Rebel Leaders Dr. Riek Machar and Lt. General Dau Aturjong (standing) in Pagak, South Sudan

Saturday, 19 May 2018 (PW) — The cloudy political climate in the independent South Sudan is certain to continue. The generation that has know nothing a part from wars and negotiations in and out since 1955 has no guts to alter course. Unjustified perpetual Wars and skirmishes had developed a tendency of being handed down to following generations on slates of ignorance.

The interludes between conflicts did not availed sufficient grounds to think deeply of what the nation should look and feel like in the real world. Between 1972-1983 and 2005-2013 are such interludes not to mention the periods before these when foreigners of European and Arabs molesters pried the dark continent. Self-rule after the colonial era have seen us hurtling to the abyss because of destructive beliefs, some of which are meant for survival of those close to power.

The respect for Elders is nothing new. It has been cited time and again just for the sake of reminding the youth to be mum while matters descend into the abyss. It may have been appropriate in the past however, in the new brave world, the youth should dare to bring its energy and prowess to the fore to help solve the current predicament the country faces. (more…)

“If you see behind the mountains then why did you allow John Garang to die there” Cattle keeper in Equatoria

By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia


The Genius of Dr. John Garang: Speeches on the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) Paperback – November 26, 2015 by Dr. John Garang (Author), PaanLuel Wël (Editor)

Monday, May 7, 2018 (PW) — It is not uncommon to hear people praising rulers that they made wise decisions here or there. Wisdom, existed in the past but not anymore. This is more so in the area of politics.

King Solomon of Israel was considered a wise ruler during his time. This was evidenced by the judgment involving two women claiming ownership and custody of a certain child.

In the case, one of the contestants chose a zero-sum game when she requested the king to cut the child into two halves. This prompted the king to decide that she was a pretender and passed the verdict in the other woman’s favour. (more…)

SPLM Reunification Has been Sneezed at Three Times

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By Malith Alier, Perth, Australia

SPLM reunification4

SPLM Reunification: President Museveni meets President Kiir and G-10 leaders in Kampala

March 30, 2018 (SSB) — If anything, the so-called SPLM reunification is more distant than the peace talks prospects currently underway in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. More water has gone under the bridge and it is getting harder and harder for anyone to imagine that SPLM in its former self will be reincarnated. Some people still harbour the notion that the current upheaval began in the party and would be corrected by up the ante or going back to stage one.

In my Dinka understanding if you say something amid sneezes, obviously, I don’t say bless you, instead, I say you can’t be serious! The first thing people thought about immediately after the eruption of conflict was reunification of the SPLM as a party. One of the root causes to me was the question of the group formation that was halted at the second stage by actions of factions or individuals within the party.


By Malith Alier, Perth, Western Australia

constructive discurse

March 26, 2018 (SSB) — The two writings by Gordon Buay and Simon Yel in defence of Hon. Mayen Wol Jong, the former Chief Administrator (CA) in the Office of the President (OP) which appeared on sudantribune and panluelwel on March 21 and 24 respectively should not go unchallenged.

One regrets that Gordon Buay, a secretary made Charge de’Affaires for South Sudan embassy in Washington would put too much energy in Juba affairs in expense of his duties in the USA. The Trump administration has recently ramped up sanctions on the regime in the presence of the learnt ambassador.

The circumstances under which Mayen and the Kenyans were released have not been made clear as cited by both authors of the said articles. John Agou continues to languish in jail for unknown cause after the emancipation of the co-accused. This seemed to have escaped the conscience of the supporters of Mayen.


By Malith Alier, Juba, South Sudan



April 2, 2017 (SSB) — Before, we proceed we should define what actually is meant by the term “budget” in a nation – Individuals or families also have their budgets and so are organisations.

A budget is a financial forecast of expected revenues and where these revenues will be spent. An individual, organisation and or a state raises and spends its income over a period of twelve month technically known as financial year.

South Sudan since the interim period 2005 – 2011 had been preparing a budget of some kind. This budget happened to be irregular in nature of preparation and implementation. Initially, the financial year used to run from January to December until change occurred shortly after independence. A new financial year runs from July 1st – June 30th.


It Never Rains it Pours

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By Malith Alier, Juba, South Sudan

National Prayers Day

Here you are,

Looking backward over the span

Calmness moderation

Clouds in the wood accelerate!

My baby, my son ooi

Pictures of horror reborn

Peace an elusion

It never rains it pours


By Malith Alier, Juba, South Sudan


Gen. Gregory Vassilli Dmitry (brother of Madam Ayendit), the new governor of Gogrial state

January 16, 2017 (SSB) — There is an ongoing debate over the past weeks about appointment of state governors of Twic and Gogrial. It happened that one Gregory who is related to the President’s family became a governor of Gogrial.

This may not be coincidence but all appointments if done according to constitution you’ll find that no single article bars the appointing authority from doing so. All mature and qualified South Sudanese are eligible for election and appointment in various positions in their government.

We have to look at the 2011 constitution in the legal point of view before we criticise. First, the Constitution was controversial because it was thought to have given too much power to the President.


By Malith Alier, Juba, South Sudan

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January 15, 2017 (SSB) — Time flies faster than you might think. The bliss of 2011 independence dissipated faster before us in an incredulous way. Many of us or ninety eight percent were convinced that the suffering was completely behind us on or after the historical referendum of January of the same year prior to declaration of self-rule.

2016 was thought to be the year of another peace and the beginning of perceived development in the country after the signing of the peace agreement. This was not to be, never. Peace, prosperity and justice which were long overdue proved elusive

 However, nobody anticipated the two actors will let down the struggle for independence namely; the country from which we seceded and the “Liberators” who had no clue on how to manage state affairs after liberation.


By Malith Alier, Juba, South Sudan

kiir at juba uni

President Kiir at the 18th graduation ceremony of the university of Juba, April 2015

October 19, 2016 (SSB) — This is my reaction to the bill underway in Juba City Legislative Council concerning reduction of students’ fare in what is called public transport in the beleaguered city as appeared on Juba Monitor Newspaper on October 8 2016. There are good reasons to be sceptical on the by-laws passed by the city since creation around 2012.

There is a catalogue of laws lying fallow before the council which is contemplating new controversial laws as we speak. Even the transport arena has its own laws that are overlooked by those who should enforce them, the city traffic officers. One among many of these laws is the public transport Act which bars foreigners from operating public buses.


A rebutal to an article published by Juba Monitor on 20 Sept 2016 by Ambassador Peter Modison Yugu

By Malith Alier, Juba, South Sudan


September 22, 2016 (SSB) — I take this chance to respond to an article published by Juba Monitor on Tuesday 20, 2016 by one ambassador, H.E. Peter Modison Yugu under the above title.

Ambassadors should be people of character and integrity. That is why they’re referred to as “excellencies” in the first place. They’re next to the president since they are personal representatives of the person of the president and the country at large to foreign nations around the globe. This is generally to say that they should be the least to mislead the public.

I’m not here to argue about whether the president is lowly or highly paid and I’m not also arguing about various reports either by African Union like the one by Obasanjo, the UN and or the Sentry reports just out on the 12 this month of September. What I’m going to rebut is the comparisons which seemed to be out of proportions.


By Malith Alier, Kampala, Uganda


August 28, 2016 (SSB) — What would writing achieve in this country called South Sudan? Some people in the past advised this writer that he and many others should pause because nobody listens! These sorts of people imagine that continuous writing changes nothing on the ground.

Writing is not about changing things instantly but it’s also about learning, entertainment and you name them. I bet that most of my fellow writers will continue to write no matter what. Whether something changes or not, writers will continue. Further, writing is as old as human civilisation itself. Therefore, it’s meaningless to advise authors to cease what they love most.

There are dangers associated with speaking one’s mind in the society as we witnessed over the past five years after the independence. Journalists, particularly those who expressed political opinions have been killed, imprisoned and tortured simply because of their views. This in itself will not stop or discourage writers. We see soldiers join the army and carry guns despite dangers associated with being in the army. This is the same with writers.


By Malith Alier, Juba, South Sudan


Sabina Dario Lokolong, deputy minister for humanitarian affairs and disaster management, Nov 2011

August 18, 2016 (SSB) — W has recently got an appointment as head of an Independent Commission while at the same time an advisor to the President.

X has become a state Governor while being an MP in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA)?

Y is a serving army officer but has also got an appointment to a political position, Mangar-rial County Commissioner, to which Y will return to the military upon losing that political posting.

Z is a serving party official but was recently appointed to hold ambassadorial position in diplomatic corps.