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  1. Gai de madingdit says:

    Idon,t understand what the writer mean? when single the Historial county of twic east to be the least developing county in the state,my dear writer iam geting what you mean?to the best of my understanding i know your opinion is the defamation of the twic community becoz those of you are the ones who pour the drum of hatred and tribalism even to the door of your tukul and if not why don,t you talk about Bor community in general. donot repeat again beceause Bor have divide itself since the creation of the world not to be divide by people like you one Bor for objective.


  2. challo kuku says:

    There come a time when the nation is more important that an individual bashir will go and others will come and lead with dignity an supper human in entire Sudan


  3. fasa says:

    i feel soo soo sad for south suden but nyankol


  4. welpinynhom says:

    Aguer Rual 24th June 2014
    Statement regarding Salva Kiir’s betrayal of the people of South Sudan, and his unsuitability for the presidency.
    My name is Aguer Rual and I was born in Warrap State, Mayen Abun, in 1952. My primary school education was interrupted by the first civil war, when my school was attacked and the school’s teachers killed. At this time I joined Anyanya 1 (1964). In 1965 I went to Zaire and joined the southern Sudanese rebels and fought with them against Khartoum until 1972 (the Addis Ababa Accord).
    I resumed my schooling until finishing secondary school in Juba in 1982. When the war broke out again in 1983, I went to Malakal for family reasons. There I attended a military conference, comprising senior and junior officers of the southern Sudanese army, about the imminent violation of the Addis Ababa accord. The purpose of the conference, which was initiated by Kerubino Kuanyin Bol and William Nyuon Bany, and supported by other officers, was to discuss ways to protect the Accord and resist Nimiery’s decision to impose sharia law, begin the unpopular Jonglei Canal project, transfer the South Sudanese Army to the north and establish oil refineries in the north instead of in the oil-producing areas of South Sudan.
    During that conference in Malakal, I met Salva Kiir, who at that time was a military intelligence officer attached to Nimeiry’s administration.
    Nimeiry was opposed to the conference which he saw as a threat to his power. He ordered the Arab military commander based in Malakal, along with Salva Kiir, to prevent the conference from continuing. However, the conference concluded successfully, with a resolution that none of Nimiery’s decisions would be adhered to and that the southern Sudanese army was prepared to fight if necessary under the command of Kerubino and William.
    Salva Kiir was then assigned and paid to arrest the initiators (Kerubino and William) of the conference and send them to Khartoum to be tried at the military court. We know about this assignment because Salva Kiir talked about it to many people and was evidently in many events. He had earlier attended military training in Khartoum and after his graduation he asked to be transferred to the Intelligence unit in order to supply information about southern resistance directly to Nimeiry.
    Before seeking to take that role, Salva Kiir had developed resentment about his perception of being under-promoted when he returned from the guerrilla movement. He saw his colleagues being promoted above him and appeared to decide to move in another direction to obtain a higher rank in the army. He also saw his family as missing out on privileges and remunerations which other families enjoyed.
    When it became evident to Kerubinio and William that Salva had become an enemy to the southern Sudanese in general and themselves in particular, they mobilized the southern Sudanese people to join them to fight the twenty-one thousand-strong army Nimeiry had sent to attack them in Bor. The army marched from Juba to Bor, which took five days, and arrived on the fifteenth of May, 1983. They ransacked the town of Bor and the fighting began on the sixteenth of May.
    Kerubino was badly injured and his soldiers defeated, while those civilians who remained alive after being heavily attacked, including students, fled to the bush, leaving Bor empty.
    An additional army division came from the north to capture William Nyuon in Ayot, where he was commander of a battalion of the Sudanese armed forces. As organizer of the Malakal conference, he was on the black list targeted by Salva as an informant of Nimeiry, as I was also as an attendee. Understanding what was going to happen, William instigated a revolt within his battalion to eliminate the threat to his life by the northern soldiers in his battalion.
    Having left Malakal because of the threat to my life caused by Salva and his intelligence personnel, and arriving in Ayot to join William, I found the revolt already underway. The revolt was successful and there were many casualties of the northern army. Therefore we held Ayot for about two months, after which I left to the place where Kerubino was recovering from his wounds in the bush. The two battalions, those of Kerubino and William, were merged and moved to Bilpam just inside Ethiopia.
    While in Bilpam and Etang, a misunderstanding began between John Garang, Akuot Atem and Gai Tut about the formation of the movement.
    After the SPLA and SPLM were formed, Garang was appointed as temporary leader.
    After Malakal was deserted, Nimeiry sent Salva Kiir to complete his mission of destroying the movement and eliminate the founders and key politicians. By that time, Salva was known to be untrustworthy; he had created division and conflicts between Garang and the founders of the movement which had contributed to the deaths of Kerubino and William and many other leaders.
    In 2005, before the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Salva Kiir managed to leach power from Garang by using deception and duplicity in accord with the regime in Khartoum, whose agenda was to deny the effective rights of the southern Sudanese people with the objective of maintaining de facto power and control of resources.
    In 2011, the tactics Salva Kiir had previously employed paid off in the sense of his personal ambitions when he was nominated president. The NCP had been required by the terms of the CPA to make unity attractive but few believed unity was possible. However, it is known that Salva himself preferred, lobbied for and voted for unity in a hide. He invited Muslims to spread Islam throughout southern Sudan within the CPA period, which struck a discordant quality note but was evidently in accord with the wishes of Khartoum. He also invited other troublemakers from other parts of Africa and within his poor clans to create insecurity and to profit from southern Sudan while contributing nothing.
    In conclusion, there is evidence that for thirty years, Salva Kiir has pursued an agenda entirely at odds with the wishes and well-being of the people of South Sudan, that is, an alliance with their traditional enemy.
    Solutions for the problems and devastation left by war and caused by him in South Sudan have depended on the always precarious unity of its tribal people. Salva Kiir’s allegiances, behavior during the war and poor leadership since assuming the presidency amount to a pattern of gross unsuitability for a position of responsibility. His actions in December 2013 and since can be seen to be consistent with his past conduct.

    Based on the above illustration of Salva Kiir’s character, I wish to declare that it is my recommendation that he be removed from office and tried in a Court of Justice within South Sudan. The South Sudanese people, who have suffered from his machinations, should be able to witness his trial and be satisfied that justice is done.
    Subsequently, the unity of the country must be the first priority of any interim government, and from there, the expectations of the people for peace, prosperity and equality must be addressed.
    Whatever system replaces the corrupt government which has hitherto held power, I believe the federal system to be preferable to any other. This must include the facility to reward those who struggled for the freedom and independence of their country Or the SPLA/M.
    I am calling the people of greater Bhar el-Ghazal, all South Sudan people, all civil societies organizations, police forces, farmers, students, teachers, all political parties, SPLA and Dinka to consider the evidence laid out above and support the truth rather than falling back on tribal allegiances. This crisis is too important to do otherwise.
    “Declare to join rebel under the leadership Dr Riek Machar”.

    Yours faithfully,
    Aguer Rual
    Mobile: 0469106648
    Email: aguerrual@ymail.com


    • Joyuma says:

      Dear Aguer,

      you are lying to us the history is not that ways, all what you have narrated uses to be happened in our present, lies will not take us anywhere tell trues and trues will set us frees


    • The history will always remain history and heroes will always be heroes. Mr Aguer whatever history you narrated is a lie and It will never gives you anything rather than regard you as behind the history of this land judge him (Slava) the way you can it doesn’t matter but the correct history will observe him thuo he failed in whatever it may or what people think we will always give him that credit of being loyal to the people of this land for more than 49 year since August 1962 to the SPLA/M in May 1983


  5. Desmond Mabior says:

    Dear brother Mabior Garang De Mabior ,Its my hope that you’re doing
    great wherever you are now. And may you stay bless in wherever
    Its clear that you’re with rebels now. And its clear that you’re against
    Kiir and its government, the government you ,your boss (Riek) and
    supporters are allegedly accusing of dictatorship, failure,illiteracy and
    many that I could count for a whole day. And that’s the reason
    you,Riek and your supporters are asking for federalism now,the
    federalism that you have no idea of it’s results in the near future, the
    federalism that will not even favour your own State,county, payam
    and community that you came from in terms of country’s natural
    resources or country’s income.
    Many of your supporters who encouraged you in your letter,articles
    always start it off
    by pointing out a few good things that you’re fighting for and
    suddenly switch,
    explaining what they’re supporting you for. Those are the ones who
    always want to prove themselves that they’re failures.
    Others even supports your awful articles you writes against the
    GOSS. Such group is mainly composed of beggars,
    flatterers. (Tearz Ayuën) called them sycophants, generally. And I
    called them in dinka language ‘Koch ke wun chi kuaath’ , I don’t
    know if that’s the correct spelling in Dinka language.
    Well ,if you have chosen to continue or go ahead with your pending
    pleasure, interest and case then that’s fine! but that’s not the reason I
    chooses to waste my precious time writing this note or article today.
    I simply writes this to advise you and to represent and show you the
    facts,truths you have ceased to see or you’ve been ignoring since.
    You’re against your late father’s(nation’s father) best and longest
    friend ‘President Kiir Mayardit’. You called him dictator, illiterate. But
    you suddenly forgotten that this same man:
    a) Was the most loyal and close friend to your father(nation’s father).
    You and your supporters called him ‘illiterate’ but you have forgotten
    that this same man did contribute allot to the Paradise you and your
    boss ‘Riek’ are trying to hijack or rob from him now. He sacrifice his
    chance of later become literate politician just to obey Late Dr John
    Garang command or wishes (he didn’t asked to be release to go to
    school when others who are now literate politicians were released by
    late Dr John Garang to go to school from front line).And you’re now
    calling him ‘illiterate’? That sound funny to me.
    b)Was he not the same man whom your father( nation’s father)
    abandoned and sidelined in Yei
    for two years without contact or update on the CPA peace
    process? And when he asked late Dr John Garang on how the peace
    progressing his words were ignored and manipulated. However, with
    his good
    conflict resolution skills and the love,respect he had for late Dr John
    Garang as a brother they resolved their differences with your father
    (nation’s father) in Rumbek in 2004 peacefully.
    c)Was he not the same man who show or demonstrated his respect,
    love and loyalty for your father(nation’s father) by employing your
    mother(nation’s mother)?He appointed her as a minister of road
    before independence and later appointed her to be his advisor
    (president advisor) .When other SPLA commanders,soldiers who did
    went to front line are struggling with their families. And you’re
    d)A man whose government did not and will never abuse,say bad
    words to your father(nation’s father)and his entire family. He can
    grant or give you anything you want anytime because of the loyalty
    he has for your father (nation’s father) and importantly the
    achievement of Dr John.
    e) A man who has and always ignored your criticism for or toward his
    leadership. A man who tortured and even sent some mere activists to
    an early graves just because they criticized his leadership and their
    fathers are not famous or known in the history of South Sudan.
    And many more favours he did to your family and you’re comfortably
    leaving this man for the man who betrayed your father(nation’s
    father). The man who called your father (nation’s father) a dictator. A
    man who killed and left nobody on some of your community plot or
    land. A man whose his current military spokesman is talking bad
    against late Dr John Garang.
    You and your supporters must be saying this to yourselves now:
    “What’s this boy talking
    about? Is he drunk or mentally deranged? Someone please take
    him to a mental hospital. Does he know who I am? Who is his father
    anyway? Does he really know my father? Does he know that I have a
    power? Is he aware that I can send him to an early grave. You can
    even ignore my words and quote this ‘we in a world world were
    everyone have an opinion’ .And you can take my words seriously and
    put them into action but its up to you.
    Am not asking you to stop or leave what you desire but am asking
    you to redeem yourself because you may regret what you are doing to
    yourself now later .
    Mabiorkääi I believe your father(Late Dr John Garang De Mabior) had
    a reputation in you, that was the reason he gave you those name,
    your grandfather name ,in fact his father’s name. Don’t let them go in
    vain, use them very well. I am surprise to see you in politic at your
    age. I thought you were still moaning your father. I didn’t even
    thought you would join rebel like the way you did . I was expecting
    you to have put politic aside and think of building yourself and then
    later join politic because I have never see a politician who is like
    you- Who have not even plant himself (get married – you’re not
    married if am not wrong)
    – Who’s still living in his parents house.
    – Who doesn’t have buttocks (ang’uem),stomach.
    And claim to be a politician, am very surprise of you my dear bro!
    Mabiorkääi ‘hurry has no blessing’
    Mabiorkääi ‘achin kë ye yök ë tong chi welnhom baai, ee ng’ong ë
    Mabiorkääi don’t allow yourself to be Riek’s Oginga Odinga of South
    Mabiorkääi be a man of your own principles and the greater Bor will be
    behind you and you will be a leader.
    May God Bless You


  6. Desmond Mabior says:

    My dearest ‘greater Bor’ peers or fellows i greet you. I am aware and
    its clear that some of you are in support of pending ‘federalism’
    result which were submitted by ‘Riek’ and his delegation. Fine that’s
    up to you if you’re in support of that but for ‘ME’ its a big NO for my
    personal view that will later follow.
    Well as you read this, many of you may piss me off and even ignore
    this ,some may suggest that I am a mad man(or boy for those who
    are older than me) and some may agree with me and the final results
    is we’re all humans and and each every individual have his/her right
    to choose what he/she do,like or desire. But that’s not the reason I
    chooses to waste my precious time to write this note or article today.
    Let me outset by sharing this quote with you today ‘ The only thing
    worse than being blind is having
    sight and no vision’. You can translate it on your own opinion but for
    me this is what I mean about that.
    Its clear that many of you are against ‘Kiir’ and its government.
    Especially your claimed illiterate, dictator ,murderer,failure ‘Kiir
    Mayardit’ himself. Were many of you have continually asked him to
    go,were many of you wrote and continually writes articles of asking
    him to go ‘Kiir must go’. The same ‘Kiir’ you and your
    pathetic,selfish,greed leaders who later become chameleon ruins his
    reputation in public and domestic eyes now. But I will not talk about
    it now.
    Let me suggests in my view that ‘Kiir’ himself is not the problem.
    The problem are your chameleon leaders and possibly his Bar-el-
    gazaal fellow. Especially those chameleon,pathetic,selfish,greedy
    leaders who ruined Kiir reputation by first concentrated on ‘stomach-
    filling’ sport. They looted public funds
    for 8 years. They stole all the petrodollars.
    They fattened their wives and concubines with it, and stashed
    millions in foreign banks. And when they had had enough, when their
    bellies were about to
    burst open, they changed the game. They shifted to It’s-my-turn-
    to-be-the-president. Leaving innocent citizens ‘destitute’ in
    neighboring countries refugees camp. And you’re now blaming Kiir
    for that? You’re blaming him for taking action against the chameleon,
    pathetic, selfish,greedy leaders who ruin his reputation and are
    threatening his seat/leadership?
    Let me concluded by saying ‘YOU AND YOUR NUERS’ are “selfish”.
    Let me be sincere with you that you’re not fighting against the poor
    leadership or Bar-El-Gazaal domination,dictatorship and undeveloped
    government that you claimed. You’re simply fighting for your self-
    interest ,self-benefit. You’re only interested in what will favour,
    develop Upper Nile region only.
    I understand many of you doesn’t want or wished Riek to be the
    president after all but you’re using him as a tool to kick Kiir out of
    his seat.
    And I hope so far you have experienced the aftermath of it now ,I
    hope you have experienced now how attacking a person at his home
    (seat) can resulted.
    Why are you (South Sudanese) and your opposition leaders are in
    such hurry for development or settlement? Do you have any idea how
    long,struggle and presidents it took other countries you’re now
    comparing yourself with to achieved their own achievement,which
    resulted to their current good outcome(development, democracy and
    good governance etc)?
    Of course you have a long way to go in real facts but because of your
    undermined minds, greediness of leadership,hurry for development
    and selfishness you’re accusing an innocent man (Kiir)of
    dictatorship,corruption, illiteracy etc.
    These will never take you anywhere my dear citizens and I am sure if
    you kick Kiir out that will be the thing you will keep doing to the
    leaders that will follow him and you will have no leaders forever.
    So be careful my dear Borians (Buor)with sides you took, because
    you’re always the victims of every conflict, massacre that occurred in
    South Sudan just because you deeply involve yourself and first take
    sides in every political views.
    And I look forward to the day that South Sudan will be a united,
    peaceful, developed country but that will depends on how you treat
    your authorities, leaders period!


  7. Moses Kur Daniel says:

    Letter to Dr. John Garang the founding father of the wrecked state.

    Dear Dr. John,

    Your comrades you untimely left behind with untamed savageness turned out to be blood-thirsty Pugilists.They like not to play politics by the rules. Power struggle had cost more lives than the war of liberation.

    They lack self-restraint, maturity, tolerance and above all integrity [distinct excellence of character] which’s not acquired through suit-wearing, tertiary papers or material wealth.

    Political immaturity & egoistic power greed have plunged your beloved state into chaos and disorder of the highest degree. They are now absurdly fighting and belabouring over the abused term democracy.

    Some known murderers flock and with disregard to human life shamelessly send innocent primitive youth to death penalty war in the name of the abused democracy. The other party which doesn’t even know that a considerate, responsible and accountable government loses legitimacy once it failed to fulfil what it had agreed in the mandate-contract with the governed~~above all is security plus services to enable prosperity and progress for all instead of solely servicing luxury of elitist few. Still they chant shamelessly the name elected government not knowing they have failed to honour what they had agreed with the governed (citizens). For instance they oversaw admin which carried out daylight looting of public resources with wild impunity.

    Your comrades turned the yesterday reverent archipelago full of abundant hopefulness into blood-bath hell, a now fertile land for hopelessness and despair. Mass repatriation that you left backtracked into mass expatriation.

    The oil resources of which you gave them crucial inkling to be spent on agriculture in order to feed the starving poor, road, education and healthcare were belligerently & extravagantly diverted by privilege few into vain luxury-shopping for V8s (the world most greediest car), huge chunk of those resources had been siphoned off into foreign banks instead of local banks denying the hardworking local loan-seekers the right to borrow and finance entrepreneurial schemes.

    Some of those resources were spent in shopping for lethal firearms and ammunition which were distributed to un-nationalised primitive folks–without proper regulation making cities of the poor state you left behind the most militarised ones in the universe. Ill-enlightened un-nationalist recruits are armed from toe–head not to protect all but few elites as armies of armed body-guards. Consequently, it exploded and they turned those purchased weapons against helpless civilian population and thousands of innocent lives followed you with no meaningful just cause.

    No justice to those innocent lives lost in vain. In general, truth is buried alive. No secret is revealed nor is genuine wrong brought to light. All dealings and contracts regarding public resources are not openly debated with public scrutiny and awareness, but in opaqueness. Whistle-blower or truth-teller is treated as traitor and exiled or killed. Real traitor, murderer and corrupt are treated as saints and crown as heroes/heroine.

    Not only that but evil doers are rewarded with lucrative monetary bounties for their monstrous evil acts. Transparency has been exiled. Rule of law is often infringed at will by abstinent comrades. Your comrades are both makers and breakers of their own laws. Active comrades simultaneously command parades of uniformed men and women and share political party meetings in contravention of the law. Anarchy is ruling your orphaned land.

    Your comrades are curse to your nation. The freedom & peace which had claimed lives, limbs, blood of millions, dead including You and the living fews for 1/2 or more a century have been & are still being undone.

    Gosh! Dr. John Garang are you watching? Some 3/4 or so of the current generation of children is growing without education and food insecure. Primary teacher earns twice less than what a labourer/ cleaner in juba earns. Men & women in uniform can’t afford to support a prosperous family despite having sacrificed the most highest precious value (life) for the country.

    More than half of the populace is contemporarily in the midst of scourging poverty and is being firmly held by manacles of injustice and chain of insecurity. Surely, Dr. John Garang, South Sudan faces a dark and perilous future.

    God Almighty have mercy on the bleeding South Sudan!!

    Moses Kur Daniel


  8. Akol Maduok Madut Akol says:

    A letter to John Garang Comrade John, please open your eyes to see those destroying the state you inherited to us. Things change daily from bad to worse and then from worst to anarchy. We beg you comrade to take away these culprits who are putting their own interests above nation’s interests. Some comrades have forgotten the cause of our struggle. We also express our regret to your family,Nyandeng and her son Mabior for joining manh apeth called Riek Machar.


    Good time for any one in my community there is nobody can work for your need only you certify your need nobody against you when you are not against yourself. I need much remarkable ideas. I have seen a lot goodness and difficulties in my life and I use to maintain myself to be someone. You must trust to more than anyone you must get whatever wants in your future. Don’t
    sleep looking someone resources or properties if you do that, God can not open for you the way forward to get something or anything you want to maintain yourself and family need. I have given you Advise to work for your own way you. Will be successfully at the end of the day. Nobody fulfill human need at list you.
    Alone can make it. Do not give your full advice to any one weather your brother or
    He/ she turning back to you badly. It needs you to limit your advice. Also your enemy not a far relative or far friend. Your enemy is a close relative or friend
    I myself from 2007 – 2005 I have learnt more about human beings now I no longer trust anybody because I witness many times. If you’re always peaceful to anybody the ways seem you stupid. That is why I always forgive my enemies. If you try again to be against my opinion or ambition, am going to open your personality to the public If you continue making it. Nobody is historical. I always believe in friendship, many friends of mine love me and I also do the same to them. I am very grateful for your standing with me, follow-up everything with me. My father told me please my son don’t relay against anybody in your society That is why I am always avoiding my enemies to criticize I relay consider my beloved father Akuoch Yordit’s strong Advise that is why I have no problem with anyone in my society I love one .
    Don’t claim responsibility it’s God’s selection you to lead people.
    When you love your society n God will give you what you want and He will also bless you.




    Chairman : Deng Pachol Athiek

    Vice chairman : Aler Rath Chan

    Speaker : Mayen Anyang Thuch

    Deputy : Akur Deng MariaL

    Secretary General : Bul Arok Bul

    Secretary of finance : Chol Adoor Chol

    Deputy : Akuol Abijok Deng –Achony

    Information Secretary : Nyok Agoot

    Legal affairs : Deng Meluk Deng

    Message From chairperson


    Hopefully probably our leaders are all have nothing else for saving civilian life in the countryside. Our leaders must be very careful for civilians’ life in south Sudan. Again to Mama Nyandeng she was every day talking about the future of civilians’ lives and understanding themselves unity progress the new one of the most important thing in common use today in class today and enjoy the benefits of being able to make sure you get to know about you and your friends and family members and friends of mine who are you looking for the next couple of days ago by the way to go back and enjoy your stay in touch with your family and friends of the most important par, in this case is that the best way for the next couple of days ago by the end of this leadership of Kiir and his friends who are enjoying deaths of civilian. This leadership is against our civilization and developmental especially finished our generation. Corruption encourage and discrimination and love of power. Who will be responsible for killing of millions of people in South Sudan. Again all of you aware for whatever reason happen in south Sudan war government officials has been enjoying this war because are beneficiary .asking me why I should say that because Kiir has been failed to mention something about the future generations in south Sudan. Again what is the meaning of leadership in south Sudan. Hope not to plan war against your own home and family members and friends and relatives. To finish Nuer community not a solution to endorse war in south Sudan. I am given advice to president Kiir to call upon his people who elected him to be president and give them opportunity to see other leader who can provide lifestyle of civilian in south Sudan general Malolng Awan Anei you will be responsible for killing of millions of people in south Sudan war government officials said that the best way is supported killed people for you to know about it and the other day you will be responsible for delivering this communication in error please immediately notify the next couple days ago by the end of this leadership you will be responsible for the first time in the countryside forward suffering from you and your business and leisure travelers and the other side of things that you can also use the following link from your system performance unclear development you have given to civilian life in south Sudan. Again what would be great if you want ahead rules country
    Nation. Corruption encourage and discrimination and misused public funds. Building of one side of the Nation .where are we going to get the most important legal action against corruption in south Sudan. Last time I have been hearing about G10 but now Pagen announced that there is nothing should be calling G10.what is the meaning of that .the first time the talking about politics reform where is reform now. Why did you join the government you were against all the time..? Which change are you going to bring under that government..?, Are you ready to remove corruption in South Sudan as we are already aware you’re part of the corruption and part of current war or you’re going to return back our properties we lost during the war. G10s lost visions and mission of tomorrow’s leadership. Please people of South Sudan we all know that you are finished people because of yourself oppositions. The blood of civilian is on your neck forever you cannot say no anymore. We have only have one solution in South Sudan and that solution is to join Mama Rebecca Nyadeng because she’s the only one who has the mission and vision of South Sudan if Mama Rebecca was coming from Werrap state she would be the perfect person for the presidency because she is the most powerful and clean woman among South Sudanese,


  12. dengcholmijak says:

    Panaruu Diaspora Community (PICC) Welcomes The Peace!
    The Panaruu Community in Diaspora under the global-umbrella Union of the PICC leadership would like to takes this preliminary opportunity to congratulate His Excellency, President Salva Kiir Miyardit and Dr. Riek Micar for the signing of the foreign-imposed peace agreement. Please do kindly and gratefully receive our communal acceptance and welcoming of this shaky peace.
    It is a tremendous step to restoring national peace, unity, reconciliation, Stability, prosperity as the perquisites toward the permanent settlement of the war in South Sudan which had inflicted thousands of deaths, and had so far displaced thousand others internally and externally in RSS.
    The PICC, an acronym for the Panaruu International Coordination Commission is the global Panaruu liason leadership in charges of brokering the general affairs of the Panaruu Diaspora and back at Homeland in all aspects. Therefore, the PICC takes this initial step to express and emphasize the inclusive views of the Panaruu citizens across the world after having conducted the intensive surveys, assessments, consultation, and statistical evaluation pertaining to peace.
    After the lengthy research of the public opinions of the Panaruu citizens in their respective whereabouts in every continent of their residency, the PICC came to the conclusion that they do welcome and accept the peace cordially for the sake of peaceful stability and tranquility of RSS.
    However, having affirmed and welcomed the foreign-imposed IGAD-PLUS Peace Accord does not mean that Panaruu Jieeng is wholeheartedly satisfied with the signed peace agreement. The Panaruu Community accepted and welcomed the peace accord between Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Micar with much reservation and conditions as will be elaborated further in details later.

    Panaruu Conditional Reservations over the imposed peace Accord.
    His Excellency, President Salva Kiir Miyardit, Panaruu Community had petitioned you several times since the establishment of South Sudan in 2011 about the granting of the State for the Ruweng Dinka (Jieeng ) for many reasons narrated to you numerous times by this community. Ruweng Jieeng in Unity State had undergone serious , suppressive exeriences under the systematic -institutionalized Nuerism discriminatory policies in the Unity State. The social, economic and political grievances face and encounter by the Ruweng Jieeng under the oppressive-rule of Nuer majority in Unity State is chronically untold in many forms, although most of it had been brought to your attention, and mad crystal-clear to your presidential ruling elites as well through numerous petition letters in the past which were overlooked . Since the current peace was imposed against the will and interests of the South Sudanese generally, Panaruu Jieeng believes that her people would be the severest loser of this peace more exceptionally than all the stakeholders for many reasons to be illustrated . Panaruu Community, having critically and analytically evaluated the peace accord , came to the anonymous general consensus through numerous series of intercontinental teleconferences conducted to measure and collect the public opinions ( popular consultation) that Panaruu and Aloor ( Ruweng Jieeng) in Unity State will no longer be part of the Unity State under the upcoming interim State and National Unity Transitional government under Taban Deng Gai and Riek Micar respectively.
    Panaruu Jieeng had undergone through several eras of Nuer imperialistic , institutionalized tribalism , and oppressive marginalization silently for four decades in Unity State. This exclusive Nuer ‘s discriminatory policies toward minority Jieeng of Aloor and Panaruu ( Ruweng ) had been entertained and continues to be harbored habitually today by Nuer ruling elites. The practical manifestations and illustrations of these suppressive Nuer policies can be attested by the summary narratives of the following grievances of experiences by the Ruweng Jieeng:
    The first Phase of Silent , tribal Massacre of Ruweng Jieeng started in 1980s under Dr. Riek Micar when he was the SPLA Zonal Command of the Western Upper Nile ( Unity State old name by then). In 1986, Dr. Riek Micar denied the inalienable rights of the Ruweng people to the humanitarian medical supplies and clinical treatments of their patients during the Era of Kalazaar epidemic in Unity State by then in 1980s. Riek as the zonal commanding officer chose to concentrate all the medical clinics and dispensaries in his hometown areas of Leer and Duar, and denied the erections of mobile clinics in Panrieng and Biemnom areas as a matter of his discriminatory policy against Jieeng in Unity State by then . Thousands of Ruweng patients died miserably under an appalling medical conditions of Kalazaar epidemic in the areas. This was the initial mayhem.
    When Dr. Riek Micar later defected from the SPLA and SPLM in 1991 while still in charge of the zonal command of the Unity State, he continued to blockade and deny the Kalazaar patients access to the medical care and treatments in Duar and Leer. As the result of his oppressive denial and segregative tribalism toward Panaruu by then, thousand patients more died with Kalazaar epidemic while those who had attempted desperately to trek on foot to bring their loved ones to Nuerland for medical treatment were later arrested and massacred in cold-blooded summary execution mercilessly. Some patients who made it to Duar and Leer were left on clinic stretch to die alone. When majority of Panaruu declined to pledge the military supports toward Dr Riek Micar against his factional split toward SPLA, Dr. Riek Micar unleashed his forces and White Army to invade Panaruu and massacred innocent women, children, handicapped disables, burnt them alive and scorched to ash all their properties and traditional huts. Raping and looting was rampant and synonymous of his forces constantly throughout the conflict. This was the second phase of Dr Riek Micar ‘s systematic massacre.
    Institutionalization of Bentiu, Unity State as the Nuerland ensues: During the intensity of the conflict throughout 1990s after his defection , Bentiu Unity State was therefore declared as Nuerland, and that the State shall be named as Liech State as a justification that it is the cradle land of all Nuer descendants and ancestral origin. Therefore, an exclusion of Ruweng Jieeng was justified and overriden with overwhelming majority. In Unity State, every Nuer believes in the exclusive policy of segregative isolation of Ruweng Jieeng. This stereotypical-prejudice of Nuerism is self-manifested in every Nuer who enchants and entertains that Nuer supremacy and superiority over Ruweng Jieeng is an acceptable policy worthy practical promulgation throughout Nuer dynasty in Unity State. Ruweng Jieeng had endured, persevered, and tolerated it in silence for a decade.
    During the gubernatorial tenure of Nguen Monytuil and Taban Deng Gai in Unity State from 1997 to 2002 when they were still under the successful collaboration and treason with Sudan regime, political assassinations against the Ruweng Jieeng prominent intellectuals and politicians was rampant and holistically horrendous under both successive Nuer governors. Paulino Matip was responsible for carrying out all these heinous criminal acts against the ethnic cleansing of Ruweng Jieeng under bothTaban-Nguen. When both Nguen and Taban were successive governors of Unity State, under the Sudan regime, they were able to confine all State budget and developments to Nuerland only with the exclusion of Ruweng Jieeng counties.
    Following the post-CPA and post-Referendum or independence secession of South Sudan, Taban Deng Gai was still appointed as the State Governor of Unity State. During his tenure from 2005 to mid 2013, his first preliminary policy was to continue the oppressive marginalization of the Ruweng Jieeng and expanding the Nuer imperialistic superiority against Ruweng by grabbing their indigenous land and occupied it for his Nuer resettlement and occupation. He forcefully occupied Wanh-danluel and later annexed it to his Guit County as fertile land for commercial farming as well as reserving some plots for his future mansion and real Estate business. During his gubernatorial tenure he recruited and trained thousands of Jikeny-Nuer White Army and deployed them locally in Manga to deter and keep away Panaruu Jieeng local natives whom he had grabbed and occupied their ancestral land illegally through his power abuse.
    During the gubernatorial tenure of Taban, the educational scholarship program was established to award the Unity State students who had performed excellently and exceedingly with academic excellence for further higher studies elsewhere. Ruwenv Jieeng students were excelling exceptionally in educational institutions. Unfortunately, when those chances came, Taban did not abode by the State policy to award the scholarship programs by the merits of student performance, and so he resorted to the discriminatory policy of sponsoring only Nuer Students including those who had underperformed poorly in the State education system to the secondary schools, colleges and universities in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malaysia, other nations. No single Ruweng Jieeng Student was ever awarded a scholarships under Taban State Scholarship Programs due to his Nuer institutionalized-discriminatory Policy.
    In the State Workforce, employment discrimination was rampant and ubiquitous during the tenure of Taban Deng Gai. The professional hiring policies which stipulate that every job applicant shall be vetted and hired in accordance to his and her qualification and experience merits was abused and appallingly ignored by Taban Deng Gai, as he is indoctrinated to propagate his systematic, chronic Nuerism marginalization policy and segregation toward Ruweng Jieeng minority to keep them downtrodden and poor institutionallly throughout the State. The few who made it were lucky few who were accommodated by their Nuer friends in the State ministerial portfolios. The hiring nondiscriminatory policy by the competence of meritocracy was thrown away.
    When Taban Deng Gai was relief by Salva Kiir ‘s presidential decree in mid 2013, he was summoned to Juba and stay there until the crisis of political calls to transform the SPLM party democratically within the inner circles began to heat up in Juba, and Taban was suspected to be among the ringleaders behind the calls for the removal of Kiir. While Taban was politically disgruntled and upset by his removal by President Salva Kiir, he started to issue dubious order to his Jikeny-Nuer White Army which had already trained and equipped prior to his gubernatorial relief by Kiir to unleash a tribal attack and terrorism against the local natives of Panaruu over the land he had grabbed forcefully and had occupied illegally. Taban ordered his militias to wreck havoc in the villages of Manga and Agarak, resulting in his militias to kill women and children in May 2013. Tension flared between the southern Ruweng Payams and Jikeny-Nuer of Taban until Nguen Monytuil who succeeded Taban came to rescue and curb the tribal tension.
    December 2013 later emerged as the SPLM party political inner dispute over the leadership and the call for the democratic transformation. The party feud dragged on until it later escalated into a violent eruption in Juba. When Dr Riek Micar and Taban Deng Gai later escaped to safety, they later ordered the reserved local forces of Jikeny-Nuer white Army in Guit County Unity State, which was trained and equipped during Taban gubernatorial tenure to unleash an invasive attack against Panaruu villages of Agarak surprisingly on short notice. 38 women and children were massacred indiscriminately in a single operation. Panaruu was not expecting any attack since the issue which broke hell in Juba was seen as an isolated incident to the national capital. Among these massacred women was a pregnant woman whose womb or stomach was cut open and his fetus infant baby taken out and similarly cut into pieces as a symbolic gestures of Nuer antagonism toward Jieeng irrespective of location. This gross human right violations sent a cruel and barbaric radical extremism of Nuer across South Sudan. This attack was done in coordination of the defection of SPLA Division Four commander who attacked the Panyang and Panrieng and killed dozen more civilians. In late December 2013, the initial massacre of Ruweng Dinka started in Tharjath where all the teachers and intellectuals of Ruweng Jieeng who were working there as State employees were tied up and slaughtered and buried in mass grave somewhere in Koc County of Nuer, located south of Bentiu town. Later when the SPLA liberated Bentiu from the rebels occupation in January 2014, Peter Gatdet later recaptured in April 2014 from the SPLA, and massacred thousands more civilians of various nationalities including Ruweng prominent officials who were working for the Unity State government. If there is any Jieeng who had survived that day, then it was a miracle.
    Given the overall statistical mayhem of Ruweng deaths ever since the era of Kalazaar in 19980s, 1991-Riek Defection era, Nguen-Taban teNuer era of governorship under the Sudan regime systematic political assassinations of Ruweng prominent politicians, and the overall summary of the 2013-2014 ethnic-cleansing genocide of Ruweng Jieeng, the tolls had heavily a climax of genocide and continue to be threatened more should Ruweng Jieeng continues to share the Unity State with Nuer supremacists.
    Compelled by all the summarized grievances above, the people of Panaruu and Aloor ( Ruweng) are eventually determined decisively to live in an isolation exclusively from the Nuer upcoming transitional government in the State of Unity under Dr Riek Micar and Taban Deng Gai. Given the civil liberty and constitutional rights of every citizen, Ruweng people are therefore propelled and invigorated forcefully to seek their own State free of Nuer so as to avoid the future ethnic massacre by Nuer counterparts in case of future war or political conflict. Given the citations and justifications narrated so far, chances are minimal for Ruweng people to be forced to live under those elements of oppression who harbor the habitual mindset of harming and terrorizing them on tribal basis in event of any national crisis. Ruweng is therefore appealing to Salva Kiir prior to the implementation of the accorded peace to grant us the State of Ruweng before the deadline.
    The time is now to award the State of Ruweng to us before you form the transition national and State government with your political opponents, Dr Riek Micar and Taban Deng Gai. This request is critical for the sustainability of the signed peace in Unity State. Ruweng are law-abiding, peace-loving people who have great passion for unity, integrity, humility, tolerance toward the Nuer counterparts in general. But, given the underlying chronic conditions and impulsive threat and recklessness, madness poised against them by Nuer, it is inevitable to deter their secession from the predominantly-Nuer State of Unity for all the aforementioned reasons justified in the previous illustrations of this letter. This makes our case more exceptional and unique to be given an urgent priority of immediate consideration and positive action under your presidential leadership now than later. It is a reflective nightmare scenario for Ruweng people worldwide and in South Sudan in particular to be denied this opportunity at this critical movement. Finally, Ruweng reached a binding Resolution not to be combined with any Nuer.
    The PICC concluded by endorsing the general activities of the delegated commission by the community in South Sudan to vigorously pursue the Statehood for Ruweng until it is granted. Enough is enough , and Kiir should listen to our dire plea for the self-rule State of Ruweng.
    The Ruweng people do not wish to make a unilateral declaration for their areas as self-rule State free of Dr Riek Micar and Taban Deng Gai without the backing of Salva Kiir Miyardit, but it is likely that Ruweng will not submissively succumb to the gubernatorial leadership of Dr Riek Micar and Taban Deng Gai, and Ruweng shall opt out unilaterally from Unity State and rule itself as Jieeng State . This is a political plebiscite by the people of Panaruu Diaspora globally. We will not accept to be united as one State with any other Nuer clans in Unity State either.
    The PICC looks forward to hear the positive consideration and outcome of this petition appeal. Thank you abundantly in advance for your cooperation and merciful action over this request.
    Cordially Yours in friendship,
    Panaruu Community in Diaspora.
    Signed by:
    Simon Miabil de Minyiel (The lnterim President of the PICC ).
    Michael Abot Tor ( The President of Panaruu PCA in the USA).
    Simon Tor Deng ( The President of Panaruu PCA in Canada).
    Charles Chol Dau ( The President of Panaruu PCA in Western Australia).
    Guor Kiir Kuacier ( The General Secretary of the PICC) .
    Contact the PICC at gakiir@gmail.com for further correspondence for any concerns.


    You are too late to be against me
    If you want to function, you must work for the rights of your people.
    – Also you need to identify your ENEMY and friends it is very hard to push Human being to your advise
    God cannot blame you in whatever happened.
    – Also need you to work hard to find your ENEMY. Work hard to bring people together for the better future.
    Nobody downfall you unless you bring happiness in your society. Do not trust anybody, trust yourself, and weather your wife or son. We need to be careful when fighting with people, let we fight for issues in our society.
    If you want to be oriented in your life, you might fail to get good friends. You must know that human life is very important more than resources, trust have no side so let us work for the better South Sudan.

    When we’re used to tell the truth to all parties we can successful. It is very hard to be against our ambitions we like against ourselves. I can make a decision to be a politician because my father sends me to school to choose my carrier. My father made a decision I must do what I supposed to do for my future.
    Weather you cover, reality time will come and we see who is guilty in South Sudan, only Mabior Garang Mabior can tell people of South Sudan the reality, believe me time will come.
    Killing of civilians is meaningless to you as a leaders, stop killing and bring people together rather than messing our Country. Why do you allow discrimination among South Sudanese, if causes people to die like animals, allow us to choose the better leader, the leader who has skills, a leader who can abolish killings and we start loving ourselves as we are one people in South Sudan?
    Please my fellow citizen I advise you to support yourself more than any Government official. I also advise to support your uncle no sense it means you don’t love our country, let us stop supporting no sense, let us start supporting realities or telling realities to South Sudan Communities as w already aware that government as defending no sense and war for nothing i hope the world is now aware for the great liar that there is coup attempted in South Sudan which is wrong, there is no coup. Everything in South Sudan was wrong nobody is in bad direction so that let leave supporting no sense.
    Coming to me to community let us unite and work for the better unity, let us leave supporting no sense. We see now what happen from 2013 up to date, I hope we get nothing from disunity let us unite and work together for better greater Bor as we are starting now in Kampala – Uganda.
    Let us keep that spirit for ever so that we can produce the right material in our community as we are you are all aware that we are strong people in the history of South Sudan, weather human being deny God never deny and also world are aware of our strangeness. Let us get something for development rather than destruction. Whatever my community I wish you to start unity wherever you are, let us unite,


    I am assuring you for everyone to open his/her eyes to see were the world gone, it is good for you to tell the reality into society rather than defend wrong relative in South Sudan. I am assuring you to say something with full information rather than telling wrong information to public.
    In South Sudan, we are already aware with your plan, you need to embarrass all parties and those who gain popularity for many years. It’s very hard for you to achieve that whether you want or not. I call upon my families of greater Bor to stop humiliating John Garang’s family, the decision was done. John Garang family’s’ loyalty to South Sudan is not to only to Dinkas. I know you may not understand what I am saying but time will come you will understand what I meant and wise people already accept my advice and I don’t need you my people to take my advise as simple, I wish you could put it into consideration for the new generation, whether you benefit from this current government or not, please I wish you get me better. If you support this current government your against yourself, why am saying that, you don’t know what you are doing. Kiir’s government officials have failed the Nation, they don’t care for the safety of human life. People die every day in South Sudan, how do we prevent the human life in the nation. I call upon citizen of South Sudan to identify what was the plan for the government, fighting for robbing properties, killing civilians, too much corruption and segregation. Who is making that if you really identify what I am saying. I wish everyone can wake up and see what is going on, let us join and remove this regime smartly. I want to inform soldiers of the republic of South Sudan to be aware of what is going on in South Sudan. My soldiers let me tell you, soldier have no tribe, you belong to the whole nation, soldiers are for the nation not one person. And also I advise you to stay away with politics, politics is civil servant and I don’t see the reason why you engage in it.
    My people of South Sudan respect John Garangs’ family, don’t abuse them because John Garang was the one who gave you freedom, reberate you from colonization of old Sudan, without John Garang you would be desperate from Bashir’s regime. Why don’t you recognize someone who give you freedom, please from now don’t forget whatever wrong you did to John Garang’s family. The stakeholders of John Garang are not happy with what you are saying always. Please if you want to be in peace please my people stop abusing John Garang’s family and those who are royalty to the nation.
    I thought you already know that the government are already elapsed, you have to think beyond and make a decision rather than continue supporting poor administration of Silver Kiir and poor quality of human leaders of South Sudan. South Sudan was cursed with bad leaders who can value money and fail to value human life.
    My advice is let us value human life rather than value of money so that we can achieve what we want as a nation. We need peace rather than against peace in South Sudan. History cannot be forged in South Sudan we all know the background of our nation. We know who is the father of a nation whether you deny God cannot deny that. And even God can curse you immediately, enough is enough you already deny John Garang’s vision then why our country take back into war, you better recognize John Garang if you are really a human being who have wisdom. John Garang is not happy for what President does to the citizen of South Sudan. Killing civilians in Juba in December 2013. John Garang is annoyed seriously for what is happening in the county for us to achieve peace let us unite people and council 28 state we can achieve rather than President Kiir insist with implementation for the 28 state. He is totally wrong ideology and totally by violation of peace and encourage by killing people which is not good for us we are suffering for Kiir ruling, a country with no constitution.


  15. God de kuei says:

    Dear Simon Yel Yel,
    In the world of intellectuality, the fair of analysis in writing is being consider as apart of ability to convinced readers.
    you been so much on the strength of President Salva Kiir, while failing to say anything on his weakness.
    If you think Salva have contributed more than any other his colleague in the movement, that would be a part of lies, maybe you are looking for position.

    Regarding to the history of the president.

    can you answer some of the questions which you have failed thoroughly because of supporting one side of Kiir.

    whom did you think would have lead the movement if Garang could have not prepared himself for the libration of the south?
    if president Kiir failed the nation when there is billions of Dollars in hands, do you think he would have done more than Garang, and their colleague?
    Do you know the failure of Joshua in the history of Israel when the Israeli had fragmentations leadership [12 tribes]?
    If you want to tell us that Kiir never betrayed the movement, what was happened in 2004 in Yei?

    Do you know that Salva Kiir never captured one of the district during the war because of lack of strategy?
    Kindly answer these four questions with honesty.

    regards God de Ku


  16. Alfred Agoth says:

    Mr editor, good try boss! However, it would have been better if you had consulted Mr president to give you correct information about his biography . Based on this biography you wrote, I
    Concluded that perhaps the only thing you know might be his next of kins ,and may be him being the president of the South Sudan ! The rest is a mater of a story.


  17. Majok Dongwei Akeir says:

    ▶ Show quoted text
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    On Mar 12, 2016 5:48 PM, “majok Dongwei” wrote:
    The Idia’s entrenched racism against Africans.

    The India’s long history of racism toward People of African descents and it’s connection with recent UN’s report on South Sudan, on how rape is being used as salary to army; is not new, but a deep seated culture and attitudes against Africans and black people.

    Discrimination against the people of Africa descents in India, commenced just right after India gains her independence on 15 of August 1947 from the great British. The Andamanese people( are thoughts to be first groups of Human migration out of Africa around 70, 000 years ago), the aboriginal that inhabited Southeastern part of Bay of Bengal were isolated and looked as savages who are not suitable to be seen by the outside world as the part and parcel of the india society. They are only good for amusements and adventures for the tourists that tours india. To add insult to injuries,
    This attitudes of the prejudice and backwardness behaviors toward the Jarawa tribe; was not only condone by the India Government; it’s was legalized and fetishized as way of generating revenues by india government, to puts Jarawa tribe in Zone and isolated Island for tourism.

    In 2002, the “India’s supreme court ordered that, the highway through the Jarawa’s reserve should be closed, it remains open only for tourists”, according to the This is completely rubbish and nonsensical reports. Where on earth will the Government devised a policy that meant to rapes her own Citizens? .this news Company should be investigated about, where they get this kind of news. If, found out to be false as am sure it would. They should be taken to the Court and apology to the people of South Sudan for defamation and for tarishing the image of the Country. Survival International Human organization.

    Idia government assigned good numbers of the police forces or zone guards to patrols the area from the escaping Andamanese people and from outside world and Human rights activists not to get access to the people of Jararwa tribe. This inhuman treatment and the prejudice against the Jarawa tribe, began since the beginning of 19th century. On the contrast, the people of india are dark-skinned people or people of dark complexion. It is abit beyond one’s ken, how would dark-skinned person be superior to another dark-skinned person?. “It is like pot calling the kettle a black”. Or could be says, India are just bit of out it(deranged).

    However; the ill-treatments of the black people in India by the Indian’s government did not stopped there. on October 4, 2014 three Students from Africa in the Delhi metro on theirs way to Rajiv Chowk; harassed and beaten on the presence of the police and called names including and not limited, to racial slurs (according to Daily mail.com). Instead, others passagers and policeman get intervene to help the poor black Students from the frenzied mob. They were laughing and taking pictures for the amusements. Look at it, as it was fun to beat a human being, which is inferior to them.

    The above anecdotes reveals the true color of india racism against the Africans. The recent report by So-called UN about humn right abuse in South Sudan and aired by India’s today news was nothing, but acts of India troops that are based in South Sudan as a part of the UN peacekeeping mission. They are there,to export attitudes of prejudices and stereotypes, that is rooted in their society as culture of treating black people. One’s not saying that, there is no rape cases in South Sudan by South Sudan army and rebels forces. But, it would be bummed out on one’s right conscience to concluded that, it is State policy to give license of rape to soldiers as sort of payments. In any society, there are always a bad apples, which in this case, South Sudan is not an exception.

    Was it policy when UN’s troops that were stationed in Haiti just right after Disaster; raped a 14 years Haiti boy in 2011?. Was a policy of UN when the peacekeeping troops in DRC exploited and raped eight women and 14 years girls who only get rescued after she screams? . Was UN’s policy when the peacekeeping mission troops in Congo who were Stationed there; not only raped a women in 2010, but also murdered and looted them?.

    One would concluded that, a recent reports was nothing short of barefaced lie. It was meant to only convey a racial prejudices as it is case in India society on how they look down on Africans. The Government of South Sudan should pull a plugs on Indian troops in UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, because they are racist and reporting unconfirmed report and one sided. They are simply a bit dodgy and not honest with their job. India troops must leave and must go out of South Sudan.

    By majok Dongwei Akeir
    Emails majokdongwei@gmail.com
    Author: is Concerned citizen of South Sudan.


  18. Oh I Think I Remember Something…
    First Time I Laid My Eyes on You My LOVE Was in 2007…I Was 19 Yrs Old Ergo You Stole My Heart Since Conception.We Ushered in JANUARY Knowing it’s Gonna Be A Wonderful Year…Around FEBRUARY I Thought I Could MARCH Forward and Come See You.Told My Hommies How Much I Missed You But They Took it For APRIL Fools.Prayed to God “MAY I Please Make it to You in JUNE But Nothing Tangible Happened Since JULY Was Cruel to Me.Heard AUGUST Alsina (2007)Was Gonna Blow Up and Ladies Loved Him,But That Wasn’t My Fear…You’re Loyal to Me.Flight Crew Members in SEPTEMBER Said Flights Will Skyrocket Prior to OCTOBER.NOVEMBER I Remember I Approached You But You Were in The Arms of Another Powerful Man (H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit).A Mellow Typa Fellow He Took Good Care of You.Prior to That You Used to Flaunt in Style With (H.E Dr.John Garang De Mabior) He Was On A Mission to Get Commission From State to State,Taking Trips to The U.S.A,U.K,China Et Cetera Just to To See You Grow Strong and Healthy.I Almost Drowned in Tears,Spending Sleepless Nights Envious…When Will You Ever Give Me the Chance to Hold You in My Arms,Take Care of You,Make Decisions For You,Take Control and Be The C-in-C of Your Army…Oh My Beloved Country SOUTH SUDAN,My Love For You Will Forever Endevour.Before You Find Yourself Another Man (Dr. Riek Machar) Please Give Me the Chance Since I’m Grown Enough to Take Charge Now Unlike Our Younger Years.God Bless South Sudan(My LOVE) See You in DECEMBER My Beloved Country.


  19. wol angok says:

    the war of most powerful interest followed the owner’s sellouts abroad.
    what is the of future of Majak the leader of all masses in


  20. This page is now driving me crazy. Really really crazy.


  21. BULLyING…..!!!

    Bullying is where weakened people hatred weakness and hidden for their live , leaving all whatever they had to n no more times hits the nail on the Head.
    It time whereas sharply horn’s, hugely n bigger bull’s does not mind for smaller and hornless one. This shown that the world is bullying whoever weaker n had unprotected power. In our youngest nation South Sudan , we are first people deriving with this tracks of no whereby to go and to stop.

    It’s our ability as South Sudan to strengthen ourselves stonger ,stronger to defeat them n open their liar pages to the worldwide.
    We South Sudanese are most ties hearted who never be shake n shiver by any smaller equark n coldness ,we r not also betrayals of Africans to mockers of the world to be safety n other brothers cry very louder louder with thinnest voices ,this, ll never happen in this our promised land .we really, really well known for what ever we usually do and plan does not fail. Not only that but also we r the mostly understandable n well equipped with following days, weeks n years plans to reveal genetically transferred in ourselves who r we !!?..SOUTH SUDANESE FOR EVER…


  22. I happened to be the victim of an article that was published in the daily newspaper in Juba this week by a person whose identity remains questionable.

    While i am still investigation and searching for the author of this unrefined article, i would like to accentuate that my response to “Akuctiel Loirot” is merely propelled by his incoherent presentations of accusations and lack of evidences and it is Fair enough to say his psychosis has dragged him to undertake this suicidal mission.

    When i read his article, i am asking myself is “Akuctiel” a real or an imaginary person, where does he work, how does he gets informations he claims in the article?

    However, the fact of the reality is, he is a camouflaged suicide bomber who has been given a bomb by my enemies to detonate with me. So it doesn’t bother me so much, I will precisely response to his accusations not his masked identity.

    To response decently to your article Mr. “Akuctiel” as you dishonestly called yourself for the fear of unknown, it is an open secret that you were innocently given a bomb by my enemies to published unfounded allegations, flawn by envy, morbid hatred and jealousy with clear intention of achieving hidden goal.

    In your own words you confidently wrote and i quote, “Samuel Bagish Mayor is barking like a mad dog in social media that, why is Akot Payam of Eastern Bahr Naam county, western Lakes State is being marginalized by the leadership of Rumbek? Unquote.

    I am perplexed and not surprised by this unprofessional and unethical investigative writing of somebody who lies to the public that he is a student at Catholic University of South Sudan. To be honest, i didn’t talk of marginalization, in my opinion article, i said the administration of former governor Abraham Makoi Bol has created new counties and felt short to name Akot as the HQs of Eastern Bahr Naam. Considering the historical background and infrastructures that exist in Akot. In fact Akot, Pachong, Wulu, cueibet, and Maper were some of the districts of lakes state in the old Sudan, now all of them are counties and even some are States like Cueibet and Yirol, so why not Akot?,This is what i said.

    You went further and writes, Bagish has tried to deliver a letter he has written to the current Governor requesting the relocation of county HQs to Akot, but he was apprehended, humiliated and prevented from delivering the letter beacaus he breached the channel”

    Hahahaaa, Mr. Akuctiel, You are an unrealistic draconian who is yet to shamefully face the realities of living the life of pathological lying. Since 2011 to date i had never set my foot in the soil of lakes State, let alone the delivery of the letter, in fact, to educate you further, Akot community has a legitimate body that can questioned and answered issues pertaining the wellbeing of its community, not me to take the letter, i know very well the boundaries of my profession.

    Your mental impotent can be easily apprehended by the readers through your flagrant and empty pillory which when as far as reaching my dad and maternal uncles , trying to discredit their effort of bringing me up with informal education within them.

    By your sheer ignorance coupled with your intellectual disability, you went even further to discredit my academic qualifications.

    In regards to my academic credentials, i am a student who is pursuing “Masters Degree” in management sciences, majoring in Business Administration, University of Juba. I will not allow you to drag me into war of words to validate my academic might which you had tried to water down in your unintelligent article.
    Although i know that i can talk far from you academically, it sounds lampooning to me because i did all my primary, secondary and university level education in reputable institutions.

    Intellectually speaking, your accusations in the article did not meet the set minimum logical threshold for any accusations to be considered as truth nor did your article attain the set minimum threshold for cerebral thought to be called “investigative article” and be published in the newspapers. You didn’t blow any whistle but you had blown yourself up.

    Lastly i want to rest my case by acknowledging that i condemned in the strongest term possible the unrefined article which breach my privacy.

    So dear community of readership, do not be surprised of what has become of me but that was the only option left to avenge and compelled to discipline this suicide bomber.

    Raan kene aca ajiith cie dok cok.


  23. Samakaab Cali Nuur says:

    South Sudan brothers: unity first, peace & prosper & peaceful country. Please stop Tribalism.

    Tribalism, warlords destroyed my nation of Somalia 1991- 2017…. Somali one ethnic but clan based.

    Somalia in 1960 – 1969 democracy, 1969 -1990 Socialism/military/Centralized.
    Somalia reality is based on Tribal war/ clan war in 1991 that is CONTINUING bloody 27 years, it resulted 6 or 7 federal member states & Mogadishu city. Country of 18 regions/92 districts, population of 17 millions displaced. 4 main clans plus minority group.

    In 2000 Transitional power-sharing model of 4.5 whereby each 4 clan gets 61seats plus 31 minority.

    Daarood clan majority 61(8 regions): Hawiye clan major 61(4 regions): Dir clan 61(3 regions): Digil & Mirif 61(2 regions): minority clans 31(0 region): members of Parliament 275.
    Senate 18 regions, each 3 saets. Its not fair but compromised deal to get slowly peace.

    President & Prime minister for Daarood or Hawiye. Each clan has sub-subclans.
    House Speaker for Digil/Mirif.
    Deputy PM & Foreign Minister for Dir clan.

    Somalia today has ❤ MODERN ❤ FEDERAL ❤ CONSTITUTION ❤ & federal member states & ❤ FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that is responsible state affiars to complete the task.


  24. Samakaab Cali Nuur says:

    What I am remaining brothers South Sudan is realities that bothering you may get worst, competition of power & resources. S. Sudan gov. can still save SS.

    For example, 2020 Somalia election of one person – one vote many communities may not have constituency & district to get parliament seat.

    In 1990 Centralized Somali gov all power was concentrated at capital Mogadishu. So Somalis regrets results of civil war or Clan-wars that changed political landscape that Somalia Federal Republic that regions take power.

    New Federal constitution states every 2 regions have options to be a federal member state.

    Somalia Federal Republic: member states

    Puntland state 2 regions.
    Somaliland state 3 regions.
    Jubbaland state 3 regions.
    South-West state 3 regions.
    Galmudug state 2 regions.
    Hirshabeele state 2 regions.
    Sool/Sanaag 2 regions.
    Mogadishu Federal city 1.


  25. Malith Alier says:

    SPLM Reunification Has been Sneezed at Three Times
    Malith Alier, Perth, WA
    If anything, the so-called SPLM reunification is more distant than the peace talks prospects currently underway in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
    More water has gone under the bridge and it is getting harder and harder for anyone to imagine that SPLM in its former self will be reincarnated. Some people still harbour the notion that the current upheaval began in the party and would be corrected by up the ante or going back to stage one.
    In my Dinka understanding if you say something amid sneezes, obviously, I don’t say bless you, instead, I say you can’t be serious!
    The first thing people thought about immediately after the eruption of conflict was reunification of the SPLM as a party. One of the root causes to me was the question of the group formation that was halted at the second stage by actions of factions or individuals within the party.
    According to Bruce Tuckman, when a group of people decide to come together, they usually go through a number of stages. Forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning according to him, are such stages of group formation.
    Though, the SPLM was formed three decades back in Bilpam, Ethiopia in 1983, the referendum and subsequent independence of Southern Sudan presented a new phase of going through the group formation stages particularly for the SPLM entity. The SPLM was being swarmed by new members who were in the Khartoum during the war and those returning from diaspora. This was a challenge to old guards who suffered in the bush for long. Khartoumer, Garang Boys, Kiir Boys, Riek Boys and diaspora interests within the SPLM needed accommodated and managed carefully.
    The various factions loyal to various leaders within the party were dissatisfied with the status quo and wanted the question of leadership, constitution, structure, evaluation criteria addressed before heading to 2015 general elections.
    Tuckman theorised that the forming stage of a group is characterised by anxiety and uncertainty and usually members are often cautious with their behaviour and are keen to avoid potential conflict or controversy by keeping to personal opinions. Some of the outcomes at this stage include; gaining understanding of group’s purpose, determining how the group may be organised, who will be responsible for what, question of the major milestones of group’s goals and question of resources for the group.
    The storming stage as the second order of formation comes with substantial questions from members who are now familiar with one another. The questions of group aims, individual roles and responsibilities must be answered. Specific questions of leadership, authority, rules and regulations, responsibilities, structure of the group, evaluation criteria and reward system must be answered by the group to move to the next stage. Unfortunately, the SPLM was unable to move past this stage because of failure to address those questions above.
    We heard that the factions were requesting the chairman to call for a convention to revise basic party documents like manifesto, constitution etc to no avail. When the meeting was finally convened in December 2013 it ended the way it ended – war. This is the root cause of that conflict.
    This author believes that reunification of the SPLM will not happen at least any time soon. The primary reason for that is the top leadership. Unless the top brass passes the baton to the next generation. Even if the top brass passes the leadership, there is no guarantee that reunification will happen.
    The Arusha declaration was signed shortly after the outbreak of conflict but what do we have? From Arusha to Addis Ababa, Kampala, Cairo, Cape Town searching for the elusive reunification. Several leaders who spearheaded the reformation have since left power including Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania, Hailemarian Desalegn of Ethiopia, and Jacob Zuma of South Africa. New comers will always intervene like we have witnessed with Egypt’s Al Sisi.


  26. Kuany Tong says:

    My thanks and appreciations goes to whoever contributed in the development of this page pan luel wël.
    Please carry on


  27. The holding of this 4th Meeting of the NLC has special significance for the entire SPLM membership and all people of our country who have great hopes from the reunification of the SPLM. They trust that a reunified SPLM will end the current tragic conflict and the suffering our people have been going through in the past four years. The blame for this war is squarely placed on the internal division and fragmentation of the SPLM. Therefore, apart from endorsing the Re-unification Implementation Matrix, this NLC Meeting is expected to generate positive ideas that can sustain unity and harmony within the SPLM, and address the fundamental problems currently facing the country. These problems as you are aware include the following:

    a. The senseless war that has plunged our country into a tragic political crisis characterized by massive displacement of over a million of our citizens internally forcing many to seek safety in UN Protection of civilian Sites (POCs) while hundreds of thousand others have become refugees in the neighbouring countries;

    b. The current fragmentation of the SPLM into multiple armed and unarmed opposition groups scattered in various parts of the country with the objective of fighting what is supposed to be an SPLM led Government;

    c. The prevailing economic crisis facing the country and which has severely affected the effective discharge of essential government functions.


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