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Press releases: A thank you note to all who stood with my father Gen. Paul Malong Awan in the last seven months

Malong in exile1

Gen. Paul Malong arriving in Nairobi, Kenya

November 19, 2017 (SSB) — A thank you note to all who stood with my father Gen. Paul Malong Awan in the last seven months

I am writing this note to acknowledge and thank all those who took a keen interest in the situation my father was in and stood with him until a resolution was reached. We as the family of Awan Anei are indebted to you, South Sudanese both inside the country and in the Diaspora for your solidarity.

To H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the President of the Republic of South Sudan, I thank you deeply for demonstrating leadership in ending my father’s situation amicably.

To the Committee of Concerned Citizens led by the distinguished scholar and diplomat, Dr. Francis Mading Deng, I thank you for your concerted mediation efforts that led to the resolution of what could have easily been the unnecessary crisis at the time our country needs peace the most.

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Awareness on elimination of Facebook commentators; that is so naive and stupid act and needs be stopped

Bol Marol Abouk, Juba, South Sudan

Akech Mawel

Akech Mawel aka MonyDit Waa

November 19, 2017 (SSB) — Not every post should be seen as a serious threat to the security of the government in Juba and worth has taken life of a vulnerable person who hasn’t rebelled and is not capable of raising a single man as his soldier. There are people who talk only and has no ability or intension to act violently and don’t represent any body serving as a real threat to the government. These are call daylight dreamers and they shouldn’t be subject to killing and immediate elimination. What is happening is a lack of awareness and knowledge of the scientific manner of the intelligent body. There is no clue at all that is why poor people are considered as a threat ANF eliminated without given time to gather all facts.

That shows how ignorance the men in charge of the security agencies and how weak they are to handle their job effectively. They are engaged in the elimination of wrong members of the society who can’t hurt anyone physically. Hence, these unskilled agents of security intelligent can get their hands on weak persons who are not the real threat to the presidency and they can take. Their lives away easily without a fight and no justices for them at all because they are ordinary citizens and who are not working for any organization of a serious group of people.

In that case, the unskilled agents are sending young men with the misunderstanding of his actual job after nobody who made a comment on Facebook to expresses his or her fantasy world of ideas. However, the real threat the security intelligent should have taken care of it is still out there doing his thing to destroy the government. They can smile because they have out this month you buy fooling you and now you’re engaged eliminating innocent vulnerable nobody individual a Facebook post.

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Aweilians are not supporting Malong blindly, but they were forced to do so by the humiliating language of generalization, a rebuttal to Micheal Koma’s article, Malong’s Sin

By Dut Kuot Akok, Juba, South Sudan

Malong Awan, and Malual Ayom, and Ajonga Mawut

November 19, 2017 (SSB) — According to the article which appeared in the Dawn newspaper of Saturday, page 3, vol 2, issue 507 entitled Malong’s Sin. In that article, Michael Koma had narrated how the politically concocted case of Malong should be treated as an individual case rather than to engulf the whole community who seem like to have opted to shelter behind their son according to the aforementioned writer.

He went further by narrating the previous insubordination did by General Malong dating back to liberation days where he said that he was arrested by late Chairman Dr. John Garang in Itang on charges of insubordination.

Also, he said that Malong was not appointed by the community but by the president who knows his ins and outs if he started to abused the comradeship by undermining the president, and as such, he should be treated as he wants and bring his rebelliousness to an end the way he expects.

To start first with the accusation of blindly support, I think the aforementioned writer knows the genesis of the problem we are living in today; he witnessed the crisis of December 2013. And since we all know, the crisis of 2013 was fuelled by the illiterate language of generalization. Our people do not know how to differentiate an individual from the community. It is he (Koma) who know how to view differences between the leaders in an intellectual and political perspective while the majority of our people who are affected by illiteracy and poverty do view things based on tribal perspectives.

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By David Matiop Gai, Juba, South Sudan


kiir-malong peace1

Kiir-Malong peace and reconciliation ceremony in Juba, South Sudan


Nov 19, 2017, (SSB) – Sadly, democracy dies in darkness in African young nation. South Sudan national political systems discourage us to support the beauty of our diversity within the cost of nation-building. we were aiming to build our country which was cemented and founded by precious blood of our heroes and heroine toward peaceful referendum in 2011 that would have provided hope and blessings principles of strong economy, better opportunities for us, free primary, and quality education for all, justice and rule of law for all, healthcare, or health centres, good roads and secure public transportations, and social developments.

But crossroad politics engulfed dying democracy in South Sudan. The reality of crossroad politics in this nation had rendered the political and economic dilemma where South Sudan finds itself in a double-blind direction because there are no primary objectives and primary purposes of social welfare including public policy, advocacy, migration of citizens from villages to towns, no secure borders around our nation, insecurity everywhere in the country, lack of policy making, mental disorder in leadership, stressful foundation of nation-building on tribalism, and many others. All these political factors defined us as a nation by name, and not really what define nations in the world.

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Malong Awan, and Malual Ayom, and Ajonga MawutKiir-Malong Reconciliation1

kiir-malong peace1

Cairo Declaration1Cairo Declaration2

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By Pal Chol Nyan, Juba, South Sudan

November 17, 2017 (SSB) — The Zimbabwean Army Chief warned sternly a week ago that if the purges of the war revolutionaries by Mugabe and the leading members of the G40, his inner circle, of his ruling Zanu-PF did not stop, the army would not hesitate to step in to rescue the situation and the people of Zimbabwe who have survived under the dictatorial rule and oppression of the 93 year-old war veteran.

It did not take a week before the General surrounded the Blue House, Mugabe residence and the ZBC with tanks and troops in downtown Harare. He assured the people of Zimbabwe and the world that President Gabriel Robert Mugabe’s safety and that of his wife Grace was guaranteed.

The General said it was not a coup but a crack-down on the criminals around the President. The spokesman of General Constantino Chiwenga said Gabriel Robert Mugabe is still the President and the commander-in-chief of the Zimbabwean Defence Forces.

The targets are the criminals around him who are causing social and economic unrest in the country. The Chair of SADC President Zuma said he would be sending an envoy to talk to the General and President Robert Mugabe to maintain law and order in Zimbabwe and to restore stability.

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By Wenne Madyt Dengs, Juba, South Sudan

November 17, 2017 (SSB) — We’re tired; we’re tired in this country, South Sudan. Every child is born and smells the irritating smoke of tribalism, every child is born and gets his father dead, and every child is born snatched away by cold hands of death from his parents.

Lack of health care centers increases the infant mortality rate every year. Young mothers cry every day as they mourn their dead newborns that die due to lack of health facilities; qualified health workers and insufficient drugs. Look at the beauty of Juba teaching hospital; numerous patients’ wards and ample spaces for outpatients.

But the worst part of it is that the busiest ward is its mortuary. Why? Who takes drugs donated by the humanitarian organizations? This needs an answer but because the Gods of South Sudan are still asleep let the looters fill their bellies with bloodstained benefits of our health facility.

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Energy Africa Conference 2017

Denver- Colorado, November 9, 2017

Remarks by David Mayen Dengdit, Press Secretary- Office of the Vice President

Republic of South Sudan

Title: Energy Security in South Sudan

tribalism in rss


November 12, 2017 (SSB) — I am honored to be part of this important gathering, Energy Africa Conference 2017. It would have been even more special if I attended and participated physically, not least because it is held in the beautiful city of Denver where my family and I spent more than two memorable years of our lives. Indeed, it is special because it allows me to speak about my country South Sudan and the potential it holds in terms of energy resources and challenges therein.

Like most sub-Saharan countries, South Sudan is a country rich in energy resources such as oil, hydropower, and solar. Around these resources, the country’s range of energy security issues may not be so different from its continental neighbors’, yet peculiarities would control the shape of solutions and predicted costs involved.

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Makeer Kuol, Melbourne, Australia


November 11, 2017 (SSB) — From December 2013, South Sudan had not witnessed peace. Political instability has become a ‘new normal’. Hatred is so stoked up. Consequently, unnecessary killings had intensified as tribes and sections of tribes find it plausible to mobilize against the other.

There has been an increase in criminal activities. Cattle rustlings, lootings, and robberies in cities and along high ways and killing of innocent passengers have become so impervious that they are often ignored by authorities. This was never the case before 2013 crisis descended onto the country.

Also, the war had crippled the nascent economy. All major economic activities that were functioning since the government was incepted in 2005 are halted. Shortage of hard currency, which resulted from the hostile business environment have curtailed normal business operations. Other worst aspects of the war include, but not limited to, displacement of civil population.

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President Kiir refused to grant Gen. Paul Malong’s request to be allowed to relocate to UNMISS PoC camps together with his bodyguards

Malong statement1Malong statement2

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By Athian Kur Malith, Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Gen Paul Malong and his late daughter, Alakiir Malong Awan

Gen Paul Malong and his late daughter, Alakiir Malong Awan

November 9, 2017 (SSB) — “To know the size of the chicken first removed the feathers.” To begin with, South Sudan is likely to fall in the same hole that has been failing us and left uncovered and the reasons remained ridicules whether we have the vision to see what matters in the modern world of political instability or the country is ruining itself respect.

Aweil commonly known as Northern Bahr el Ghazal state which later divided into three states with the curve from Former western Bahr el Ghazal state (Raja County) do believe in the peaceful environment without fallacy and making up. It is the community that does not believe in shortcoming neither conflict of interest among the communities.

Statistics confirmed to be one of the regions devastated over decades of years during the civil war and recently skirmishes that sparked out with the huge scale that lost thousands of lives and millions displaced within and outside the country.

Our dignity is high with self-respect and that is why we called ourselves Aweilians. Our unity and strength are paramount of everlasting peace and coexistence within ourselves and beyond our neighbors.

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By Martin Ariel Majak, Alexandria, Egypt

SPLM reunification4

SPLM Reunification: President Museveni meets President Kiir and G-10 leaders in Kampala

November 9, 2017 (SSB) — I write this article against the backdrop of what is a fluid security situation being reported in Juba brought about by an apparent attempt to disarm and reduce Paul Malong’s bodyguards – something he outrightly refused.

Well, to be honest, I don’t know what really provoked the government to think of disarming Malong – who is literally under captivity – that led to the subsequent standoff between the guards loyal to Malong and forces loyal to the government.

What I do know – is that if there existed any problem that needed to be taken care of – it shouldn’t have been managed like the way it is being mishandled. It was just typical of the way we Junubin solve our problems whenever we disagree on anything.

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Pal Chol Nyan, Juba, South Sudan

SPLM Extra-ordinary Convention

November 9, 2017 (SSB) — The cardinal sin of the SPLM started since its inception where the Late Chairman has given too much leeway to his commanders. They were emboldened and empowered by the SPLM/A Penal Code and Disciplinary laws to execute soldiers, dismiss and sentence others to life imprisonment. There was no accountability and transparency.

They were abusing their powers maximally. Because there was the war being prosecuted, the Chairman did not pay much attention to how the fines imposed on the locals were spent; in kind or cash; He was hard on them only in few stances of insubordination and mutinies.

The friction between the Liberators and us, the people of South Sudan, did not start in 2005.We came with issues and thorns/ wounds in the hearts all the way from 1983.

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By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

Michael Makwei Lueth

Hon. Michael Makwei Lueth, South Sudan Minister for Information and Broadcasting

November 9, 2017 (SSB) — He who has been following South Sudanese political coin ring can never be without the familiar name of Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth in his picking purse, Minister Michael Makuei Lueth who is a Lawyer by Profession, graduated in 1975 with Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Khartoum

After his graduation, Justice Michael Makuei worked as a Legal Counsel and a judge before he joined SPLM/A where he rose to the rank of senior military commander, during the civil war he served as the SPLM/A’s Secretary and Commissioner for Legal Affairs.

After the signing of CPA in 2005 Justice Michael Makuei Lueth became the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs in the Republic of South Sudan, he was a leading member of South Sudan team of negotiators who attended talks on post-partition issues between Sudan and South Sudan where he is currently serving as the Chairperson of South Sudan Joint Border Commission.

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Forceful or peaceful disarmament of Paul Malong’s bodyguards: Please don’t fight for the third time in Juba

By David Matiop Gai, Juba, South Sudan

paul malong

President Salva Kiir, Governor Paul Malong Awan (Blue suit) and Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Lomuro (black suit) during the public rally in Aweil, NBeG

November 9, 2017 (SSB) – All actions are evil. Inside South Sudan these few days, those who were loyalists and those who claimed to be smarter to the President want to put the country under Military threat, which is sometimes explained as a danger military action such as the home of former chief of general staff is surrounded by army tanks and vehicles which were sometime back under his administration.

As the military events and military fighting always happened in military barracks in South Sudan, it is much dangerous to besiege groups of soldiers whose their option is only to die. It is again military risk as the concept in the military intelligence report that identified as an imminent capability for use of military force in resolving country’s disputes that may result into tribal conflicts as it had happened on 15 Dec 2013. Such behaviors need proper control.

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By Deng Mayik Atem, Arizona, USA

paul malong

President Salva Kiir, Governor Paul Malong Awan (Blue suit) and Cabinet Affairs Minister Martin Lomuro (black suit) during the public rally in Aweil, NBeG

November 9, 2017 (SSB) — What on earth is going on in Juba? The forces loyal to President Kiir are now surrounding the home of General Paul Malong. Not long ago, these two men were not only allies but good friends. Malong had taken over the army replacing Nuer general James Hoth Mai. General Hoth Mai was replaced because of the growing tensions and fighting between the central government— and especially the Dinka members of the government—with the supporters of former vice-president Riek Machar.

The depth of the friendship between Kiir and Malong is so strong that even while their dispute has been raging, Kiir’s wife, First Lady Mary Ayen Mayardit, went to the Malong compound to cook for the family after the tragic death of Malong’s daughter, Alakiir, in a tragic fire at the boarding school in Kenya which she was attending.

Despite this sense of closeness, the conflict between these two one-time allies rages. Why? First, there is the belief that Malong wants to take control of the government. This belief has been fueled by the reports of Director of National Security Akol Koor. Director Akol, a long-time ally of President Kiir, has had problems with Malong since Malong took charge of the army. Quite simply, there has been a turf war between them.

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By Lucy Ayak Malek, Nairobi, Kenya

Gordon Buay and Gen Malong Awan

Gordon Buay and Gen Malong Awan

November 9, 2017 (SSB) — Gordon Buay a man with little shrewdness, a plain lies teller in the coat of an Ambassador and a chief propagandist of the government has again entered into his new contract of uncalled for propaganda as he runs his filthy mouth in the recent stalemate between the duo, President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Gen. Paul Malong.

Agitated by my truth on what has befallen my beloved husband, the callous propaganda man opted to despise the whole thing by attacking my piece. He wholeheartedly opted to run the errand on Malong. This man has on many counts lied to the world. He did this since he was a rebel. Gifted in betrayal Buay bloviation can from time to time be noted as a way of life. A man once so cordial with Gen. Paul Malong in search for favors as projected by his hearty solicitation for everything including mere pictures is today saying but a lot of rubbish on a man he recently adored.

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Press release: Response to Mr. President Salva Kiir’s Shocking Speech in Khartoum

red carpet, Bashir and kiir in khartoum1

Red carpet, Bashir and Kiir in Khartoum, November 1, 2017

 November 9, 2017 (SSB) — The South Sudan peace coalition in Nairobi -Kenya is hurt and bitter for the President’s regrettable speech that South Sudan broke away from Sudan was not a choice of all people but we respect their democratic right. The statement made by Mr. President shocked people of South Sudan in general since the voted overwhelmingly in all constituencies for self-determination as the oldest demand since 1947 until 2011 when southerners succeeded.

South Sudan peace coalition in Kenya would like the  lawmakers to amount  pressure to  Mr. President for unwanted deals he  signed  with Khartoum government  since 2012, like the creation of buffer zone  in South Sudan territories of Panthou, Hofra Al Nahas, Kaka, 14 miles  which didn’t satisfy people’s interest and many protested demanding president to  terminate the agreement which compromised the country’s  sovereignty but he insisted.

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