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January 23, 2017 (SSB) —- Tension rose high in Lou Ariik County over the governor’s attempt to change name of the county to Alabek after some individual politicians lobbied him to erase the old traditional and territorial name that the area has been known for so long.

In Mid last year President Salva Kiir decreed the creation of 19 counties in Tonj State of which Lou Ariik is one of them. Later some politicians in the area complain to Governor Akec Tong Aleu to accept the change of name to Alabek, the town center in the area that serves as the administrative seat for the commissioner.

However, the attempt has caused dispute among the community members and executive chiefs in the area.  “Our community is going to witness a disaster because of change of name. We will not accept the change from Lou Ariik County to Alabek whatsoever the case. I have just come from the area but people are in high fear and tension because the community is divided into clans and the area is polarized,” said one of the elder who asked for anonymity.

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By Gabriel Kucdit Kachuol, Panakar, Yirol

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January 23, 2017 (SSB) — Meaningful life is beyond the life of this world as the bible says. Besides, there is a common saying that ‘riches cannot buy happiness’. This means that happiness is the real life, which is found in one being contended with what he or she is. The amount of destructiveness found in the individual citizen of a country is proportionate to the amount which the expansiveness of life is curtailed. By this, I do not mean the desire of individual for good life may sometime causes frustration.

The implication is that sometime some people resort to the guide of their instinctive desire of one thing or the other but which may prove to be the thwarting of life itself. That is to say, it is blockage of spontaneity of not only individual citizen’s growth and expression of his or her sensuous, emotional and intellectual capacities but also the prosperity and political stability of his or her nation.

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By Duom Peter, Changsha, China


January 23, 2017 (SSB) — The State Government and in particular the Ministry of Health in Jonglei State should build a Statue of naked man fitted with a Condom, and next to the Statue should be ABC LETTERS (Abstain, Be Faithful, Use Condom). This Statue should be placed inside the entrance of Jonglei Main Hospital. I know it’s a crazy idea and many of you will start calling me mad dog, stupid, idiot, womaniser, bastard etc. It doesn’t matter whatever you call me, but allow me to explain this crazy idea.

We should create something to remind ourselves or talk about all the time since human brain thinks in pictures and not in words. Imagine there is a Statue of naked man fitted with a condom at Jonglei Bor Hospital and you happened to visit the Hospital. What message will you take home after visited the hospital? Of course a Statue of naked man fitted with a condom which is one of the ways of preventing HIV/AIDS. It will be very easy for you to explain other Letters “ABC” beside the Statue. ABC letters should be built as well and placed next to the Statue.

A ~ Abstain

B ~ Be faithful

C ~ Use a Condom

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By PaanLuel Wël, Juba, South Sudan

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January 22, 2017 (SSB) — On Saturday, the 14th of January, 2017, President Kiir issued a presidential decree that increased the number of federal states from 28 to 32. Here is the revised list of the 32 states of the Republic of South Sudan.

S/No State Counties Capital Past Governor Current Governor


1 Jonglei Bor, Twic East and Duk Bor Philip Agwer Panyang Philip Agwer Panyang
2 Fangak state Ayod, and Fangak Ayod James Kok Ruea James Kok Ruea
3 Bieh State Uror and Nyirol Waat Peter Bol Koang Moses Majiok Gatluak
4 Akobo State Akobo County Akobo Peter Bol Koang Johnson Gony Bilieu
5 Maiwut State Longchuk, Koma, and Maiwut Maiwut Peter Lam Buoth Bol Ruach Rom
6 Latjor State Ulang and Nasir Nasir Peter Lam Buoth Peter Gatkuoth Khor
7 Boma State Pochalla, and Pibor Pibor Baba Medan Konyi Sultan Ismail Konyi
8 Central Upper Nile State Akoka, Pigi, Baliet and Panyikang Malakal Chol Thon Balok James Tor Monybuny
9 Northern Upper Nile State Renk, Maban and Melut Renk Chol Thon Balok Deng Akoi Gak
10 Fashoda State Kodok and Manyo Kodok William Othon Awer Currently Vacant
11 Ruweng State Panriang and Abiemnhom Panriang Mayol Kur Akuei Thiaji de-Dut Deng
12 Southern Liech State Mayendit, Leer and Panyijiar Leer Teker Riek Dong Teker Riek Dong
13 Northern Liech State Mayom, Koch, Rubkona and Guit Bentiu Joseph Nguen Monytuil Joseph Nguen Monytuil


14 Gogrial State Gogrial West and Gogrial East Kuacjok Abraham Gum Makuach Gregory Deng Kuach Aduol
15 Twic State Twic County Mayen-Abun Bona Pariek Biar Kon Manyiel Kuol
16 Tonj State Tonj North, Tonj East and Tonj South Tonj Akech Tong Aleu Akech Tong Aleu
17 Gok State Cueibet County Cueibet Madang Majok Meen Madang Majok Meen
18 Western Lake State Rumbek North, Rumbek East, Rumbek Center and Wulu Rumbek Abraham Makoi Bol Abraham Makoi Bol
19 Eastern Lake State Yirol East, Yirol West and Awerial Yirol Ring Tueny Mabor Ring Tueny Mabor
20 Aweil East State Aweil East county Wanjok Deng Deng Akuei Deng Deng Akuei
21 Lol State Raja, Aweil North and Aweil West Raja Rizik Zachariah Hassan Rizik Zachariah Hassan
22 Aweil State Aweil South and Aweil Center Aweil Ronald Ruai Deng Ronald Ruai Deng
23 Wau State Jur River and Bagari Wau Elias Waya Nyipouch  Andrea Mayar Achor


24 Jubek State Juba County (Bari, Lokoya, Nyangwara communities) Juba Augustino Jadalla Wani Augustino Jadalla Wani
25 Terekeka State Terekeka, Jemeiza, Gwor, Tali and Tigor Terekeka Juma Ali Malou Juma Ali Malou
26 Yei River State Yei, Lainya, Morobo and Kajo Keji Yei David Lokonga Moses David Lokonga Moses
27 Tambura State Tambura and Nagero Tambura Patrick Raphael Zamoi Patrick Raphael Zamoi
28 Gbudwe State Yambio, Ezo, and Anzara Yambio Patrick Raphael Zamoi Badagu Daniel Remposa
29 Amadi State Mvolo, Mundri West and Mundri East Mundri Joseph Pachiko Joseph Pachiko
30 Maridi State Maridi and Ibba Maridi Africano Monday Africano Monday
31 Imatong State Lopa, Torit, Ikotos and Magwi Torit Natisio Loluke Manir Natisio Loluke Manir
32 Kapoeta State Kapoeta North, Kapoeta East, Kapoeta South and Budi Kapoeta Louise Lobong Lojore Louise Lobong Lojore

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By Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala, Uganda


The true size of Africa

January 22, 2017 (SSB) —- In recent time the King of Morocco has been giving away a lot of money as seen in the following instances— on October 20, 2016, WIKILEAKS leaks that the Moroccan King Promises $12 Million Dollars to meet with Hillary Clinton.

The above WIKILEAKS followed the report on Oct 18, 2016 of the visit by Morocco’s King Mohammed VI to African countries, which was said to be the first of its kind since coronation in 1999.

The visit followed a lengthy letter to African Union (AU) summit in Rwanda in which King Mohammed VI of Morocco declared his country’s intention to become a member of the union after the long time break with the body.

After that letter, the Moroccan monarch planned and started touring some countries in Africa. These countries include: Nigeria, Zambia, Madagascar, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and then now he is expected to visit South Sudan.

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By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei State

images-of-hiv-aidsHIV Aids victim

January 22nd 2016 SSB) —- Did you know that over 1, 000 people are currently living with HIV/Aids in Bor town of Jonglei state? The number of the infected population in the villages and cattle camps is yet to be assessed.

180 people lived with HIV Aids in 2010, the number rose to 785 in 2015, and 1,067 by the end of last year 2016. The infection rate is said to be 3% of the current population. Given the nomadic background, use of condom is an abuse; however the velocity of the infection in our youngsters must be extremely high.

Out of the 1,067 infected people, only 599 are registered in the state hospital for monthly drug supply. The rest vanished with the stigma into the community.

There is limited understanding because little effort has been made to sensitize the citizens on the preliminary measures of prevention of HIV Aids, Key stakeholders similar to Jonglei Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development have a critical role to inform, educate and empower South Sudanese citizens.

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By Thiik Mou Giir, Melbourne, Australia


Bentiu, UNMISS Camp

January 22, 2017 (SSB) — Three days ago I felt that I should write a New Year’s note to my Facebook friends.  I sent out the following note about the vision I have been talking about for the last three years.  It reads:

My Dear Fellow South Sudanese,

Here is my short message for you:


Let’s ‘Construct Our New Identity’ be the vision for this year, 2017, and the years to come.  Dialogue is the cornerstone of this vision.  I am not going to say, ‘I wish you a Happy New Year!’  Rather, let us meet one another with open heart and open mind and then let us talk.  Let us have a serious talk, an honest talk.  As we talk, we will be able to find a way to move forward together.  The work of building this New Identity has to come from you.  It has to come from your own heart and from your own mind.  In the end of the year, we will judge whether we have had a Happy New Year or not.  Let us make this New Year a Happy One with this vision in mind.  It has to come from you and me; otherwise, what is the use of saying, ‘I wish you a Happy New Year!’ when I know for sure that we are not going to have one with this closed heart and this closed mind!

Kind regards,

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By Martin Ariel Majak, Alexandria University, Egypt

Obama’s Statement on US Recognition of the Republic of South Sudan, July 9, 2011.

January 21, 2017 (SSB) —- Well, yesterday was a day of joy and happiness in the USA. It was the day Donald Trump took oath of office to cap his improbable election victory of all times. It was the day too when Obama exited the doors of the White House for the incoming Trump administration.

Many Americans were in upbeat mood as they witnessed the colorful occasion of the swearing in ceremony. It has to be noted too that not all Americans were jovial. There were a handful of displeased Americans who were protesting in different parts of the US.

They fear that if Trump’s fiery rhetoric at the campaign trail defines his Presidency, he’s likely to plunge the country into chaos. So they had to carry out demonstrations, their birthright enshrined in the constitution, as long as it’s nonviolent.

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By David Matiop Gai, Juba, South Sudan

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January 22, 2017 (SSB) –— (Proverbs 18:21), Death and life lies in tongue, and the curses of Khuoth de Amagak consumed many leaders in Greater Upper Nile.  Well during the first Sudanese Civil War in (1955 -197), Second Sudanese Civil War in (1972-1983), and the Third Sudanese civil War in (1983-2005), many South Sudanese leaders died in South Sudan along the cost of freedom, but majority of Upper Nile Sons die in their own brothers hands. According to the book of Old Testament in the Proverbs 18:21, reads, “The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit, (Bible NIV).

Suppose spiritual leaders especially Christian leaders would have look into this issue of tongue misfortune, and dismay in Greater Upper Nile. Some commenters came across this article and they read over it and look at it on tribal angle but I am not writing it on the regional concept, I am writing it on the facts of what had happened and what are taking place on ground right now as well as on spiritual angle.

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Bruises of the Civil War: Without a leg (Part 5)

Posted: January 22, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Columnists, Kur Wël Kur

By Kur Wel Kur, Adelaide, Australia

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January 22, 2017 (SSB) — Martha Bil Deng paced into Nhials Kech’s compound in one of the evenings in 1988. Her auntie, Akuol Manguak was relaxing in an arm chair and resting her feet on a bambeer (a traditional four legged stool) under sanusia mango tree.

And Elizabeth Aliet was sweeping the western site of the compound. Sweeping the compound was one of her numerous jobs: laundering, cooking, water-fetching, boiling of bath-water, and any God knows domestic work that Akuol Manguak could think of. In fact, her uncle’s wife overworked her like a maid, a domestic worker instead of treating her a relative, or like her own child.

“Aliet, leave whatever you’re doing and grab a chair for the visitor,” Akuol Manguak yelled at her.

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We must stop accusing the UN of war that we initiated and fueled by ourselves

By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei State


SRSG to United Nation mission in South Sudan Mr. David Shearer

January 21, 2017 (SSB) — The Jonglei Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (JIPDD) a civil society group based in Bor, Jonglei state has urged the new Special Representative of the Secretary-General SRSG to South Sudan Mr. David Shearer of New Zealand to restore the trust and respect of the united nation mission in South Sudan.

There are misleading propaganda and unfounded baseless information cooked by some institutions and interests groups to tarnish the face of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

Following the crisis which erupted in Juba, the wide protest which denounced the biasness of the United Nations and its successive failures in Africa was an abuse to such an international organization.

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By Deng Kur Deng, Pennsylvania, USA


January 21, 2017 (SSB) —- Dear Dr. Apollo! It is with heartfelt gratitude that has encouraged me to say THANK YOU to you and to your friends from various universities in the United Kingdom (U.K) whom have decided to help the South Sudanese. With that, I applaud your commitment and certainly feel the excitement for those who will benefit. As you may know, generations of South Sudanese were educated in our historical schools that were built by Britain in the early days, so these scholarships provided by Britain are building our relationship with the people of U.K.

However, your efforts and energy you have invested in search for better ways to help South Sudan are indeed recognizable in our next generation of scholars and I am personally captivated by your courage. You and I certainly believe education will shape perceptions of our people to think constructively and build a nation from nothing. There are no insidious motives associated with scholarships but pure national pride.

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By Madol Madol Aguer, Juba, South Sudan

Nuer white army

South Sudan Rebels: Nuer White Army Fighters

January 21, 2017 (SSB) — Youth is a time in life when one is young. During this time life is full of energy and fitness that can qualify you to prosper in all aspects of life. Raw materials are materials or substances used in the primary production or manufacturing of goods. Raw materials are often referred to as commodities which are bought and sold on commodities exchange around the world, Raw materials are those materials used in processing finished goods.

Examples of raw materials are; crude oil, cane, grains, minerals and so forth. Raw materials can play significant roles in meeting end needs of any company based on extraction and procession of the raw materials to a product that will provide reliable sources of income to the owners or shareholders in that particular company.

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President Donald Trump Inaugural Address

Posted: January 21, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Speeches

Obama’s Statement on US Recognition of the Republic of South Sudan, July 9, 2011.

January 20, 2017 (SSB) — Chief Justice Roberts, President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, fellow Americans, and people of the world: thank you.

We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and restore its promise for all of our people. Together we will determine the course of America and the world for many, many years to come. We will face challenges. We will confront hardships, but we will get the job done.

Every four years, we gather on these steps to carry out the orderly and peaceful transfer of power, and we are grateful to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for their gracious aid throughout this transition. They have been magnificent. Thank you.

Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning. Because today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.

For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth.

Politicians prospered, but the jobs left, and the factories closed. The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories; their triumphs have not been your triumphs; and while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land.

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By Dut Agostino Agei, Nairobi, Kenya

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January 20, 2017 (SSB) — This question should be refer to relations between Africa and United States. Relations between the US government and African elections, violence and democracies. Since President Barack Hussein Obama exits the White House today then come in President elected Donald John Trumps and the transition of power from democrat to republican done, the expectation are very many. People around the world especially in Africa expect President Trumps to intervene in African affairs especially in elections, violence and democracies. This is because Africans Presidents with their governments never respected the principles of democracy to conducted elections without international pressure.

It is also a suggestion that Africans Presidents should not be gambling politics using people to fights and keeps them in powers for many years and this is without giving ways to their fellow Africans in peaceful power transition from one President to another. African Presidents also seem not to be interested in the life of their people in civil wars as it’s already demonstrated in West, East, North and Central African Countries. In many elections that are done across the continent Presidents never accepted the outcomes of the elections results and the process put some Countries into political wars, some rebellions and eventually the terrorisms that caused much instabilities and migrations.

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By Acuil Malith Banggol, Juba, South Sudan

RSS coat of ARMS

South Sudan’s coat of arms, in which the eagle symbolizes vision, strength, resilience and majesty, and the shield and spear the people’s resolve to protect the sovereignty of their republic and work hard to feed it.

January 20, 2017 (SSB) — Dear Compatriots, Look and examine these quotes:

“… The Judiciary of Southern Sudan and the legal fraternity in Southern Sudan, as a whole, have the monumental task of developing our legal system, based on common law and our traditional legal heritage, which has to be researched into, ascertained, harnessed and made available for the purposes of sourcing our legislative process, among other things. Our governance must be well grounded in our traditional laws and customs. It must be borne in mind by all that this has been one of underlying causes in quest for freedom and human dignity. Our culture identification and development in all its forms must be unchained and facilitated to reach the same heights, as is the case elsewhere in our continent or the rest of the globe for that matter…” President Kiir, June 3, 2006

Another Quote:

“… Need I to remind anyone that among some of the underlining causes of our resistance must have been the need to maintain our Culture, Legal and other areas of identity… Apart from the normal Judiciary work assigned to judiciary authority in our government structure, I wish to remind ourselves: our government, the legal fraternity of Southern Sudan and our Parliament, that we in Southern Sudan are duty-bound and have unique opportunity to work hard at developing our legal system based primarily on our traditional law and customs, our way of life and ethos…” Justice A. Riny Thiik, June 3, 2006.

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By Thon Atem Ayiei, Juba, South Sudan

January 20, 2017 (SSB) — Unity is the only social fabric that cemented the community values and supremacy all over the world. The ongoing misunderstanding, disunity and confusion among the Greater Bor Dinka community should not continue to be ignored by the community leaders, elders, intellectuals and religious leaders till it goes beyond our control. The community leaders should be consistently engaged with the local populations in a move to resolve contentious issues affecting community in one way or another.

In reflecting the community history, our honesty, loyalty, peacemaking, integrity and above all, our unity has constantly remained unquestionable. Over centuries, we had been together in solidarity over many issues of concern in our community, and altogether, we had managed to live with our volatile neighbors and it is only of recent, our people started introducing new technics of hatred which is perceived to be politically motived.

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By Simon Yel Yel, Juba, South Sudan

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January 20, 2017 (SSB) — To prologue this response, I would like to accentuate that my response shouldn’t be translated as a flattering response aiming to achieve something. My response to Chuor’s article is merely propelled by his incoherent presentation of accusations and lack of evidences and it is fairer enough to say his psychosis has dragged him to undertake this suicidal mission.

Everyone who has read his article, “In the Cold: Is Ateny Wek Ateny being sidelined at the Presidency?” might have possibly posted some questions to himself or herself, like, Is Chuor Deng Chuor a real or an imaginary person; where does he work; how did he get the information he claims in the article; is he an insider who wants to replace Ateny; is he a student from the department of political science at the university of Juba who was a friend of Ateny but broke up; and so forth.

However, the fact of the reality is, he is a camouflaged suicide bomber who has been given a bomb by Ateny’s enemies to detonate with Ateny.

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Posted: January 20, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan, Poems.

By G. Naih Peter, Torit, South Sudan

I saw them so involved,

Today in most crimes,

Making what they’d got dissolved,

But all I see is just a dime,

Nothing at all is solved.

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By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei state

Hon Akech Yen being sworn into office on January 3, 2017 at council of ministers picture by Mach Samuel.JPG

Jonglei state minister for finance Hon. James Akech Yen being sworn into office on January 3, 2017 picture by Mach Samuel

January 20, 2017 (SSB) — The minister for finance and economic planning of Jonglei state government Hon. James Akech Yen Alier has clarifies the controversy around 27 million SSP allegedly borrowed from commercial banks.

11millions SSP was borrowed from commercial banks in form of overdraft to close monthly salary gap. The salary gap was created by 28 states. Jonglei state budget was distributed equally to the three states of Bieh, Fangak and Jonglei state meanwhile their workforce is not the same. Jonglei state has a workforce of 5,300 meanwhile Bieh and Fangak states have 1,200 and 800 workforce respectively.

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