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2017’s letter of hope to my heart

Posted: April 5, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in KON Joseph Leek, Poems.

Thorns in the flesh (The heartaches)
Have a heart my beloved
Don’t think I am a fool, I am just broke!
2017’s letter of hope to my heart
By Kon Joseph Leek
You look at my face and grin wide from ear to ear wondering how old-age has damaged my face by replacing its previous smoothness with wrinkles meandering here and there like contours and due to my ignorance, I couldn’t do anything to save it from being such craggy!
No darling, I am not a fool, neither am I ignorant, what you see on my face are not old-age signs, I am just broke to add more flesh where the skin has folded like that one of a lizard. The “fold” is only an opportunistic visitor that’ll not overstay but utilizing a chance exploiting the absence of the flesh to hold up the skin



Posted: March 27, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Awuol Gabriel Arok, Poems.

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan

young girl with a gun

A young lady with a gun on guard during Governor Philip Aguer visit to Anyidi payam, Bor County, Jan 2016

She has stolen my heart!

But not a thief;

I was alone in the pit of darkness;

Then she came and begged my golden heart, I kept quiet

But later I saw her with my heart;

There lay my heart in a pool of blood!

There lay a well-shaped organ of the young gentle boy!

She split my heart in my present; I cried

She laughed loudly and sharply,

She smeared some blood from my heart onto her face.


It Never Rains it Pours

Posted: March 16, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Malith Alier, Poems.

By Malith Alier, Juba, South Sudan

National Prayers Day

Here you are,

Looking backward over the span

Calmness moderation

Clouds in the wood accelerate!

My baby, my son ooi

Pictures of horror reborn

Peace an elusion

It never rains it pours



Posted: March 10, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Poems., Wenne Madyt Dengs

By Wënnë Madyt Dengs, Bor, Jonglei state

Nightmares in Jerusalem


The wintry evening logged-out
when the roasting sol
had given up to darkness

I was watching the veneer of moon
in this cold gloom
I locked myself up in deep slumber
the whispering of night-walkers
melodized my night-ordeal

With my head tilted in the bed
Sleepiness stole my drive
and wandered in the mystery world
a word holding plate of horror

To shake the stillness of the night
in this tribulation,
my bed shook
it was hooked by grave wobbliness
an ancestry fancy; I was watching
stroke my in underworld

By Amer Mayen Dhieu, Brisbane, Australia

Amer Mayen Dhieu

Amer Mayen Dhieu

I am a woman, I can’t read and write

I am woman, my parents married me off to educate their boys

I am a woman, I am not allowed to get marry for love but for pleasant.

I am a woman, I got raped and murdered

I am a woman, I can simply die from child birth

I am a woman, my husband chose to marry another woman because I became worthless after having my kids.

I am African woman, I am asking you to BE BOLD FOR CHANGE.



Posted: March 4, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Deng Monychol Lueth, Poems.

By Deng de Monychol Lueth, Brisbane, Australia

Ramciel, the new capital city of South Sudan

Ramciel, the new capital city of South Sudan


A lie to the poor is in that catchy-virus-like vision’s phrase.

“Taking towns to the people” by employment is evil indeed.

Its prescriptions are designed to cure political job seekers.

A village dweller is told a town is being brought to you but

A new governor here and new county commissioner there;

No show of delivery for the things that make town a town.

How can a town be brought without roads, without peace?

Without security, without infrastructure and social services?



Posted: February 13, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Poems.

By G. Naih Peter, Torit, South Sudan

When I decide to sing,
I’ll have so much
To say and match
Than in this poem.

When that time
Come, I hope all will be fine
To sing deep from heart
And home to the tune.


Killing goes before birth

Posted: February 7, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Poems., Wantonly Taara

By Wantonly Taara

Killing goes before birth,

wars stands tall,

This is what Mummy told,

My tiny bones she would hold

Guiding me to modesty,



Posted: February 1, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Poems.

By G. Naih Peter, Torit, South Sudan

It sound so really big,

Until I saw it too little,

No wonder it is always belittle

By many including pigs.



Posted: January 24, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan, Poems.

By G. Naih Peter, Torit, South Sudan

They were very good

friends until they realised

that the lady was so beautiful

to ignore or sit on fence.

Blame them not,

but ‘am much pitiful

Of them for all was gone

So far between them.



Posted: January 20, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan, Poems.

By G. Naih Peter, Torit, South Sudan

I saw them so involved,

Today in most crimes,

Making what they’d got dissolved,

But all I see is just a dime,

Nothing at all is solved.


Her last grief

Posted: January 2, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Poems.

By Riak Marial Riak, Juba, South Sudan

Hope RSS

She sees with eye so pale

When this Elysian wind burst the child wail,

Brother, brother what would this saturate

That the clouds look gloom and predate.



Posted: January 1, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Poems.

By Wantonly Taara, Kampala, Uganda

PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB): The Best Articles, Writers, of the Year 2016

Unknown destination,

Unknown destination we lead,

We have been lost from the start,

Our path was denied,

Leaders divided.

We, Junubiin had hopes,

Invested in bloodshed yet achieved few,

Once we had a leader,

He led us to independence,

To depend on donors.

Will tribes save us from hunger?

Or clans from starvation?

Which leader give us condolence when mourning?

Unknown destination, unknown future,

Unknown leader, unknown problem,

But still moving, hoping to survive.

South Sudan: Devastation Born in Confusion

Posted: December 22, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan, Poems.


By Wantonly Taara, Kampala, Uganda


Devastation Born In Confusion

The Peace Deludes This Place

The Father, Woman’s Husband

Maybe A Mother, The Mans Wife

Buried In Rubble, Wars Disgrace

Buried On Torn Streets Of South Sudan



Posted: December 21, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Books, Poems., Wenne Madyt Dengs

By Wënnë Madyt Dengs, Juba, South Sudan

Ruined by the SUN, by Wënnë Madyt Dengs

Ruined by the SUN, by Wënnë Madyt Dengs

Those lilies where my colors;
When I was a spice of your heart,
I spelled my dignity to whet your romance,
When the thunder stormed the knot of our hearts,
Making us lousy.
It shocked my nostril;
there I failed to smell the nectar of your affection.
Hatred had licked it clean,
No more stillness
I got drowned in distraction

I am no longer your wife
day and night,
I am the drum you beat
how do I sound
on the ears of your hand?
Does it give them peace?

Oh, and God forbids, Lino
I am not yielding,
I will not spit myself
on the mud off thoughts

For I was once the gazelle
of the meadows
and your heart the feet that stalked

Not this drum beaten
as time rolls

When will I be honey
never spat?
When will I be the mother
of your children,  Lino?

If this love is a stale path, Lino
let’s return the gazelle
to the meadows.

I am losing my eyes
inside this cave
it’s where clouds of cigar smoke
and your teeth are rusting

Your pals are jerks
one provokes a cough
when he yaps,
the other makes me weep
when he talks.


Judgment Day, NOW

Posted: December 21, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Poems.

By Constant’s DC, Perth, Western Australia

The Republic of South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan

They say

At the last days

God will judge all

Big, small

Rich and poor

Even the thin and the fat

All sinners shall be tore apart


My Whining Head

Posted: December 11, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Poems.

By Joe Mabor, Malaysia



You grouse yowling that Head lays hold filling up with food.

you say you get tired vibrating from plate to mouth like a bouncing ball.

If head always fill up with food in a second as you wish,

Won’t you wither and fall away like dead leaves in a winter?

Stop whining and do your part well!

Whining is being irresponsible Hand.


King Dunia

Posted: December 9, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Poems.

King Dunia

By Riak Marial Riak, Juba, South Sudan


His wife vowed
And touched the streets
With her long arms,

She wept,
And washed her face with same tears
She looks at me and burst into tears.

Tell me,
Miss Dunia,
What have you seen from me?


Poetry “a road with two ends”

Posted: November 30, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Poems.

By Riak Marial Riak, Juba, South Sudan

November 30, 2016 (SSB) —- If you love the blow of the wind then call me a fool
For I have seen many directions the wind blows.

But one to my direction always tease
To throw you in a pool of chance or wrestle for peace.

I have eaten all that I desire
But neither of you have shown the interest to retire.

This song has a rhyme you will live seeking
Because it matters a lot when you give in.



Posted: November 6, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Poems.


Guns sounds from all cardinal of the Republic

Death became daily breads

Hatred sway away love for a nation

All is amiss, all is in pandemonium

The sun has fallen off the equator

Like love, cometh the dislike of a nation

Blood cometh the water of thirst

In our hearts arises anger