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By Roger Alfred Yoron, Juba, South Sudan

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September 30, 2016 (SSB) — At first, enactments and start of implementations of the laws: The Media Authority Act, The Right of Access to Information Act and The Broadcasting Corporation Act signed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit were welcomed, though with caution, as steps in the right direction to ensuring right of access to information and freedom of expression and the media in South Sudan.

However, to date, the situation on the ground continues to be the same after the three bodies, namely: the ought to be autonomous Media Authority, The Broadcasting Corporation and the independent Information Commission required for implementations of the laws have but all been established partly and to the disappointment of many, failed to live up to the task.


By Apioth Mayom Apioth, USA


September 28, 2016 (SSB) —-The Dinka are everywhere like the MTN network, as opposed to Vivacell mobile which has accessibility only in some areas”, the Equatorians would say. All tribes go through some sort of a culturization process where some ideas work and other ideologies fail to effect change. It is a common tradition in many African cultures that more people means more wealth. The Dinka had the sheer luck of having brought their best minds and intelligentsia together to create a situation where their population became more numerous. It is not that other tribes didn’t give it a good shot; they perhaps tried a couple of times, but it didn’t bear fruits.  Would it be such a bad idea had all the 64 tribes been equal population-wise? No, it would be a great blessing since that would be the easiest way to get rid of complaints and behind-the-back bad talks.

Now the Equatorians wait for the Dinka to pass about just anywhere and snatch the innocent lives out of them. The Dinka are being punished because we have a failed leader in Juba, who also happens to be from the said tribe. Our leader took a good nap for the last 11 years, and when he woke up, everything that was neatly organized at his house was nowhere to be seen; his house was completely emptied of everything he once owned. From a well, furnished house, full of amenities; his house now even has cracks all over and holes in the rooftop. It terribly gets cold at night. His life is in ruins. Of course this is not what Kiir’s life looks like in the real sense. This is an actual depiction of what a normal South Sudanese citizen has been through in the last two and half years.


By Riak Marial Riak, Juba, South Sudan

John Garang

John Garang’s prophecy

September 28, 2016 (SSB) — Last night, of the lust seen in the Kush republic, was a term so harsh to define, not so, had the vacuum opened to breathe away this dull wind. I saw no way illuminated to surrender my little mind, had the sake produce the consequence, however, the must still cast out to the public. In respond to their betterment sold to the bunch of seats in the gleaming contained tower, I rally the ailments to caressing motions and sit among the world of “Atheists or Intelligentsia”.

This, notwithstanding the fracture, is a land doomed and the revolutionists throw to corners their eyes of which the light never escorts the sight. I congratulated the society for its “conservatism” and “realism” over the life decadence, in the meantime, thinking of the benedictions sprayed onto these seats, is a way so tattered to move not even in the day but also stumbles even though in a plane.


Dear Mr. President

By YihHon Alewei, Juba, South Sudan

Salva kiir pic

September 27, 2016 (SSB) —- Our country has been experiencing turbulent since, from George Athor and David Yau Yau rebellions to Riek Machar madness of 2013. Our country has never been stable. The expectations of our people have been buried before their eyes and the introduction of suffering re-surfaced again.

Mr. President as our leader, you have to start listening to us… You need to introduce radical policies that will help our country to get back on its feet. You need to show to the people that you are the man they depend upon. As a president,

  1. You have to start visiting the areas that have been affected by war, by doing that Mr. President, it will give our people back their confident in you as their leader.
  2. Take out all our people in UNMISS care and relocate them to their respective areas and provide security for them. After that, ask the UNMISS to respect our sovereignty or else leave our country since their extended mandate expired on the 12th of August, 2016. Stands your ground and keeps saying no to their additional troops. If you have taken out all the IDPs in their camps across the country, there will be no point of having more troops in the country.


Respond to Cartoonist Mr. Kangi Achom: You Seem Not to be Aware of the Revolutionary Struggle and the SPLA/M Red Army Veterans

By Abraham Majak Makur, Juba, South Sudan

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September 26, 2016 (SSB) — Yesterday, I came across a cartoon sarcastically drawn by Kangi Achom and published by The Dawn Newspaper on 16th September, 2016, Vol. 1, issue No. 170. On the satirical cartoon in question, Mr. Kangi Achom, depicted the Red Army as an old man insulting a young man saying: “stay away from me you lost boy.” Don’t speak to me, I’m from Red Army.” The young man on his part responded by saying “Mmm! How comes an old man like you be a Red Army?” Of the bet, Lost Boys and Girls are a constituency with the Red Army, meaning they are also Red Army – as majority of them participated in Red Army Service during the liberation struggle.

Mr. Kangi’s depiction of the Red Army on his cartoon is not only misplaced but an utter mockery of the true historical context and meaning of the SPLM/A Red Army. Neither the old man nor the young man depicted on the cartoon said anything close to what the Red Army is. On the outset, I would inform Mr. Kangi Achom and the general public that the Red Army were young veterans of the revolutionary struggle, currently organized under the Red Army Foundation and many of whom are serving in armed forces.

The purpose of this piece is to try and educate both Mr. Kangi Achom and reading public of the historical background of the SPLM/A Red Army. The Red Army is not an entity that mysteriously appeared after the signature of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005. In many occasions, I have heard people asking what the Red Army is and what it stands for.


Do you know CDR Gabriel Jok Riak was SPLA Commander who fought as foot soldier in liberation war (1983 -2005)

By David Aoloch Bion, Bor, Jonglei state

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September 26, 2016 (SSB) —- CDR Gabriel Jok Riak had planned, commanded, executed and participated as foot soldier in 23 battles of SPLM/SPLA against Sudan government in the liberation war from 1983 to 2005. He was critically wounded three times and slightly wounded four times.

CDR Jok was trained at Bilpam in Jumus Battalion, attended Shield one cadet and went Cuba for military course. He was given fire baptism at the Battles of Jokou and Nasir in 1984 at the rank of CPL and 2nd Lt.

 In 1989, as Captain, he commanded a coy in the battle of Nasir where he was wounded at the leg. In 1991, he commanded a coy in the battle of Payom at Panyagor in Twic East when the SPLA Torit was fighting the SPLA Nasir, at Payom he was wounded at the leg.


By Dr. Ayii Ayii Madut, Juba, South Sudan


The late Akook Ngor, one of the medical students at the Kajo-Keji Health Training Institute who were killed after they were identified to be MTN=Dinka

September 25 (SSB) —- Why a medical student trainees would be killed just because of his ethnicity? A case of Kajo-Keji Health Training Institute, I never wrote and worried when I heard MTN a code for a Dinka being used to kill on the major roads that lead in and out of Equatoria region, because if MTN is going everywhere than there is a need to reduce the distant it should go so it was up to those who choose a MTN line which goes everywhere when there are other lines like Vivacell, Zain etc.

I never wrote and worried when I heard some Dinka men were caught and given option to be sodomized or be killed on the road to Bahr el Ghazal, yes might be others want to proof that they are more men than them. I never wrote and worried when I heard some Kraal of cattle had been shot at and later exchanges of gun fire took lives of both human and animals because in the first place why would a cattle keeper travel all the way from Upper Nile or Bahr el Ghazal just to grazed his animals on some one’s farm in Equatoria region, leaving the grass in his/her home state.


By John Deng Ateny, Perth, Western Australia


Your need food, seriously?

September 25, 2016 (SSB) — South Sudan national economy mainly depend on the nation’s extraordinary mineral wealth, especially on petroleum. Maintaining resources reliance economy requires new discoveries. Effective national exploration, data acquisition and minerals distribution is required to provide ongoing economic prosperity. South Sudan has only limited geological work and this work is either unrecorded or locked away in former masters’ archives.

More geological survey needs to be done to continue resource and reserve upgrade. Unfortunately, there is non-existence financial investment, lack of related legislations, political instability and other threats, in including the presence of active landmines. South Sudan is still categorised Greenfield. Majority of land remain virgin despite oil discovery and ongoing active work in other areas.


By Amb. Joseph Ayok Anei, Juba, South Sudan

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September 24, 2016 (SSB) — The government of the Republic of South Sudan, in principle, welcomes the deployment of United Nations Protection Force in to the Country, so long as all the outstanding logistical and administrative concerns are cleared, i.e. the parameters of ‘where and how’ the force will be engaged. In any case, with reference to the engagement of UN peace keeping forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda before the Genocide of 1992, and Somalia, increase of the force will not change the political situation on the ground.

It has been advised in the past, and it won’t harm to remind again the World that the South African Model of bringing a nation together after long and bitter internal divide is ‘Rainbow’ Coalition Government Model, concurrent with having Truth and Reconciliation in process, that is encouraged and supported by the International Community. UNMISS and the international peace lovers are urged to support these indigenous efforts and models in that the young country, South Sudan is trying to embrace.


By John Deng Ateny, Perth, Western Australia

Map of Jonglei state

Map of Jonglei state

September 24, 2016 (SSB) — According to United States Geological Survey USGS, water is one of the nation most valuable natural resources. It is involved in all aspects of human life. Water has many societal benefits, it is the source of drinking water, home to a number flora and fauna and it support national economy.

However, for the resource that is so widely used, so important to human health and very vital to national economy, it is one of the resources that is poorly understood and misconceived in South Sudan. So misconceived is it, that its occurrence and the related projects; Jonglei Canal Project (JCP) are still shrouded with conspiracies and misinformation today.

National water supply is a combination of surface and ground water, but in case of South Sudan, the main source of water is River Nile. While there are number of ground water reservoirs, lack of knowledge, negligence, lack of initiatives and nonexistence underground water survey and robust hydrological models has contributed to over reliance on rivers.


By Wol Deng Atak, Nairobi, Kenya


lost boys with Commander Salva Kiir, near Magoth, between Kapoeta and Narus, 1991

September 23, 2016 (SSB) —- The debate whether Kiir and his co-competitor, Dr. Riek Machar, in violence for wealth gains and power could set the nation engulfed by power free. Would it in anyway serve the best interest of the nation if both men leave active politics? I think their exit is a remedy to South Sudan political crisis because their actions continue to generate recipes to crisis. Firstly, in pursuit of complete dictatorship, President Kiir turned state security into regime protection or his personal protection force to the misery of the citizens.

He has completely squeezed media space forcing it to only parrot government’s propaganda or remain muted to avoid forced closure. On the other hand, professional associations like lawyers association is controlled, debates prohibited even within academic premises. The above situation is enforced that even parliamentary deliberations are reduced to a mere rubber stamp to avoid Kiir dismissing decree. Riek is no better either. He ran the IO like his private company giving no space for difference voices. He would be another Kiir if not worst than him if Riek ascends to presidency.


14 County commissioners sworn into office, Governor warns of amalgamation of failed counties

By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei State

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September 23, 2016 (SSB) — The 14 most celebrated County Commissioners of Jonglei State, three deputy Mayors, chairperson of newly created economic development commission have been sworn into office Friday following their appointment last week as governor warns of amalgamation of non active Counties if services are not delivered to the common people.

Aguer administration has all the legitimacy to implement document from the council of states signed by the president of the republic of South Sudan Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit recommended by the South Sudan council of states endorsed by local government board rather than the community base initiative.

The government of Jonglei had every-reason to have delayed the establishment of counties and appointment of their commissioners since the beginning of the year because the council of states surprise Jonglei state with 14 counties instead of 11 initially proposed counties and that had to be studied critically.


By Yach Atiop Yach, Juba, South Sudan


Sabina Dario Lokolong, deputy minister for humanitarian affairs and disaster management, Nov 2011

September 22, 2016 (SSB) — If titles were used as mean of prestige, many in South Sudan won’t have shortage at all cost but some are trying and they are getting rich because of their titles. However people in this country have used this opportunity to dream at any night or day and dared to achieve these dreams to rise to any position he/she deemed at the shortest time possible.

One of the mean of achieving this title is by opposing the government. One waited for some time and decided to join rebellion, waited for negotiated peace or president’s amnesty and come back with major rank of his/her choice when none was close to that rank before opting to rebel against the state. In the end, this rank does so little to him/her rather than being referred to only for some, while others who have played their cards benefits more.


By Mijok Dongwei Akier, Juba, South Sudan

kiir vs Garang

Salva Kiir in the shoe of Dr. John Garang

September 22, 2016 (SSB) — “Riek Machar is technically under our custody. Sudan government promised us they will surrender him to us when we expel Sudanese rebels,” says Amb. Gordon Buay. I do not means to attacks anyone nor vilified anybody. I just wanted to clarify somethings to likes of Amb. Gordon Buay.

My position is clear from the starts to end; that am the big supporter of Constitution of South Sudan and believer of democratic transition of leadership in South Sudan. And Supporter of the Government of South Sudan. But, that doesn’t hold me as a beholden to not point out the facts and redirected you to right direction from disorientation.


The sad case of the late Gen. Laat Makoi: South Sudan national army, the SPLA, should learn to respect and honor their fallen heroes

By Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala, Uganda

Commander Deng Kelei

The late SPLA Commander Deng Kelei Chol

September 21, 2016 (SSB) — Revering the dead is culture of humanity. It is done in different parts of the world and by different communities. In Traditional American Indian burial prayer, for instance, the respect of the dead is shown in the way they are talked to as if they are alive and their prayer goes as follows:

When I am dead, cry for me a little. Think of me sometimes, but not too much. It is not good for you to allow your thoughts to dwell too long on the dead. Think of me now and again as I was in life. At some moment it is pleasant to recall. But not for long. Leave me in peace and I shall leave you too, in peace. While you live, let your thoughts be with the living.

As seen in the above prayer dead are part and parcel of the living community members and they must be respected.  In Traditional African Communities and in particular Dinka Community, Dead are respected because they are considered to be part of the living.


Open Letter to H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit: “It is not too late to revive the bilateral ties and mutual co-operations with the USA for the sake of upcoming generations”

By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan

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September 20, 2016 (SSB) — Some political analysts and observers have already expressed their disappointments and regrets of their open letters to you Mr. President! One of the writers actually said he is tired of defending President Kiir! But my case is different and the first of its kind; I will continue with the same spirit to avail my opinion support when it is necessary. Open letters generally, are part or parcel of advice of those who have no access to you in persons but might have better ideas of running the country and issues pertaining to possible solutions to the political crisis and a lasting peace.

Dear President, this open letter is meant to reserve the history of your presidency from slipping into a quagmire (“good beginning, bad ending”) that would automatically disregard previous achievements done by your government since the inception of interim period to independence and up-coming elections which are unpredictable. Mind u that, any leadership has an end no matter what! But what matters in most cases, is its legacy and impacts on the country’s people of both innocents and culprits.


Dear Dr. Rita Abrahamsen: “We will prevail over the flaws of our leaders with the same will and resilience with which we fought and defeated colonialism.”

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September 19, 2016 (SSB) — We wish to respond to your letter to George Clooney of 15 September 2016, published on the website of the Centre for International Policy Studies.[1] We write not to defend Mr. Clooney but to correct some assumptions used to critique his work on behalf of South Sudan.

We were particularly troubled by your suggestion that South Sudan’s independence resulted solely, or mainly from the work of international actors; or some kind of ‘dumb stunt’ by a Holywood celebrity which has gone awry. We don’t deny that countless individuals, institutions and countries supported our tortuous route to liberty. We deeply appreciate the material and moral support we received.

Helping a people in need should never been seen as a mistake, cravings for fame, or self-exoneration –and certainly not in the case of South Sudan. As the tragic events in South Sudan have not shot Mr Clooney to stardom in the humanitarian field; it is unlikely that these can take shine off his stardom. No any other outsider to be blamed for creating the mess we find ourselves in today. As South Sudanese, we take responsibility for our successes and failures.


What is wrong with Kolnyang County, Anyidi County, Makuach County, Baidit County, Jalle County, Maar County, Wangulei County, Kongoor County, Weernyol County, Payuel County, Pajut County, and Padiet County? Bor community needs rescue, URGENTLY

By Kur John Aleu, Beijing, China

Agwer Panyang

The newly appointed governor of Jonglei state, Col. Philip Agwer Panyang, with Defense Minister Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk and Information Minister Michael Makwei Lueth in Bor, Jonglei state

September 17, 2016 (SSB) — A community which was known of its resilience, persistence, patriotism and as brainpower in the then Sudan and even among the Southern tribes is now getting fragmented both politically and socially from its known prominence, failing a simple task of putting her house in order with the whole of its diverse intellect.

The Giant Greater Bor Community association in the USA is dead, I called it giant because most of her members are presumably educated youth and therefore are expected to show high degree of political maturity and to act as agents of positive change back home.

The spirit of Borism, Twicism and Dukism is at a dreadful rise on social media with laughable egos…..  Fair distribution of political seats and administrative units is dead….accusations and counter-accusations on new discovered national political allies probably traceable to Dec 2013 is the order of discussions at tea places. Are we heading toward the right direction? I think No.


By James Okuk (PhD), Juba, South Sudan

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September 17, 2016 (SSB) —- As my part-time top boss at University of Juba, I would like to thank the Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Akec for keeping his private hobby of public writing. Many intellectuals of South Sudan and in many other African Countries abandon their hobbies when they become bosses. He needs to be appreciated and encouraged to keep up this consistency and freedom of expression.

What attracted my attention is Prof. Akec’s reference to St. Augustine and Thomas Hobbes to justify his apologetic defence of Juba’s suspicion and reservation on the awaited Regional Protection Force.  I’m saying this because I have been a lecturer of “Comparative Political Thought” in the esteemed University of Juba since 2012, both to Arabic and English patterned students of the Department of Political Science.

The evolution of political thought, some of which are practiced in many countries to date, is an area I have admired with great interest. Thus, I must thank the electronic engineer, Prof. John Akec, for becoming an active participant in the classic political field, though. I would have wished to invite him to attend a special lecture on the context and content on St. Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Hobbes and Jean Bodin who had put forward some rigorous political thinking in the history of human governance, especially in regard to ‘Sovereignty and the Sovereign’ in time of ‘Peace’ and ‘War’.


United Nations Security Council Resolution on South Sudan is Horrible

By John Jal Wuor, Kampala-Uganda  

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September 16, 2016 (SSB) —- Unanimously adopting resolution 2304 (2016), the Council authorized UNMISS to use all necessary means to carry out its tasks in Juba, South Sudan on 12th August, 2016. The UN Security Council Resolution does not yield any meaning to citizens of South Sudan who have suffered from the crisis since the commencement of adoption of the resolution by world body.

The deployment of 4,000 UN troops into Juba is now delayed because of low action by United Nations Security Council in New York and the Peace Agreement will not be implement by both sides. The UNSC should put a pressure on President Salva Kiir’s cronies in order to accept peace in Juba.