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The National Housing and Population census could be viable determining factor for number of states in South Sudan: It can neither be IBC nor IGAD’s decision.

By Adv. Bol Chol Kucdit, Juba, South Sudan

Map of 28 states

Friday, 28 June 2019 (PW) — It appeared recently that the IBC that was established under terms of R-ARCSS, 2018 reached stalemate as to the number of states in South Sudan. The preliminary report of their work indicated the IBC failed to adopt (10) states in their voting exercise by lack of one vote to meet the qualified majority stipulated under R-ARCSS. The preliminary report also suggested that the IBC referred the matter of states to IGAD for further consideration.

Though everything in this country is accepted for the sake of peace which may turn out to be war at any hour, I beg to share a different view that the R-ACRSS created a sort of condominium ad hoc body called IBC to decide some important national issues for South Sudanese. The IBC in fact has membership of (10) South Sudanese that were appointed by parties to R-ARCSS respectively with different ratios. The other (5) members were appointed by African Union High-Level Ad hoc Committee on South Sudan mainly from South Africa, Nigeria, Chad, Rwanda and Algeria. The membership of these foreign countries beats my reasoning as to why should our national affairs be decided by foreigners.

The inclusion of South Sudanese in the committee was a matter of formality but the actual control of the process was a kin to 1947 Juba conference event. It was just meant to confirm the premeditated decision in favour of colonist. The IBC which is chaired by a foreigner was given unnecessary powers to collect opinions of South Sudanese as to how many states do they want. They were also tasked to adopt any number of states through voting and their decision should be binding on parties to R-ARCSS and entire citizens of South Sudan. They were also tasked to restructure council of states in National parliament after redrawing new states’ boundaries.