Jonglei reshuffles cabinet after corruption complains

Posted: September 5, 2011 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Philip Thon Aleu

By Thon Philip Aleu

July 4, 2009 (BOR TOWN) – Jonglei Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk has ousted seven (7) members of his government without new assignment in a surprising change coming barely a month after two ministers and commissioners were relieved.

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A The file photo shows Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk and other with Deputy Gov. Hussein Mar Nyuot in a public rally (photo ST- Philip Thon Aleu)

State minister for land and physical infrastructure and commissioners of 4 counties including Bor Commissioner Abraham Jok Ariing are sacked to complete the reshuffle, Deputy Governor Hussein Mar Nyuot told the Sudan Tribune by phone from Juba today Saturday July 4.

Eng. John Amuor Kuol — the former State minister for land is replaced by Deng Alier Mading, while Maker Lual Kuol has been appointed as Commissioner for Bor County. In Uror, SPLM Secretary Tut Chuk replaces the then Party chairman and Commissioner Gatluak Reth.

William Kuol Chol, Commissioner of Nyirol hands over County’s powers to Chuol Dieu. Also Canal/or Pigi County – formerly called Krorfulus County, has been concerned by the political reorganization but Deputy Gov. Mar says he cannot confirm the names at the press time.

John Antipas Ayiei, the former minister of Education and recently appointed as Governor’s Advisor for Health and Environment has also been relieved.

The ministerial reshuffle was blessed on Friday by South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit and hence, taking effect thereafter the announcement. But the former Bor commissioner Abraham Jok Ariing defied his relieve and paid a short visit to his office on Saturday where he moved away with a handful of materials. Asked to react to move, Deputy Gov. Mar said it’s “unusual.”

“When you are changed, you remain at your home. And if there are some private documents in the office – which is unusual, your secretary can collect them,” he further said.

None of the relieved government officials take a new position in Jonglei. The outgoing commissioners are said to be redeployed in the army with new ranks but Deputy Gov. Mar Nyuot was short to disclose his colleagues in civil joining the military saying: “I don’t have those details but civil and army are serving the interest of our State.”

Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk – currently outside the State on an official visit to the United States, took office in December 2007 from Philip Thon Leek, the federal Minister of transport, roads and bridges but initially reluctant to reshuffling citing examining competence among his council.

At the time, Gov. Kuol told the State Assembly that he “never came to reshuffle the council” but every minister has a challenge to secure his/her position. Commissioners are also considered as part of the council of ministers in Jonglei State.

Addressing a public rally on Saturday June 20 before leaving for the U.S, Gov. Kuol allowed questions from audience for expression of grievances where corruption complains dominated the questionnaire. In one case, the outgoing land Minister John Amuor Kuol was accused of allotting plot number 109, third class twice. Called by the Governor to explain the circumstances, Mr. Amuor admitted wrongdoing and the issue was labeled as part of corruption.

The controversial Land allotment in Bor Town has been of public concern. It has being alleged by the public that rich and influential figures in the State are favored while issuing out plots. The division of residential plots into first, second and third classes was also seen as categorizing people into the respective sections – something unacceptable in the Southern Sudan that had struggled for human equality.

As for commissioners, Abraham Jok Ariing had been expected to be removed in the first reshuffling but served by an influential Bor citizen in Juba. In a letter obtained by the Sudan Tribune, the in-coming Commissioner Maker Lual complained that his appointment was tampered with. But the final decision is endorsed by the GoSS President.

As news spread to many parts of Jonglei Capital Bor Town, many residents acknowledged that change finally made. Deputy Gov. Hussein Mar Nyuot also said the change is now ultimate.

“It was a partial reshuffle,” he said referring to the dismissal of former Education and Agriculture ministers earlier June, 2009. Echoing Gov. Kuol’s statement at the first reshuffling, Mar says the change is done to improve performances but steadily.

“Government cannot be changed in one day. It’s a gradual process,” he added. Asked what he expects from the new appointees, Mar says security is number one and then development comes.


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