SPLM/N Delegation meets US Envoy in Kampala

Posted: September 12, 2011 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Press Release

SPLM/N Delegation meets US Envoy in Kampala

A delegation of the SPLM/N leadership met yesterday September 11, 2011, in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, with the US Envoy to the Sudan Ambassador Princeton Lyman at the behest of the latter.

The SPLM/N delegation included Deputy Chairman Abdelaziz Adam El Helu and Secretary General Yasir Arman. The meeting dealt with the current developments in the Sudan, notably the situation in Southern Blue Nile State, Southern Kordofan State in addition to regional and international consultations to bring about a lasting and comprehensive peace. The two sides agreed to continue consultations with special emphasis on the humanitarian situation, including urgent delivery of aid to the needy, worsening human rights conditions, and the quest for a just and comprehensive settlement to the Sudanese conflict.

The SPLM/N would like to underline the following issues:

1-That the most urgent priority now is the humanitarian situation, including the need to deliver urgent food supplies to thousands of displaced people in Southern Kordofan, Southern Blue Nile and Darfur. In this respect, the National Congress Party (NCP) must stop using food as a weapon. It must also concede the right of the displaced peoples to stay in the displaced camps rather than forcing them to return to war zones and cities. The NCP policy of using civilians as human shields should stop.

2-That an agreement be reached between the warring parties to allow internationally credible organizations such as the WFP, ICRC, UNICEF and others to enter and operate in areas under the control of both sides without any pre-conditions and interference.

3-That an independent international investigation Committee be set up to investigate human rights violations, including war crimes and ethnic cleansing. The NCP should not be allowed to investigate itself. It is ludicrous to let a criminal investigate himself! In this regard, the SPLM/N would like to appeal to all friendly countries to support the formation of such a committee. We specifically appeal to the Republic of South Africa, whose experience in rising above the vicious odds of Apartheid is inspiring, Nigeria and China which has close ties with Khartoum.

The Issue of Disarming the SPLA/N

On the issue of disarming the SPLA/N, we would like to affirm that the SPLA/N is an integral part of the Armed Forces as stipulated in the constitution. Therefore, any disarmament process should have been within the framework of some new security arrangements to be agreed by both parties. Rather than adopting this sensible approach, the NCP harbored intentions to ignite a war on the pretext of disarmament. It must be stated loud and clear that the NCP is indeed the major owner of weapons, armies and militias in the Sudan. Indeed, the NCP has turned both the national Armed Forces and the Police into a partisan military wing, whose role is to subjugate the Sudanese. This abuse of national institutions has seriously compromised the integrity of the Army and the Police. Moreover, the NCP has formed militias which are openly operating side by side with the army. Therefore, any talk about disarming the SPLA/N will be seriously flawed if it is not part of a comprehensive disarmament program whereby guns of the private armies, including the NCP militias swill be collected.

We stand for the formation of a truly national police force and army whose doctrine will be to safeguard the security of the nation and not arbitrarily shooting of the citizens whom they are purportedly protecting.

· To bring about a fundamental change in the Sudan, the marginalized forces should forge alliances with the forces of change and democracy. Marginalized forces in the countryside should also align themselves with poorer and groups in urban areas. Similarly, peaceful mass action should complement the armed struggle, the ultimate result of which is to defeat the divisive policies in the center of power in Khartoum. No single ethnic group, nationality or region should be targeted. Rather, it is the center of power in Khartoum that must be restructured in such a way as to be democratic and accommodative for all the citizens of the Sudan. All political forces who are willing to bring about a change in addition to civil society organizations are invited to participate in this grand project.

Finally, the only peaceful and viable solution to this conflict is one that acknowledges and addresses the governance crisis in the country. It is one that is based on a holistic approach aimed at achieving a comprehensive settlement. It should be noted that the current war which is raging in the new South of the Sudan from Blue Nile to Kordofan and Darfur can only be resolved by radically transforming the centre of power in Khartoum. It cannot be resolved by transforming Kadogali, Damazin or Fasher. It is the center that must be transformed so that Sudan avoids further disintegration. More disintegration of the country can also be avoided through creation of a democratic nation state in which all citizens are equal, free, living in peace, have access to food and share power peacefully. The SPLM/N leadership will continue its consultation with the regional and international community to find a comprehensive settlement to the conflict.

Yasir Arman
SPLM/N Secretary General
September 12,2011

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