President Dr. Kiir Addresses International Press in Washington DC at the end of the IEC

Posted: December 19, 2011 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Press Statement by H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the President of the Republic of South Sudan at the end of the International Engagement Conference on South Sudan.

Washington DC, Dec. 15th, 2011

President Kiir (left) listens to a question by a journalist during the press conference. He is flanked by Hon Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin (right), the minister for Information and Broadcasting.
[Photo: Thomas Kenneth]

I am in Washington DC with some members of my cabinet, senior civil Servants, members of the civil society and the business community to participate in the International Engagement Conference on South Sudan, taking place from Dec 14-15th, 2011.

This conference was thankfully co-sponsored and organized by the friends of South Sudan and development partners from various International organizations.

The purpose of this conference was to bring our newly born nation to the international arena with the view of acquainting ourselves with the international community and vice versa. We have also come to share both our history and our vision. Our history is about where and how our country emerged from the ruins of war, marginalization and oppression.

Our vision is about the direction we have chosen after freeing ourselves from bondage, and what we intend to do for our people and the country that we have just attained. As people, we have put our vision before us, as the vision for the  Republic of South Sudan from 2011- 2040. By 2040, South Sudan will be educated and informed; prosperous, productive and innovative; compassionate and tolerant; free, just and peaceful; democratic and accountable; safe, secure and healthy; united and proud.   I am confident that this can become a reality with the support from the friends; we have come to share our vision with.

In the last two days, we have interacted with our friends and partners here in Washington DC, and have come to the conclusion that for us to achieve our articulated vision for 2040, the Republic of South Sudan, under my leadership, must commit itself to: good governance, transparency, and accountability.  This is the responsibility, and commitment, we have always cherished.

We have also informed the world that the Republic of South Sudan is now opened for investors and business communities around the globe. We have presented our investment package, which we   belief is attractive for those who are willing to take this challenge together with us. As government, we are assuring all the investors coming to South Sudan that they will receive our utmost cooperation and support.

Thank you.

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