President Kiir to Islamic Jihadists: South Sudan is not THE Gateway to Paradise (Video)

Posted: April 14, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan

“South Sudan president Salva Kiir telling Muslims mujahideen that the way to paradise is not through south sudan,if it was here,we would have gone long time ago–Chol Kuur”

1. President Kiir’s statement

2. Al-Jazeera: Are South Sudan and Sudan heading for War?

3. Reporting from Aliny/Heglig!

People of South Sudan Should Not Panic
Dear Great People of South Sudan,
Greetings in the name of our SPLA Gallant Forces,
News is surfacing from deferent sources around the globe on the situation in Unity State, especially the tense situation around Heglig areas.
Description: C:\Users\LOMAYAT\Desktop\LATEST PHOTOS\SPLA Leadership\1.jpg
Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, President and Commander In Chief of SPLA
Closely Monitoring the Situation in Heglig
Dear People of South Sudan, you all know Mundukurat have never defeated SPLA in any battle for many years. I would like you to as well know that our SPLA Gallant Forces under the Leadership and Command of Gen. Salva Kiir will always and with honor protect all territories of this Great Nation “The Republic of South Sudan”.
My fellow South Sudanese; rest assured that SPLA is 100% ready to defend this country with the little they have, remember, SPLA WILL NOT LET US DOWN.
Description: C:\Users\LOMAYAT\Desktop\LATEST PHOTOS\SPLA\1.JPG
SPLA Gallant Forces Around Heglig Area Will Not Let
The People of South Sudan Down
Photo By Larco Lomayat
Fellow South Sudanese, time has come for us to stand side by side with our SPLA Gallant Forces to defend this Great Nation, let us do what it takes or what we can to support them with whatever we have.
Description: C:\Users\LOMAYAT\Desktop\LATEST PHOTOS\SPLA\2.JPG
All South Sudanese Should Not Panic, Heglig is under full control of SPLA, and forever it will remain under the control of SPLA; unless ordered by the SPLA Leadership to withdraw, otherwise, Mundukurat and their stooges from South Sudanese who are blindly supporting them will never ever take Heglig from SPLA.
SPLA Oyee,
Gen. James Hoth Oyeee
Gen. Salva Kiir Oyee
People of South Sudan Oyee,
God bless you all, and God bless South Sudan. Victory is certain
Comrade Larco Lomayatdit
Description: C:\Users\LOMAYAT\Desktop\LATEST PHOTOS\SPLA\3.JPG
Description: C:\Users\LOMAYAT\Desktop\LATEST PHOTOS\SPLA\6.JPG

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