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By Heskey Deng Machol

Juba-“if we find the cause, we will solve the problem’, the scarcity of hard currency in the new born nation drew the attention of local and national and Foreign Petroleum companies to the state of exchanging accusations, pointing fingers and blaming the Governor of the Bank of South Sudan (BOSS) System.
The state petroleum dealers, Somali Businessman, Wayeel Hashi, Properiator of BOH company operating in Rumbek and Yirol in Lake State, showed his disappointed with disgust tone, by saying, “The Governor of Central Bank denied to allocate hard currency to us, but he just considered the petroleum dealers in Juba, since the Governor disclosed, his Bank will provide hard currency to the country petroleum dealers to transport fuel from East Africa, nothing has been done to the State Petroleum dealers, in what he said, their request letters were rejected by the Bank or remained on the waiting list.”
“People die in the States, no fuel for vehicles to help {transport} the sick persons to the far equipped hospitals,” Hashi added.
Despite the limit of fuel, their life security was in danger, Wayeel cited, the state citizens harass them now and then, they want us, to bring fuel and if you don’t supply fuel, you better leave the state…park your things and go.
“Are you providing Juba alone without ten States”, he asked the Governor of BOSS.
He made this statement, this week during the open discussion organized by the South Sudan Business Union at South Sudan Park Hotel, Juba on the issues of the fuel crisis and skyrocket of prices and black market in the country.
The BOSS should give the hard currency to both Juba and States’ petroleum dealers, so that every citizen in this country may have a share, Hashi echoed.
The Country National Bureau of Statistics (SSNBS) indicated earlier annual inflation increased to a staggering 80 percent in last month, it attributed the sharp rise in prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages to fuel scarcity in the country, as Fuel scarcity has in recent weeks hit South Sudan’s major towns, with expertise saying the situation could worsen in coming months.
Regardless of the Proprietor BOH complaint, Ali Jama of Sahan Petroleum Station in Juba, displayed his accusation to the Bank of South Sudan, said the bank has no special consideration on all the petroleum dealers, in what he described that, the Bank has got some specific petroleum dealers, whom they have given hard currency.
“We are not in the black market, we are really working in honour to this country”, Jama said.
On the same event, another petroleum dealer, Mohmed reiterated and said that since he came to South Sudan, he established five petroleum station in the Country (Nimule, two in Juba, Yai, Kaya), but as things deteriorated, he closed two stations and he remained with three stations operating with four fuel trucks which makes the future bleak.
Mohmed urges the BOSS to adopt good policies of giving hard currency to all petroleum dealers.
The BOSS System does not match with the country petroleum dealers, according to Mohmed.
The BOSS used to give them $ 3 million, every week, but according to them,{petroleum dealers}, they said, this money is enough to supply fuel to the Country, but the way, the BOSS gave out money is unorganized way, that is why there is a shortage of fuels in the stations, because the money that were supposed to right petroleum dealers to supply fuels are now in hand of black market’s petroleum dealers.