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Sudan Army Clashes with SPLM-N Rebels in Border Oil State of South Kordofan

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(Reuters) – Sudan’s armed forces clashed with rebels in the oil-producing border state of South Kordofan, the two sides said on Thursday, both claiming victory over the other. Violence has racked Sudan’s border regions with South Sudan since around the time the southern nation seceded a year ago under a 2005 peace deal that ended decades of civil war. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes in South Kordofan and the nearby Blue Nile state since the fighting broke out, the United Nations has said.

NBA Finals 2012: Charting the Evolution of LeBron James

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Following the Miami Heat‘s 104-98 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 4 of the 2012 NBA FinalsLeBron James finds himself and his teammates one game away from that elusive Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. The NBA’s most compelling artist in the past 15 years is 48 minutes from completing his masterpiece. His journey to the game’s apex has been more publicized than that of any athlete before, or since his arrival on basketball’s main stage. A real-life, unscripted Truman Show, if you will.

Why/While I attended Africa Child’s Day Celebration in Juba

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The youth, especially the ‘busiest ones’, have begun to shun functions of noble causes these days. Even Sundays are suffering from under-attendance. The reasons cannot only be traced to this world with its ‘civilization’ advancing at a breakneck speed, that our generation is indulging in too much today. No, there are more causes of  this ‘drought’ in the halls of ceremonies at the times our nationalism is less than one year old. I feel, there is more than we know, which begs for a research.

For me, being an ardent addict of listening, reading and writing (speaking later) in that order, I attended this celebration just as I do others, almost exclusively earmarked for children with special needs (they call it disabilities) at Nyakuron Cultural Centre on June 16, 2012 because:

1-      I’m a parent.

2-      I have suffered a great deal under our modern apartheid and fought at my early…

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KHARTOUM (Reuters) – Sudanese police used batons to break up protesters blocking a main road in central Khartoum in the latest demonstrations against tough austerity measures on Thursday. Student groups, inspired by the Arab Spring uprisings, have led rallies in the Sudanese capital against planned government spending cuts and sought to galvanize anger over price rises into a wider movement to topple military ruler Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who has been in power since a 1989 bloodless coup. The Arab-African nation has faced soaring food prices and a weakening currency since South Sudanseceded a year ago, taking with it about three-quarters of the country’s economically vital oil output.,0,4394332.story

June 20, 2012 (JUBA) – At least four million South Sudanese, nearly half of the country’s population, still live below the poverty, implying that one out of every two individuals cannot obtain the minimum level of basic needs, a survey conducted by the National Bureau of Statics (NBS) indicates. “There is a much higher level of poverty in rural than urban areas. While more than half of the rural population lives below the poverty lined, one in four people does the same in urban areas,” the report reads in part. According to the survey, for instance, average food consumption in urban areas is SSP 109 (about $35) per person monthly, which is reportedly 50 percent more than food consumption in rural areas, estimated at just SSP 73 ($20) per month. The survey, carried out between April and May 2009, cites the Greater Bahr el Ghazal region as the poorest region in South Sudan, with the highest poverty levels (62%), followed by the Greater Equatoria (45%) and the Greater Upper Nile (44%).,42986