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Anti-government protests intensify in Sudan

Posted: June 29, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Sudan

Security forces fire tear gas to disperse demonstration outside mosque where protesters chanted for “regime to fall”. Sudanese police have fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters outside a mosque belonging to an opposition party in the capital Khartoum, a witness has said. The witness said on Friday that demonstrators carried Sudanese flags and banners reading “The people want the regime to fall”, a slogan used by protesters during the Arab Spring uprisings over the past year. The protesters had gathered in the capital’s Hijra Square beside the mosque of the opposition Umma party. After the tear gas and an unknown number of arrests, demonstrators burned tyres and threw stones at police before running for cover, the witness told the AFP news agency.

Sudan’s Blue Nile Offensive: Is This the Next Darfur?

Posted: June 29, 2012 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Sudan

Sudan’s Blue Nile Offensive: Is This the Next Darfur?

TIME – ‎Jun 28, 2012‎
By Alan Boswell / Kilo 18, South Sudan | June 28, 2012 | + It took weeks of walking on raggedy flip-flops and crusty bare feet, over wooded mountains and across muddy plains, before news of the atrocities could reach the outside world.
Devex – ‎
By Ivy Mungcal on 28 June 2012 Food distribution in Blue Nile, Sudan. The country’s government has agreed to allow UN agencies to deliver aid to South Kordofan and the Blue Nile. Photo by: Arsenie Coseac / CC BY-ND Residents of two conflict-afflicted 

South Sudan Wants Closed Door Negotiations With Sudan to Progress

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Sudan, South Sudan Fail to Agree On Buffer Zone, Talks to Resume Next Week
Khartoum — Sudanese and South Sudanese delegations ended another round of talks without agreeing on a map to operationalize a buffer zone they have to establish on the common border. The mediation however announced the resumption of talks next 

Progress made between Sudan, South Sudan

China Daily – ‎
UNITED NATIONS – Envoys from Sudan and South Sudan on Thursday told reporters here that progress has been made between the governments of both neighboring countries after Juba and Khartoum have agreed on a general framework over their outstanding 
Sudan, South Sudan talks break no deal
Sudan, South Sudan talks break no deal| News24|Africa|News| Week-long talks between Sudan andSouth Sudan have broken up with little progress on the establishment of a secure border zone.
Sudan: South Sudan Wants Closed Door Negotiations With Sudan to Progress
Addis Abeba — South Sudan offered Sudan direct ‘closed door negotiations’ without the presence of the African Union that is leading the negotiations in Addis Abaea. Contradicting the official statement of the African Union on Thursday, South Sudan 

Please listen here if you did miss the BBC Debate in South Sudan–Juba.

South Sudan At One – Has Independence Lived Up to Expectations? – ‎By Rachael Akidi, 29 June 2012 When the people of South Sudan went to a referendum in January last year to decide on whether to split from Sudan, the result was decisive. Nearly 99% voted in favor of independence. After decades of instability, 

Viewpoint: South Sudan has not lived up to the hype

BBC News–As South Sudan prepares to celebrate the first anniversary of its independence, blogger PaanLuel Wel discusses whether the world’s newest country has lived up to the hopes of a year ago… –By Makol Bona Malwal, 28 June 2012 The problems facing the new nation are the product of non-existent or underdeveloped state institutions, themselves the product of the current system’s failure to redefine itself from a liberation movement to a ruling 
I was privileged to be there so as to see with my own eyes and hear with my two ears. However, it turned out to be a pre-cooked debate that was meant to portray South Sudan as SPLM and SPLM as South Sudan. Why? The panelists were all SPLM’s party members led by their Deputy SG, Anne Itto. The opposition was not allowed to appear in the panel despite the protest in the beginning. The members of the audience who spoke were handpicked by the bias Kenyan and a retired BBC journalist called Joseph Murungi. It was after protest and pressure that he gave the leader of the Minority in the SSLA a very limited chance to talk.
BBC Africa Debate: South Sudan – Has independence met expectations?
In South Sudan – one year on from the country’s independence – the former BBC’s African News and Current Affairs editor Joseph Warungu chairs a debate on whether expectations have been met. The Republic of South Sudan officially declared its independence from Sudan on 9 July 2011. Following decades of conflict, hopes were high and the celebrations momentous.

South Sudan: crisis update

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More than 8,000 refugees remain stranded at a temporary transit site known as ‘KM 18’ in South Sudan as mortality rates in areas of Maban county rise above emergency levels. The refugees were being moved at a rate of 1,500-2,500 per day last week to a new site named Yusuf Batil. This number has now reduced significantly to 200 in recent days as heavy rains have made the roads impassable.

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ACtivity Map, South Sudan, June 27

Ode to departed souls

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By Atok Dan

I’m talking to you departed souls,

many of you have gone,

but you seem silent over events unfolding,

why many of you have gone earlier,

it is you colossal souls,

you sacrificial lambs of the struggle,

though you are not watchful,

your souls still linger in wilderness,

in vacuum

I know most you‘ve gone,

with no visible decent graves,

with no read obituaries

but the cause worth it

It is you the gone souls,

A day is designated for you

to know, you still indelible in our memories,

it is July 30th of every year

21 days after our independence

in that day, we celebrate because of you

you had championed the course that claimed your souls

millions are not happy because of you