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This document is a call to stand against a government that is “laying a country desolate with Fire and Sword, declaring War against the natural rights of all Mankind, and extirpating the defenders thereof from the Face of the Earth.”  (All quotes in bold in this text are from Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, published anonymously on January 10, 1776.) It is a call to regime change in Sudan.  It is a recognition that any government that kills its own citizens has no legitimacy to rule over them, as President Barack Obama recently stated about Syria.[i]  Certainly 3 million Sudanese lives over 23 years demands an equal statement to 9000 Syrian lives over twelve months. This call to action is based on a time in American history, before the American Revolution for freedom and liberty, when a man named Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet named “Common Sense.”[ii]

Can South Sudan learn from the Alaska model?

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South Sudan will be celebrating the first anniversary of its independence on July 9.  But the day’s revelry will be marred by the fact that the past year has brought none of the peace and prosperity that people hoped it would.  With a poverty incidence of 90 percent, literacy rates as low as 24 percent, and life expectancy at a mere 42 years, South Sudan has emerged into the dawn of national independence only to find itself at the bottom of global development rankings.  And things are only getting worse.

I’m pregnant with your innermost

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By Atok Dan

If there is something I’m pregnant with,

It is your innermost will,

It’s only that you inculcated into me,

I’m carrying it with me,

It is what others see as my latest pregnancy

Do they bother to know my time of delivery?


They only see me occupied by you

Wonders if somebody asks whether nature has reversed it,

I still tell them

A man can stay occupied,

I hold no baby in me but commissioned

To hold somebody’s promise

It is what has occupied me

I love seeing you in me

When tasked, hold on to a promise,

It is a timeless pregnancy

It does not adhere to biological feminine pregnancy

Both sexes can subscribe to it

In normalcy, promise suffers indelible breaches

None deemed it appropriate

If man can campaign for green environment,

Man can too campaign for green promise,

A never broken promise,

A lifelong promise

I’m still pregnant of your inmost secret

In it, we will roof up our hut for future

In it, we shall flourish in later life

In it, we shall leave a desired legacy of

Fountain of love

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By Atok Dan

In you, I see live

Your love reigns over me,

You are a fountain of love,

Your love glues loosen cartilages of my veins

Initials of your name amount to “MA”

For this can literally be mam,

For now, you are my adult mum,

For I had never known how much I loved my biological mother,

My age was a barrier in love,

But I know how she loves me

In my pathetic, you never relent to love

For you know

I could be inconsistent but it never bothers you,

You are steadfast in business

Ma you never connive,

Through influence of riches of dishonest

For we are a bond by strong cartilage of hope

You are a natured Dinka

Which the rest are shortage

When one glares at your elegant posture,

One sees jovial love,

And that is me

How much I quantify your physique

I still underrate your docility towards me

How much they abhor your background,

You still tower among the dwarfs

Your dark complexion fascinates passerby wishers

Your smile exhilarates grim faces in cemetery