Posted: July 31, 2012 by Tears Ayuen in Poems., Tearz Ayuen

Aluel is a bright pupil

She is in her eighth grade

She has been at the top of her class since nursery school

She works out her school assignments perfectly

She likes science and social studies

She says she would like to be a radiologist in the future

Aluel is so disciplined

She never reports to school late

She has never missed out a single lesson

She respects both her teachers and fellow pupils alike

Aluel is a class prefect

She is a true role model

She dresses up smartly

Her uniforms are ever clean

She hardly quarrels

She talks to everyone nicely

Aluel is an orphan

Her father died in mysterious circumstances

Only the government knows

Her mother lost her life to malaria a couple of years ago

She has two younger siblings, both boys

Aluel stays at her uncle’s place

Her uncle’s family just moved to the city

She remains behind to take care of her blind grandmother

She cooks, she cleans,

She fetches water

She goes to the market

Aluel is so attractive

Her skin is so dark and shiny

Her physique, her eyes and her teeth are beyond description

Her smile is photic,

It could light up a dark room

In short, she is the younger version of Rachez Angeth or Ajoh Chol

Aluel looks older than her age

She is kind of growing up in a rush

Her bosom is no longer normal,

Two strange dome-shaped objects are,

Popping out on her once bare chest

And they seem to be developing hour after hour

They are now at a ‘grabable’ size

Aluel’s Science teacher is behaving strange lately

He ogles her

He chats her up

He has even ceased to call Aluel by her name

He calls her ‘pion-pac’

Aluel is a child,

She lacks worldly experiences

Her teacher asks her to remain behind after school,

For a one-on-one important lesson

Aluel obeys

They sit at the corner of the room

A few minutes elapse,

The teacher introduces a different topic

He pulls down her bloomers,

Positions her on the desk,

And forces some hard thing between her legs

Aluel is in trouble

The pain is so unbearable

She lets out a deafening cry

Unfortunately, no one hears that,

She cries and begs him to stop it but he can’t

Aluel faints

She gains consciousness hours later

She can’t feel her waist, it’s numb

But she manages to limp home

Aluel is absent from school today for the first time

But there is a problem at her class

Her classmates can’t use their desks

They say it is hard to tell what exactly happened

But it looks like some sheep or,

Chicken got slaughtered on the desk

The teacher insists that it is just a red ink and,

Orders them to clean it up


Aluel is back to school, after a week

The teacher no longer smiles at her

He is moody

He browbeats her

Aluel gets confused

She can’t understand why

She endures nevertheless

Aluel gets into trouble with her teacher

She reportedly failed a science test

Along with her three friends,

The teacher parades them before the class

With an ‘uncle black’, he whacks them in the bums

Aluel can’t sit down, so are her friends

Coz the fall of the whip has done them much harm

The sight of their blood-stained uniforms,

Around the behinds tells it all

Aluel and friends are taken to the hospital,

To have their buts stitched

Aluel is at home, under a tree on a Saturday afternoon,

Doing revision

A neighbor, a married man with children comes by

He says he was good at math in school,

And he can show her some formulae

Aluel welcomes him

He is smelling alcohol though

A few minutes elapse, he says he is thirsty and,

Asks Aluel to go get water from the house

He gets up and follows her

Aluel screams

Neighbors, mostly women, storm the compound,

To see what’s going on

They learn of the crime

Authorities are informed

The man is beaten and dragged to the police station

Aluel is taken to the hospital

Aluel is at the hospital, seated on a bench,

Waiting for her turn to see a gynecologist

Her turn comes

She walks in

For the doc to practice his field,

Aluel must undress

After an hour of persuasion, she undresses

But Aluel’s body is tempting and irresistible

What a gynecologist!

Aluel is in the hand of the authorities

Since there is no special center for housing the abused,

Aluel is at a police commissioner’s home

His wives and children live in foreign cities

Foreign House helps do the cooking and cleaning

He is a ‘nice’ dude though

He clothes Aluel

He makes sure Aluel eats good food

Apparently, he shares his room with her

Aluel is sitting her final exams,

Commonly known as Certificate of Primary Education

After every paper,

She walks out of the exam room smiling

Aluel is unwell

She vomits, she shivers every morning

She notices that her abdomen is growing,

Her flat belly is losing flatness

It is showing

It’s taking shape, D-shape


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