Second Coming: Dr. Lam Akol in Juba?

Posted: October 23, 2013 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Featured Articles
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Welcome and Rally for Dr. Lam Akol’s home coming.

Fellow South Sudanese, 

We encourage every member of SPLM-DC and South Sudanese from all walks of life to join president of the Republic of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit in welcoming Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, our brother, father, and leader back to South Sudan. His home coming means a lot to our government, economy and democratic transformation.
We have all called and asked for his return, let us all rally behind him, give him the necessary support he needs and together we will make a difference in our beloved and new country The Republic of South Sudan.
We wanted to share with you this short message early so that you will make a time and a day to welcome him. Your role is important. For us, his coming home will not only reinforce and strength President’s effort to transform South Sudan to a fully Democratic Nation but also to irradiate and uproot pressing and triggering challenges of corruption “mismanagement of national limited resources”.
The call for Dr. Akol’s return is a right decision, in right time and in right direction. The demand for the supply of transparency and accountability has been over due to most of our Financial Institutions. The system needs to change; it is un sustainable and we can’t continue manage RSS that way.
Perhaps we can judge that God have answered our prayers that RSS institution needs to be reformed to prevent further constitutional crisis and to address the core consent and resolve of South Sudanese aspiration. One need not be an economist or mathematician to figure out what different policies of quantitative and qualitative easing and forward guidance Dr. Akol is capable of, what is important is our consistent stanch support voices for democratic Change is key.

Unity of our diversity is paramount; controversial messages of politics of personal destruction aiming to divide our diversity for personal interest should not be entertained. we are convinced beyond and above reasonable doubt that South Sudanese have a right to know what RSS institutions is doing with their nations oil/non oil money.
We may pose a different views, approaches and solutions but the underline expectations of South Sudanese is one.

Best Regards

  1. barcoc says:

    The coming of Dr Lam is a welcome move but it was wrong for the President to say that he is pardoned because he has committed any political offence.Nobody has never rebelled during the war or in the years towards the end of the war.Can anybody remember the Yei incident between the Late Chairman and the current President of the Republic. If Dr Lam and Dr Riek had not rebelled,They would have been eliminated.This was a public knowledge because the Late chairman wanted to trap them by calling for the meeting of the then PMHC in Kapoeta but this was uncovered by sources close to the Chairman.It is time for forgiveness and reconciliation despite all that had transpired.I personally congratulated the President for that wise decision.Dr Lam is a genius and he would be useful during this era when we are set for nation building.

    Barcoc Lual


  2. BIAR DHIEU says:

    Dr. Lam Akol is highly welcome back home with widely open arms. Am certain nobody chased him away from his mother land since then but only his political and personal interest that forces him to flee to Northern Sudan after the recent elections. That emerged as his personal unilateral decision and no one to blame. Otherwise, he is welcome back home where he will be entailed to security like any other S. Sudanses. Thanks to the president of the republic for his brilliant decision of pardoning all those in exile because I believes this is not time for blame game but for nation building. Otherwise if we keep on glancing back of who did what in the pass, every leader would be found not 100% clean.


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