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Happy New Year to President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar Teny!

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Happy New Year, 2014, to His Excellency, President Salva Kiir Mayaardit, and the Most Honorable, Dr. Riek Machaar Teny. You guys never disappoint, to say the least, for you have collectively and indisputably made history in 2013. To Kiirdit, we are forever indebted for initiating the noble cause, and to Riekdit, praise be unto Kuarmedit for bringing the noble enterprise into fruition! Gentlemen, don’t you dare listen to their crocodile tears. Didn’t they elect, and would eternally do so if given the chance, your excellency the President? And to the Good Doctor, didn’t they willingly, and would indefinitely do so if honor with thousands more opportunities, follow you? It is THE government THEY deserve!!!!—-PaanLuel Wel.

Delegates from the Government (Kiir’s group): Nhial Deng, Lam Akol, Akol Koor, Riek Gai, Paul Malong, John Andruga, Duoth Guet, Joseph Ukel, James Kok, Peter Beshir, Ambrose Ring.

Delegates from the Rebel (Riek’s camp): Rebecca Nyandeng Garang, Taban Deng Ghai, Hussein Maar Nyuot

Failure of Leadership has Ruined South Sudan

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By Duol Rut

December 27, 2013

As a citizen of this beautiful nation with rich heritages with countless potentials of becoming the world’s food basket, I refuse to give up hope and believe that one day our country would rise up and find a peaceful way to settle its differences like any other nations before it. But I have to admit that the situation is very tempting to led one chosen side over the nation. Countless numbers of you have made many wonderful suggestions as a way to resolve this conflict including calling President Salva Kiir Mayardit to resign. Although resignation of our once loved president sounds very undemocratic, it is the only thing that can protect our imperfect union at this critical time in our country history. On December 24, President Salva Kiir Mayardit said, “I am ready for dialogue and to release […] these people. I can pardon them if you can [show] me someone who would be held accountable for atrocities they have committed in this senseless war. If I leave them to just go, who would be held responsible?” Mr. President, make no mistake, no one other then you who will be held responsible for the death of this 1,000 or more Nuer killing in Juba by your heartless presidential guards. I am profoundly saddened by this empty rhetoric of our president of believing that he was not the one that ordered the genocide of the Nuer who had overwhelming voted for him to become the first president of independence South Sudan. I know asking for the resignation of our president can seem downright impossible for some of you if you do not have the spirit of patriotism for our nation. But believe me, it is the best immediate option to rescue our nation from sudden collapse. Otherwise, I am afraid that our nation is at the verge of failing or becoming another failed State.

It is unfortunate to see what was once started as a political disagreement between the SPLM leadership themselves on how to run the political party, sadly turn into unwanted genocide and on-going senseless war across the nation’s ten States. Dr. Riek Machar Teny was right in saying that the chairman and the nation’s president Salva Kiir Mayardit decision of dissolving the party essentially paralyzed the ruling political party. Indeed, he was absolutely right. The dissolution is what plunged our nation into war with itself and it is the main cause of the selective killings of the Nuer tribe by the presidential guards on December 15, 2013. It is equally sad that President Salva Kiir didn’t or chose to ignore to know that his decision to dissolve the party that many of us have left our homes in the 1983 to give our ultimate human sacrifice to free our people from the Islamic regime of Khartoum is dangerous for the new nation’s future. Besides, Salva Kiir Mayardit and his associates should have known better before uttering the word dissolve, that the party’s structures is fundamentally important for its success in politics.

Absent of these structures that hold it together always weaken the checks and balances that legitimize and adequately diffuse power within a political system. Again, I may be naïve of all the facts involves in the genocide of the Nuer community members on the street of our nation’s capital, Juba on December 15, 2013, but I know one thing though, it was a long planned genocide by no one other than our president, Salva Kiir Mayardit. The United Nation defined genocide as an acts committed by a group with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group. Always, the circumstances that lead to genocide in any part of the world are rarely simple, the circumstances usually involve very complicated histories, and the genocide that took place in Juba is no different because both Dinka and Nuer tribes have troublesome histories. South Sudan is a country that has 64 ethnic groups; the Nuer and the Dinka being the majority group with historical resentments against each other. In the case of Juba’s recent genocide; it was a selective killing of the Nuer tribes carried out by President Salva Kiir Mayardit’s Dinka presidential guards.

Through so many of your countless writings as a victim who has recently escaped the wrath of death from the street of Juba, or from an eyewitness account and/or telephone conversations with family members or a friend at home, it is now crystal clear that the genocidal killings of our Nuer tribe men, women and children in thousands that took place on December 15, 2013, and still taking place as I am writing this opinion piece is a planned genocide by president Salva Kiir Mayardit. As a citizen of this nation, I have the responsibility to inform you that this senseless killing is in fact a presidential order by our nation’s president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, carried out by his presidential guards who are predominantly from the Dinka tribe of Warrap State and Northern Bahr El Ghazal State. One of the many compromises should include the resignation of the president from presidency. Allow me to assume that all of us have learned that the main purpose of any Government is to govern, manage and protect the individual rights for its citizens.

Supposedly, as the government of the people, for the people, by the people, it should ensure the proper use of force by specifying laws, to clarify the use of force when enforcing laws. Without boring you with statistics, take a minute to imagine a place with no government of this type. In this place, there would be no laws to protect people and their property but only kings have rights to decide who to accuse of crime, or should be killed for reasons only known to them. There would be no way for people to peacefully settle their differences or disagreements. There would be no elected leader to make decisions. There would be no police to help keep people safe and their properties. In a place like this, genocide is possible and that is what happened on December 15, 2013, in our nation’s capital, Juba. With better leadership, these senseless killings of our people could have been prevented. On this December 15, 2013, President Salva Kiir Mayardit has failed to ensure the proper use of force by specifying laws when ordering his presidential guards to go out and arrest individuals he believed rebelled against his government as well as ordered the selective killings of Nuer or anyone appeared as Nuer. These presidential guards went out and killed Nuer women, men, children with impunity, destroyed their properties and looted them too. This is what a failed leadership always resorts to. Our government under the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit, has miserably failed our nation and not Dinka as a tribe. These presidential guards may have elements among them that hate the Nuer for whatever reason known to them but make no mistake, what happened on December 15, 2013 was not a tribal war but an ordered genocide by our democratically elected president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, against the Nuer. Truthfully, it is a fact that cannot be denied by a prudent person.

Anyway, by now we all have learned fairly well that what was once called by President Salva Kiir Mayardit as a coup by Dr. Riek Machar and his group was not a coup but a long planned genocide by not any other than the president himself to cause tribal war as a mean to get away with all the mischief his government has done to this nation. On December 15, 2013, this break loose by the violence that erupted between his bodyguards, who are predominantly from the Dinka tribe, whose attempt was to disarm their Nuer colleagues under orders of the president, leading into the selective killings of the members from the Nuer communities regardless of their status in the government. This had resulted in the killings of thousands of Nuer women, men, children and alike. This cold-blooded killing has caused our nation to take sides as loyalists, patriots, Dinka and Nuer. In fact, this should not have been the case, as it was a coup made up by the president and his cronies to hide their refusal to settle their differences. Our president Salva Kiir Mayardit was once a beloved leader and admired by many, myself included, but slowly his popularity dwindled and now he is a despised failure, incompetence, intolerance that hides his failure through made up coup. If our allegiant is to our country and not our ethnicity, then, we must rise up and rightfully reject such a leader regardless of their tribal allegiance.

For fairness sake, we should bluntly admit that it is a mere failure of collective leadership of both the President Salva Kiir Mayardit, Dr. Riek, Machar Teny, Pagan Amum Okiech and James Wani Igga and many other more of our comrades that was once in power within the party leadership or the government that deprive our nation of its people on December 15, 2013. However, at this time, the blame is on President Salva Kiir Mayardit because he failed to uphold his constitutional responsibilities to safeguard our imperfect union, has not ensured justice, domestic tranquility, and has not provided for the common defence of our people, nor has he promoted their general welfare, nor secured the blessings of their liberty and their posterity that are grantee by our nation’s supreme law, the transitional constitution. As a leader myself, I have read so many books on leadership, including the Nelson Mandela’s biography: Long Walk to Freedom and found that leaders are usually distinguished by their ability to think big and strategically to achieve their goals and objectives. But as their focus shifts, their thinking shrinks and sadly, this is the case with our President Salva Kiir Mayardit. This shrinkage of thinking led to the order of genocide as a short cut to stay in power. There were plenty of warning signs ahead of this sudden explosion of our nation due to the very failure of Salva Kiir Mayardit as a president of a free nation. I am going to briefly explain these warning signs in our president’s leadership failure through an eye of a counseling psychologist, SPLA veteran and an SPLM leader.

Unfortunately, I will not mention all of these warning signs because of lack of time and as well as the fact that these things may not be relevant at this critical time. First, it has been my experience as a leader that when leaders lose sight of what’s important, they meddle; get caught up in intricacies, and surrender to perfectionism in inconsequential decisions that should have been better left to others to take care of. Many of you may have over looked our president’s demeanor for good reason, but as a clinician, I have lately seen his behavior to be the cause of all this chaos that is presently unfolding in our new nation. President Salva Kiir Mayardit has made many unfortunate decisions, including removing of two elected governors without sufficient reasons that warranted their dismissal, the dissolutions of his entire cabinets that has left the nation with power vacuum, removing of an unspecified responsibilities from the former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, sudden retiring of military generals in a war time, secret deploying of a tribal presidential guards without the prior knowledge of the SPLA’s Chief of General Staff, Lt. Gen. James Hoth Mai to patrol on Juba street during his removal of his former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and the recent dissolution of the SPLM party structures and the list goes on. We were very fortunate; otherwise, our nation could have been engulfed with this senseless war a long time ago with all this reckless decisions our President and his cronies has made. Anyway, psychologically, this type of behavior leads so many leaders to forget that their greatest influence flows from inner vision and integrity and in the case of our president; he has recently become obsessed with actions, such as those senseless decrees and, in the process, he ended up losing touch with all-important developments of character.

Again, as a clinician, I greatly attribute our President Salva Kiir Mayardit’s leadership failure to lack of self-care, failure to take time to reflect privately on all the decisions, actions, and carefully scrutinize all the counsels he receives from all advisors, who surrounded him, and especially consult with other leaders for advice on conflict resolution before the problem escalated to unmanageable stage. If a leader doesn’t take care of him/herself, no one else will. Unless a leader is blessed with unusually perceptive followers, nobody will pick up on signs of fatigue and stress and it seems that our president is not fortunate enough to surround himself with such groups of wise people but only with individuals full of hate to our nation’s ethnic makeup. Though leaders are counted on to produce, our president has done very little domestically and our people did not put too much pressure on him because they knew he is not superhero with limitless energy. As a leader myself, I know even though leadership is energizing, I am also aware that it is in fact very tiring at times. As a reminder to all of us, we should know that like anyone other mere mortal, leaders are susceptible to feeling drained, depressed, and demotivated. As a result, those who neglect their physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual needs are headed for disaster and this is what leads President Salva Kiir Mayardit to order genocide of the Nuer tribe. For those of you who are currently in leadership or aspired to become a leader in the future, though you may be busy now, my timeless advice to you is to make time for refreshment and replenishment. As a leader and a clinician, I always take care of my mental needs and I encourage you to do the same, as self-preservation isn’t selfish; it’s vital to the health of those you lead. Recently, William Pay Tuol-Giel, president and executive director of South Sudan Community of Arizona, characterized President Salva Kiir Mayardit as “a warm and an intimate man with a great listening ability but the people around him had mission to destroy him.” Well, William as a leader should know that it’s unfair to blame leader’s failures on other. Though Salva chose to listen to people like Gordon Buay Reath, Telar Riing Deng and likes, it is up to a leader to lead outside of his inner vision and integrity and should refrain from blaming others for president mischiefs. Yes, it is true President Salva Kiir has had successful attempts to manage to unite South Sudanese by giving countless amnesty to all South Sudan rebels against his government, successful referendum that resulted into overwhelming vote for independence. However, all these victories have created unnecessary pressure to our leader for need to achieve more at the expense of the nation.

As a leader, I am interested in learning more as a means to enhance my knowledge and think big. Through my experiences as a leader as well as through literature, I found that the longer a leader is successful, the higher his or her perceived cost of failure will be. An example is Saddam Hussein, former president of Iraq, Mohamad Gadhafi, former president of Libya, Mengistu Haile-Mariam, former president of Ethiopia and the list goes on. It is a known fact that when a leader is driven by the fear of failure, he/she certainly would be unable to take reasonable risks. This is what happens to President Salva Kiir Mayardit as he limits himself to tried and proven pathways such as this order of genocide of the Nuer tribe. This order of genocide has wiped off his records of success or future leadership as a democratic president. Personally, I don’t believe president Salva and his cronies even made an attempt to ask themselves a simple question, what is more important among all the options available to them at the time of dark hours. The President neglected to ask himself and his associates, do we still want to take reasonable risks? Typically, a prudent leadership should have asked all these simple questions as a mean to avoid these reckless killings, but instead, his fear of Dr. Riek Machar and his associates to possibly defeat him in a democratic election should he decided to give the party convention a chance to take place. The fear of possible defeat from the chairmanship of the SPLM party by Dr. Riek Machar Teny has paralyzed the President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his associates to the point in which they eventually resorted into ordering the genocide of the Nuer tribe as the easiest way to escape the election. I am very sure, our nation, through us, will ensure justice is done and done swiftly.

Another failure is a poor or lack of communication between the president, his subordinate, parliament and other institutions. This has led all of his subordinates, Dr. Riek Machar included to possibly not understanding the president’s intentions on certain national issues. It is interesting to find out the president himself isn’t even sure what it is! With all the evidence I have gathered, I can conclude that President Salva Kiir Mayardit has deluded himself into believing that his committed followers can sense his goals and carry out his government wishes without being told. The president’s mismanagement and poor leadership has resulted into misunderstandings, causing him and his close associates to blame his subordinates for lack of effort or commitment rather than recognizing his own communication negligence that caused the rise of misunderstanding within the SPLM and the government institutions. What Salva should have done in the first place is to salvage this looming situation in the nation. He should have said what he meant, and meant what he said, but regrettably, it must be preceded by knowing what you mean! And I don’t believe the president has what it takes to do this. My timeless advice to all of you potential leaders out there or the President himself is, clarity of purpose is the starting point for all effective communication.

Most importantly, as president Salva Kiir took people of South Sudan for granted, he did not realized for a long time that he has lost credibility, integrity and public trust he had enjoyed since 2005. This was a due to his lack of competent revealed by his reckless decision making and blurred character. Ethically, President Salva has been on the slippery slope of failure for a long time, creating an integrity problem with public and his subordinates, community of nations on foreign policy. As we know, the highest principle of leadership is integrity but our president has lost touch with reality and should silently resigned and apologized to the people of South Sudan for all host of mischiefs, including this genocide.

All too often, leaders see their followers as pawns, a mere means to an end and that is how President Salva Kiir Mayardit sees us. As a result, he confuses manipulation of his heartless associates with leadership and this resulted to a rapidly loss of respect. These types of leaders are dangerous because they cease to be people perceivers and become at times, people pleasers, using popularity to ease the guilt of lapsed integrity. This is what President Salva Mayardit has done when he re-instated Telar Riing Deng as his legal advisor after he was rightly rejected by the people’s parliament as a minister of justice due to a lack of his legal credential. I think it would be a disservice to you without mentioning one line about this disgruntled gentleman who thinks he is the president. Well, you be the judge! Tragically, we all know very well that Telar Riing Deng is an architect of all this chaos that is presently taking place in our nation.

I think most of you may have learned from the recent letter that was leaked out to SPLM Forum by other than the president’s encircle and through other sources within the government. This letter has detailed intelligent conversations between the president and his close associates. Mr. Telar Riing Deng’s overtone seemed to be troublesome. Ironically, Telar Riing Diing always presents himself as the president and his actions reflect this observation. The letter spoke volumes of his evil plans to destroy individuals within the party, the government and rather distorted the image of our beloved nation. Anyway, this communication is not about Telar Riing Deng but the president. However, we should not forget that, some of the president’s mischiefs are in fact Telar Riing Deng’s unpatriotic advises against individuals he deem to be his enemies or those who have criticized the president. This genocide was avoidable should the president decided to ask himself, are there areas of conflict between what I believe and how I behave dealing with my party or the nation’s national issues. These senseless killings came about because our president had abandoned his leadership directions and only listened to people like Telar Riing Deng, Paul Malong Awan, current governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal, former Deputy Minister of Interior, Salva Mathok Gengdit, and former rebel spokesperson of SSDF, Gordon Buay Reath and their likes. Although Gordon Buay Reath was a young man, the president has seen him as potential leader with undisputed intellect, commendable education and multiple leadership abilities that make him an internet guru who is not interested in anything else but barrage of character assassination of Dr. Riek Machar and his supporters as if he was campaigning for presidency. While I do not agree with Mr. Gordon Buay Reath in politic, I still admired him as a highly educated little brother, who is politically informed. I knew him very well that he has some talents to falsely destroy, accuse, and defame someone he deems his enemy or of his interest and vice versa. He has demonstrated this countless time with Dr. Riek Machar and his likes. Remember, we need him too as an American needs their Rush Limbaugh and his likes. Again, should you decide to disagree with me on my description of Gordon Buay Reath as such, you are entitled to your opinion of him. Let me get back to our president. In any capacity of leadership, the hard work should be fulfilling and fun but this was not true for Salva Kiir Mayardit. As the president divorced from his dreams, he finds the responsibility of leadership to be frustrating and fruitless and is no longer motivated. In order to rescue him from this, his close circle should have encouraged him to stick to what he loves and rediscover what compelled him to accept the mantle of leadership in the first place when Dr. John Garang perished from the plane crash eight and half years ago.

In the absence of a strategic leadership of the wise, now our nation is in verge of civil wars and ongoing genocide taking place in Juba, Bentiu, Bor, Malakal, and most of its counties including Ulang, and Nasir. This chaos has given President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his government a card to categorize our people as loyalists and rebel supporters. Presently, those who supported the presidential order of genocide, the arrest of the president’s political opponents and declaration of former Vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny as a fugitive or rebel as loyalists. Whereas those who supported Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the group of high level politicians in prison, those called for the release of these members and condemned the genocidal acts are called rebel supporters instead of being call patriots. These people that are branded as rebel supporters are in fact the patriots calling for the implementation of democratic government of the people, by the people and for the people.

With this unfortunate situation that has currently taken place in our nation’s state capital, Juba on December 15, 2013, and now continues to spread into other States, such as Bor, Bentiu, Upper Nile and soon more, probably will be plunged in our nation into unnecessary civil war that could have been prevented should President Salva Kiir Mayardit choose to perfect the imperfect union of our nation. Most of us know, if not all, too well that the histories of Nuer and Dinka is full of contradictions and its always like walking on an egg shell. Despite all this chaos and uncertain future, we should remain hopeful and continue to advocate for peace in South Sudan.

Finally, you should know that it was once said, “The history of every country begins with the heart of a man or a woman” (Willa Catther, O Pioneers). Thus, your good heart with our nation pride is highly needed in these trying times of our country history. Again and again, I would like to remind you my compatriots that it was once said eloquently by most beloved United States former president; John F. Kennedy that, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” Today, this quote by American President, John F. Kennedy spoke volumes to our current situation at home in South Sudan. With this, I am here to remind all of us that it is our collective responsibility as a citizens to rescue our new nation from collapse in the hand of a 21st century dictator, President Salva Kiir Mayardit. In order to do this and bring justice to our citizens who have been killed recently in Juba, Bentiu, Bor and Malakal, all victims, our diverse freedom fighters, our freedom champions in the prison in Juba, our nation and to save the fate of our people party, the SPLM, we as the resilience, peace lover and democratic people of South Sudan in Diaspora and at home in South Sudan from all sixty four tribes, I urge all of you to rise up and demand resignation of President Salva Kiir Mayardit along with his associates like Michael Makuei Lueth, Gordon Buay Reath, Telar Riing Deng, Dr. Riek Gai Kok, Kok Ruea, Dr. Marial Benjamin, Kuol Manyang Juuk, just to name a few, and give back the government to the people parliament to prepare the nation for general election within a year time. Also, it is imperatively important that we continues to strongly advocate for the release of our freedom champions, like Pagan Amum Okiech, Oyay Deng Ajak, Geir Chuang Aloung, Majak D’ Agot, John Luk Jok, Cirino Hiteng, Chol Tong Mayay, Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, Deng Alor Kuol, Madut Biar, and Kosti Manibe who were falsely accuse by our president of staging a foiled coup.

Without these democratic demands, peace will not be realized for a long time in South Sudan. Lastly, free men and women of my country, our way out of this system of tyranny, is to resort into democratic protests such as a mass popular uprising in all ten States even though it is risky given the absent of democracy and possibility of a repeat genocide. We should remembers that it was once said by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that, “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” With this, it is clear, we must demand our freedom.

May God rest their souls in peace and bring His comfort and gracious mercy to their families and upon the victims of this senseless genocide.

May God bless South Sudan and its resilience people and soon peace and stability shall prevail.

With deep sorrows,

Duol Rut, MA, is a License Mental Health Practitioner and a post-doctoral student in Psychology with specialization in criminology and legal studies at the University of the Rockies, Colorado Springs, CO. He can be reach via his

South Sudan Plummets into Atrocious Civil War with itself

-Australia Country SPLM Chapters- 

President Salva Kiir government of South Sudan is exceedingly losing control over management of the country and the looming civil mayhems between the Dinka majority mostly loyal to president Kiir, and Nuer second majority mostly loyal to former vice-president Dr Riek Machar.

The South Sudanese people had been very inquisitive and nerve-wracking with the President Kiir’s government and entire managements of the country resources, the alarming deaths of civilians and endemic insecurity, which shook the world in mainly Jonglei state and the rest states in the last two years. The virulent corruption among government officials, and deceptive practices that nurture tribalism and nepotism, and the unhappiness and disagreement within the SPLM party, the party loyalists and army officers and mainly the obvious disagreement between President Kiir and former vice-president Dr Riek Machar on the constitutional powers of the president, and the over policy structures and directions of government, which led to the sacking of entire cabinet, including dismissing Vice-president Dr Riek Machar and other prominent executive members of the SPLM party and the National Liberation Council (NLC) which oversees SPLM party policy structures and future directions of the government

The South Sudanese people got their independence at last after they fought the longest and devastating civil war in history. Since South Sudanese got separated from brutal regime of Umar Hassan Bisher of north Sudan, the people of South Sudan have high hope for peace, stability and begin to build their own lives once; and expect the government to set the precedent of building infrastructure, provide health, education, security and promote growth and development in human and resource sectors to all South Sudanese regardless of ethnicity, religion and political affiliations

The current crisis in South Sudan was triggered by the current government led by President Salva Kiir. The current government has managed the crisis very poorly and naively, and persistently sabotaged the status qua and the capacity of Dr Riek Machar and his SPLM team of former ministers and Party senior executives. The government of President Kiir failed to see the weight of the crisis and how detrimental it could become, if not handle properly, but the South Sudanese people new, if the government failed to manage and resolve the crisis within the SPLM party, there would be dire upheavals in the country; on the other hand, Dr Riek Machar was increasing gaining confidence from the South Sudanese people that he might bring hope to the people than the current situations, but Dr Riek Mashar and his team, it didn’t cross their thoughts that the political crisis might turn into tribally fuelled political crisis because he led a team comprising of all south Sudanese, including Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior, Dinka by tribe and a wife of the leader of SPLM/A, founder of South Sudan and architect of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which granted South Sudanese their independence  late Dr John Garang de Mabior, is among the team led by Dr Riek Machar;  neither the Nuer nor Dinka in Juba, Bortown or Jonglei, Unity or Upper Nile states,  had any concerns that the political crisis in Juba would come haunt and slain them in their homes.

On the night of Dec 16th 2013, the government released a press stating alleged coup from the forces within the South Sudan army loyal to Dr Riek Machar, attempted the coup but failed and the government forces loyal to President kiir has taken the control, and members of Dr Riek Machar’s political camp had been arrested, and there was no further resolution,

However, the public outcry in the same week intensified and the UN reported over 10000 civilians, who are Nuer by tribe ran for their lives into the UN site for protection in Juba, and the alleged report that the president Kiir’s guards targeted the Nuer people in Juba, and that led to anxiety among all Nuer in all corners of the South Sudan and in the army, and turned against Dinka and started revenge killing, and whole chaos in the young nation when off the tangent and the situation is very difficult to rescue because the anger fuelled by tribalism is catastrophic, and the peaceful resolution is complex,

Nonetheless, the situation could be rescued if the following measures and put place with immediate effects:

The government has to cease fire immediately, and stop attacking other opposing forces and allow UN Peace keepers to come and protect the civilians, the casualties are mostly civilians, and open the doors negations in the army with generals and governors who shifted sides and let them protect the civilians as well in their controlled areas

The government of President Kiir has to take responsibility and publicly admit that there had been mistaken communications among the army generals of presidential guards and some people might have been killed through those tragic communications breakdown; the South Sudanese trusted and believed in the track records and performance of  President Salva Kiir and as a good man as well, but perhaps he didn’t have right people around him, who can set the legacy of their president and link him to common people, but the president got people around him who inflict greatest damage to his legacy and governance, and detached him from common people facing ordinaries life challenges across the country

President Kiir has the solution himself, and if he allows transparency, and accountability to the folks who facade in his presidency and abused powers, and take the law into their hands, if the president distant himself from those gangs and appeal to the wider communities in South Sudan, or even say sorry, to those women, men and children who lost their lives in those tragic events, and talk and address, the ‘White army’ and express his commitments to resolve the crisis, that is how the president of the people, for the people and by the people can approach complex issues in his country. The White Army emerged because the South Sudan government did not engage these youths in education, and recruitment into national army and civil police units as part of their employment and replacing their security roles to the Lou Nuer community with national army security forces to protect civilians

President Kiir’s has to speed up the peace talk and power sharing with Dr Riek Machar and then come out to public, side by side and a sign of peace, and the people will heal and calm down, though Dr Riek Machar and his SPLM party team move was miscalculated, untimely and enormous political faux pas; the President Kiir was very clear in his decisions and the only option for Dr Riek Machar and his team was to mould his political party, get it register and launch campaign through it as democratic platform for change, but crying over spilled milk and stalking the government in power was an incompetent call of judgement and lack of political mobilisation skills

President Kiir government has to change the language, stop sabotaging a tragedy, stop name calling, for instant revels, terrorists, criminals or anti Garang de Mabior or even unnecessary and unconnected piecing up of 1991 civil unrest to the current situations, all these are irrational and incompetent strategies of pacifying the people who had once fought together, side by side for their liberation, and to be treated fairly with dignity and equity

The international community, UN and African Unions, close friends of South Sudan would come and help establishing rule of law, democratic constitutions and democratic government structures and systems, that will in itself guide the government and other democratic institutions on the land,

The government of South Sudan must cease unlawful arrests and detention of senior or junior government officials or citizens who peacefully disagree with the way President Kiir government is managing the affairs of the country, surprisingly, South Sudan is counting records high among countries whose human rights conditions are in menace, the long term detention without trial is undemocratic, unlawful and serious abuse of human rights, it is appalling how the presidential guards and national security have raped the constitution of the roles of judges and magistrates, to the extent of reciting over the verdict of putting innocent lives into death.

The president is a beacon of kindness, love and reconciliation for his people and nation, and would persistently explore all options to restore trust, peace and unity among his citizens, we trust President Kiir and his entire government will restore trust peace and unity among his people,

In God eyes, we are all equally both intelligence and foolish, and as Confucius famously put it that ‘to be wronged is nothing unless you continue to do wrong and continue to remember it’

Kind regards

  1. Peter Thuch

Australia Country SPLM Chapter Secretary Gen,

and leader of SPLM Chapter Western Australia,

  1. Catherine wani

Australia Country SPLM Chapter Chairwoman,

and leader of SPLM Chapter Victoria Australia,

  1. George Aguer Deng

Australia Country SPLM Chapter Vice-chairman,

and Leader of SPLM Chapter South Australia,

  1. Dr Matur Garjok

Australia Country SPLM Chapter Executive member,

and leader of SPLM Chapter New South Whale, NSW Australia,

  1. David Kuel

Australia Country SPLM Chapter executive Member,

and leader of SPLM Chapter Tasmania Australia,

  1. William Deng Manyok

Australia Country SPLM Chapter Executive member,

and leader of SPLM Chapter Australia Capital Territory, ACT

President Kiir Should Resign to Realize Peace in South Sudan

Posted: January 1, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Featured Articles

By Lam Koang Malual

Salva Kiir Mayardit’s hate toward the Nuer people has been evident since his old days as a commander of Tiger battalion of the SPLA forces during the liberation struggle. Some of you here will probably condemn me for labelling this failed president as such but I would warn you that I drew this conclusion based on my personal knowledge of this Doot ku Beny President when I was one of the soldiers under his command.

Salva Kiir combines battlefield weakness and severe hatred toward other ethnic groups, especially the mighty Nuer people. His hate toward the Nuer developed into chronic phobia or fear of the unknown. This fear compelled him to train a militia so-called Doot Ku Beny whose purpose is to commit genocide against the Nuer people. Indeed, members of Doot ku Beny militia know no other languages but the Dinka language only. This militia is responsible for slaughtering innocent Nuer civilians in big number in the night of December 15 and is still hunting down every Nuer man, woman, and child who may not have reached the U.N compound in Juba.

Now the international community seems to be taking the wrong side of the ongoing conflict. But history is on the side of the innocent lives that have been lost mercilessly in the hand of Doot ku Beny militia. In reality, there was no attempted coup in Juba. As the former vice president repeatedly said, there was no attempted coup whatsoever. The disagreement that occurred among Salva Kiir’s own presidential guards units in Juba on December 15th is exactly what the president called as an attempted coup in order to mislead the International community.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is buying this stupid argument and sending airplanes to bomb rebel positions in places like Jonglei and Upper Nile States, but I would like to warn my friends in Ethiopia and Kenya to stay away from this wishful thinking. Our dear friends in Ethiopia and Kenya should take a neutral position in this ongoing conflict as this is the only way to bring peace among the warring parties. Siding with the devil in this trying time will prove to be very detrimental when the forces loyal to Dr. Riek Machar chase Salva Kiir away in the near future.

Salva Kiir is a weak president who does not care about the future of the republic of South Sudan. During the liberation struggle, he treated soldiers from the Nuer tribe very badly and many of those who survived his cruel treatment like me know very that he could commit genocide as he did on December 15th – members of his militia are still pursuing innocent Nuer civilians until now. Therefore, President Salva Kiir is the one leading and planning the recent brutal killing of Nuer tribe in Juba.

Salva Kiir has been carelessly instigating the current conflict by talking about 1991 this and 1991 that all this time but the fact of the matter is that he has defected in 2004. In that defection, he accused John Garang of carrying the movement with him in a briefcase whenever he travelled abroad. He used to complain about democracy when he rebelled against Dr. John Garang but when someone is now trying to advocate for democracy, he claims that this person is plotting a coup against his corrupt government.

In conclusion, I want to advice all the people of goodwill and members of the international community to take a proactive and neutral role in resolving this conflict. The only lasting solution for the current war in South Sudan must include the resignation of Salva Kiir – anything short of that will not bring lasting peace in South Sudan. Real and honest attempt to resolve the ongoing conflict must include resignation of Salva, the arrest of Marial Chinuon, Aleu Ayiey, and Malong Awan as well the disbanding of Doot ku Beny militia that Salva Kiir has created to target Nuer ethnic group.

Yours in sorrow

Lam Kong Malual

SPLA/M Veteran

A Proven Strategy to End Conflict in South Sudan

Posted: January 1, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Africa, Commentary, Featured Articles

By Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Kulwant Singh and Dr. David Leffler

A new technology of defense is now available that has been scientifically shown to prevent war and create peace by harnessing the deepest level of nature’s functioning.

War is ultimately a human problem requiring a human solution. Experts in the field of conflict resolution maintain that the underlying cause of war is accumulated “social stress” – i.e., mounting political, religious and/or ethnic tensions between rival factions in critical hotspots throughout the world. As social stress builds, divisions grow stronger, groups take sides, diplomats become unable to resolve differences, and enemies arise within or outside the nation. Military force may then be invoked to protect the country, resulting in armed conflict and unpredictable outcomes. But even if conflict temporarily solves the problem for the victor, the social stress remains, fueling future cycles of conflict. In contrast, the absence of collective stress translates into the absence of tension between competing sides, thereby reducing the probability of hostilities.

Today, the military of the South Sudan has an opportunity to overcome the cycle of war by deploying a scientifically verified technology of defense that neutralizes social stress. This new technology is based on the unified field of all the laws of nature – the most fundamental and powerful level of nature’s functioning. The technology accesses and enlivens this unified field through subjective technologies of consciousness, thereby creating a profound influence of coherence and harmony throughout society that results in measurable reductions of crime, terrorism, and war.

The late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi revived systematic subjective technologies for experiencing the unified field, including the Transcendental Meditation program and its advanced techniques. When used in a military context these meditation practices are known as Invincible Defence Technology (IDT). They have been successfully applied by members of many faiths to eliminate conflict. Other militaries in the African region like Mozambique have already applied these non-lethal and non-destructive technologies to reduce collective societal stress and resulting conflict.

Military personnel in Latin America, Africa and Asia practice group Transcendental Meditation to help protect their nations

Over 50 research studies confirm that when the required threshold of IDT experts is crossed – approximately the square root of 1% of a given population – crime goes down, quality of life indices go up, and war and terrorism abate. Scientists have named this phenomenon the Maharishi Effect, since Maharishi Mahesh Yogi first predicted it. The causal mechanism appears to be a field effect of consciousness – a spillover effect on the level of the unified field from the peace-creating group into the larger population.

In 1983, a two-month Maharishi Effect intervention in Israel resulted in a 76% reduction in war deaths in neighboring Lebanon (p < 10-7) when group size exceeded the square root of 1% threshold (Journal of Conflict Resolution). Seven subsequent, consecutive experiments over a two-year period during the peak of the Lebanon war found

  • war-related fatalities decreased by 71% (p < 10-10)
  • war-related injuries fell by 68% (p < 10-6)
  • the level of conflict dropped by 48% (p < 10-8)
  • cooperation among antagonists increased by 66% (p < 10-6)

The likelihood that these combined results were due to chance is less than one part in 1019) (Journal of Social Behavior and Personality). A global-scale study published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation documented a 72% drop in international terrorism.

The South Sudan military is responsible for defending its citizens. It can now succeed in this mission simply by creating a Prevention Wing – a group of IDT experts. The size of the Prevention Wing would be in the hundreds – approximately the square root of 1% of the population of the country.

As part of its responsibility to protect the nation, the South Sudan military is obligated to thoroughly examine scientifically proven methods for preventing war and terrorism. With the IDT approach, all that is necessary is to provide the proper training for groups of military personnel – or indeed, any sizable group within the nation. The South Sudan military has the opportunity today through IDT to create national security, invincibility, and peace. But the time to act is now.

About the Authors:

Major General (Ret.) Kulwant Singh, U.Y.S.M., Ph.D., leads an international group of generals and defense experts that advocates Invincible Defense Technology. He was awarded the Uttam Yudh Sewa Medal, the second highest decoration for senior officers during operations in Sri Lanka as part of IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force).
David Leffler, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS). He served as an Associate of the Proteus Management Group at the Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College. Dr. Leffler is the author of “A New Role for the Military: Preventing Enemies from Arising – Reviving an Ancient Approach to Peace.” He is on Twitter.

By Malith Alier 

It is not simply Dinka Versus Nuer Daniel Abushery and Luk Kuth

Writing on the South Sudan News agency (SSNA) website 27 December 2013, Daniel Abushery Daniel and Luk Kuth Dak decry the silence of Dinka intellectuals on the attempted Coup and the subsequent killing spree in the country, ‘‘The Dinka Intellects: Your Silence Speaks volumes’’
I stand to refute that the current chaos bedevilling the country is simply between Dinka and the Nuer. This is not true and you should as Nuer intellectuals, be the first to correct this perception. Sadly, you both have concluded that what happened was calculated, wicked, and despicable and a heinous cold blood murder of your people by the President and his home town boys. This is a foregone conclusion without facts on the ground.
We all agree that the dispute was a political issue that should have been confined to the SPLM party room. It shouldn’t have spilt over to the streets leave alone to the armed forces. However, because of too much mistrust among tribes in this country, it got twisted to suite certain interests. Innocent blood was shed unfortunately. I have gone through your article and discovered many erroneous claims that have a potential to polarise further an already tense situation in the country. You have written these claims under emotions twisted with usual bias as observed by someone who answered you with a short statement on the net (SSNA website).
Your first claim is that the Dinka intellectuals did not condemn what started on the 15th of December except Nyandeng and her son, Mabior.
Your second claim is that and I quote, ‘‘thousands of innocent lives of Nuer children women and men were lost for no apparent reason other than fact they happened to be members of the Nuer nation’’. Your third claim is that the Dinka are getting rich on the fruits of your labour and the wealth gap is widening between the two people since president took power. You further, hinted that the country may be divided along ethnic lines if certain measures are not taken to change the current state of affairs in the country.
First, both co-authors are not really credible people to talk about the current state of affairs because you most likely are going to distort the facts. Second, you also have the same responsibility as Nuer intellectuals just like your Dinka brothers to condemn the senseless killings of anybody be they Dinka, Nuer or other humans in this country.
You have primarily failed in your message to condemn the coup plotters who happened to be lead by a Nuer. The coup plotters led by Machar do not have the interest of this country at heart. You can see the destruction they caused to human life and property around the country so far.
To put this issue in the right perspective, the Dinka community, not a single community, was not aware that there was a plot to kill any Nuer in Juba on behest of a slightest command or misunderstanding. This is an indisputable fact before, during and after the failed coup.
To remind you, the fighting did not spilt in to Juba suburbs, it was confined to Ghieda, new site and Mia Saba (107), areas that are primarily military settlements. What happened there, only the military can tell but not any other. This is to say that the fight was among the soldiers and their families involving women and children. If the fight was between the Dinka and Nuer soldiers in those military areas then we have no knowledge about that.
On one suburb of the city where I was, I managed to run to the outskirts with Nuer brothers and we were not part of the thing. You can see if there was a plot to kill all Nuer we should have done it because we were many more there. Lies cannot be taken for truths.
It was truly a military plot and that is why soldiers from Migori (Mangere), Mangalla, Gemeza and other outposts along the way to Bor, left to join up and kill people in Bor, Akobo, Malakal and Bentiu along ethnic lines without ascertaining the facts of what happened in Juba. This tells us whether there was coordination or not. If you were impartial, you should have been the first to condemn this barbaric act on innocent civilians far away from Juba, the scene of the coup.
It is not always tit for tat at first instance that is the best way to solving problems. For instance if your kin and kith is wrongly killed and you kill to avenge it, then you’re not any different from the one who committed such a crime. You can only be described as someone who has taken the law on to their hands.
The military generals who vow allegiance to protect the nation are now seen in tribal lenses. You now claim that they stand for justice. On whose side did they stand for justice? Riek committed massacres and crimes against in the army and in Bor before. Was he also standing for justice during 1991?
The fight should have been contained in Juba with no further lost of life if all of us were slow to anger. Adding fire to fight fire is not always the best because we all lose in the process.
As for your argument that the Dinka are reaping the fruits of your labour leaving you in poverty, I have these to tell you. All of us are South Sudanese regardless of whether we were fighting in the bushes of south Sudan, living outside during the war or staying in Khartoum. That time is past gone. No one should ardently keep reminding any other of our whereabouts and who is enjoying what in an independent South Sudan.
It is not worth the efforts to take stock of who dominates the government or the military. Not every aspect of the government should be representative of our respective communities. Needless to say, it is only parliament that accepts representatives. For instance the military is not based on representation and you know what I mean here. Every citizen is free to work in the government or in a private sector. Many people think that life is only found in the government and if you are not there, then you are done. No, that is not the case.
No one can surely comprehend your labour you’re talking about. If you claim that someone is enjoying the fruit of your labour, you indirectly mean that the concern person was not participating in actions leading to production of the said fruits. Let me remind you that the devil is always in the detail. You know very well that some communities participated in the fruits production but at the same time were oscillating dangerously in between the enemy and their people.
However, patience pays. We are in independent South Sudan enjoying whatever, is at our disposal. I don’t think it’s helpful to keep narrating the past. Let sleeping dogs lie.
Many of those who come from oil producing areas have enjoyed 2% of oil revenues since 2006. This amount is going to be 5% according to new petroleum management arrangement. The rest of the oil revenue, the government uses for provision of social services and salaries to the army and civil servants. No any other person is benefiting more than those in oil producing states of Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile.
Alternatively, those individuals who are rich without being in the government are ordinary hard working South Sudanese. They should not be victimised if they happened to be from certain tribes. There is a saying that we should not wish for sameness. That is to say we should not be all poor or rich, strong or weak.
What we have in South Sudan is what is called capitalism. We have already rejected communism or socialism. We want to nurture individual endeavours in life. This means that everyone should be different from everyone else according to individual talents and abilities.
Hinting for division of the country is unhelpful. All of us should feel at home without nasty desire that may be impossible to achieve without losing even more. We have seen the last war that had cost millions of lives. Life is more precious than great riches particularly if you gained the whole world and lose your life.
Each one should work hard in whatever, they happen to be managing. The farmers should work hard to feed the nation. The same applies to every citizen from all walks of life. It is time to stop feeding garbage to posterity. Thinking too much on ethnic lines will ruin this nation.
We should work together to achieve common good. South Sudan is enough for all of us. Sometime, there is a feeling that certain regions are the ones maintaining the country. This is an erroneous thinking. Dr.  James Okuk stated that, to Nuer, everything is Upper Nile and oil.

When kernels of mistruths burst into lies and become fuel for an ambitious course of destruction and the inability to recognize the destructive consequences of the force of South Sudan’s tribalism.

By Dennis E. Paul

What are the forces that have led to today’s tragic?

What power has caused failure to unite people in common goals.

We look now at the circumstances that have arisen. The multitudes – tens of thousands – suffering from deprivation and fear. Destitute and in anguish for the loss of their loved ones.

As tragic is the elimination of trust of government. The diminished hope for parents and children.

The explosion of malice that leads to retaliation and revenge. And cycles of retaliation that conceal solutions and perpetuate unending destruction.

And the exponential deterioration of civil society.

Multitudes throughout the world are seeing a failure in two leaders.

An inability to define a strategy to provide direction from the ominous devastating course the South Sudanese have suffered.

We look now at the events knowing that if leaders do not swallow their pride, if they do not compromise in their demands. If they do not proceed in a unified course toward common grounds. If they do not instill in their people the capacity for compassion, the forces of revenge will shred the fabric of civil society; the fabric of a nation.

Is segregation a solution to rampage? We saw the debilitating effects of a Muslim state.

Would South Sudan be a world segregated by despair, elevated paranoia and mutually destructive disrespect?

There must be resolution for the immediate threat.


Is leadership going to be seen as a catastrophic failure in history books?

So many throughout the world are observing with sorrow the countless deaths and uncountable violations against humanity. And the shatterd hopes and aspirations for politico-military tranquility.

Can you Dr Machar; can you President Kiir instill a vision of construction instead of destruction?

Can you find the courage to contribute to constructive dialogue. To find the courage to diminish the spiraling course of devastation.

We ask that Dr Machar emit the courage and fortitude to lead South Sudan out of the malignant path of destruction; out of this malignant quagmire of unorganized chaotic injustice and lawless disorder.

Can you speak to the many relatives of those whose loved ones perished? Can you President Kiir? Can you Dr Machar?

I believe the horrendous violations of civilians on both sides of the crisis were unintended by Dr Machar or President Kiir.

We are seeing the overwhelming development of ubiquitous hate resulting from Kiir-Mashar-SPLM unwillingness to meet eye-to-eye on compromisable issues.

Can you speak to the many relatives of those that lost their lives in an a
avalanche of merciless and undisciplined attacks?

Yet, amnesty must be visualized for all today’s transgressors

Can you, Dr Machar, President Kiir, start a process that can carry South Sudan away from deprivation?


Was that your cousin; was that your niece lying dead. Was that your aunt dismembered.

Your nephew overcome with hunger and dehydration.

Lying dead from a revengeful attitude initiated from an argument between presidential guards.

The dismissal of Dr Machar raises a multitude of questions.

A number of skeptics question reported causes. We ask leadership to look beyond immediate and personal obstacles.

One would suspect a “cooling off period” will be part of an agenda.

Questions of whether militia-like decisions to attack civilians were founded on events involving presidential guards will remain for sometime.

But the threat remains for decades to come. Massive relocation, regional intimidation and insecurity and the possibility of regional warfare.

The question of a coup attempt – bathed and surrounded by skepticism – asks if there was misinformation and distracting rumors. With the resulting catastrophe.

All of these issues have contributed directly or indirectly toward creating the most catastrophic obstructions to a just and civil South Sudan.


Mistakes have been made in the trek for nationhood. Perhaps causing South Sudan to remain on the non failed state list.

To see South Sudan recognized as a nation that has overcome illiteracy, conquered drought, youth pregnancies and women’s inequality.

And hold aspirations for stability. Aspirations for a civil society; for an educated South Sudan. For a true democracy.

Bring back these hopes and dreams to the forefront. Bring back the aspirations for civility.

Was that your niece? Now disabled; paralized?

Elements of two tribes have found – through distilled and manipulated attitudes – targets of their choosing: innocent civilians.

I have heard ominous claims that South Sudan will fail. (Is this what two civil wars were fought for – failure?)

Eradication of tribalism must be a priority.

We need to relieve and quell and dissipate the causes of dissatisfaction between tribes.

Failure to find, and define, and expose those grievances will define leadership of South Sudan as failure.

We need to establish rules and guidelines that will allow tribes to address grievances.

We need to cease focusing on the faults and failures of others and begin to focus on what we can create together.

I believe there is a spirit in South Sudan that can overcome obstacles A spirit within all South Sudanese that can bring the nation to the paths of prosperity. A spirit within all South Sudanese that can bring civility into our grasps.

All can be relieved only by action of courage and conviction. Leaders that can find compromise in an agenda that will lead South Sudan out of this tragedy; that can pull militias together toward a common goal: a civil society.

South Sudan must combat transgressions against aspirations for stability and civil society.

I ask the people of South Sudan hold in their hearts the possibility that kindness between ethnic tribes will saturate the state of South Sudan.

I ask that they remind ourselves daily to demand of ourselves, to challenge ourselves, to spread the gospel of forgiveness.

Bring the hopes and dreams for stability to the forefront.

Bring back the aspirations for civility.



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