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Wondering: The War Within Dinka

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Wondering: The War Within Dinka

By Daidit Maa

Bor has been liberated from the white army, thank God, although it has taken precious lives, civilian and military. With Bor town secured, it is now time to talk about some nonsense from some bigots who have vomited lots of shits on the net.

Firstly is the shit about Buor vs. Bahr el Ghazal region. For example, Buor wonder why the white army left Bahr el Ghazal region alone and come to Bor. The President is from there, the presidential bodyguards that started the fighting are from there, the Dot-ku-bany militia that killed Nuer civilians in Juba are also from Bahr el Ghazal, not from Bor.

Juba, not Bor, is the seat of Power. Why Bor, Buor wonder.

Riek Machar is from Unity State and Salva Kiir is from Warrap; these two states share a common border and yet there has been no fighting whatsoever. Why in Bor?

The country is burning because of these two idiots quarrelling over power and yet it is Buor and Lou Nuer that are getting killed?

The Warrap Dinka of President Kiir and the Adok Nuer of ex-VP Riek Machar are enjoying their looted money; why should Bor Dinka, Lou Nuer, and Panrieng Dinka pay for their quarrel over money, leadership?

Buor confess that the 1991 Bor Massacre was understandable because Garang was the leader; the 2013 Massacre is incomprehensible. Why Bor?

Also, after the white army and Peter Gadet occupied Bor, Buor claim that the Bahr el Ghazal region was quite reluctant to help them taking back the town. They wonder why they were left to fend for themselves yet, it is the seat of power that they are protecting, since Bor was already destroyed.

“Don’t Bahr el Ghazal region understand that ‘baany de Juba eke den’ and it should not be Buor business alone to protect it for them?” they probed bitterly.

And what is the response from the other side of the Nile? Well, Bahr el Ghazal region wonder too, for example, why Buor are always fleeing and talking too much instead of fighting for themselves.

They wonder why Nuer captures Bor every time there is a conflict in Jonglei and all Buor flee the area. Why don’t they protect themselves like the Ngok of Pigi, or of Panrieng, or like the Aweil Dinka from Maharahleen or the Abyei Dinka from Missiriya?

“Are Buor only good at talking and fleeing?” they asked repeatedly.

Secondly is the shit between Bor, and Twic East County. For example, Buor wonder why the family of John Garang is siding with Riek Machar and the white army. They also think that Majak Agoot is with Riek. Rebecca Nyandeng, Mabior Garang de Mabior and Majak are all from Twic East County.

Bor County has two ministers in Kiir government, and there is no top government officials from there that has publicly question Kiir leadership; none of them is jailed. Twic East County has none in Kiir gov’t and Majak and Nyandeng has publicly denounced Kiir gov’t. Majak is detained along with others; Mabior Garang is among the rebel delegation to Addis Ababa.

This has created a friction between Bor and Twic East County because Buor claim that the interview that Madam Nyandeng gave on the BBC about the targeting of Nuer civilians by the Dot-ku-Bany militia is the main reason why Peter Gadet rebelled and the reason why the white army invaded and destroyed Bor town.

Mabior Garang joining of Riek’s delegation, and his writings and interviews, has further convinced Buor that Twic have become “Nyagat” too. “Are they jealous and bitter because they have no ministers in the government” Buor wonder out aloud.

“How did the white army bypassed Duk and Twic East County without a fight and are now fighting fiercely in Bor” Buor wonder, “are they in collusion?”

What is the response from Twic and Duk counties? Well, Twic wonder why Buor want to paint them black for no reason when they are all at the receiving end from the white army.

Bor town housed people from Bor, Twic and Duk counties; Murle, Anyuak, and even people from Bahr el Ghazal region too. How can the destruction of Bor town be Buor’s calamity alone, they wonder.

About Nyandeng interview on the BBC, the white army invaded Bor town and committed the 1991 Bor Massacre and yet there was no Nyandeng talking on the BBC; there was no Nuer Civilian killed by Kiir’s militia in Juba.

The white army was going to come whether there was Nyandeng or no Nyandeng on the BBC. They came in 1991, was there Nyandeng on the BBC? They came in 2013 because their people were killed in Juba. Even if their people were not killed, they would have still come to Bor town because of looting and because of their blind support for Riek Machar.

They came in 1991 and yet there were no Nuer civilians killed anywhere by anybody. They came to loot and to support Riek that their Ngundeng prophesized to rule South Sudan according to them.

So how is Nyandeng responsible for the destruction of Bor? If it is because Mabior and Nyandeng are seen to be siding with Riek, then would Buor go ahead and claim that Dengtiel Ayuen Kur is responsible for the 1991 Bor Massacre because he was among the first sons of Bor to side with Riek Machar and Lam Akol in 1991?

To say that Nyandeng and Mabior are responsible for the destruction of Bor in 2013 would be to claim that Dengtiel Ayuen Kur is responsible for the 1991 Bor Massacre. Would that make any sense? Dengtiel’s mother was killed by the white army.

“Bor was destroyed not because it belongs to Buor but because it is a strategic city that is on the way to Juba, and it is also the capital city of the largest state in the country. Was Jalle attacked?” Twic stress.

Nyandeng and Mabior are not supporting Riek’s rebellion and the white army; they are just against President Kiir for political reasons and are simply using Riek and his group to make their point of displeasure with Kiir’s leadership. They felt sidelined and humiliated by Kiir.

Twic also emphasize that Majak and his detained colleagues are politicians with no army and are only interested in politics. Besides, Deng Dau Malek is the MP for Twic East, the representative of the people of that county; it is not Nyandeng, not Mabior and not Majak.

Even if Nyandeng, Mabior and Majak sided with Riek, would that be a basis for painting the Twic community black? Majier Gai, Dengtiel Ayuen rebelled, and no one victimized the Bor community because of them; Akuot Atem, Arok Thon rebelled and no one victimized the Twic community because of them; Kerubino Kuanyin, Faustino Atem Gualdit rebelled and no one victimized the Rek community because of them.

So why the fuss about Nyandeng and her son? They don’t represent Twic community and Twic community does not represent them, period, says the Twic Dinka.

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