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By Nyalueth Lual, Australia.

First, I will never be groomed for an inferior mindset to never speak up. I will stand in his face and tell him because I’ll not endorse the position taken by our South Sudan’s brother Mabior Garang, advocating for Riek,a rebel as a good intention. From millions of viewers around the globe who are neither supporting Riek or Kiir but the innocent civilians but how dare him? His position should be advocating for the civilians and condemning politicians from both Riek’s and Kiir side for creating an inhumane disaster to the people of south Sudan.

If I sleep well, eat well and my children go to school every day, and the rest of the children in South Sudan are suffering then I shouldn’t be quite or even blame the victims for their fate like some of us here. Ever since the violence erupted, I have observed that most people who were educated here in diaspora were encouraging Riek as someone who has taken a bold step for liberation. Not only that, they hated it if you mentioned Nyandeng and her son who are openly among the ones who orchestrated mass killing that is going on our country.

I was heart broken when I saw the woman who proudly claims the name ‘Mother of the nation’ in her interview on Uganda TV, jumps from one point to the other making senseless statements about this war. She stated that real leaders should protect the people and does not see the reason why Salva was not putting down arms, and should not fight the ‘REBELS’ or else there will be massive loss on both sides. Yes, it was clear that our Mother of the nation was portraying herself as the evil mother who was false fully claiming the child to be hers, and when King Solomon tested them by saying the child would rather be cut in half, she was the first one to vote for the destruction while the real biological mother said that she rather not have the child but hear it alive.

She was clearly aware that there will be loss on both sides, but it did not matter much to her since there will not be names in the list of casualties such as, Nyankwir Garang, Chol Garang, MabiorGarang etc. If she said that she was the real leader, then why is she the one with less empathy and not being proactive here? I’m not taking side with Kiir, but he was going to be punished by southerners through elimination in the 2015 elections which was just 2 years away. She is simply after her own personal gain. She constantly complains about the bad roads while she was the minister for roads and failed to implement the project she was assigned for. She also said that she was unable to practice her farming because the Govt. which did not support farmers despite being the lucky among the only 1% of women who had means to successfully practice large scale farming because she can afford both skilled and non skilled labour as well as equipment for farming.

Illiterate people could be wise and be great leaders with vision bigger than their ego, so I will not blame that on her rudimental formal education which she was lucky to have among the 99% of women in her generation who were unlucky. But this does not give her a green card to sniff her nose in every move of the country because we have well educated women such as Ann Ito or Mrs. Majak who could bring real change. However, these women among the few educated others have not ventured their way into top positions like she has been doing thinking that the SPLS/M belongs to her family.

Nyandeng caused this mess if people do not understand. She has solely acted on behalf of the entire community by accepting apologies from the murderer. This was herself and Riek under her own roof on behalf of the Bor massacre which took place in 1991. For this reason, I am left too skeptical if this was an apology but rather plans for even bigger atrocities.

When we pass on our genes to our offsprings, they were meant to carry on our legacy, personality etc. Feeling sad for Dr. John Garang who might be watching and deeply regretting his only one mistake for ever asking a dumb woman’s hand in marriage who later dominated his smart genes. Despite intelligence being influenced by the environment, this was never the case of Mabior Garang who was brought up in a very well-off family background. Your genetic ambassador is so dumb Diktor John. A life lesson for men out there.


My heart aches, I cry bitterly to this disturbing situation that our childish politicians put us through. We could no longer tress my family as the phones ran out of power.

It’s sad enough how the selfish politicians who have been scrambling for the national resources, stampeding on the poor civilians like they don’t even exist. Since the peace agreement was signed, there is only stagnation in the black nation. For many years, our parliamentarians have not even established the so called constitution. They have spent these moment for tea parties and squeals of laughter as they await their big monthly pay checks.

Mabior Garang stated that civil war could be the repercussions if their prisoners were not released. A father himself whom his child will suffer non as the kids his own age suffer right now in the wilderness. Unfortunately, kids who were his own aged suffered when he didn’t during 1983. Whatever happened within the presidential cabinet, now split into two is a secret beyond our knowledge, as each one of them tells the world media a fabrication of a story that only favors one side. The prisoners are politicians who are well aware of the implications of their careers. Beside, they have money to hire whatever expensive lawyer to prove their innocents in court as Tearz Ayuen mentioned.

More importantly, it’s the time southerners stand up as one, and shame our prophets of doom miserably. Currently, they are taking us for fools and flacky whom they want to use for personal gain. Kiir never reacted the way he did in Juba and also Mabior has never called upon war even though hundreds have been dying in the many attacks by Yaw Yaw which always leave more than hundreds dead each time they occur. It was unbelievable how one could mobilize war for just four prisoners who happen to be mostly their family friends or relatives and yet haven’t died. What is behind declaring a war rather than winning in the eyes of the law?

It has all tumbled down to innocent ones as the cause roots lies in the hands of the greedy leaders. The devastating effects of the rotten brains now stings to the high heaven. It’s time to call for peace.


We use to look upon to the elders of the society to seek guidance, knowledge etc through their divine wisdom acquired during many years of experience in life. Kiir, Riek and Nyandeng are old enough to be at their twilight years at the moment. It’s heart breaking if the only seniors we respect are acting like in their teens. It was not surprising how Kiir fought back like a wounded lion protecting his territory in Juba and never this way in terms of exercising humanity or fighting back the rebels who snatch cattle and children.

Like wise to Riek, he should have waited for 2015 for peaceful election. So far, non of them won the civilians hearts through their actions since each an everyone of them had a part to lead during their ministries. Simple things such as monitoring prices in the markets, so the disadvantage brings food to the table failed them miserably.Anyone, don’t quote me wrong as I’m not anyone interested in politics nor do I want to be a future politician. I would rather serve my nation in farming or any other sector of entrepreneurialism.

And by the way, congratulations to the SPLA/M seniors for stealing the big show. The showing off in Khakis, tanks, guns, the terror to women and children plus the other poor elderly.


Posted: January 20, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Featured Articles

By Nyalueth Lual, Australia.

Hopefully, this man made disaster ends, and the young nation rises in a new dawn, new beginning and a totally new way of thinking among ourselves.

It’s dating way back as far as my memories could take me. I have encountered heated political debates but I had to stay afar from such. These were statuses by some people criticizing a certain prominent figure in our Government. Then from blue, another would interfere and condemn the owner of the post saying, “How dare you talk about my uncle like that? Thinking that they were helping by being over protective of their relatives accused of things such as corruption. By doing this, they were unaware that they were revealing a tribal mindset as well as their ignorance.

The pervasive ignorance that has diffused in to our people seems to have engulfed our integrity. As I write this, enemies of the truth with limited mentality will accuse me tomorrow in their childish criticism for relentless nagging as well as attention seeking. However, I cannot be psychologically restrained to stipulate to silence when I have something to share with my young misguided generation whom I will only meet in large number here on fb.

Ever since this chaotic moments started, we’ve felt into confusion, blaming games being the common tools, however were being misused. Tribes, victims and even those criticizing the operators of atrocities fell into to the direction of finger point due to the same ignorance. Even worse, we had given credit and titles that exalted the name of those villains including the way this violence was describe as a quest for DEMOCRACY.

I have spent many years living as an immigrant/refugee in democratic countries, but what I know so far about Democracy is that its most special attribute is settling disputes in the Government in a non violent manner. I was expecting my young generation to stand up tall and denounce this violence as a form of achieving democracy and give it a zero tolerance at any cost. You don’t even have to invent excuses as to why it happened, no words could convince us because this is a pure violation of human rights.

I do not deny that the faction was provoked as they say. They might as well provoke the other group or even if not so, ‘Politics is a dirty game’ according to the saying. This means it is composed of manipulation, humiliation, annoyance etc. These are the clever tactics politicians use against themselves to trigger any ugliness out of each other and in order to expose to the public hence their opponents loss reputation and trust of their voters.

I’m one of those who will not aspire to be politician because I know it such a demanding career. It takes a person with the heart of the purest gold to get down to their knees, and serve humanity at it’s best. Whose problem is it when someone join politics without emotional, intellectual, financial etc readiness? I have seen great leaders who devoted themselves to give to their people or to the world but have encountered political downfalls in their tough journey eg Kevin Rudd of Australia, humiliated by being toppled overnight by members of his party. He wept in the national media. Some have gone to jails for almost 30 yrs, have mice and crawling roaches as their room mates but still came out of jail with their heads up high and accomplish their mission of giving to humanity, eg Nelson Mandela of South Africa. Some patiently waited for so long for their turn, and later got it at a costly expense of attempted assassination which left them handicapped eg Mwai Kibaki of Kenya. Others sadly didn’t make it such as Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan and continue with the list.

As a lover of peace, I tell you such because I want to create an awareness of this toxic politics that are slowly dragging our young nation to it’s early grave. If I have to ask you about the current situation in our country which seems to have found a stance, that it’s is happening for a good course. To briefly narrate to you, where does it resembles democracy? From the disagreement among the SPLA/M, to the escalation of war because they couldn’t settle their problems. Or is it the part where an adult rushed to his village and ask our future Doctors/ Lawyers etc, told them to relinquish their school work and take up arms in order to show a political colleague whom they disagreed at work place which is miles away from the village a piece of their minds. Simply because he can’t handle the situation on his own. At the same time, his dearest friends whom he left behind were put to jail but the young men must sacrifice their lives to bail them out of jail instead of sparing our young lives and look for other non violent way to help his friend out of jail. How mature is that? Also to the wide spread violence, killing, looting and damaging of properties, Where does it seems right to you?

Young Sudanese beware, of the false prophets and cone man with their naïve politics. Your politicians are your representatives/your voice, because they even get paid to do what they do. For how long will you exchange bitter words with a friend over a status that seems to touch your relatives whom we know are our public servants? How many young lives do we have to lose because of these politicians who enter into politics immature? You are not here to represent them in the communities, they are the ones to serve you if you understand what I mean. We perceive politics as a the only way to employment, a source of wealth, power and fame. As a matter of fact, we worship our politicians. Governments do not create jobs for your information. Western countries are not build by politics alone. Their is an interdependency of politics with other firm institutions and that’s why their politicians serve them and make decisions after only consulting experts of other institutions. Eg economical decisions based on advices of the experts in that field, consult scientist regarding climate change etc.

What is there to revere in politics which seems to be the only inspirational field for my young generation even if most don’t have what it takes to be there? This also explains the weakness of our current politicians who are confused for getting into the wrong field. These have made some to turn into thieves and even signing cheap contracts of our oil with cowboy entrepreneurs, get a little percentage of the share to enrich themselves but to impoverish the nation. Some became womanizers and murderers. Some who were catapulted from the only experience of their house hold budgeting of bills and groceries straight away to budget complex national projects. Without scorn but sincerity, I don’t think our mother knows of how many zeros are there in a million/billion. It shouldn’t surprise us why the ‘million dollar’ jobs weren’t done.

I’m desperate for change, from real leadership and real democracy as any of you. We need leaders who are more of humanitarians than politicians. Not even Garang’s family knows what democracy looks like since he died before putting his views into real practice in a ‘democratic state’. We do not need to drown our nation recklessly in the name of democracy which we don’t fully understand. Any politician should be mature enough and not involving civilians into their politics. Political world is a harsh environment and so you should be well prepared for it. If you don’t have what it takes to be one, then don’t step your feet in there. Period.


It’s such a joke isn’t it? A month has passed already while our new democrats are still gambling with lives, ‘not under the trees’, but in the luxurious conference room unlike the old democratic fighters. This democratic fighters will have a nice meal and spend their night in a five star hotel whereas the old liberators were eating leaves of any kind and spent their days in scorching sun, and their nights in breezing cold or worse enough, in the rain. Well, further differences is that the old democratic movement was mainly about being forcefully subjected under sharia law and some other issues while the new one is about disagreement in the political party. Also, old one was settled politically several times from the 1970s but failed while the new one has never been settled but erupted into a war outright. We all know this was a negligence of our leaders, and so there would be no suffering of our people, the civilians and military on both sides.

But again they are continuing with the same negligence on the peace negotiating table. We all understand that this is suppose to be a peace talk, not a court of appeal. Also, there could be detainees who could be proven innocent as well as those to be held accountable, only if their trial is done in the real court with the whole nation serving as the witness. Unfortunately, the peace negotiation deal was turned into a court room. No judges, lawyers or jury yet this has become the biggest deal to deny a ceasefire for Southerners to enjoy their peace once again.

For God’s sake, intellectuals should settle their cases through law, not by military force. They confidently say, “If you do not release the prisoners, this war shall never end”. Prisoners who are fairly wealthy to hire lawyers who could simply justify their innocence, yet they are sacrificing human blood to win victory over their case. So are the politicians in jail more important than the ones dying on the frontline because of them? These politicians have other chances to go back to court or can be visited in jail by their relatives, while the dead will never see their loved ones.


I am not a fan a politics since day one. I am neither trying to please anyone or gain cheap attention from fb. I will never stop speaking the truth because it’s is disheartening how people think you are playing blame games.

I was watching a television one day on Dr. Phil who was counseling a daughter of a serial killer. He told her to stop visiting him in prison because she could be his fathers next victim anytime if he was not detained. She couldn’t understand because her father loved them and cared for them all those years, but Phil assured her that, these kind of people don’t love anyone, and it’s only a matter of time before you become their opposition in anything and their dark side would click in. I have just witnessed the same here on facebook.

I have always spoke for peace and also justice for innocent civilians but others have drained it into themselves that I’m blaming their people. People of your kind are the ones encouraging tribalism and gave rise to people like Hitler by supporting his satanic views. We have criminals that have hold our country hostage for their operational evil. They have halt development, stopped businesses, deter any charity organization and worse of all, stole the fathers, mothers, relatives and our future doctors lawyers, engineers etc. I can’t believe that I have also witnesses our next generation of rebels in the making here on facebook.

Don’t support anyone be it from the govt. side or rebel’s because you will only understand when you become their victim who could perish during one of their unpredictable crossfires that erupt from no where due to their greed, incase if you are not minding about the innocent civilians. I would just call for the release of detainees but justice to follow so that no any other person take innocent lives for granted. I can’t even believe this has become a moment where our Govt. is making peace with our enemy, the North and Yaw Yaw, who just committed his recent crime by killing the Lou Nuer civilians.

Just stand for civilian, that’s my message.

By Tag Elkhazin, Canada

South Sudan: “Who is Who” Analysis for (lot A) personalities and tribes.

Article 4 A Who is Who South Sudan

Our Article 1 of December 23rd, 2013 gave quick analysis of the situation in South Sudan. Our article 2 of January 9th 2014 detailed snapshots relating to the US, Uganda, Sudan, UN and IGAD. Our article 3 of January 10th 2014 dealt with snapshots relating to US, Donors, Sudan, China, IGAD, Salva Kiir, and South Sudan and the SPLA.

This article 4 “Part A” shall deal exclusively with “Who is Who”. More lists shall follow. No offence is meant in drawing the facts about actors in the public domain to be noted or tribes to be identified. This article is meant to be part of the analysis of the Conflict’s Landscape. The conflict draws a big segment from the personalities, their historical prejudices and their clash.

This list stands to be improved with your generous inputs. If you see that we need to make corrections please let us know. Other lists of Who is Who will follow staggered between the articles.

The names of those who are deceased or not “Usual Suspects” shall come back later in our articles and we are sure you will see their finger prints in the current conflict.

Article 4 A Who is Who South Sudan

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