Biography of Paramount Chief Col. Zefferino Ayii Madut Ayii

Posted: January 29, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Letters, People, Press Release

By Dr Isaac Ayii Ayii Madut(his son)

Paramount Chief Ayii Madut Ayii of Rek Dinka, Kuac community of Warrap State, South Sudan

Paramount Chief Ayii Madut Ayii of Rek Dinka, Kuac community of Warrap State, South Sudan

Personal Profile

Chief Ayii was born to Madut Ayii Akol Wol and Anger Keer Monydeng’s family   on 10th August 1910 in Kuajok in Warrap State of South Sudan, Mathiang keng Boma of Kuac North payam, Gogrial West County Warrap State and he attained the elementary level of education during the British times.

He lived until a ripe age of 104 years before reaching the abode of God on 18th January 2014 at 4.00 am and laid to rest on 19 January 2014 in Kuajok –Warrap State, he succumbed to heart failure.  The funeral rite was widely celebrated in South Sudan, East Africa, Australia and USA where his children are found.

He became a paramount chief of Kuac area on 28th august 1965 in Gogrial District until 1982.

He actively participated in the two civil wars of Anya –Nya 1 and Joint the SPLA/M on 16th May 1985. As the chief he mobilized a number of thousand of youths from Kuac Community and beyond to join the movement and sent the first groups of new recruits to Bilpam on February 1986.

In 1987 he finally moved to Bilpam in Ethiopia with thousands of young boys, men, women and elderly peoples. He was trained in Tharpam in Ethiopia from 1988-1990 and   successfully graduated and commissioned on 25th January 1990 to the rank of captain and was given command of Manyangdit Task Force deployed in Bahr el Ghazal region

From 1990 he worked as SPLA regional court for Northern Bahr el Ghazal which is known today as Northern Bahr Ghazal and Warrap states respectively .he was also assigned as police commissioner for greater Gogrial that has currently broken up into three counties of Gogrial west, Twic and Gogrial East county .In 1994 he was given a post of Kuac payam judge court up to 2005 and became Kuac North Payam judge court until his death

Chief Zefferino Ayii has been a man of integrity and  instrumental figure in solving intertribal disputes and conflicts e,g between   current unity state  and Warrap community, within Warrap communities, between Warrap and lake state community, and within Lake state community themselves  and as far as greater upper and Equatoria from earlier  1960s to 2000s and has been accredited as one the icon of Wath-Alel  customary law founders used widely in Greater Bhar el Ghazal and South Sudan in general .He died in the rank of colonel .

He is survived by Twenty six wives and one hundred and eighty seven children and over one thousand (1,000) grand and great –grand 

  1. Dennis Paul says:

    Beautiful description of a facet of South Sudan’s rich heritage.


  2. simon Yel says:

    may his soul rest in peace . he was a great man for Kuac community and importantly for south Sudan at large . he was a brain of Kuac’s history .


  3. I wonder how much of that “facet of South Sudan’s rich heritage” and of “Kuac’s history” have been recorded by his son, Dr. Ayii Ayii Madut Ayii, for us and our future generations…it is indeed a gr8 loss considering the fact that he has been there since the coming of the British till the independence of South Sudan…and how sad the situation he left the country in….dying when South Sudan is on turmoil…what report will he convey to our gone comrades?


  4. monytui says:

    visionary chief!


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