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Rebellions is a reward in South Sudanese’ political affairs

Posted: June 11, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary

By Mayen Mangok Mayen

Museveni, Kiir and Riek

Museveni, Kiir and Riek

Rebellions is rewarding business in south Sudanese’ affairs, for anyone to get ranks or commission in the army he/she must have rebelled against the government except few who fought 22 years war of independent.

our beloved state of south Sudan have suffered useless wars of fame and her citizens keeps dying, being displaced, raped and deprived of their living by disgruntle individuals who need wealth, power and fame through use of guns.

It is not a surprise seeing this beloved nation fighting each other every time due to first amnesties that were given to some rebellious generals in uppernile since the nation’s independent and before independent by the President, this have encourage rebellions such Yau Yau’s rebellions that have devastated Jonglei state for years without clear cause.

Yau Yau said he was fighting for a separate state for ethnic minorities who are deprived of their rights in South Sudan, now my question is why have murles deprived other tribes their rights?, if Yau Yau tribes(Murles) were deprived their rights by the government then why in turn did they deprived Dinka Bor, Lou Nuer their rights by abducting children, women and killing old from Lou Nuers, Dinka Bor, and other neighboring tribes, was Yau Yau aware that he was also deprives those tribes’ rights.

We must be realistic to achieve long lasting solutions then having temporally solutions that can cause more problems in future. “This agreement should end the rebellion of the South Sudan Democratic Movement/Army-Cobra faction (SSDM/A-Cobra faction)” headed by Yau Yau, Dutch peace organization PAX, which facilitated months of talks between the government and rebels, said in a statement.

I don’t thinks whether the above statement is correct in the sense that victims of Yau Yau rebellions were not included in the talk…it was facilitated by a group of bishops and individuals who have not lost their dear ones during Yau Yau’s war, how can we have peace when criminals are praise as heroes and heroines??
How can we have peace and justice when culprits are not punished when justices is not done? how can we have peace when culprits are reward with big positions in the army and in government?

Yau-Yau speaking to media

Yau-Yau speaking to media

To me we are encouraging wars…. because it the only windows where we got better fame, payment, positions and heroic welcoming like what Murles’ did to their Son Yau Yau during his reception in Juba international Airport.

To avoid all these from repeating themselves, our government need to invest in following sectors…Education, the only unifying factor in every society or country is education. If we educated our communities we shall have improve their standard of living, letting them know the meaning of country.

Our people identify themselves in term of tribes, and this kills our sense of nationalism. Again and very importance, our children and family are scattered aboard because there are no good schools, they learns beauty of other countries without knowing their country, their countrymen and women.

Security… our country need to invest a lots in security sector, we need to have disciplines army that respects the rights of citizens, that can defend our country from external and internal threats, army that is comprise of all south Sudanese, army that is non partisan to any party, army that is well cares of.

Very important sector is agriculture, the only backbone of our country is agriculture not oil as most of us believed… for our country to develop, our government need to spend more money in agriculture.

Road network, the government need to connect the country road network this will ease issue of insecurity because accessibility to remote areas will be easy.

To rest my point, we need to kill the mindset of rebellions as the only way to get fame, better positions, there are many good ways to get fame and good positions, we need justice to prevails by killing spirit of impunity, those who have offended this beloved nation need to be brought to book despite of how long it will take… we must let them know that they are not above our country’s laws.

Dear All,

Please find attached the communique by IGAD about the outcome of its summit. Importantly, IGAD has used a stronger language of imposing sanctions and it has given a period of sixty (days) to form transitional government.


IGAD Communique of its extraordinary Summit 10 June 2014

By Mading Manasseh Malak

Ajak Deng Chiengkou, the SBS Dinka Radio producer and presenter with James Hoth Maai.

Ajak Deng Chiengkou, the SBS Dinka Radio producer and presenter with James Hoth Maai.

This is a response to an article written by Pal Kuoth Khor and published on 29th May 2014 at paanluel wel website It is cynical and dejecting of brother Pal Kuoth Khor: launching a dubious attack at one of our rarest, comrade, compatriot and a nationalist icon- Gen. James Hoth Mai Nguoth.

No doubt a list of praise, not vices on Gen. Mai could be long. But this is mine. And the reason for that list is that I just want, for it seems necessary that the guy I call ‘brother’ above is having something sinister against the obviously “clean” patriot.

I call Pal brother because we are first and foremost identified, as south Sudanese. Not Nuers or Dinkas. And perhaps secondly, as “enlightened” brethren-on all matters we should be concerned.   Sadly thought, it seems far-fetched and I am disappointed.

But my response is not an attack on you, Pal as a person, but first: to set the records right where it is due on issues you pointed out in the article; secondly, to examine some of your inept views you level against Gen. Mai: whatever your objectives- speculation of being in political exile given his recent visit to Melbourne, Victoria-Australia. Or just tribal rhetoric and bigotry to pull down the icon-so that the zealots of misery continue to flourish. I might be tempted to say you may be one of them. Precisely because: if you are not in understanding of the Gen. Mai we all should know. And your mischaracterization of him, then I am justifiably in doubt where you think I should not.   Why is that?

Because: First, Gen. Hoth has his own family in Melbourne just like others South Sudanese officials/politicians. And I am hoping to list a couple of them, but three. The former governor comrade Taban Deng Gai (now with rebels or has turned rebel), the ousted SPLM Secretary General comrade Pagan Amum and even our President Salva Kiir among other have their families in Australia and any of them can come for family visit and should not be “sneaked”, out to borrow your dictum. I do not see big deal out of that. For whatever you construe of the word “sneaked”, families and this word do not go together.

Toward the end of the first-half of this year, SPLA VETERAN, and former Joint chief of staffs: Gen. Mai visited his family in Melbourne; certainly at the time when our country is at a political abyss or in national crisis. But, it does not inexorably justify your claim as “being in political exile”. I ask you from who? From the land he liberated? No I don’t think so but if needs be from tribes: both Dinkas and Nuers-and of course the rest. And I will tell you Gen. Mai is not of them. I mean one of those tribe. His tribe is south Sudan. Which ended its out fight with people-far- indeed far tribe-you should know. And therefore has no reason to “politically exile” or be “sneaked” into cars or a car while in the hands of his loves-he rightly assured of their future.

And let me by the way, remind you that Gen. Mai has been a regular visitor to Melbourne and it is inconsiderate for you, Mr. Pal to take his coming at this time as opportunity to speculate unfounded rumours. The ongoing national crisis has nothing to do with Mai or be ashamed of for Gen. Mai to vow his face down as you asserted to. What you need to know, Mr. Pal is that Gen. Mai is among those walking majestically with their heads upright. Any there are in fact few-I should say you must know.

Because he and his colleague saw and continue to see that what they had colossally fought for: was achieved. And to remind you of that is, above all-having a well-recognized, sovereign nation; culminating into a proclamation of the Republic, on 9th July 2011 and witnessed by global community. With Gen. Mai rightly in charge of the SPLA parade lane- Not an assemblage of militias; and indeed in charge of those who are in charge of a nation, the highest Military honour bestowed upon him and rightly knew that he was so honoured by the South Sudanese people-not Kiir or Machar. And you call such a towering Honour betrayal. Or a loyalist to Dinkas. Watch out my friend, there’s a third tribe you’re not aware of; and there’s where Gen. Mai’s loyalty is.

That tribe is the Republican tribe (and by the way, I should stick with my promise: you’re my brother in the sense I already mentioned-I don’t need more assurances to accept that-if you love fact this is it!). Secondly, Gen. Mai is one of the rarest of the nationalist’s characters that should be our inspiration to our generation and should be proud of; because of his personal sacrifices to our liberty. And I call that ‘patriotism’, not loyalty in the sense of your views against the general.

Moreover, Gen. Mai did not join the liberation struggle in 1983 to serve the tribal allegiances but to fight for justice, equality, freedom and prosperity of the marginalised people of Sudan. His record is clear since inception of the liberation struggle in 1983 to the independence of the Republic of South Sudan in 2011 validate that: where he rightly commanded the nation’s only Forces on the day of “our pride” and again I repeat he did not command them as an assemblage of militias-or tribes; But the only defenders against any “existential” threat to us-there are currently many: when Mai disagreed with either his colleagues or those with subversive motives. He left. And that is what you called “being damped”; and I asked you to where?

Be careful! Mai stood firmly to his principles as a true nationalist who was fighting the justified war not a couple of brothers or a brother who intends to steal the highest “good” of the country-only Mai Knows that-and he will let the South Sudanese people know irrespective of whoever is in the leadership. And I want to tell you that he’s not going to be a general. He’s already a general-in fact and as I said in the couples of the passages ABOVE-he’s the only to attack a “mere” population “which” settle on the land he effectively liberated and continue to call themselves TribetribeTribe. Whether Dinkas or Nuers-the popular or unpopular both are not meeting the criteria for the republic-I want you to call that “South Sudan”, not Paanjäng (Or Dinka territory) and Not Nuerland or other unmarked territories across or a long the Nile. We’ve all been speaking out. And had been heard. But should not have been heard of the same as “South Sudan” and I am sure that: this is your position.

In fact, the family of Gen. Mai has outstanding track records in the national struggle and that needs to be acknowledged. And I may be sorry to bring the family here. But I am all for what I know is its rightful credit-and which we should emulate that.

Mr. Pal, it seems obvious, however, that not only “don’t you understand” but completely do not know who this person call James Hoth Mai Nguoth. And I find myself obligated as I first said as brother, but now in the second sense I already mention and that’s as an “enlightened” individual. To begin with; the general we are “talking” about is here as follows (Ialready said that’s my list of him. But Pal’s list is categorically untruthful): Baptised by the name James, Hoth Mai Nguoth; born in Ulang County, Upper Nile region (in the Sudanese republic), now the state of upper and of South Sudan. As a young man he joined the SPLM/A in 1983 to fight the enemy he saw as the “real” enemy. Hoth by rank of captain led Yauny battalion under his command in 1986, during the infamously known “turbulent” period when the SPLM/A lost control of the headquarters at Bukteng in Nasir area.

Given his “unsolicited” commitment to achieve liberation objectives, Hoth initiated reconciliation between the SPLM/A and Anya-anya II. He made contact(s) with Anya-Nya II soldiers explaining to them: the need for unity. The reconciliation Hoth initiated between the SPLM/A and Anya-Nya II led South Sudan to a brief stable unity and consolidated forces in waging war against Khartoum regimes. The achievements were momentous. And that by the way was a “genuine” accord: there was no doubt to both rag-tag rebels and “straight” SPLA. In other words they all acknowledge that Mai is indeed a peacemaker and a dedicated liberator; hence his subsequent promotion; respect to those you called “Dinkas”.

It is absurd for you, Pal to confuse what led some of our indebted and renowned fallen heroes late Kerbino Kuanyin Bol and William Nyuon Bany fell out with the SPLM/A leadership at the time. I would expect to see you Pal having a separate arguments as to why these renowned figures joined Dr Riek rather than linking their issues with the current national crisis. But do you know Pal who killed these heroes? Not General Mai or President Kiir. For one thing you should is that these heroes first and foremost belonged to “people” and in particular GuendÏt and Mangohk who established the campaign for the “people”.

It is worth mentioning that when Dr. Riek Machar staged, his most important victory over the indigenous people of the then “Southern Sudan Territory” in 1991; and which by the way made him(Dr Machar) Gen. Bashir’s right man for the job over South Sudan’s affairs rebellion in early 90’s through to the early 2000’s. in the “crudest” sense of the word, Dr. Machar’s successful rebellion could be said to be the first victory over the South Sudan’s liberators. Despite, and I just to continue on Gen. Mai’s contribution to all things “Free” in South Sudan. Hoth continued his sacrifices to fight for the rights of the marginalised people.

It’s of course bizarre, if not grotesque a thought is, and “intellectually”, though, it’s unreasonable for you, Mr. Pal to claim that Gen. Mai has “betrayed” his country. My question is: how many countries you want him fight for? Many people did and are continue doing it and they will not win. Why it’s impossible: to know whether you’re with the “enemy” or with the “people”. And if by means Mr. Pal that I made myself clear, the above is the reason why ”they” didn’t and they will not win!

It is prejudicial for you to describe the “renowned” General as a “betrayer”. The fact is that Gen. Mai is neither a betrayal nor destroyer to his country, because he did not and doesn’t and will not be a general of two armies yet of one nation. This is the most important, I should confide you with, reason he’s “greatest” general our country has have so far.

Furthermore, he’s one of the stakeholders who hardly fought to achieve this country we are trying to destroy today. It is undeniable that Gen. Mai hails from Nuer ethnic group, but he is our national hero who “deserves” respect. Not “forcefully transacted”. It is blinkered of you to venture that Gen. Mai is “vulnerable and voiceless”. By “voiceless” perhaps you mean he should have or have joined multiple armies, entailing “multiple” promotions and pretend to be doing the same thing with the “people”; and by being “vulnerable” I guess you may mean that gen. Mai just disagrees. Fair any “right minded” in the world should accept that. And that is why gen. Mai is not in the place you saw and see him. But with the “people”. And he will never leave the “people”.

Third, it’s my belief that and that’s also so -even to others who might in one-way or another “important”: Marrying “outside” tribe or kinship is not a family betrayal to “own” tribe as you alluded to in your article. I am not whether there are such things as “outside” or “inside” of a tribe.

But, It is true that Gen. Mai’s daughter is married to a Dinka man; and I hope that had it not been the fact that we all “grew up” in foreign lands; I too, could have had my lover from the people I think are part of me-I think that I am inseparable from any Nuer. And that’s to say, myself and any individual Nuer are all brothers and sisters: in the sense of nation-hence our inseparability; hence our brotherhood or brethren; hence our unity.

And I hope that you may also be informed of the Nilotic culture; if that fails, then I choose to say as an “intellect” that there are no cultural barriers that you wish to restrict intermarriages between the Dinka and Nuer. In that case, Nyathon” then is not wrong for two reasons. One is just obvious there are no such rules. Second, just like anyone else among us she finds her choice: wherever Mr. Pal might not like. And therefore you, Mr. Pal “cannot” direct Gen. Mai over his families’ affairs, which I thus mentioned.

For the second thing Mr. Pal have mistaken once again had been aware that When Dr Riek elder son, Teny Riek Machar Teny, married to a Polish young lady on 17th August 2013 at Warsaw, Dr Machar honestly announced wedding arrangement to the church congregation in Juba in June 2013 and I quote: “he and his family respected the choice of their son, that love always transcends racial and tribal differences and crosses international borders”, end of quote.

I gave Dr Machar credit for that statement because we Nilotic marry outside the clan (exogamy), which promotes cohesion across the broader group. I think that’s too makes no difference to what Gen. Mai would have said and he said the same. My question is: what is your take on Dr Machar and his son’s case?

In addition, it is certain to state that when former Central Bank governor, Mr. Elijah Malok as an elder, he made remarks during the eventful wedding of Mai’s daughter, you called; Malok was commending general’s Mai invaluable contribution and commitment to the liberation struggle, which I mentioned numerous occasions in this piece, Mr. Pal.

Fourth, it’s belittling of you, Mr. Pal to mention in your article present or omission “Gat” and considered “Nya”. I am not sure whether there is anything intrinsically important of such prefixes; but whatever, it seems to mean in Nuer and Dinka one thing: Female naming; for those identified as Nuer through names might be wrong; because “Nya-Kuoth” in Nuer is exactly “Nyan-nhial” in Dinka.

Now, does this mean that when I interpret Nuer’s female name and find its corresponding meaning in Dinka, and then Dinka and Nuers become enemies of “meaning”? Do you find any sense there Mr. Pal? I mean do you sense dedicating that a particular’s girl names makes her unmarriable to people you called “outsiders” and could that be same for male names such as: “Teny” not marrying outside? And further, could Mr. Pal, by his “knowledge” of such, predict who really could be Nyathon’s lover; Gatluak, Tut, etc. I just mean Mr. Pal’s Astrology of names versus Tribes. I am sorry if anyone goes by those names I mentioned.

All what I am after here is that Mr. Pal chose Nyathon and perhaps what might be Gen. Mai’s childhood or his nicknames from colleagues. That one I do not know. And of course reason of it. For all of us have those. I too have my owns. But they disappear for one thing. Not tribe. But when you grow. And to grow-up is to be sincere-do not serve two masters: too many armies can make Philosophy useless! And that’s the worst thing-not childhoods or nicknames names.

Therefore, Pal’s claim of justification of name changing for Gen. Mai in seeking “promotion from particular tribe that assumes leadership” is an invalid reasoning. In view of that, his claims are flagrant attempts to assassinate and discredit Gen. Mai with aims of promoting hatred, hypocrisy, double “misery” in our nation. I just want to say that Gen. Mai has no such things “identity crisis” that Pal would wish. For I would ask where? In Australia do not tell me “south Sudan” where Gen. had been, is with, and will be with the “people” and moreover in his “republic”, not “militia tyranny”.

With due respect, I can clearly understand clumsy resentment by unleashing your personal anger and frustration toward a tall man, in honour and dignity and measure him with a ruler and marker-you’re lying. You won’t get him. The reason is that you are measuring wrong “qualities” at the same time with wrong “instruments”- your tribal instruments; and I said   “wrong qualities” for you want him “qualify” with you. I am sure you’re lying. And no can tell me why.

Fifth, it is a normal tradition in the military institution to be “deputised”. Pal, I hope you have by this time, should have deciphered my directions; and no reason to continue guiding you even on matters so sensitive: that are nationalistic and not tribalistic, confidential and not conflictual. If I made myself clear in the few passages above, I said no good general that should serve multiple armies, no good general that’s not with “people” and no good general can never be or double deputised it doesn’t matter. You get it. Because, Military is by “military promotion”. Not militia formation. Gen. Mai would have turned the whole nation down. But didn’t why? Because he needs no promotion, but a country where there are “PEOPLE”. Hence he deputised the people you said he deputised. But it wasn’t   Gen. Mai who deputised people, but rather the very “system” of a country he loves that he wanted the system to do that: the military. I mean he could choose to have “many stars”.

So, Pal to understand, former Chief of General Staff wasn’t deputised by five Dinka as per se. The commander-in-chief of the SPLA appointed deputies to the Chief of General Staff based on their merits but not on tribal basis. The deputies to the former Chief of Genera Staff were: Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirino Swaka, deputy chief of general staff for training; Lt. Gen. James Ajongo Mawut, deputy for operations; Lt. Gen. Malek Ruben Riak, deputy for logistics; Lt. Gen. Malual Ayom Dor, deputy for administration; Lt. Gen. Mangar Buong Aluel, deputy for inspection; Lt. Gen. Chol Thon Balok, deputy chief of general staff for moral and orientation. All these Lieutenant Generals were appointed as deputies to chief of general staff based on their merits, not rebellious motives (be careful for the adjectives) to serve the national interest, and the Constitution of the “sovereign” South Sudan requires but not on tribal basis as you would wish for.

Likewise, the former chief of general staff and the mentioned deputies will in the future be serving the Republic South Sudan at different capacities and any change in military institution cannot be used as pretext for political scores. And neither can you use or trade for political positions. Not sir it’s service: not ownership. Therefore the claim in your article that Gen. Mai will be called and assigned to serve RSS government is rather capitalising on Gen. track records and if that maybe the case of your dubious article, nobody would give you a quarter tick. In other words, you failed that, Pal.   And no reason for a come because you began wrongly; by demolishing ‘symbolic’, unifying figure-and if I remember what I said before, you attack our nationalistic icons-such as Gen. Mai himself. I won’t trust you, Pal.

Sixth and final, I would really like to have a very informed comment on the intervention of foreign forces or Ugandan forces in particular was a result of lack of patriotism within our national army, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA); what I mean by “lack of patriotism” above is a view springing from a well-tuned research on “conceptual explanation of conflict societies”. Wassara (2013) confirms that: “militia associated with government of Sudan… take up in order to make their demand stronger and put pressure on the Government of South Sudan (Goss)”.

Their main goal, however, is to “seek integration into military institutions”. This suggests that the ‘lower ranking’ has never been the proper SPLA where gen. Mai commands unwavering support and respect. Mr. Pal may know who those really are. I mean those seeking integration. Into where? You can never be integrated into your people-if do it means where had I been? My answer would be nothing but a dismal sentence of saying: here and there-“multiple positions” can result into no position. People in the business call this: guarantee-is a silly word.

In the good versus bad, however, it is imperative to contend that our national army is struggling between two conflicting principles: nationalism versus tribalism. And moreover there may be those one may not know as to where or which principle they follow; they just ready to ‘defect’-I think they ‘disconnect’ with the people. And I think this is where the problem is. Not who has deputised who and why foreign armies get into the country. We already the problem: marauding Militia, attired with the SPLA combat uniform; with AK47 over teenage girls and boys; setting borders across domestic states for private taxation: we had never learnt of SPLA of this kind that’s inconceivable to the Gen. Mai was in fact managing armies of separate nations (from integrated ones-can you tell me who trained, armed and send them to South Sudan) –we just have been dealing with the Greek’s Trojan horse.

In fact, those ranks and files within the SPLA that have not defected are nationalists, because they are serving the Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan but not individuals or tribes as you would wish for. In that case, the constitution which Mai protected was ready to be stolen. For that reason it’s justifiable for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda Defence Forces to intervene on invitation by South Sudan government to save the country from collapsing and not to become another fail state in the Horn of Africa, which will post regional threat to the neighbouring countries.

I am not saying that gen. Mai invited Museveni, but in my view it was necessary: for the people of south Sudan have terrorized for almost eight years in Juba and states’ cities by the so-called “integrated” SPLA. No sir No. SPLA that has been going by that names; we knew that Sudan or South in particular was going for a doom scenario.   As you like your prefixes: for sure can you, Mr Pal tell me what “an integrated” SPLA is? This is scare-we never heard this. And the “people” have been lost as to what it really means. Sadly though they explained themselves. And how can you blame Mai for that. He just doesn’t “know them” man-but he understood them and that’s why he will never be with them.

A point on intervention is just here across this continent. Whoa! How tribes in Australia yet remains continent with one tribe-government. And When Australian army intervened in East Timor in September 1999 on request by East Timor government, Australia responded that assisted in restoring peace and stability in East Timor. It reported as a “government” not the army. Similarly, the intervention of Ugandan Force into south Sudan is the mishandling of our own national affairs and fear about marauders.

And to bring a bit of the continental concern or call it if get it the African union’s declaration over its continental matters authorizes The Ugandan Defence Force intervention as “part of the African solution to African problems rather than waiting for the American or European Forces to intervene”. And I hope you get that.

Tell me what the Dinka army with Gen. Mai declare on you? As you claim. Given the lessons learnt from split within our national army (SPLA), this poses a great challenge for the government to re-organise and develop policy recruitment to meet the standards of the national army that will uphold in fulfilling the Constitutional duties or restore peace and stability in the country in the even such similar situation occurs in the future. Because: the trouble is the frequent travel of marauders.

To conclude, Former SPLM Secretary General Pagan Amum once said and I quote: “We can differ without dividing ourselves, if we differ lets reconcile and unite”, end of quote.

One thing that I want to say is that comrade Amum has been with the “people” and is the last to be with the “people”. And that’s why I quote his previous sayings. Not for academic learning. I had enough! But for his relevance to the “people”. No doubts friends disagree; they compromise. But one shouldn’t trust multiple marauders who tarnish our leaders. No sir.

In the nutshell, it is not all South Sudanese “people” and the “people” (watchout-I am not lost for words-I just want reason why I replicate the word) that have lost their hopes to co-exist peacefully in regard to the ongoing national crisis in our country. It will be a profound challenge to the South Sudanese in Diasporas; you’re with us or with marauders or you’re a marauder-I’ve seen that you began your attack-and no attack is no attack. I f you attack dubiously though, I think it’s best to say you just infringe on “qualities” not individuals. And I think, your offense aren’t just criminal-they’re maliciously and badly-headed ones.

To continue instigating fight; or castigate iconic leaders, or I should say-you just infringe-whoa! That’s the work expected of a marauder; I also want to say, Mr. Pal when south Sudan became a sovereign nation, it is ‘individual’ not land where you could just walk- carry anything-insulting that’s sovereign; you must learn one or you joining peace advocates, than with villains; unity and reconciliation. I believe this, for as South Sudanese in Diaspora have ultimate obligation of becoming advocates for peace and unity of our people irrespective of the tribes because we should be ambassadors for peace.

Launching the dubious attack on individuals such as you did Mr. Pal to the nationalist and dignified former Chief of General Staff won’t help in bringing us together but will further widen our division. Jumping to conclusions prior to the Commission of Inquiry findings about committed atrocities in South Sudan won’t bring us together. Instead, let us consolidate our unity with courage and commitment as South Sudanese citizens to end the ongoing crisis will always bring us together.

Henceforth, Mr. Pal Kuoth Khor, as Masters’ degrees holder in criminal justice, I would hope to see you in near future having contribution to the ongoing national crisis and offering alternative solutions so that our people, the fellow south Sudanese citizens co-exist peacefully rather than attacking and blaming individuals over the national crisis. You owe Gen. Hoth Mai and his daughter an apology. If you don’t I won’t trust you as a man.

Mading Manasseh Malak, lives in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia), he can be reached at email:

The rampant death in Lakes state: what are the root causes?

Posted: June 11, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary

By Bol Khan

The issue of rampant death in Lakes State should be taken seriously. The death tolls in that state are rising in every single day. You can’t find a day on which there are no people reported dead. About 200 people reported last week by various news outlets to have been killed in tribal/inter-tribal clashes and disputes.

Is that an inter-tribal—civilian’s conflict or something else? The National Government in Juba should intervene. By seeing to it that why people are dying in Lakes state every day. Dinka, Atuot tribes etc in the state have to solve their internal problem amicably.

The former elected Governor, Chol Tong, was removed due to his failure in prevention of the conflicts escalation. But the conflicts had been increasingly escalating much, more than it was during Eng. Chol Tong.

The root causes of these rampant conflicts in Lakes state need to be out by now and set the stakeholders of Lakes state to address them. The political ought to be deploying in order to save the lives of the people. Voices which say that there were no roots causes are not logically true. There must be roots causes. Those roots causes might be either social or political. This is undeniable. As it says, there shouldn’t be a smoke without fire. The state people and Youths cannot fight themselves for nothing.

Government officials might have secretly involved in one way or the other. If these officials do not involve politically, the problem would have been solved. The world understands two things. The conflicts were between General M. Chut, the imposed military Governor’s supporters. And those who were angered by the unconstitutional removal of elected Governor, Eng. Chol Tong’s supporters. These must be true. It is a logical argument.

But these people should understand the level of situations the state is in. On the other hand if the current military governor becomes an obstacle then the President should also intervene.

What a hundreds of people being reported dead in Lakes state could do to the state isn’t equal to what one person can do to say state. The rampant deaths in Lakes have reached the melt point. State people shouldn’t be let to die like chickens among themselves at the watch of the governments.

Therefore, we are saying the governments should immediately intervene and find out the roots causes of that inter-or tribal fighting in Lakes State. So that those roots causes can be amicably addressed in order to end more deaths in the state.

The author can be reached on