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Gov’t and Rebels Boycott IGAD-led Addis Ababa Talks

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By Tearz Ayuen

The peace talks have been postponed until further notice allegedly because IGAD insulted the two chiefs the other day. Okay.

Both South Sudanese President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar were “stupid” if they thought they could win on the battlefield, spat Mahboub Maalim, executive secretary of the East African IGAD bloc.

In trying to resolve a conflict, a mediator must consider, amongst others, cultures of those in conflict. In South Sudan, simple harmless remarks like silly, stupid, idiot and fool can invite slaps or even bullets. So, Maalim should have remembered cultural bits and pieces of the conflict.


However, even though Mr Maalim went way too far, even though he got out of peace and conflict resolution cocoon, I would not boycott peace dialogue that would probably end mass killings in my country if I were Nhial Deng or Taban Deng.

Anyway, let’s look at the insult keenly.

Stupid as a noun can be defined as a person who is not very bright.

As an adjective, to be stupid is to be…….in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock or lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity or devoid of good sense or judgment or lacking intelligence.

Now, which definition above pissed off my beloved peace negotiators?


The statement was in conditional tense. That means the insult is hanging in the air; it hasn’t reached the two leaders’ skin yet. I can liken it to a bullet that has been shot but it hasn’t yet hit the target. Should the target duck, it’s gonna be a miss. Should he or she stay put, the bullet will blow his or head off.

Likewise, should Riek and Kiir heed advice, they will not be called or considered stupid. Should they continue to let poor sons of poor parents kill themselves, they will be stupid.


So, Kiir’s ego is still fine. The insult is still traveling. It’s probably somewhere in the highlands of Ethiopia. So is Riek’s. his ego is super good. They have enough time to duck.

Now, can somebody please tell Nhial Deng Nhial and his crew to get back to the negotiable table?

Tearz © 2014

Press Release by H. E. Vice President James Wani Igga

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Please find attached Press Release by H. E. James Wani Igga, Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan on 16th June, 2014 in Kampala, Uganda.


Press Release from Wani

The Bright Star Campaign (BSC)

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BSC Campaign


By David Aoloch Bion

BSC, the SPLA Commandos offensive and defensive code

The commandos well trained, committed and armed

With AK 47, RPG, SAM, Tanks and artillery

The war cry was

“Claiming and following one’s right,

Is the fastest killer of oneself that’s why?

Foolish animals live the shortest life with healthy stomach,

Ignoring and fearing one’s right,

Is the fastest saver of oneself that’s why?

Wise animals live the longest life with cancerous stomach”

In BSC’s campaign, in valleys, hills, woodlands

And the plains of Bahr- el-Ghazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile

The Commandos

Chased the foes as a cock chases the hen

Beat the foes as a cock beats the bullet

Until the mighty army of foes

Become the mighty army of the concessionaries

Who kiss the feet of commandos in great sorrow

At the end of the BSC campaign, the commandos were

Welcomed on the red carpet into triple cities,

Were worshiped and honoured and dubbed as

Sword of peace

Arms of the weak

Ears of the deaf

Legs of the lame

Tongues of the dumb

Hellfire to melt the rock foundation of demonic throne

Their war cry, music of happiness and freedom for the oppressed

The shedding of their blood, being the purification for fatherland

Their death, being the sanctification for their offspring

Note BSC means Bright Star Campaigns of the SPLA (1989-1992)

Press statement on the South Sudan Stakeholders Symposium in Addis Ababa

SPLM-in-O Press Release June_15_2014 (1) (1)

The Custodian of Master House (short story)

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By David Aoloch Bion

She had been a servile servant for six years at house of medical doctor in city. Her servility and trustworthiness won her the title, The Custodian 0f Master’s House. She is a very beautiful, black and steadily tall girl. She has long smooth arms, excellent face, neat nose, exciting eyes and mellow mouth. She was hardworking young woman who served both her master and mistress in good will and good faith. Her master is human medicine doctor at university teaching hospital. Her mistress is a teacher at secondary school.

On the first day she arrived at master’s house, she was given household task on salary of 1 piaster per day that is per month she is paid 3 pounds. /She was from oil rich southern region, but so poor as many young of her generation from that region are, so she took up her job happily and willingly. She would wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning to boil tea, prepared breakfast for master and mistress who left for work at 8 o’clock. In the first month, the mistress put her under probation. One day she sent her to buy meat, sugar and wheat flour, she gave her 21/2 pound. She was testing her but she   her didn’t know that . Actual money for buying those three items was 11/2 pound. She bought the food items, she returned 1 pound to her mistress .

“What is this 1 pound for?” asked the mistress softly with gravity of craftiness.

“It is the money that remained when I bought things in the market” she said sincerely without discovering the scope of probation she was under from mistress .

“I think there is prices fall in market, if there is no slump, that money will not buy two times meal” the mistress said ‘’ keep that money ‘’she added.


The house servant put the 1 pound coins in old wallet given to her by the mistress . In another occasion, the mistress left money on drawer in her room and she locked the drawer. When she came. She found the drawer locked and money on it at time she was sweeping and mopping the room, she took the money on drawer and hid it under mistress ”s mattress. In the evening, the mistress returned from work, she didn’t find the money where she left it. She never asked for the money. On the other hand, she had forgotten to inform her about the money. At the end of the month, when the mistress wanted to pay her salary, she recalled the money she left on the drawer some weeks ago, she asked the servant about the money.

“On 11 March 1972, I left 4 pounds on the drawer. When I came back in the evening I never found that money. I left it here. You are the custodian of the house, weren’t you?”

“O yes! Mama I really forgot it completely. I found the money . I put it under the mattress” she said and she held up the mattress and picked the money out. ‘’ Mama forgive me for making that stupid mistake’’ she begged her mistress as she gave her the money. As mistress was, a magnanimous being she told her to take it lightly. She praised her as a good Southerner she ever met. She said that she had employed 18 house girls and none was as honest as her . She said those house girls stole her money, jewels and utensils. She said that she would trust her with all her properties in the house. She said she would never fear again.

She advised her that if she loves her job and the money she had to be uncovetous, religious and fearful. She suggested that since she was in alone in the city, she would not pay her monthly but rather would keep her money with her until the day she would like to go to her home, and then she would have given her money since she had nothing to do with the money in city. The servant accepted her mistress’s kind genuine suggestion. She went on discharging the household duties as a house girl for six years without asking any money because when her mistress went to the market to buy Ramadan festival clothes and New Year festival clothes for her family, she bought clothes for her too. She treated   her as relatives not as a house girl.

In August 1978, she went to the Church in Yusif suburb, at the mass she met her niece who had just come from home in the South . They hugged in great joy because they had never met for six years.

“Where are you staying?”the Niece asked

“ in Omumdurman”

“Whose house?”

“Do we have relative here in city? Aren’t we? So I just stay where it suits me or I am comfortable. So I stay in one of northern man house. I have a hard work in his house” she explained.

“Let me go and see that home” the Niece said.

They came together to the house. At the house she went and introduced her niece to her mistress   . the mistress nodded and she said it was fine that one of your relatives had visited .. The Niece converse with her, she told her many stories about home village until 7:00pm and she she left for where she stayed.

On the following Sunday, they met again in the church , the niece told her nephew , who is the house servant that they should go home in South together in Christmas, she told her that her parents were worried about her overstay in city for six year in the North . Nephew agreed with her niece and she told her that she would prepare herself and they would go back home to South together that Christmas.

In the evening, she came to her mistress, she bowed down before ,she told her she would like to celebrate Christmas in south with her parent and that she humbly need her money for six years. The mistress accepted her request and she told her that she would inform her husband then. That evening the mistress informed her husband about their servant ’s money. She told her that husband their servant wanted to go to her home and that she needed all her money for six years. Doctor vehemently inveighed against servant ’s money and it payment. He calculated the money for six years he found that it was 216 pounds. He sighed said that he had no such amount of money. He told his wife that she should let her go home and return and then he could pay her.

The mistress was deeply troubled by decision her husband on her servant because she had been obsequious to the whole family. it was shameful on her side to let her go without money so she start to persuade her husband, she said it would appear evil and infidel on our family to let her go without any money.

“I don’t have 216 pounds, if you have then pay it” the husband said reluctantly.

It was approaching the end of the year, so mistress said that same evening she would go to select and prepare examination for the pupils. She told her husband that she would spend the week at the teachers’ quarters at the school. In the morning the mistress left for the school.

The housegirl remained at home with husband and her four year old son. The housegirl had been son ’s babysitter when he was a baby. So he had known her so well. So he used to sleep with son   even if when his mother was around, she slept with her . On the following night that the mistress was sleeping at school, Her husband woke up at night, he took a knife, he opened the door of the room where house girl and his son were sleeping and he switched on the light. He seized the house girl and sat on her chest, pinned down her hands with his knees.

“Baba, baba leave me” she cried aloud. “Baba baba I am your daughter ”she cried again. “Baba baba, leave my life”

The house girl howled and whined at the top of her voice, her cry of mercy was never heard by the husband . Instead he cut her throat with long knife.

“Oh I am dead baba, you kill me baba” she screamed slowly and she died.

His son was awaken when he was killing the servant but feared and pretended as though he was sleeping but watched his father ferocious act in secret. The husband sliced the housegirl in into pieces and dumped her into toilet. The day broke, the husband left for work via his brother home, he told his nephew to come and stay at his home with his son When his nephew asked him about , the house girl, he told him that she left for the south that morning. His nephew came to his home. He didn’t know what happened.

At 11 o’clock in the morning, someone knocked at the gate. The son rushed to the gate and he opened. It was the house girl ’s niece whom they were preparing to go back home in the south together.

“How are you the angel of God?” , she greeted son

. “Fine”

“Is my niece in the house?”

“No my father killed her last night” the son said it childishly unexpectedly.

“Ah” she wondered.

“Yes, I am not lying, my father killed her with a knife” the son   asserted while putting an imaginary knife across his throat

. “He put her in the toilet, come and see” the son said.

The niece was shocked and broke down in sorrowful tears.

“Mooo ooo ooo Mooo oooo” she wailed . The nephew heard someone wailing at gate he came out of the house.

“Why are you crying? the nephew asked.

“My niece is killed by her master ”. he cried

The neighbors just gathered, some southerners gathered too. The police was called in. the master was a formidable person in city, the police feared to arrest him that day. He was arrested four days when one of the southern politicians involved directly in the matter. He was charged with homicide. He was tried and sentenced to death but because of the existing racial discrimination between the southerners and the northerners, the death penalty was not carried out. Until this murderer was reportedly escaped from prison under dubious circumstances.

Chief of General Staff, Paul Malong Awan, Pays a Visit to Nasir

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Nasir County Commissioner received SPLA Chief-of-General-Staff

For Immediate Release

June, 16, 2014

The Commissioner of Nasir, Hon. Dak Tap, received the SPLA Chief-of-General-staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan, in Nasir town on Sunday, June, 15. Gen. Malong Awan was accompanied by Lt. Gen. Ajongo, the Deputy Chief of staff for Operations, and Lt. Gen. Johnson Gony Bliew, Sector II Commander of the SPLA.

Gen. Malong was warmly welcomed at Nasir Airport not only by the Commissioners of Ulang and Nasir counties but also Brig. Gen. Kong Thow Kong and hundreds of civilians, chiefs and religious leaders. After his arrival, Gen. Malong first met with the two Commissioners and Brig. Gen. Kong Thow and was briefed on the security situation in Jikany territories. Commissioner Dak Tap noted that fighting is not any longer taking place in four Jikany counties. Hon. Dak Tap narrated that the renegade Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth’s forces left Mandeng village for Pagak. Renegade Gathoth Gatkuoth himself went to Addis Ababa and joined the rebel leaders in Sheraton Hotel that has now become the Headquarters of the SPLM-in-Opposition.

Gen. Malong praised Hon. Dak Tap and Hon. Gatkuoth Biem for defending the constitution of South Sudan. Gen. Malong expressed deep gratitude to the Gov. Simon Kun Puoc who convinced the leaders of Jikany White Army and chiefs to reject rebellion and work for peace. Since the liberation of Nasir, Ulang, Maiwut and Longichuk counties, peace has returned to Jikany land and farmers have started cultivating.

In the afternoon, Gen. Malong met with the leaders of the Jikany White Army, Chiefs and priests and briefed them about the peace process in Addis Ababa. Gen. Malong told the gathering that SPLM/A was born in Jikany land and Jikany cannot allow South Sudan to be turned into Somalia by some politicians after becoming independence. The struggle for independence killed thousands of Jikany and this is the time for people to work for peace and development.

The Chief-of-General-staff informed the chiefs that the UNWFP will airdrop food to all areas of Jikany to avert the impending famine. Gen. Malong noted that all the areas of eastern Nuer will receive food aid as soon as possible. The UNWFP will deliver foods to Akobo, Waat, Nasir, Ulang, Maiwut town, Longichuk, Mangok and Pagak to ensure that people don’t starve to death. Gen. Malong also encourage the farmers to start cultivation because the UN food is not enough to meet all the needs of the population.

The paramount chief of Nasir praised Gen. Paul Malong for visiting them and made it abundantly clear that no single child of Jikany will ever take up arm against the government. The chief stated that the Jikany youth have realized that what happened on December, 15, was a political problem between SPLM politicians and not a tribal war. He said that politicians should solve their own problems without using young men as tools for destruction. Jikany in general have decided to end the war in South Sudan by rejecting negative campaign of politicians who are calling for Armageddon.  The paramount chief of Nasir concluded his remarks by urging the government of South Sudan in general and President Kiir in particular to defend the constitution and work for the unity of the people of South Sudan.

For contact:

Gen. Gordon Buay

Member of Other Armed Groups Integration Committee

Former Spokesman of SSLM/A


Juba, South Sudan