The Death of the Greater Bor Vision.

Posted: June 21, 2014 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

Bor Defence Force???

Bor Defence Force???

By Jangdit Dengajok, Australia

The onset of war in South Sudan was ignited by the Greater Bor influenced. The term greater Bor is a name of the political vision that bring together the people whose their territory integrity start from Chuei-Keer to Chuei-Thon and I believe the ideological vision of the greater Bor must be rested in peace since it lost it main purposes of bringing together the three counties of Bor, Twic and Dukeen.

In minds of many under the term described above, the greater Bor name have remains as a symbol of identity to outsiders within the country but it has no values and it becomes too meaningless to be continue.

It’s like a political party, and the people who like the party are always free to abandon or remains as the supporters. The same is applied to fake unity of Greater Bor, the name Greater Bor is only a political approach when dealing with other communities, that we use Greater Bor to sounds as to other communities as if we are united community under one umbrella. In other hand, at the sense of achieving something for self interest.

So the Greater Bor must indeed be rested in peace. Only that Bor and Twic can still embrace as the people of the greater Dinka origin, as the people who had been together and continue practising the intermarriages for over centuries, or as the people who have cultural similarities if not the most, within the same geopolitical environment, still they are.

To begin with, ethnic political violence is a deliberate political strategy used by people who want change to happen to them, tribe by using force or third party force to effect and change the political system that marginalises them or their tribe. Since the emerge of many civil wars in the old Sudan, Bor always had it influences in the conflict and their political elites are always wanted by either government or rebels for their political gains or solution to the conflict. Abel Alier became an instrumental tool by ending the Anya Anya one war in 1972.

It’s the culmination of longstanding ethnic leadership competition within Bor & Twic that almost brought down the government of South Sudan under the Leadership of president Salva Kiir.

Having Dr. John Garang as a great politician of all times and a greater political philosopher, South Sudan self determination was lastly achieved because people of Twic East & Bor were not parallel at the time of civil war and though there were gravely mistakes done but forgiveness was seen to be the only solution of the Nation building, but the emerged of “East” as the need of tribal identity by Teic to connect their political affiliation to those of the Dinka Bar el Ghazel had simply hijacked the use of Greater Bor.

Dr. John times was primarily dominated by Twic East elites and those Elites are today not a paying as much loyalty to president Salva Kiir, so there was(is) a bond of political friction and many of those politicians seeks sidedness to Kiir’s opponent.  Kiir tries his best by dissolving his cabinet and appointed only those are loyal so the developments may be progressive but it always ends up as a doom decision.

The only person that met loyalty to him and the government is Michael Makuei and not only him, even Dr . John Garang have try his best to bring Michael Makuei closer likewise president Kiir. Michael Makuei is a person of self integrity, he only executed his duties in best interest of the nation by strictly following the principles of the country’s constitution. He respect the role of law and that’s exactly reason why both two leaders linked themselves to Michael Makuei.
The same to Elijah Malok Aleng, he is a person with clear objectives, he is straightforwards in making his points publicly without being coined in the darkness.
He never failed to point his figure to anyone seem to violate or misrepresenting the direction of country of an institutions.

The issue of Michael Makuei is badly interpreted by Teic that he is against them. He is not against Twic but he is against the people who goes astray. Why did John Garang used him in his leadership? The answer to such question will only provides answers to those who perceives him as gossip-politician. Mr. Makuei always to the point, very clear in his views.

Dr. Riek is always eyeing for power, and perhaps he could use any chance to emerge by using others a shields to advance his hidden agenda. The miscalculation of Bor politicians that they are against Teic are misperception, though making some Twic elites, especially politicians. Some of them chooses to self-allied to Riek, it’s not the people who are always counted for but their representatives in the federal and the local levels of government.

I am not going to quotes of as says especially what I had watched recently when madam Garang only condemned the atrocities committed against Nuer in juba but failed terribly to see the massacre in Bor plus other Dinka who lost their lives innocently in areas occupied by Nuer. In some point as well Michael Makuei did some mistakes by generalising Twic according to outcries from Twic civi population around the globe. Twic were condemning Makuei misrepresenting Twic in bad image by tarnishing them I. Negative views.

Nyandeng claimed she was terribly painted black by mr. Lueth. Nothing was out of context, but precisely the quote below was primary used by every politicians not by Makuei. “Nuer are targeted” should madam nyandeng also condemned Dr. Riek for crimes his forces committed, she would have been neutral in this crisis but as long she taking one side by not making any comment about Bor or Dinka were targeted, therefore that would have been a great achievement and in fact the last chance of being a great mother of the Nation. Honestly, only what I had watched in TV during the peace negotiation between the government delegates and the Rebels was disturbing. It was clear at the rebels side and who from Dinka condemned who…………and why?

As an ideology, the Twic political elites assumed that Bor politicians are working day and night trying to marginalised them, something I believe it has no basic justification and in the same views to Bor that Twic are trying hard to do dirty politics against them , especially thing which has no prove. It’s political tension between the two communities. One side is trying it best to tackles and wrestle in need to come to power by any cost…..using Nuer as a point of coming back to power if coup succeeded or rebellion toppled the ruling party or otherwise if the the Ethiopia agreement bears some fruits which in some individuals will absolutely bring some into power.

Twic and Bor are divided politically and it will only be a miracle to unite them. Diaspora is the worse, churches separation and so on………Please don’t always get mad when encountered by truths. Only truths set you free…….

This crisis was totally supported and directed by some elites whether For their regional gain or for self interest, I will rest it there………..
It’s only make sense to tells the truths.


By Mabior Maleer Ajok

“This is a message to Buor, especially the so-called politicians. When Riek Machar rebelled in 91, and then Nyuon followed in 92; what they did doesn’t need any further explanation because we are all aware of it.

If the Jieng of Bar El Ghazal had also rebelled, do you think Dr.John Garang would have reached Naivasha? Do you think he would have signed peace? When Nuer rebelled, the Jieng of Bar El Ghazal stayed in war with us because they are Monyjang.

We remain with Garang because he’s our son and he was fighting for South Sudanese aspirations. Despite anything, Kiir is everyone’s leader and we must stand with him.

Nevertheless, inequitable distribution of resources in a Juba is not equivalence to the destruction of South Sudan. However, during 21 years of struggle, we survived without resources. This message is only for those who are conscious. If there’s someone among you who seriously love Garang then you should have a lot of reasons to hate someone like Riek Machar.

We are a small community, but the Jieng of Bar El Ghazal has always supported us. For instance, when we went to the bush, Jieng of Bar El Ghazal was fully behind us. I, who’s speaking here, there’s no any other place that I haven’t shot a gun in South Sudan during the liberation, and I have never tasted South Sudanese pound because we signed peace and I left; however, I’m happy because we have our country.

If there’s someone out there who will bring shame to you Monyjang then it’s Riek Machar, because he has destroyed the country. Take the history of Hutu-Tutsi, Riek Machar is someone who’s willing to extinct ethnicities in South Sudan. Listen carefully, a leader cannot be an opportunist or even emerge as a leader through shameful act.

To all the elders of this community, I advice you not neglect our children and believe they belong somewhere else. We cannot allow our kids to insult people and believe they are speaking the truth!

Is there’s anyone who can claim that Garang is the son of Awulian alone if he’s not our son? I doubt Awulian will say that Garang took the lead because of them; Garang led the people of South Sudan because he’s our son and we all supported him.

If I want want leadership I will ask Paleek Community to take me to Bor Community; Bor Community will then take me to Jieng; Jieng will then take me to Jieng of Bar El Ghazal; Monyang will then take me to Junubin.

If I want leadership I will first go to Bar El Ghazal because none of you cannot emerge as a leader without their support. They are our people. A leader must be endorsed by his/her people with jubilation and ululations.

Hence,one cannot hide his/herself where he/she cannot be supported because no one can come up without his people’s support. Monyang, you’re cornered everywhere and your disunity will bring shame to all of us.

To reiterate, Nuer Community is not the problem; Riek Machar is the person who’s leading innocent people in a wrong direction”.

This is an ‘excerpt ‘transcribed’ from from Mabior Maleer’s speech during the funeral. Note: Any community stated above was mentioned in the context of Garang’s birth place, and NOT because the message was intended for that community.

  1. Any-nya says:

    “Empty vessel makes more noise ” to defense somebody who they whole world knows for his bad behaviours n called everyone a rebel including bishop n that is unbelievable.


  2. Gabriel magok says:

    Uncle Mabior maleer Ajok, all I can say is wow that’s all we need, tell us more that we don’t know. at this point nothing is very important than the unity of jieng .


  3. Atem Deng says:

    “Using Nuer as a point of coming back to power if coup succeed” Jangdit first all, according to Mayardit’s court plus international observers did tell you and country as whole that there was no coup. What more you need. Two, your Makuei Lueth is true gossip and he has been gossiping against twic east populations since 2004. Three, Garang was supported by southerners and northerners because he was telling the truth. Four, there is/was another twic county in former warap state, so it make sense for reasonable community and country not to have same name. Last, I agreed with you 100% to rested in peace so call “great bor” it’s something for nothing. Our marriage, our culture our Jonglei state will keep us together not politics.


    • Mr. Atem, it has pushed you to nowhere, Jealousy, selfishness, greediness and blinded baseless accusations mounted to the evil ‘s speech . You need correctness to relief from the stressful situation. Assumption is not a better way of life for a normal person to live with.


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