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Document Signed in Addis by Kiir and Riek (PDF)

The Impeachment of Kuel Aguer and Why Gen. Akot Deng Took Charge of the State Affairs

By Garang Kuot, South Sudan

February 2, 2015 – On 26th January 2015, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State Legislative Assembly impeached Caretaker Governor, Kuel Aguer Kuel on various charges. The impeachment was successful with 34 members voting in favor of the motion to remove him while 8 others voted against the impeachment. The reaction to the Vote-of-no-Confidence was mixed which is normal in any democratic society. Citizens of Northern Bahr El Ghazal State have their constitutional right to react to political matters the way they see fit.

However, as a one-time insider in government business, my conclusion was that, most of the reactions were based on hearsays and emotions. Majority of our citizens didn’t base their arguments on real factors leading to the impeachment. But I am not trying to blame anyone here because there was no prior education provided to citizens on the genesis of Kuel’s political crisis in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State.

When I saw that the debate over the impeachment was no longer on the subject matter but was only creating unnecessary collision among friends and colleagues, I decided to stay aloof. The reason for this article is to dispel the notion being spread around by Kuel’s camp. I read a piece on and papers in Juba in which Gen. Akot Deng Akot is subtly accused by some quarters of being behind the impeachment of Caretaker Governor in NBGS.

First of all, Gen. Akot Deng Akot is a law-abiding citizen and one of our leading heroes who liberated this country. Since taking over the commissionership of police in NBGS, he has successfully maintained the internal security of NBGS to the satisfaction of not only the citizens of NBGS but also the government of South Sudan. To his credit, NBGS has continuously been rated as the only State in the Republic of South Sudan with the lowest rate of crime. Due to his success as a police commissioner in NBGS, he was transferred to Western Bahr El Ghazal State following the crisis that erupted in Wau and which resulted into serious insecurity over there. He was later transferred back to NBGS after successfully restoring security in Western Bahr El Ghazal State.

I decided to give this brief background on Gen Akot Deng in order to give his true image, which some people are trying to tarnish for mere political reasons.

Having given this background, let me go back to the notion/accusation that Gen. Akot ousted Kuel Aguer Kuel from office. This accusation is blatant lie and has no basis whatsoever. First and foremost, Gen. Akot is not a member of State Liberation Council, which stripped Kuel of his SPLM membership nor is he a Member of State Parliament that impeached and dismissed Kuel from his Gubernatorial position. His role is to provide security to all citizens of NBGS regardless of their political affiliations, nationality, race or religion.

For your information, Kuel had financially sponsored demonstration against State Assembly across the State, which had the potential of igniting violence in our peaceful State of NBG. Being in charge of State security, Generals: Akot Deng and Deng Wol of SPLA’s 3rd Division stabilized the situation by deploying law enforcement agencies to ensure that citizens and their property were protected from those who would have taken law into their own hands. Law and order was successfully maintained in NBGS by joined forces of police and army in the State on 27th January 2015. What Generals Deng Wol and Akot Deng did on that day should be commended by anyone who cares for peace in NBGS. They have once again proven that NBGS will always be a peaceful State and no one can take this precious entity (peace) away from us.

Let me now inform everyone that Generals; Akot Deng and Deng Wol should be congratulated for executing their constitutional mandate to ensure that peace and security prevail in NBGS. They have nothing to do with ongoing political situation in the State. They are there to provide security to everyone without exception.

I urge our citizens to always seek facts before reacting to political developments in the State on the basis of hearsays and emotions. Our State is bigger than our political differences. Let’s put our State first and politic second and ultimately encourage and support our law enforcement agencies and the Army to ensure that no one is allowed to advance his/her political interests through instigating violence among our peaceful citizens.

Finally, people of NBGS should wait for the outcome of the fact-finding committee which is currently in NBGS and the ultimate decision by the President of the Republic.

Garang Kuot
South Sudan

Here is my Response to Hon. Garang Kuot’s Article Above.

By Dhor-Abun Aher

First, it was good to see my good friend Honorable Garang Kuot doing his best to sort of achieve what I would call a damage control for Gen. Akot Deng Akot, the Northern Bhar el Ghazal’s police Commissioner. One thing I agree with him, Gen. Akot Deng Akot is a hero, but being “decorated” war veteran doesn’t exonerate you from the failures to execute the laws in the perimeter of his jurisdiction.

As for Gen. Deng Wol, it is wrong to compare his actions with Gen. Akot Deng’s action because he stepped in after the report of the police heavy handed approaches, and the potential of the order spiraling out of control. Gen. Deng Wol has done a good job in restoring peace in the state without reported harassments from the soldiers deployed to the city. So let commend Gen. Deng Wol’ actions separated.

Whether Hon. Garang Kuot is part of the larger scheme, I will leave it to the members to decide, but one thing I do know, he was the first to break news of Governor Kuel Aguer’s impeachment on Aweil’s forum, and on his Facebook’s page.

Here is my first question, is the police commissioner in the state not under the jurisdiction of the state government? If it is yes, then where did Gen. Akot Deng Akot get authority to cordon entire Aweil city, stopping commercial activities, medical referrals to Aweil, and disruption of the daily lives of the citizens without a broader consultation from the relevant authority?

Just because Governor was impeached, it doesn’t give the Police Commissioner a right to unilaterally in the state’s security while the Government is not yet dissolved. There are many allegations against Gen. Akot, some I will leave for now because the case is still under investigation, but it is not only Governor Kuel’s group that is accusing Gen. Akot Deng, but his actions are there for the relevant authority to make their own judgment on them.

Honorable Garang Kuot accused people of basing their comments on what he called emotions and hearsays. My question to him is, what gives him a monopoly on the facts of the case when he is living in Juba, and not in Aweil where the residents accused Gen. Akot of attempting to take power by force. Is Hon. Garang Kuot telling us that he is an insider of the scheme to remove Gov. Kuel Aguer; hence he has all the insider information than the rest of us?

Hon. Garang Kuot said that we need to put the needs of our state above politics, and I agree with that call, but not only did he condemn the people who went very low in categorizing Northern Bhar el Ghazal into clans, particularly citing the name “Pachier clan”, but was involved in disseminating that information. Now can my good friend Hon. Garang Kuot “believe by what we preach”, and take moral courage to condemn this divisive actions by the state’s Members of the Parliament we expect to demonstrate unity in their actions?
How can we reconcile this noble patriotism with coordinated efforts he is a part of to create a political crisis in the state when Caretaker Governor Kuel Aguer could be replaced by an elected Governor in less than a year from now?

Also, Hon. Garang Kuot called allegations against Governor Kuel Aguer serious charges on, but the question is what makes charges serious? Did we see any investigations done by the Parliamentary Committee, testimonies from relevant authorities, subpoenaing relevant Government’s officials to establish a fact to paint them as serious charges? What we have seen is a premeditated effort to remove Governor Kuel at all cost, hence using “kangaroo impeached” process accomplished in less than couple of hours to achieve that goal.

Finally, the Americans say, “you can put a lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig”. This impeachment can be wrapped in decorative packages, loaded with all the goodies or cookies, but it will still remain ugly for the majority of Aweil, and the entire South Sudan to buy it.

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By Gabriel Gai Deng Biar, Nairobi, kenya

February 2, 2015 — All of us are well educated but not all of us can put our intellect into reality to save the nation and its habitats from dwindling economy and that is why my knowledge in finance directed my though toward Dr. Lual Acuek as the savior to our dwindling economy.

I have been waiting to see changes in our little economy, since the country ceased to talk through a barrel of guns, but with negotiation which spurred both Sudans into language of pen on 9 January, 2005 inform of CPA in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. But for now most South Sudanese are counting their ten fingers an equivalent of ten years of government of South Sudan in operations, However, South Sudanese are gripping their teeth with a dwindling economy not to lack of resources to establish a healthy economy but due to a wrong choice of appointment to the country’s Central bank which most of you are familiar to it as BOSS.

For this matter, if the country’s appointing authority is willing to grow our economy, Dr. Lual Acuek must be given central bank’s governorship not just on a loose ground but on the solid ground of the following 10 reasons which back my claim as to why he must be the only savior to save our economy from collapsing;

1. Hold a PhD in development economic.

Dr. Lual Acuek holds a PhD in development economic from the University of Wisconsin USA and also became a lecturer from the same university. For most of us whom this development may be unfamiliar with, development according to business dictionary is a process of of economic and social transformation that is based on complex cultural and environmental factors and their interaction

Therefore having been in school in the western country and together with his knowledge in economic, he would be the right man to manage our currency.

2. Taught at the University of Wisconsin. While he was a lecturer, he established many useful contacts with USA’s government policy makers on matters of foreign policies, if he is given a chance to govern our central bank, he would convert those intangible contacts into tangible one for our country to the next level.

3. Dr. Acuek worked with United Nations Development Program/UNDP for combating desertification in East and Southern Africa. Combating Desertification is an act of getting rid of increase in one of deserts; therefore he can also reduce the dwindling economy into growing economy.

4. Worked with African Development bank/ADB.

ADB is an African financial institution which implement development programs funded by brutton institutions( World bank, International monetary funds and African financial corporation), if we are lucky to have a son who worked with such institution, why don’t we try him.

5. Dr. Acuek worked with world bank in Washington DC

Most of our developmental activities are funded by World Bank a sister of IMF, on condition of good monetary and fiscal policies. Dr. Acuek having served at the institution with USA as a major donor, if given a chance to serve as our new governor of central bank of South Sudan, he would shape the doubtful institution into a trusted one.

6. Dr. Acuek served as senior economic advisor to the SPLA/M during the war of struggle under the tenure of our late Dr John Garang. The SPLA/M formed a government after CPA and most of the comrades whom Dr. Acuek advised then are now the policy makers. I thought he could be right man to continue advising the government on monetary policies.

7. Dr. Acuek having been entrusted as minister of state for finance and national economy for the government of national unity/GONU before South Sudan separated from Sudan through a historic plebiscite highly recognized by international community. During his tenure , Sudan did well economically, this will be promising factor into success if Dr Acuek is appointed to head the heart of south Sudan, then we would have no more to worry about.

8. Dr. Acuek served as state minister for petroleum in the government of national unity/GONU.

Central bank is an institution trusted with recipient of oil revenues and when Dr. Acuek was minister for GONU’s petroleum all things went well as there were no diversion loopholes. South Sudan as a sovereign state with 98% of its revenues generated from oil, Dr Acuek would be right man to receive our revenues for custodian.

9. Managing Director of Ebony center

Dr Acuek has successfully managed Ebony center for strategic studies in South Sudan, a center charged with plans and actions for the improvement of capacity building and empowerment of manpower. If given a chance to head our currency institution, he would lay down strategic plans for the improvement of our currency to shine at the international markets.

10. Towering giant.

As a PhD in development economic, his capacity is widen and sharpen in policy issues, PhD holders worldwide are charged with responsibilities of carrying out research on tropical issues affecting public sectors which are used by national government to formulate policies. Dr. Acuek would used his experience in policy issues to restore our dwindling economy into growing economy.

Author holds Dip in Business mg’t & Admin, (Hons) in finance & Finalist in MBA and can be reached at and Facebook Gai Deng

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Addis Ababa: Riek Machar is the New Vice President of South Sudan

Posted: February 2, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

February 2, 2015 (SSB)  (Reuters) – South Sudanese President Salva Kiir and rebel commander Riek Machar signed another ceasefire agreement on Monday, edging them closer to a final deal to end a 15-month conflict that has ravaged the world’s newest country, mediators said.

African diplomatic sources said the agreement, which has not been made public, sets out how the two leaders would share power once they formed an interim government. It is proposed Kiir would remain president while Machar would become vice president.

The warring sides also agreed to abide by a ceasefire deal signed in January 2013 but frequently violated.

The rebels, however, said many more details need to be ironed out before the deal can be labelled a “power-sharing” agreement.

After signing the latest agreement, Machar said the two sides would hold more discussions on the functions of the provisional government.

Few other details were revealed after frantic late-night talks. Regional diplomats had warned the warring sides that failure to come up with a new deal could see sanctions imposed on them.

The conflict in Africa’s newest nation and one of its poorest erupted in December 2013 and has rumbled on since then despite several commitments by Kiir and Machar to halt the violence.

More than 10,000 people have been killed, about 1.5 million people have been driven from their homes and many in the oil-producing nation of about 11 million people are struggling to find enough food to eat.

Seyoum Mesfin, chief mediator of the East African IGAD bloc, said the two leaders had agreed to resume talks on Feb. 20.

“(Those talks) would be final and that would lead them into concluding a comprehensive agreement to end the crisis in South Sudan,” Mesfin told reporters minutes before Kiir and Machar signed the latest peace deal.

Several previous peace deals and ceasefires that accompanied the agreements were swiftly broken.

The two sides need a transitional government in place by July, when Kiir’s presidential term runs out.

Rights groups have said both factions have been responsible for ethnic killings and other abuses, driving the nation to the brink of famine. The fighting has largely pitted Kiir’s Dinka ethnic group against Machar’s Nuer group.

(Reporting by Aaron Maasho; Writing by Drazen Jorgic; Editing by Dominic Evans and Eric Walsh)

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.