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Three Gov’t Officials Are Released by Riek Machar’s Rebels

Posted: February 5, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in History, Press Release

releasing the G-3

Isaiah Chol Aruai and his colleagues speaking to reporters on their arrival in Juba after two days in captivity

Isaiah Chol Aruai and his colleagues speaking to reporters on their arrival in Juba after two days in captivity


Posted: February 5, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers

By Bush Akech Chol, Nairobi

February 5, 2015 (SSB) It was doubtingly getting misty, dark, lightning, thunder, cracked, and politically boomed behind what so-called G-10 and SPLM-IO members when president Kiir sacked his entire cabinet including the essential political goat, and swore not to give a damn retreat as he had been completely hacked-off by the gross disparages within the party.

The force agitation for democratization and institutionalization of government by pre-mature politicians who extemporaneously predict that the universal suffrage of conducting elections where president Kiir Still the chairman of SPLM would definitely scale a rigging was a factor behind the violence. In my own view, there was no transparent reason for guessing the incommodious of an exercise scheduled two years ahead and anticipate that the violence would not erupt when the sleeping dog is woken- up to plan further for either delay or risk to ensure that the simultaneous elections as planned does not take place.

The conflict, which sparked the nation on fire, would have erupted in July this year if the brake for change were applied in a crucial agenda to challenge Kiir silently. The chronic disclosure of infantry, rampant nepotism, institutionalized corruption and looting of state resources, economic stagnation and emancipation proliferate unemployment, and muzzling of all other freedom by the fired gangs was what shamed Kiir to irascible degree of not tolerating in fatigable defamation on him. In fact, we must not exclude ourselves from the fail of south Sudan because all those who held ministries initiate the institutionalism of bad governance through embezzlement of public funds.

Since we took up arms against the successive government of Khartoum, our mission, vision and core assets of our movement had been crafted with academic overlooked, self-centered, ignorance, conscience, pre-judgmentalism and a doubt cognoscentiability of others paragon virtue. The same scenario repeated itself again in 2013 when some individuals claimed themselves as embodiment of good governance against Kiir’s leadership in the sense that president Kiir detect the gullible game silently mastermind to discombobulate his plan for the term extension on SPLM ticket. This ill-manners of being irrespective and unappreciative plus lack of critical-thinking before disseminating an information was what almost bringing down SPLM when John Garang lost backer from Ethiopia, and conditionally subjected to disdain internal fractionalization and fallacy reasoning when some Drs accepted the Bashir’s decision to supply them with ammunitions and other machineries to wage indiscipline war in the south.

Most of G-10 who pretend to be neutral participants in the conflict constitutes 17% of what termed to be ‘power genocide’ committed by both SPLM-1G and SPLM-I0.Their decision on 20th December to rally against kiir in collaboration with Dr Riek Machar compelled president Kiir and his salary allies to feeblemindedly fail in calculating the convergence consequences of burning the hatch house on innocent vulnerable citizens. I am not supporting the war but I am against the waste immediate democracy in south Sudan. President Kiir deserves the rights to discipline and dehorn those whose horns grown inappropriately to have some manners in politics. Nevertheless, in both traditional and contemporary society, a boy born by ugly man and beautiful woman cannot approach his father after attaining 16 yrs of age to stop sleeping with her mother because the father is ugly and the offspring will likely resemble the father. Those Kiir’s boys were wrong to force their father out of his matrimonial bed in the name of another well-structured man.

Not surprisingly, Mr Pagan Amum, who betrayed his elder brother before the cock crow contributes heavily in the collapsing of SPLM mission and vision although he blithely guzzle for immediate democracy after he found himself expunged from the party fundamental position. Why did pagan failed to contemplate the negative impact of SPLM constitutional review and re-amendment? Where he dictates the suspicion of some articles that were rejected by some members of parliament during 2010 general elections.

It was a great debilitate of Mr Pagan Amum to expostulate the failure of SPLM on Kiir alone in the name of “hypocritical democracy.” If he was smart as he claimed, then he would have not urgently pushed for early naked democracy in a three years old nation where guns still flowing in the hands of quarter civilians. Anyway, his gung-ho altitudes to guestimate his noises on 2011 referendum as sufficient success that must ascend him to power was inappropriate infiltrated decisions.

As there is no smoking without fire, Dr. Majak Agoot had been accused too of slight link to Salva Kiir vs Riek Machar’s messes which is 100% undisputable because he was an additional contributor in formulation of modalities and tactics to challenge Kiir for SPLM 2015 torchbearer although he had no venture-some for his political ambition in the accidental gratuitous conflict. The reason that he joined ‘’the gravy train for change’’ spoiled his veracity of being a good democrat. In order for the readers to understand me softly, mine is just a political philosophy not disaffiliating victimization. In relation to this, Deng Athorbei was among the ministers fired, and if he had slight underground quest for change not a coup, he must have been arrested and incarcerated too.

Notwithstanding of all experiences, Dr Riek Machar political ambitions had not been so smooth since the formation of Sudanese’s people liberation movement SPLM/A. He broke his political virginity when he massacred thousands of borians in the light of his own disagreements with John Garang. His thirst for democracy and constitutionalism in the movement and eventually after attaining independence from Sudan made him to be love and hate at equivalent angles. Thought his vision to rule is engulfed with thorny and flame of deaths. The blame obstacle to development in South Sudan is not Riek, but the huge uneducated Nuer-lou who occasionally form the military bulk of Dr. Machar when he fall-out with his political allies.

In conclusion, democracy is not when president Kiir step down for Dr. Riek Machar, Pagan Amum, Dr Majak Agoot, and Deng Alor. It is a gradual transformation that doesn’t need acceleration and impatience because it is dangerous, painful, and unregrettable when stepping in it with your feet. It is also good to compare and contrast how long it took for our neighbours in East Africa to achieve it, and what were the consequences during its demand?

The author is a South Sudanese “FP” residing temporally in Nairobi,Kenya and can be reached at or

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