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The Feather of Glory ( a Novella )

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By David Aoloch Bion 

Chapter Three 

It was the beginning of another year and a beginning of dry season. All the cattle camps of the clans were driven to the toc along the great river. The pastures were very excellent. The cattle grew fatter. Madut and his Mabior generation were now struggling with older generation who were initiated three years ago. If a cow dies, Madut’s group was sent to skin the cow and roasted for the elders and other young men. It was bad season for them. It appeared as though cattle camps could not go back to the villages and it appeared as though Madut and his group could not grow strong like their elder brothers. The rain came and the cattle were returned to the villages.

The first option Madut suggested to his friend was the spearing of cattle, “If we spear cattle, we may get bit of recognition and respect as an adult”. One night, Madut speared to death very fat bull. Other five men from his group speared to death cows too. There was big celebration on the following afternoon. The cattle were skinned and ate with great happiness. “Now, you look like men, because you did some thing little” One man remarked. It has remained one that you should fully be recognized as men and adults. If is the spearing of an elephant, buffalo, lion, or rhinoceros, if you do that there would be no man to talk with you again with a humiliating glances. After four days, a man came and said let us the people from the cattle camp came. We Mabior have killed an elephant, they should go and eat the meat since they could not eat what they had been spearing.

It was now the middle of rain season, the crops are being harvested and the cows are being milked too much. Madut had now a colored bull to drive to the dance. At one night he persuaded his friend to go to the neighbouring cattle camp. They stole one of the big bulls of a man by name Awar. It was a custom, if you admired another man’s bull, you just stole. In the morning, he sent a messenger with a message “don’t look for your bull it is with me Madut”. The owner of the bull came with the red eyes as fire. He would prefer fighting Madut but was controlled by his accomplices. They were told that they should bring their father, the father of Awar because Madut would love to buy the bull with cattle. However, the owner of the bull rejected that idea. He was convinced by his brothers. So they left and in the morning they returned for the buying of the bull was made. The owners of the bull chose six cows from Madut’s herd as the price for buying his bull.

That very month, Madut pierced the horn of the bull. On the piercing day ceremony, Madut speared to death forty cows and bulls. He had killed cattle from his relatives’ herds. He became sick because of the numbers of cattle he killed. At night he could have a nightmare; cattle were bellowing and lowing from his throat at night.

After he recovered from spearing fever, he bought a bundle of giraffe tails, a bundle of buffalo tails, and a bundle horse tail with four cattle that could be fastened and hanged at top of pierced horns of his bull when he would be going out for singing and dancing. He also bought an elephant horn ring to wear on his arms with one bull. He bought a very gigantic gong for calling cattle in the forest when the cattle get lost. He composed brilliant songs about his bull and his gong. His songs were sung pleasantly in the dances.

Adwok Nyaba on Lam Akol: Of the Rebels and the Returnees

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For those trying to make sense of the move taken by Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, here is a great historical piece on the rebels and the returnees. This piece is as true of Dr. Adwok Nyaba himself as it is of Dr. Lam Akol and numerous other South Sudanese. Lul Ruai is the latest adventure on this long beaten road. We all wish him well.

Dr. Adwok Nyaba on Dr. Lam Akol Return to the SPLM:A–2005 (PDF)

And the Last Shall be the First; the First the Last

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By Ajak Deng Chiengkou, Australia

February 18, 2015 (SSB) — If at all people of this world were paying attention to the South Sudanese conflicts then many would have been confused to draw lines on who is the enemy of who?

During the 2010 election; various army groups emerged and they were vicious. Few years later; some of them were welcomed with the ululation and big titles only to return to the bush.

Taban Deng Gai was hated for disputed election that prompted Gatluak to rebelled because the election was rigged. Gatluak was was supporting the wife of the sitting Vice President Angelina Teny who accused Taban and the main SPLM of which Riek was the Vice Chairmen. But few years later; both joined to condemn Kiir even if Taben was once called the closes to President Kiir and adversary to Riek

Dr Riek Gai Kok was a senior member of Sudan National Congress Party a party that contested a bitter war with SPLM only to become a right man for the chairman of the SPLM. David Yau Yau was a contestant for his constituency but he rebelled after he was defeated but instead cited rigging.

He later waged a war against the national Government and was hated badly until 2013 when the mindset shifted. Even though he and his group were accused of horrendous crimes in Jonglei State; he was given a hero welcome by the Presidency and given his own administration much bigger than what he wanted.

Monytuil, Gordon Buay, Bapiny, Oliny were SLA fighting the Government of Salva Kiir but now are the true heroes and their great love for the country is being cited.

Peter Gadet Yak was a a senior military officer but decided to fight the Government of Kiir Mayardit only to return and be given division which he used to wage another conflict on the 18/12/2013.

The confusing part of all these is the reaction of citizens; they hate these people when the Government accused them and when they return to the Government; citizens pronounced them as their heroes. They leave again; they are describe as the worse.

The irony of all is that; none of these people is ever questioned for their deeds but rewarded instead. I wonder who is fooling who? Government or citizens?

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Brig. Gen.  Lul Ruai Koang. Director of Military Information for SPLA in Opposition
Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang. Director of Military Information for SPLA in Opposition

By Expose Group

February 18, 2015 (SSB) —  From nothing to something, Rebels’ Spokesperson loudly known of making a lot of noise when the Opposition positions is under attacks recently went into silence. Many are wondering and asking what exactly is going on with the powerful spokesman? Nobody is sure but we are here to tell the truth. Please follow us as we take you through some of the most powerful eye-opener events that occurred within the three weeks of silence from this young General.

To the members of the Oppositions, we are not here to stir problem amongst the leadership but truth is not very popular as thought. Learn to accept the truth because truth is never shaken. Don’t fight amongst yourselves but learn from mistakes. To begin with Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Kong, from greater Lou Nuer is one man who happened to be vocal in south Sudan crisis. Many seem to miss him both his critics and haters alike.

Some of the major events which took place within these two weeks went unrewarded from the man. Why? You don’t know but we know. To be precise perhaps due to the lots we are on to reveal from the Opposition side, Juba regime, and the stranded G11 as we continues moving a head from today, let quickly take a look of what is happening inside the Rebels court in particular, Lul Ruai Kong.

The reason why Lul is very silence has a lot to be desire, despite running the office with his pocket money. The rebels’ spokesperson is frustrated by Dr. Riek Machar Teny’s leadership style. First and foremost, Kong’s duty desires a lot in it. He cannot do without being near an internet to update news as does by his counterpart who ponder in luxurious hotels in Juba. Kong’s work need a lot of things and amongst these includes, hotels room with highly speed Wi-Fi to draft every single reports from the field Generals to the rest of the world.

Failing to be near to this latest technological device as his work demand, mean no single rebels’ supporters will hear the good news from the ground and other part of the world will be completely isolates from the events taking place. It is important to remember that, 90% of the news from the fields credited to Lul’s hard work and no appreciation from the Rebels leader, Dr. Riek Machar in particular. The man is known of knowing everything without hearing even a single advice.

This may sound not true but every person closer to Dr. Machar will tell you, He Machar, doesn’t listen to other people advices or either implements them. May be because, he is very educated with a PHD in Planning and Strategy. Something many see he can use to save the nation from Dictator for the last one year despite having the most powerful force in Africa.

Lul Ruai due to what his work demand decided to forward the issue to the Chairman of the Movement. The rebels’ spokesman asks for the following before he was rejected and instantly gave up asking for more. He suggested to Dr. Machar that, he should be accommodated in one of the expensive hotel in Addis Ababa since everyone else from the leader himself is enjoying high quality stays in the city.

Lul wasn’t just asking for the sake of asking but his duty demanded such a thing. The man went further to ask for one thousands Birr to be paying his house rent outside the city but was also turn down despite more people are accommodated in hotels. We are not here to give the names of the people being accommodated by Dr. Riek Machar pocket sponsored by East Africa leaders to keep Machar not leave the city.

The man is in the prison something he also enjoys. Remember the last time he left for Pagak he first has to be permitted by the IGAD. Everywhere he go something must be done first by the IGAD. This is because IGAD believe if Machar is in the field a lot going to take place. May be White Army can make it to Juba in less than a week.

Hotel problem is one reason which led Lul Ruai to keep calms because he is disappointed.

There is also something very important here to remember. One very confidential source revealed to the group that, Lul in another accident was discouraged by Dr. Machar because he is not given a proper support. Not financially this time but through power. Whenever the man reported something he is rejected.

Many of you would like to remember when Gen. Martin Kenyi defected and attacked government convoys along Nimule-Juba road, Machar ordered a certain person our group couldn’t identity and the statement of Gen. Lul Ruai was rejected immediately. The man was not allows to operate well but keep being frustrated every single day for the last one year or so.

Please also don’t forget the incident between Mabior and Lul last year (2014) about Opposition website. Keep them in record.

Mr. Ezekiel Lol has a White lady known to be his girlfriend when he was an Ambassador for south Sudan in Washington. In the last three months he has been approaching Mr. Machar to let her be appointing as an invisible spokesperson to make the movement attractive.

This proposal was accepted by Mr. Machar despite Lul Ruei being a spokesperson for a year and half, he been told not to report any thing on media without approval from the White lady. This is an insult to education level of Gen. Lul and he found this development pretty humiliating. According to his timeline, Gen. Lul does everything from providing evidences for the news to posting videos of the battles on his Facebook something which made him very famous amongst the Rebels and the world at large.

According to many this step taken by Ezekiel is not doing the Movement any good. All after all, it is against the working ethic in real life professionalism.

Some of these things made the situation deteriorated. And the greatest noise maker in the Movement who make sure every single event taking place back home reach where it belong lastly came to term with something bigger than himself. He decided to go silence. Ask him whether his frustrated or not and the man will disagreed.

“There is nothing wrong with me being silence. I am just making sure my family is relocating to safer place to make this war more interested”. Like any other sensible person he cannot accept to reveal the secret for many reasons perhaps he is afraid of talking to strangers.

Before we whimper up, may we leave you with one more interesting fact about the reason why Gen. Lul is going calms these days? Lul Ruai Kong, the rebels’ spokesman met with Paul Malong Awan three days ago after returning from Kenya. You may have heard about this development.

It is rumored that, Dr. Machar calls him and asks why he had to share a table with this guy. The fearless young general informed his Chairman that, Taban Deng Gai is even eating together with the government officials in Nairobi and Khartoum why not him? Very soon we shall alert the world about the game plays by Taban Deng against the Opposition who have no ideas about his activities.

The details of the meeting limited on cease fire between Lou Nuer and government forces. Lul personally ask Paul Malong Awan not to order Juba regime force to go to Lou Nuer land and no single Lou Nuer will make it to Bor. This mean saving a lot of lives to be lost, it somehow makes sense perhaps.

They talk a lot as friend and for different interest. This is an open secret even Lul I guess he is aware of what he is getting himself into. But there were no details of Lul joining government since Malong Asked him but turned down the offer citing he is not around for such an occasion.

The meeting came to an end with Malong promising to rent for Lul family a house for the whole year as he continue making decision boosting peace between the government and the Lou Nuer. Juba would do and give anything; everything to anyone telling them Lou Nuer will not attacks Juba. Lul now is believed to be hanging out with the government agents in Addis Ababa.

Ask someone from Lou Nuer about the issue,

“Lul alone will not do anything for us. Our decision is that Kiir must go and this will end the problem in south Sudan. Our children, wives and loved ones have been killed in Juba by Kiir and Gelweng. We have no cease fire with them. Lul is also very right, he is just learning from his masters. What is Machar doing in the hotels in Addis while we are fighting an enemy? ”

The case is close. Lul is not joining Juba regime but he is frustrated by Dr. Machar leadership. Remember the man is fighting the enemy in the hotels in foreign land. And this man is Dr. Machar. Western countries activists supporting his Movement suggested that Dr. Machar should leave the hotels in Addis Ababa and go to his base in Pagak.

“Assume government overruns Pagak, will he go to take refuge in Kule where thousands of Nuer stranded?”

You can contact us and supplies us with the most secretive information taking places on the side of Juba, SPLM Leaders and Riek Machar rebels. We shall expose them one by one. We keep your identity locked from the wolves and nothing will hurt you. We connected anyway for your information.

By Expose Group: We are

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Lul Ruai Koang Defects from Riek Machar’s Camp and Forms his own Party

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Mabioor Garang de Mabioor’s Press Statement: THE DESERTION BRIG. GEN. LUL RUAI KOANG FROM SPLM/SPLA

Mabioor Garang Response to Lul Defection

By Anyar Alier

February 18, 2015 (SSB) —  To all my compatriots,relatives and citizens of South Sudan, we all have aptitude of brains or natural gifts from God to speak clearly when something is not going on well in south Sudan,s leadership than engaging in some issues that always promote interminable arguments among ourselves.

South Sudan leadership is using a hatchet to remove flies from citizens forehead, because leaders are more than radical politicians due to their evil,s masquerading mindset that always aggravated chaos and confusion among the citizens. We’re always enticed by wrong promises of the leaders who are using selfishness and self complacency that usually promote corruption.

South Sudan is rule by oligarchy system of government or a governmental system that’s controlled by a small group who have the same peculiarity and that’s why the system is virulent or extremely harmful to the citizens.

Most of the journalists in south Sudan are in the predicaments where some of them lost their lives and some of them are still being mistreated. The killing of Isaiah Abraham and the arrest of Mading Ngor Akec Kuai was the sign of autocratic leadership. If we want to promote relationship within ourselves, then there’s no need for the government to extended beleaguered attitudes, because it is too exasperated to the citizens.

To come near is not yet to arrive,but most of us are pretenders and preaching tribalism like geese in a bamboo basket during market,s day. This situation or this kind of leadership will push tribalism,s hatreds and bad feeling toward our sons and daughters in the future.

All the leaders who always live by powers, cannot stand to have their powers taken away,because they are confusing Chinese skin with their bones. Majority of us are pretenders and always squabbling on wrong issues instead of issues that are pertaining development and promote peace among the citizens.

Folks, we always debate on yesterday, today and future leadership but doesn’t mean that we are bunch of geniuses. South Sudan,s leadership is too deleterious to the citizens because the leaders don’t want people to dwell in the atmosphere of happy thoughts. Truth is not determined by the majority and that’s why we have to be vigilance to this kind of leadership that don’t take criticism.

The war which was caused by these two leaders will be indelible or it will not be obliterated from generations to generations. Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar have failed policies and that’s why Riek Machar is engaging in political insurrection. Both of them have diabolical thought in their leadership and that’s why the war is affecting innocent civilians.

Most of Nuer people said that, Kiir must go but Dinka and the other tribes in south Sudan, say Riek must go. Well, my own panoramic view is that, two of them must go, because all the burdens are going to be on us and our children.

Folks, vision is a art of seeing something that is hidden from others but no one can tell the crocodile that it has bad breath before he or she cross the river.

Yah all bless folks…Jamus

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

Sunnyman and Sevena the Governor and A-Mac Don: The Faces of Young South Sudanese Music in Australia!

By Kur Wel Kur, Australia


February 18, 2015 (SSB) —  Uniqueness in fine art and music sells to us regardless of our ages, occupations or localities. When I first saw the Aboriginals (the first people of the land, Australia)’s art, I thought their paintings were just bunches of dots and zigzag lines without any meaning but its (Aborigines’ painting) richness in portraying the past and contemporary life, makes it an original and unique kind! Uniqueness comes rarely whether in art or in music and when it does come, it hits us hard, so talking about it, becomes a priority!

Today, Sunnyman, Sevena The Governor and A-Mac Don’s uniqueness dribbled on my writing journal. As much as I love movies, music stands side by side with drama (acting) in my mind; after I discovered them (music and drama) hand in hand, it didn’t surprise me because their bonding doesn’t equate to that of married couples but to that of identical twins whose their DNA reveals nothing different of each other except their fingerprints.

The era, 21stcentury, has become a century of modification (alteration/ copy and paste) and faking of everything; music is not exceptional. Everyone tries to hold a microphone but nothing comes out that touches the wretched souls. Without melting the souls of their fans, wannabe musicians sold no record (album) because a fan pays for a service well delivered not half done one.

Sunnyman (in the cap) and Sevena The Governor

Sunnyman (in the cap) and Sevena The Governor

However, Sunnyman, Sevena The Governor and A-Mac Don set the bar high! These kids migrated to Australia in their early teens; this means that their abilities to express their wills in English rank high but these kids submerged in their native language, Dinka. True heroism comes out in humility of embracing one’s self, one’s roots and one’s situations.

Their terminologies (words choice), organised melody, harmony, rhythm, rhymes flow in a pattern (a gauged music that has met the standards). Regardless of their ages, their concepts and philosophical ideas radiate out of their music in the highest level. For this reason, their music becomes transcendental and it creates mental images in audience or fans’ minds.

At this stage, I call upon you to examine Sunny man’s music by throwing “Cieng” (relationship) on the stage of what makes a music a good music; Cieng, an album whose Sunnyman aka Angui Wech Kelei, Sevena The Governor aka Gai Wal Nyok and A-Mac Don aka Aluong Majhok Mac Aluong, have collaborated in its production !

My cousin, Angelina Tequila Diyee informed me about the release and arrival of “Cieng”; I asked her a copy to listen if originality will roll out of it. To my satisfaction, the African’s therapeutic sound sent the healing waves to my nerves. I sequentially listened to the 18 songs in the album to identify the hits (according to me). I believe track 1 (Sarina featuring Governor), track 3 (Nyajarim= naughty girl featuring Young Low and Governor), track 7 (Cu dong ee no? =a question to parents who prefer suitors from villages over suitors from the western countries), and track 5 (Meth ee man thic = featuring single parents and their kids) stand out. Otherwise, all his (Sunnyman) tracks in the album are oasis of good feelings.

He (Sunny man) has definitely pacified the worried souls, demoralised hearts and has reminded the forgetful minds of parents to remember the youth in diaspora and allow them to marry the well cared for, village girls. Though Sunny Man set some songs in a youthful desires so they carry a raw, coarse language and nastiness of boyhood, he satisfied the targeted fans.


Their music opens the learning grounds for kids especially Dinka’s kids because English has corrupted their minds. They (kids) communicate their messages in English even at home with grandmothers with little understanding of English language. Sunnyman, Sevena the Governor and A-mac Don use modern instruments and music software to create their appealing beats so kids gravitate towards their (Sunnyman, Sevena The Governor and A-mac Don) music. Therefore, the kids take interests to learn their mothers’ tongue (Dinka).

The community has a responsibility to support these musicians who are supporting the community through their music. I believe if every household buys an album or attend concerts; they (musicians) will do better and our language (Dinka) will live because children own the history and language;without them (children), the history and language are useless.

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.